Mahindra all new Bolero 001

The all new Mahindra Bolero U301 co...

India’s leading SUV maker, Mahindra & Mahindra is very busy testing its upcoming warhorses intensely before they actually hit the battlefield. The...

New Mahindra Scorpio

The new 2015 Mahindra Scorpio Vs th...

The Indian SUV market is tremendously competitive and the car makers are making their SUVs even more able in order to step up the rivalry level. The 4...

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition

Thar Adventure Edition – What...

Mahindra has been in the limelight for its new launches, the launch of new Scorpio facelift was an interesting surprise. It is a well groomed variant ...

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

What makes the new Scorpio vastly d...

Mahindra recently launched the new Scorpio facelift car; it is an exclusive product from the past. The newly launched Scorpio facelift was the sight o...

The all new Mahindra Bolero U301 compact SUV gets spied again

India’s leading SUV maker, Mahindra & Mahindra is very busy testing its upcoming warhorses intensely before they actually hit the battlefield. The market competition in the Indian SUV market is intense, and on the rise of the compact SUV era, Mahindra has faced quite a long dull sales period. Determined to bounce back and reinforce its leading position in the Indian UV market, Mahindra is readying up quite an armada of compact SUVs. Mini SUVs have been a weak point for Mahindra with nothing else than the lack luster Quanto to fight with. However now, Mahindra is preparing to launch a range of compact SUVs to gain control over the market.

Mahindra all new Bolero 001

All New Bolero

One of the upcoming Mahindra compact SUV’s is the mini version of the upcoming all new Bolero. Codenamed as the U301, the new Bolero compact SUV is being tested extensively by the company and is getting spied constantly in the process. A latest set of spy shot have again emerged on the web world. The baby SUV has been again spotted at its usual testing spot, Chennai. While at all the other times the Mahindra U301 was caught by the shutterbugs at daytime, this time around it was spotted at night. The baby Bolero will be launched next year and Mahindra is ensuring that it is thoroughly fine tuned before its market launch. The U301 will be launched in two body versions; one full length SUV version and the other that will measure sub-4 meters in length. The U301 Bolero under 4 meter compact SUV version will be able to accommodate 5 adult passengers.

The upcoming Mahindra U301 compact Bolero SUV will be coming to market as one of the company’s answers to very popular Ford Ecosport and the like. However, the U301 will be a typical rough and tough Mahindra SUV despite its small size and will feature a ladder chassis to offer great off-road capabilities. Being a compact SUV it will definitely be suitable for city road usage as well, while the rural consumers should also get attracted to this new mini SUV as the Bolero is already a very celebrated brand in the rural markets of the country.  The new U301 mini Bolero will also come with both diesel and petrol engine options and would get a newly developed petrol engine from Mahindra. While a refined version of the Quanto’s diesel mill might be offered on this new SUV.

Mahindra & Mahindra is also expected to offer both rear wheel drive and all four wheel drive system options on the upcoming U301 Bolero in order to offer tougher off-road power in the U301 with its AWD version. As the U301’s compact SUV version will enjoy tax benefits from the Indian government, it is expected that the price of the U301 compact Bolero will be very competitive. The expected starting tag of the U301 compact is under Rs. 6 lakhs range.

If the U301 becomes a success, then Mahindra may discontinue the rather flop Quanto.

The new 2015 Mahindra Scorpio Vs the new Renault Duster AWD – Specs comparison

The Indian SUV market is tremendously competitive and the car makers are making their SUVs even more able in order to step up the rivalry level. The 4×4 or the All 4 Wheel Drive variants of the SUVs are all the more exciting for the SUV lovers, as these provide much better and sturdier off-road capabilities. The Indian SUV master has recently launched the revamped all new 2015 Scorpio SUV, while its arch rival Renault Duster has also got its new AWD version. Let us see how these two fair against each other in a specs comparison.

New Mahindra Scorpio

New Mahindra Scorpio

The very popular Renault Duster SUV is offered in both petrol and diesel motor options, while the age old bestseller Mahindra Scorpio is offered only in diesel guise. However, we will compare only the AWD versions here.

The new Renault Duster comes with a host of new features, including the ‘Anthracite’ alloy wheels as Renault calls then, smoked headlight clusters and blackened B-pillars on the Duster’s RxZ trim. Albeit the company carefully added the AWD badges at the back of the vehicle to clearly mark it apart from the regular variants.  The dimensions and the ground clearance of the SUV are retained.

