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M&M rates go up as subsidiary S...

The leading Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra share has seen a good increase in value as its subsidiary company which is based in South Korea ...

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A glimpse of mightier SsangYong Tiv...

The Korean Leading auto brand in the SUV sector the SsangYong Motors has produced the model of Crossover Tivoli which has become world famous in the f...

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The Mahindra Korando C will hit the...

The SUV segment in the auto sector is in boom and many new models are being introduced by various auto companies in India this year. The Indian auto l...

SsangYong Tivoli Official picture

The launch of SsangYong Tivoli with...

There are a number of new SUVs launched across the globe every year. However, the launching of new SUVs in a big market by a leading auto company make...

M&M rates go up as subsidiary SsangYong Motor sales increases

The leading Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra share has seen a good increase in value as its subsidiary company which is based in South Korea SsangYong Motors has seen a massive increase in its Units in the month of March 2015. The Indian parent company had taken over this unit in the year 2012 with a 72 % stake in it. Both the companies are in the same field of manufacturing and selling of diesel based various vehicles that mainly focused on the SUVs.

Mahindra SsangYong Korando Turismo MPV

Because of the subsidiary company the parent company has gained well in terms of market value of its shares. The Mahindra is very much known for its wise decision in the auto industry. The company is currently trading at Rs. 1228.75, which is up by 27.10 points as well as 2.26% from its last closing of Rs. 1201.65 on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The rates had opened at Rs. 1200.00 and it touched high of Rs. 1239.00 as well as low of Rs. 1191.80 in the trading session. So far 16359 shares were registered as traded on the counter.

In the last one week the high and the low of the scrip is noted as Rs. 1222.00 and Rs. 1173.80 respectively. The present market cap of the Mahindra is Rs. 76108.66 crore. The promoters have registered holding in the company at 25.74%, while other Institutions and Non-Institutions had 56.26% and 12.58% respectively.

The auto leader Mahindra and Mahindra’s (which is an Indian company) subsidiary company of South Korea, SsangYong has recently noted a boom in its sales and in total 12,870 vehicles  have been dold by the company still the month of March 2015. The figures of the sales are 7,719 vehicles sold in domestic market while 5,151 vehicles are exported and sold in overseas market. The Ssangyong Motors has seen a huge recovery in the sales as its global sales touched to the 12,000 vehicle sales in last three months since December 2014 (12,980 units). The recovery was much helped by the sales increase in the local market after the introduction of the Tivoli, up 32.4% from the last month. In the local market, the sales exceeded by 7,000 units, which was noted as best monthly sales since last December with 8,261 units.

The Ssangyong Motors had seen increases in exports in the month of  March by 63.4% and in terms of units 5,151 from the previous month. It has exceeded 5,000 in five months since last October (6,143 units) which is truly in line with the launch of the Tivoli shipments to foreign market. The Tivoli, an SUV, which has just entered the overseas market with the shipments of 1,771 units in the month of March, is exported to the European market and Central & Southern American markets. These markets include countries such as Belgium, the UK, Spain, and Chile. The sales in these markets will begin from June onwards. Overall the deal with the SsangYong Motors has proved beneficiary to the Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra.

A glimpse of mightier SsangYong Tivoli automatic 2015

The Korean Leading auto brand in the SUV sector the SsangYong Motors has produced the model of Crossover Tivoli which has become world famous in the few days only. The SsangYong has discussed about the features of its product Tivoli and according to that there cannot be any product like this crossover. It has a diesel engine and manual gearbox with six speed transmission. It is a model with left-hand drive. The model has a classy look that matches the model of crossover to the greatest extent. It has a contemporary style which can make it in the line to the most modern vehicles of the trend in developed countries too.

Ssangyong Tivoli

The dashboard of this compact crossover is made of quality plastics which is twinned with silver and shiny black plastic inserts. The model has a seven-inch touchscreen on mid-spec EX and top-spec ELX models. The Tivoli has a multi-function steering wheel and soft leather seats as a part of its modern interior. The overall quality of Tivoli makes win five star rating in looks and features specification. It is also considered as a roomy model in the SUV segment. There is much space for head room and leg room that can provide a comfortable riding experience. In the tailgate area, it has 423 liter boot space which makes the model on top of its class.

The SsangYong Motors has designed the model with two engine options. The options are a126bhp 1.6 liter petrol and another is a 1.6 liter diesel with 113bhp along with two options in transmission also. The Tivoli has two wheel drive or four wheel drive a six speed manual as well as automatic transmission options. In petrol model with 126bhp, it takes 11 seconds to move from 0-62mph which is mcuh more better than many other vehicles in the same bracket. If the carbon emission is checked the Tivoli makes it as 167g/km which is also proving the engine efficiency. The six speed gearbox, makes it an easy move of gears and hence it makes driving easier.