The new Renault Duster AWD gets the new electronically controlled all 4 wheel drive system that Renault has named as the i-Drive Technology. The Duster AWD receives 4 individual suspensions as well.

The clutch of Duster AWD feels lighter and more comfortable than the standard SUV models. The SUV also offers ESP and Anti-Skid Resistance for enhanced control on treacherous road conditions.

The Renault Duster AWD does offer good off-road capabilities with its 1.5 liter diesel motor that churns out 109 bhp of power. However, the Renault Duster AWD is rivaling an all time favorite formidable SUV that has been loved for more than a decade, the Mahindra Scorpio.

The new Mahindra Scorpio is more stylish and sporty. The new Scorpio has become meaner in terms of looks. The new Scorpio is considerably larger than the more compact Duster. The new Scorpio is powered by two diesel mills namely the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder m2DiCr for the base model and the acclaimed 2.2 liter mHawk motor for the other variants, delivering 120bhp of power.

The Scorpio gets independent suspension at front and multi-link coil spring system for the rear. The all new Mahindra Scorpio also gets the new chassis which is lighter and sturdier empowered with anti-roll bars both at the front and rear.

In few words, the new Scorpio is clearly a bigger and better SUV than the new Duster. The Scorpio seats 7, while the Duster just 5. The Renault Duster though much newer is simply not close to the veteran Mahindra Scorpio which is a 12 year old pro player. Thus, whether you own an old version or the new version of the Scorpio, you will definitely like it much better than that of the Renault Duster.

Thar Adventure Edition – What is so unique and enticing?

Mahindra has been in the limelight for its new launches, the launch of new Scorpio facelift was an interesting surprise. It is a well groomed variant of the past, to create equal level of zeal; the firm launched Thar Adventure Edition, with only 30 units on sale.

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition

Thar is a top seller of utility vehicle market; the company has not introduced refreshed models of the car for a long time, and has suddenly decided to launch the Adventure Edition Thar car covered in a royal Java Brown shade. The side segment of the car has Adventure wrap filled with map and compass, to bring out the rugged nature of the vehicle; it has re-constructed tail and head lights.

The inner décor is amazingly vibrant, something that is rarely visible in the rarest of rare Special Edition launches. The Adventure Edition car has refined black upholstery filled with jazz bright orange piping, and the other high-tech features are refurbished floor mats, 2D compass and map and freshly designed centre console.

The car is fitted with a potent 2.5 litre diesel power train that yields 247Nm and 105PS, and is coupled with five speed gearbox also used in its predecessor. The new Thar Adventure package is fascinating and certainly an attention grabber, those who are yearning to know about the price range of the car, it has not yet been revealed. The average range is however about Rs 7.17 lakhs and will be dearer than the earlier model by Rs 35,000 to 40,000.

Owning the Thar is like possessing an exclusive product, but the level of specialness is even higher with the Adventure Edition car. The design framework has an assortment of jeep and car identities, the bull bar in front and open rear renders a jeep like character, and the car identity is visible on the front fascia and side.

There have been numerous reports of new Mahindra launches, such as the arrival of new Scorpio facelift, 2016 Bolero and S101, but the company is not at the moment working on a refreshed Thar car, and the Thar was immensely popular once upon a time and continues to be.

The revival of Thar in the form of Adventure Edition is intriguing, because Mahindra has incorporated a more urbane character into the new Scorpio facelift and 2016 Bolero. Thar Adventure Edition on the other hand is the continuation of the company’s aggressive car design theory.

Ardent Thar car enthusiasts who are keen on Adventure Edition it is a worthy purchase, it looks great and the most fascinating element is the presence of side body decals which is a pure piece of art. Mahindra has always been a forerunner in utility vehicle segment, but its presence has been tarnished lately with the launch of products from Renault and Ford such as Duster and EcoSport.

The combination of new Scorpio facelift, Thar Adventure Edition and new Bolero will certainly uplift the utility vehicle reputation of Mahindra. The company has excited millions of adventure car enthusiasts in the country.

What makes the new Scorpio vastly different from the old car

Mahindra recently launched the new Scorpio facelift car; it is an exclusive product from the past. The newly launched Scorpio facelift was the sight of attraction months before launch, and the attractiveness was engraved in its contemporary transformation from the past.