So far as pricing of this mightier SUV is concerned,  it starts with £13,000 and goes up to £17,000 for high end variant ELX. The mightier model is fully-packed with a lot of features such as heated leather seats with 18-inch alloys, dual-zone climate control, satellite navigation and a reversing camera,

The Korean car maker SsangYong aims to sell almost 1200 Tivoli by the end of the year and planning to accelerate it by 3500. As per the specifications and model’s capacity there is no doubt that the model is going to be a huge hit. It will surely have tremendous response from the market. The SsangYong motors will surly have a better market position with the help of this model. It will surely have a better market share so far as the SUV market is compared. There are many market experts who are awaiting the launch of all this mightier model.

The Mahindra Korando C will hit the Indian market by 2016 end

The SUV segment in the auto sector is in boom and many new models are being introduced by various auto companies in India this year. The Indian auto leader Mahindra & Mahindra is also all set to launch one more SUV in the auto market. But this time the model is Korando which is based on South Korean technology.

new ssangyong korando

The company has already some big hit SUVs in its kit and now one more SUV is going to add. However, the new SUV will be added in the FY2016. Basically the model is developed by the SsangYong Motors, which is a South Korean auto manufacturer. The Mahindra & Mahindra has taken over the SsangYong Motors and hence the model is now known as Mahindra Korando. The production of this SUV is still going on in SsangYong Motors in South Korea only.

According to the auto market experts the Korando is an excellent model and as it is loaded with a number of features it is much capable to beat any SUV model in the Indian market. The introduction of this model to Indian market will surely strengthen the company position in the competition of the SUV and it will also help the company to improve market share. The pricing of this model is expected to be between 9.5-10 lakhs for basic models and the premium models will be ranging between 12.5-13 lakhs. The Renault duster will be the closest rival of this model in the Indian market.

Presently M&M has a 72 % stake in the South Korean company Ssangyong Motors. The Korando C holds 52% of Ssangyong Motors’ total export units of vehicles.   Hence, with the help the Ssangyong Motors the M&M have best vehicles available to rock the Indian market. In the year 2014, the SsangYong Motors had exported around 37,863 units and the models produced by it had got overwhelming response in the foreign market.

So far as M&M is concerned, it has 30-40% sales registered from the SUV segment only. As in the last few months the company did not come up with any new SUV model its market share has reduced by 40% as during this period other companies had released their new models in the SUV segment. The company holds strong command on the diesel engine models as well as SUV segment. The decision by the company is also based on thorough analysis of business opportunities and the Korando will surely prove a lethal weapon for rivals from the company to regain the market share. The model can be exported to other countries such as Myanmar, Bangladesh and ASEAN. The Russia is also a big overseas market of the SsangYong Motors and therefore the Korando can play a vital role to have a firm position in the auto sector in Russia.

No doubt there is still much time left for the launching of this model in India, but it will surely rule the Indian market in coming days.

The launch of SsangYong Tivoli with 1.6L diesel engine

There are a number of new SUVs launched across the globe every year. However, the launching of new SUVs in a big market by a leading auto company makes it a sensational news to the market and auto rivals. The India based auto manufacturer company the Mahindra & Mahindra has recently launched a new SUV in UK market which has literally surprised the competitors. The model is known as Tivoli and basically it is manufactured by the South Korea based company, SsangYong Motors, which is taken over by the Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra and therefore all the most powerful SUV Tivoli has gone into the kit of Mahindra.

SsangYong Tivoli Official picture

SsangYong Tivoli Official picture

However, it is very important to know that how the launching of Tivoli in UK can be a sensational news. Well, the answer to this question is very simple. The Tivoli is a power pack SUV, which has got back up from two experienced companies. The SsangYong Motors is a big name so far as new technology and innovative features are concerned. The Mahindra also possesses tremendous experience of the diesel engine and vehicle manufacturing. Both the companies have a sound command on SUVs and they are going to launch a powerful SUV model in an overseas market. All this together means a high level of competition in the UK SUV segment.

As per the auto experts the Tivoli is an extra ordinary SUV. This model will be available in the UK market in various three versions SE, EX, and ELX. It will be available with diesel as well as petrol version. The customer will also get 5 years mileage warranty without any limits. The Tivoli will have six speed manual and automatic transmission options and it will be available with 2WD and 4WD variants. This stunning SUV was lastly displayed at Geneva Auto Show.

The Tivoli petrol has a 1.6 liter engine which produces 128 PS while the diesel engine provides 115 PS. The model can be propelled by front two wheels or with all the four wheels simultaneously. The model with manual transmission has idle stop & go feature which helps to save the fuel. The model also has tank with 47 liters capacity.

The Tivoli SUV has 4,195 mm length, 1,795 mm width, 1,590 mm height and 2,600 mm wheelbase. If the safety features of this SUV are checked it has 7 airbags, Hill start assist for climbing the hills and stop the vehicle from rolling, ABS, ESP, active roll protection and front and rear disc brakes.

All the models of the SUV Tivoli come with a 5-year warranty. The SsangYong Motors also offer a unique personalization program for owners.

The pricing of the model will vary from 12,950 pounds to 19,500 pounds. However, still at this stage the Mahindra, which is the parent company of SsangYong motors has not decided anything to launch this elegant SUV in the Indian market. According to sources, there can be some declaration from the company about it in a few days.

The Korando from Mahindra soon going to hit the Indian market

The Mahindra & Mahindra is a well-known auto brand in India. The company has tremendous experience in the area of diesel engine based vehicle manufacturing and has produced many successful SUV models which have rocked the Indian SUV market. Few years before the company had taken over the South Korea based auto company SsangYong Motors. The SsangYong motors is also a big name in the world of SUVs and has some astounding models of SUVs in its kit which are admired by the auto experts. One of such model is Korando which is an SUV and now going to launch in the Indian market by the Mahindra, the parent company of SsangYong Motors.

Ssangyong Koranda C Concept Car.

The Mahindra has planned to launch Korando C model with the help of its Korean counterpart. The model was basically launched in 2011 and now this is the third generation of the same model which will hit the Indian roads. It is also termed as a premium urban leisure vehicle or ULV rather than the compact SUV. This model is famous since its launch as it has consistently seen an upward growth in terms of sales. The model is all set with its new style and stunning look to attract Indian SUV lovers. With the launching of this model the company is expecting a good growth in terms of its sales figures, revenue and market share. The Korando C model is very much capable to lead the SUV segment competition to a new heights and can snatch substantial market of SUV from the nearest rivals.

The Korando C is a 5-seater model which is well equipped with many superb features. It is like to discuss some of these features. The known features of the Korando C are steering mounted audio controls, EBD, Six airbags for safety of the passengers, Harman Sound System, cruise control, alloy wheels, climate control, fog lamps and dual chrome exhausts. This is a perfect SUV as per the famous auto experts who have seen this model and studied it closely. The model has a 2.0- liter diesel engine with two different tunes of 149 BHP and 175 BHP. It has a six speed automatic as well as manual transmission with an option of AWD. As the Korando C is much more than the SUV the pricing of the model may be on a higher side. Though the authentic declaration of the pricing has been yet not available, the market experts expect it between 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

The Korando C will also be exported to overseas countries market as per the market sources. It is a powerful weapon in the Mahindra’s kit to capture the SUV market of any country and therefore expand the market share, company will surely use it in other key markets also. However, for Indian SUV lovers it is a good news that within short period they will have another power pack SUV on the road to provide a better riding experience.

Mahindra is testing its New-Gen Bolero U301

The SUV segment in India is currently in the limelight due to a number of new SUVs entering into the market. There are many companies who had successful SUV in the past and the same model is being introduced once again to the market with a new model. Somewhat is the same story of Mahindra & Mahindra, which is a leading name in the auto world. There are a number of successful SUVs produced by the company which have ruled the Indian market for a long period. The company is also famous for its command on manufacturing of diesel engine with 2X2 version and 4X4 version. The company has vast experience of producing a number of models in passenger car as well as SUV segment.

2015 mahindra bolero spyshot

The company has also taken over some of the foreign companies to have a better market position. Some of the SUVs launched by this company are Scorpio, Bolero, XUV 500, Xylo, and Quanto. All of these models have been a massive hit in the market and Mahindra lovers have always preferred these models from the company. However, for Mahindra lovers, there is a good news that the company is working on one of its older models known as Bolero. But now the new Bolero will be known as Bolero U301.

The company is seriously working on the upcoming new generation Bolero. The progress of the new Bolero U301 is at full fledge and hence it seems that the company is planning to launch the model very soon. Since almost some months the company has not launched any new model and benefit of this situation is very well taken by the competitors as there are a number of new SUVs from various rivals are launched during this period. Therefore the company has reportedly lost a huge chunk of market share in the SUV segment. To regain this position the company is preparing to launch one of its super hit model Bolero U301 in a complete new stunning look which can help the company to hold the position in the market.