New Mahindra Scorpio

New Mahindra Scorpio

It is certain that the new Scorpio facelift is among the hottest launches of the season, it is a special version of the past. So what makes it different from the previous car? Let’s find out

Exterior design:

The exterior framework of the new Scorpio is nothing different from its predecessor. The new facelift model is yet completely new, every feature of the new car is different from the earlier model, and it has super illuminating large LED lights, moulded into a neat eyebrow design, and highlights the aggressive nature of the car. The 2014 model has revamped LED lights and alloy wheels, and also refurbished tail gates. Scorpio car enthusiasts admire every design facet of the 2014 model, and the only drawback is the fitment of rear grab handle above tail lights.

Interior décor:

It is the interiors that mainly separate the 2014 Scorpio facelift from the previous car. The décor is totally different, with a professional layering of beige and black, the intense sophistication is created by the professional design of steering and dashboard, and the centre console has been modified as well.

Engine power:

Mahindra has not altered the mechanical property of the new Scorpio facelift; it gathers its power packed energy from the efficient 2.2 litre mHawk engine that offers impressive mileage figures of 14 to 15.3km/l. The engine is coupled with five speed manual transmission, and is efficient enough to drift into the four wheel drive mode. The company’s achievement with the engine system is to increase the lightness effect and engine movement.

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx BS IV

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra has created a new form of surprise with its 2014 Scorpio facelift car, it is a modern transformation of the past, and it looks stunningly exclusive. The company has managed to create elevated level of newness with the same range of equipments fitted on the old car.

The interiors of the new Scorpio facelift are exhilarating, the décor is vibrant and refined and the range of equipment is more up to date from the previous car. Mahindra is among the initial conquerors of the utility vehicle market, and Scorpio has been a best seller for over a decade, it is appreciated for its rugged nature. From the development of the 2014 Scorpio facelift, it is evident that the company has moved with the times. The customer sentiment levels have drifted more towards the amazing range of products from Ford, Volkswagen and Renault with EcoSport, Taigun and Duster respectively.

Amidst the recent range of glossy SUV’s, the presence of Scorpio can never be tarnished, and the new car is in tune with the modified SUV tastes of the people of India. The company is building a new Bolero car, and it too is a fashionable variant of the past, and there is a lavish S101 car in the making as well, built on a joint collaboration basis with Ssangyong.

The stylish and contemporary next gen Scorpio unveiled in Nepal

The next generation Mahindra Scorpio is the latest new SUV stunner in India. It’s got a more contemporary design and richer interiors, the car has now hit an attractive overseas destination, Nepal launched at a starting price of 3.57 million NPR which is Rs 7.98 lakhs. The new next gen Mahindra Scorpio is an exclusive product from its previous range of vehicles; it is a major upgrade from the 2006 car. The car has undergone a complete revamp on the outside and inside; the exterior modifications are the fitment of re-structured projector headlights, alloy wheels, chrome grille and new fog lights.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

The Nepal spec next gen Scorpio car is sold in S10, S4 and S2 variants, S10 is the most loaded and S2 is the base car. The high-end S10 model has LED tail lights, chrome grille, new bumper with fog lights and also new potent projector headlights with daytime running lights. The richness across all models is the refined dual tone black interior and appliqué design on back door. There is a chrome bezel on fender, and for optimum safety, there is road bumper armor.

The interiors of Nepal new Scorpio facelift is as rich as the Indian model, the S10 car has 6’ touch screen with infotainment system, TPMS, climate control and parking sensors . The layout of instrument cluster is now, and the upholstery has been upgraded to create a stunning contemporary atmosphere draped in a double grey and blue shade. The company has also incorporated height adjustment seat on the driver’s compartment.

Mahindra has not altered the mechanical fitment of the Nepal spec Scorpio, the car will move on the same fiery 2.2 liter mHawk four cylinder engine that pumps out spark efficiencies of 120bhp and 280Nm. The power happens to rear wheels via 5- speed manual transmission. The four wheel drive car (4WD) can be switched to two wheel drive mode (2WD) through a toggle switch on centre console.

Mahindra is an Indian based enterprise, the next gen Scorpio is therefore produced in India and then exported to Nepal. The company has created a whole new Scorpio with its new Scorpio facelift car, and it is awe-inspiring at first sight.