The all new Bolero U301 is expected to have a 1.5 liter diesel engine that can churn out 73.6KW of power and 240Nm of torque. However, there are news that the new Bolero U301 will have an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) gearbox. The company has not declared anything officially about the same, hence it is a bit difficult to comment on it. The new Bolero U301 may be available in 2X2 model initially and later the 4X4 model can also be availed.

There are not many changes expected in the cabin. The interior of the previous model of Bolero was also quality and therefore many changes on this front are also not expected. However a new feature can be there such as stunning dashboard, chrome lined instrument cluster, new gear knob, Bluetooth, USB and Aux connectivity, and a three spoke steering wheel.

Mahindra Quanto: A model with complete Facelift

The Mahindra & Mahindra is a famous Indian brand which has made its name in the world of diesel engine based vehicle manufacturing. The company has tremendous experience in the area of manufacturing SUVs and launching them in Indian and overseas markets. The company has also taken over a few foreign companies to strengthen its roots in the auto sector. There are a number of SUVs, which are launched by the company and have got tremendous response from the market. The company has successfully created a brand name for it and with many successful models progressing like anything.

2015 mahindra quanto

The company has various SUVs such as Bolero, Scorpio, Thar, Xylo and XUV 500 to name a few. The recent model launched by the company is Quanto which has also proved its metal in the SUV market and provided a sound platform to the company for new launching of some more models. But before the company launches few more models the company decided to facelift this model and re-launch the new model so that once again it can repeat the history of massive sales. Considering this the company has given all the very new shape to the Quanto model.

Presently the face-lifted model is under some testing phase, but some of the market sources have seen the model and therefore few of the details of the new model are available. However, the company has yet not discussed any such details and no information is authentically declared by the company.

The new model will have a new front style with headlamps as well as front grille and re-worked front bumper. On the back side of the model it seems to have new styled bumpers with tail lights. The sides of this model probably will not have any changes and is same as of the present model of the Quanto.

However, as per the auto experts the new Quanto will have improved suspension as well as driving dynamics.

The face-lifted Quanto will have improved steering wheel and the company is also working to have an AMT, which can be expected in the market by the end of 2015. The face-lifted Quanto model is already in the testing phase and in the next few days the company can have any official declaration about the launching of this model also. The current model of Quanto also has got overwhelming response from the market and now with the launch of face-lifted model the Quanto can surely create a history. The company has invested much of its time and technology in this model which will be rewarded by the market in terms of sales figures and revenue. The Mahindra Quanto face-lifted model will hit the market in 2015 only and once again the auto sector will note the skill and crafts of Mahindra’s engineering team.

Mahindra facelifts famous SUV XUV500

The famous Indian auto company and manufacturer of XUV 500, Mahindra & Mahindra has started the face-lifting of its famous model XUV 500 also. The Mahindra & Mahindra is a known brand for its accuracy and therefore the company prefers to face-lift its models and sell in the market which can be much helpful to the company in a number of ways. The company is known for its wise decision and probably that is the reason company has opted to go for the face-lift of its XUV 500 model also. The XUV 500 model is a crossover model in the SUV segment. The company is known for its grip on the diesel engine models of SUV. It is the largest player of the SUV segment in the Indian market. The XUV 500 SUV was launched before few months and now the company is making its face-lift which means the company has some long term plans regarding this particular model.

Mahindra XUV500 Xclusive

The XUV 500 face-lifted model is in its testing phase and some market sources have viewed the model from very close. The information provided by the sources makes one believe that the new face-lifted model will be available in the market with some attractive changes in it. Majority the changes are noted for exterior only as the interior of XUV 500 was too beautiful the sources do not expect any interior changes.

As per the sources the company has focused to bring some notable changes to the front and rear side of the model. It has headlamps completely different than the previous model and has LED daytime running lights. It has changes in projectors also. The turn indicators are also improved in design and performance. The revised grills merges with the headlamps in the face-lifted model.

The bumper of the model is also improved and expanded. The pseudo air intakes are now available with silver as well as chrome finish, there is also a sporty silver skid plate fitted. The overall look with face-lifted model is more elegant than the previous model. The most important change is it has multi spoke alloy wheel design. The license plate holder has also got taillight on it. As per the sources the premium version of XUV 500 may get the sunroof for a better riding experience. The dashboard quality and finish are also improved.

The XUV500 entered as one of the highly anticipated vehicles in the Indian market and is the first ever crossover by the company. Since the vehicle continues to enjoy good response from the customers, we don’t expect much of a change under the skin.