The transformation of old Scorpio to the 2014 next generation facelift model lies in the creation of a more modern looking car, and that is what makes the car special. Mahindra is a pioneer of the utility vehicle market, and Scorpio has been a key profit player for over ten decades, despite the supremacy of the car, the company is wary of the current and upcoming competition. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in market share volume of the sport utility vehicle market with the launch of Renault Duster, Volkswagen Taigun and Ford EcoSport. The trend in consumer taste has drifted towards modern styling and Mahindra has moved with the time, and has incorporated a more urban design framework into its next-gen Scorpio model, different from the earlier cars that sport aggressive off-road demeanor.

The amazing Thar Adventure Edition launched with just 30 units on offer

Mahindra is a pioneer of the SUV market, contributed by brilliant creations of XUV500, Scorpio, Xylo and Thar. The company has been in the limelight for its new launches with the new Scorpio and upcoming Bolero and S101 cars. There has yet been another stunning launch, the Thar Adventure edition.

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition 30 units

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition 30 units

The launch of Thar Adventure edition is a pleasant surprise, but it comes in a limited package of 30 units. A group of car enthusiasts traced the car recently at Mahindra’s thrilling Mahindra Adventure off-road training academy.

The new Mahindra Thar Adventure looks stunning; it’s got urbane and off-road character, and is draped in a classy new jawa brown shade. The vision behind the launch is to highlight the adventure nature of the model, to achieve this; Mahindra has indulged into a new line of engineering creativity contributed by the innovative 2D compass and map body design. To offer optimum protection from the extreme nature of an adventure drive, the tail and head lights are covered with chaff screen and protectors. The car can just sustain from any terrain injury with its extended wheel arches.

The interiors too are covered with a funky adventurous twist that is certainly attractive to those who are keen to dwell into new kind of décor. The black seats look elegant and have orange piping, to accommodate greater consumer convenience the layout of center console is modified for smooth gear shifting. The floor mats are new as well, it is firm and non-slippery.

Mahindra has introduced mild modifications to the exteriors and interiors of Thar Adventure Edition. The mechanical properties are however retained, equipped with a potent 2.5 liter four cylinder CRDe turbo diesel engine that yields 247Nm and 103bhp. The engine is coupled to five speed manual transmission and the passage of power happens via two wheel drive (2WD) model.

What makes the Thar Adventure Edition exclusive is the elevated adventure entity. Sources are wondering if Mahindra has incorporated a Borg Warner four wheel drive system into its ace off-roader, here torque energy is transmitted to all four wheels.

Every detail of Thar Adventure Edition sounds intriguing and technology packed. It is certainly enticing to those who are into extreme adventures, but Mahindra has however not disclosed the price of the vehicle. Sources expect it to be pricier than the current car by Rs 10,000 to 20,000.

Mahindra is among the first to conquer the utility vehicle market, the segment has gained popularity in recent times contributed by products from Renault, Ford and Volkswagen with Duster, EcoSport and Taigun respectively. Although the utility market share value of Mahindra is robust, it has to be wary of the current and upcoming competition.

To face the increased competition battle, the company recently launched the new Scorpio facelift that looks more contemporary than its predecessors, and it working on a new Bolero model as well, also with a more urbane stance. The Thar Adventure Edition looks more up to date as well, and this time with higher level of adventure innovativeness.

Scorpio versus Nissan Terrano-Off terrain SUV battle

Mahindra recently launched its new Scorpio facelift car; it is an exclusive version of the past. The new model comes with additional layers of grooming; the once aggressively styled Scorpio now sports a contemporary design. Scorpio has always been a threat to its competition, since inception over ten years ago. It will be interesting to view the sale chart of the new next generation Scorpio, and let’s review its power over Nissan Terrano.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio



The new Scorpio facelift looks more modern and urbane than its predecessor, the overall exterior frame and core identity of the car is however retained. The next generation Scorpio has a grille that is more upright, surrounded by solid chrome. The eight slat design on the grille is preserved.

The car has artistically styled dual barrel headlights, and the most loaded car has projector lights. The biggest addition to the car is LED daytime running lights.  The bottom region of the bumper is covered with a professional black shade, and the tail lights are molded into semi-circular structures different from the circular ones seen in the previous car.


The inner décor of new Scorpio facelift is elegant and professional, and much of the characteristics are borrowed from XUV500. The layout of instrument cluster and dashboard is professional, covered with glossy silver accents and small rectangular digital screen. The most loaded car has micro-hybrid technology, reverse parking assist, cruise control; audio fitted steering, light and rain sensors and world class infotainment system and touchscreen.


Mahindra has not altered the mechanical properties of new Scorpio facelift; the car will run on the same 2.2 liter mHawk engine that yields 120bhp and 2.5 liter m2DiCr engine that generates 75bhp.


The car costs Rs 8.4 to 13 lakhs

Nissan Terrano


Terrano has design aggressiveness and professionalism, the trapezoid grille highlights the aggressive sporty character of the vehicle, surrounded by solid chrome treatment. The headlights are molded into arty dual barrel square shaped structures; the bonnet has creases that originated from front grille, covered by a neat silver bash plate. The side view is great and draws out the masculine nature of the car.


The interiors of Terrano are professional and the grand décor is parallel to Duster, the quality of material is refined and first-rate, the driver seat has one-step height adjustment facility and the instrument cluster has orange backlight that builds the aesthetic value of the interiors.


Nissan Terrano is sold with diesel and petrol fuels; the diesel car is fitted with a robust 1.5 liter dCi engine also used on Duster. There are two versions to this engine, a 110bhp and 85bhp model. The petrol XL car is equipped with 1.6 liter four cylinder mill that yields 110bhp.


The price range of the car is Rs 9.63 to 12.5 lakhs.


The interiors of new Scorpio facelift and Terrano are class apart, the design structure of Terrano is more attractive to the sport car fanatic, and Scorpio is preferable to those who enjoy bits of vintage and modern designs. Scorpio has a superior engine power, and is therefore the better pick.

New Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition – A real exclusive limited edition SUV

Mahindra & Mahindra, the country’s largest SUV maker which has always charmed the Indian and now for sometime even the global markets with its powerful and tough utility vehicles, has again offered something special for the Indian SUV lovers. The Mahindra Thar is one of the very capable SUV models in India, and now the Indian auto major has launched a limited edition model of the SUV to enhance its market presence.

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition

The new Mahindra Thar limited edition model has launched in India as the ‘Thar Adventure Edition’. This Mahindra Thar Adventure edition is truly exclusive, as only 30 units of this SUV model will be rolled out in the market by the company. The limited edition Mahindra Thar is also laden with many attractive cosmetic upgrades to make it really alluring and special. The fresh cosmetic updates have been endowed by Mahindra on the Thar Adventure Edition model’s exterior as well as interiors. Apart from the nice cosmetic changes and additions, the new Thar Adventure Edition SUV has not got any sort of mechanical upgrades under its hood. Thus, this new limited edition model will be getting powered by the same engine as the regular Thar variants. In order to make this limited edition model a real exclusive feel, Mahindra is going to offer a meager 30 units in the market and no more. Thus, the Indian SUV lovers who really have the eye for special or exclusive edition cars will really go for this one.

Due to its cosmetic updates, the new Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition is going to cost a little dearer over its regular counterparts. While the existing CRDe Thar models are offered in the market tagged at around Rs.7.37 Lacks, the limited edition Adventure trim will be costing an additional Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000 as compared to the standard variants.

As mentioned above, the new Thar Adventure Edition is powered by the same powertrain as the regular variants and is equipped with the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder, CRDe turbo diesel motor. This diesel engine delivers the max power output of 103bhp and peak torque of 247Nm. The SUV gets a 4 Wheel Drive mode that employs a Borg Warner AWD system. On the rear wheel drive mode, the Thar’s engine is coupled with a five speed manual transmission to transfer the generated power to the 2 rear wheels of the vehicle.

Apart from its exclusiveness in terms of availability, the new Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition also gets many nice updates to lure in buyers. It features new tail light protectors and a chaff screen to enable the vehicle take on those very rough and tough expeditions. The SUV gets wheel arch extensions to add to its bold ruggedness and muscularity. The limited edition model is available in a unique Java Brown body paint and will come with adventure body wrap, a compass and a 2D map. On the inside, the SUV gets black seat covers with attractive orange piping, a revised center console and new molded floor mats.

The next-gen Bolero and S101 mini SUV caught testing together; new interior details

The Indian SUV leader Mahindra & Mahindra is very busy working on several new models in order to beat growing market competition and to reinstate its leading position in its home market. Among the number of new vehicles in the pipeline from the house of Mahindra, the mostly spied S101 compact SUV has been regularly in news for over two years now. The S101 was joined pretty recently by another new Mahindra vehicle, the next generation Bolero which is supposed to come this time around along with its compact counterpart as well. Both these upcoming Mahindra vehicles have been spied many times. And now, new set of spy images have been posted on the internet that reveals both the vehicles testing side by side.