The company expects the face-lifted XUV500 to do a better job. However, the previous model also has been a beneficial model only and now this model will surely prove the expectation of the company true to its name. The new model can have an optional six speed AT.

The Mahindra recalls XUV500 because of alloys break

In any business, the quality of the product is always a serious concern. The same rule applies in the auto sector also and there are a number of incidents registered where the vehicles are sold with a manufacturing defect and later the company has to ask for a mass recall. Recently such incidents have happened in the Indian auto sector also. This time the recall was called from leading Indian auto giant Mahindra.

Mahindra Scorpio alloys recall

The Mahindra & Mahindra is a famous auto company in diesel segment and particularly in the SUV segment. There are a number of SUV models which have been a massive hit in the Indian auto market. Recently in the month of February the company had recalled its models of XUV500. There was an upgrade planned by the company for the side curtain airbag software and hence the company had recalled all the models sold which were produced on or before July 2014.

Only after a few weeks the company is forced to launch another recall and this time it is due to defects in the vehicle. The company had received several complaints about speed rim alloys. However, the company had not manufactured these rims nor it was a part of the model, but it was provided by the dealers as an accessory to the model. The rims were manufactured by the Neo wheels India. According to the complaints the alloys used to break off without any external force being applied. The company made an inquiry to find out the actual cause. After proper investigation, it reached to the conclusion that the alloys were made with a substandard material and therefore it need to be changed.

Till now due to this there are several cases reported in which the vehicle had got damaged due to erroneous alloys rim getting broken. In one case the driver was driving the vehicle with a speed of 30 kmph and suddenly the front left wheel got broke off which caused damage to the model also.

Considering the seriousness of the issue, the company has asked to recall. The process will be very simple. The customer who has purchased the vehicle will be called by the dealers. The vehicle speed rims will be checked and the serial number will be matched to the series of the defective rims. If the customer vehicle is with such series of defective rim, the rim will be replaced by the dealer without any charge. The recall by Mahindra is made very silently so that no more noise is made by the competitors.

Though in Indian market such incidents are not much seen. But with the change of time and grown competition the companies have more focus on the quality of the product as well as the customer service. This is a very good example of changing scenario of Indian auto market and this will surely provide courage to other businesses as well as producers to shoulder their responsibility by helping the customer.

Source: Team-Bhp

The Ssangyong Motors firms its position in Korean Car Market with New Compact SUV

There are many players who have excellent technologies with their latest models rule the South Korean Auto market, but the SsangYong Motors has strengthened its market position despite tough competition with its latest model in the segment of an SUV with its new compact SUV. According to the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association declaration on April 7 the total domestic sales of GM Korea, SsangYong Motors, and Renault Samsung Motors has shown an increase of 9.5 percent. In units it reaches as 72289 units of vehicles. This data is for the first quarter of the current year and compared to the first quarter of the last year.

Ssangyong Tivoli

There are many companies which have yet not got a satisfactory performance of their much hyped models also and therefore they have registered a decline in sales. For example, the GM Korea has registered a decline in sales by 0.3 percent. However, the SsangYong motors as well as Renault Samsung motors has shown an increase in their sales by 25.7 percent and 13.7 percent, which is considered as a significant achievement of the concerned companies. There are a number of factors responsible behind the decline of GM sales and increase in the sales figure of the SsangYong motors and the Renault Samsung motors.

The situation was much different in the last year in the first quarter if the data of the two quarters of two different years are compared. Yesteryear, the GM Korea had seen an increase in sales by 10.6 percent, which was followed by Renault Samsung Motors with 5.5 and SsangYong motors was with 4.7 percent. In the current year in the first quarter, the GM Korea is with an 8.5 percent change while the SsangYong Motors is with 5.3 percent and Renault Samsung Motors is with 4.2 percent. These figures are about the performance of company models in the domestic market of South Korea.

The performance of GM Korea is poor due to its models which are considered as slow-sellers. The company is still with the same models trying to hold the market despite the new models arrival in competition. The GM Spark which is a leading model from GM had registered 40 percent of its sales in the domestic market. It has now reduced by 10.7 percent on year on year basis. On the opposite side the SsangYong Motors and Renault Samsung Motors have expanded their sales with their new models Tivoli and QM3 compact SUVs. The GM Motors is trying to lead in the domestic market while the SsangYong and Renault Samsung motors are focusing on the global market. Both of these companies are trying to have more market share and so coming with taxi models which can run on the LPG fuel for fuel-efficiency. The new models have also helped these companies to boost their market share and the same old models have reduced the market share of the GM Korea. The introduction to new technologies and better features have won the battle of market share.