Mahindra S101 spied

Mahindra S101 spied

The next generation Mahindra Bolero which is codenamed as the U301 and the company’s new compact SUV codenamed S101 have been caught while the vehicles were testing together. Not only the two vehicles were spied together, but the new set of spy pictures also throw light on the new details of these two vehicles’ interiors.

Bothe the all new Bolero and the S101 baby SUV are scheduled to launch next year. While the S101 is expected to launch within the first quarter of 2015, the next-en Bolero is going to launch sometime later in the year. The S101 is going to get powered by the newly developed engine range of the company which is going to debut under the hood of the S101 next year, while the next-gen Bolero is also expected to feature them. Among a family of new petrol and diesel engines from Mahindra, the S101 is going to get the new 1.2 liter petrol and diesel motors.

Now, coming to the new set of spy images and the revelation they make about the vehicles’ interiors. As per the spy shots, the next-gen Bolero is likely to feature a newly designed dashboard along with a new central console, new rectangular shaped AC vents and a new three spoke steering wheel. The vehicle is also going to get a bigger screen infotainment system. The fully camouflaged test mule of the Bolero is surely expected to come with new styling, but the overall shape of the vehicle says that the basic design language of the SUV will be retained. The Bolero is also expected to come this time with two body sizes, namely a full sized version and a new sub-4 meter compact version.

The S101 is Mahindra’s first full-fledged sub-4 meter SUV contender to fight in the country’s increasingly popular compact SUV market. It is likely to feature steering wheel mounted controls for the infotainment system and auto climate control among others.

Post its market launch, the new upcoming Mahindra S101 will be rivaling with Ford EcoSport and the upcoming Volkswagen Taigun and Tata Nexon. The S101 is expected to be competitively tagged in a price range of around Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 lakh.

Mahindra reveals the true nature of new generation Scorpio through a commercial

Mahindra is a renowned Indian based enterprise and its main area of specialization is sport utility vehicles (SUV’s). The popular models in this segment are XUV500, Scorpio, Xylo, and Bolero. Amidst the crowd, a car that stands out is Scorpio.

New Mahindra Scorpio

New Mahindra Scorpio

Scorpio, true to its name oozes with energy contributed by the potent diesel 2.5 liter m2Dicr and 2.2 liter mHawk engine. The power potential of mHawk engine is 138bhp higher than 120bhp yielded in the earlier car. The engine is linked to manual transmission. Mahindra lately released the new Scorpio facelift, which is a maximum transformation from the past, with respect to elevated levels of modernity.

The new facelift looks more contemporary and is built on a new body-on frame chassis. The renovation is therefore entrusted on a more powerful body and fresh design. Sources have highlighted an interesting punch line on the car, terming it to be a ‘Bold’ move by Mahindra. Anyone who views the model will figure out the newness instantly.

Apart from the new look and potent chassis, Mahindra has incorporated changes on the interior and exterior that is striking to the eye. A television commercial featuring the new Scorpio facelift is released. The ad is developed by Interface Communications to expose the core identities of the new Scorpio facelift.

The National Creative Director of Interface Communications, Robby Mathew said, ‘’ it took us three months to develop the campaign, and were asked to highlight the differential nature of the vehicle. We later on emerged with a notion of using the water bomber to underline the new identity of the car.

The television commercial is creatively crafter; it begins with the driver of new Scorpio facelift rescuing a horse immersed in mud. The vehicle later just moves, through various challenging hurdles, up and below. The phrase up hurdle might sound bewildering. There is a crop dusting plane above, that splashes water on the car.

The new Scorpio facelift glides through the obstructions, first it tackles water from crop dusting plane, and passes through the challenging roads in the middle of a forest and passes into streams and muddy roads. The core message relayed through the advertisement is the power of the car to handle any given stumbling block that comes its way and this is the power of the car.

It is a must watch advertisement, it is so intriguing and uniquely fascinating to an extent that it can breezily gather a mass crowd. The uniqueness of the commercial lies in the pristine nature of the car, under layers of mud and water, its true value emerges, and it is awe-inspiring.

The commercial also portrays how extreme the new Scorpio facelift can go, and a perfect match for ardent adventure buffs. For those who are planning an adventurous holiday soon, the new Scorpio is the best bet, to dwell into amazing scenic and rugged terrain beauty.

The new Scorpio facelift is a threat to its competition indeed, and it will be interesting to view customer sentiment levels in the coming months.