mahindra scorpio facelift

Mahindra Scorpio facelift caught te...

Mahindra Scorpio facelift is the talk of the town; the test mule car was spotted several times. Car enthusiasts have captured the vehicle again, this ...

Mahindra Korando – Mahindra Ssangyong Future SUV

Mahindra Ssangyong Korando to be la...

Mahindra is among the first to define the core power of SUV’s, the power of the company has enabled it have a fare share with Ssangyong. Ssangyong is ...

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx BS IV

Mahindra Scorpio – Monsoon di...

Everyone waits for monsoons; despite the heavy rains the weather outside is so pleasurable unlike the extreme hot and cold. It is the perfect moment t...

Mahindra Auto Quotient

Mahindra Auto Quotient Season 6 fla...

Mahindra a powerful Indian based auto enterprise has fascinated the public to the core with its SUV’s. To further fuel auto enthusiasm the company has...

Mahindra Scorpio facelift caught testing again in torrential rains

Mahindra Scorpio facelift is the talk of the town; the test mule car was spotted several times. Car enthusiasts have captured the vehicle again, this time in unique yet bizarre surroundings on Mumbai-Pune highway under the impact of torrential rains. It is a reflection of the power of Mahindra to go beyond normal boundaries. It is not always that one hears of a test vehicle soaking in the rains.

mahindra scorpio facelift

Scorpio is the king of SUV’s, it has retained its legendary status for many years, and so much excitement is centred on new facelift car. It is a modern twist from the past with loads of new cosmetic filling. On the front are re-worked projector headlights, bumpers and grille. Mahindra has more or less retained the outline of the car. The tail lights will have new LED bulbs, and the arrangement is one of a kind and colourful in the form of a Christmas tree. The illumination power the Christmas tree tail light arrangement is mind blowing, the visibility is crystal clear, even when the road ahead is dim.

The same level of exterior newness is spilt over to the insides; expect to view a modified modern Scorpio. The layout of instrument cluster is sophisticated and it will have digital display and analog. The feature list is endless and there are many more surprises to come your way. The structure of the steering draws inspiration from the crispness of XUV500. On the whole every inch of the vehicle is a superior transformation of the past.

Mahindra has not meddled with the mechanical characteristics of forthcoming Scorpio facelift. It will carry with it an efficient diesel mHawk 2.2 litre mill that will generate 290Nm and 120bhp. The company has however improved the engineering dynamics of the vehicles and will tweak stability and handling apparatus. The engine will have the same six speed automatic or five speed manual transmission gearbox.

The current Scorpio sports a typical rugged stance and is a ruler amidst the current intensely competition SUV market. The car has generated higher profits than even present wonders Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. Super enthusiastic ardent Scorpio fans can look forward to the new facelift car sometime around the festive season.

Images of test Scorpio facelift is on the web, the first picture shows the vehicle from the back surrounded by series of rain droplets. The second image portrays the vehicle moving through the harsh rain with ease. The road ahead is clear yet misty. The images that follow showcase the vehicle moving in the rain where the lane ahead is just going to get more and more challenging.

The view ahead is spectacular filled with picturesque green layer of mountains and there is a tunnel ahead. It is just going to get darker and darker, but Scorpio facelift can just spearhead through any road scenario with ease. Adventure buffs can look forward to new Scorpio facelift and enjoy dark moments in the rain. The expected price range is Rs 8.3 to 13 lakhs, the festive season is few months away and Scorpio facelift is among the best gifts of the season.

Mahindra Ssangyong Korando to be launched in India on August 2014

Mahindra is among the first to define the core power of SUV’s, the power of the company has enabled it have a fare share with Ssangyong. Ssangyong is an established South Korean based firm. Mahindra has a firm foothold with Ssangyong and the two are geared to unveil a spectacular launch in 2014 August called Korando.

Mahindra Korando – Mahindra Ssangyong Future SUV

Mahindra Korando

The car was showed in grand style at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo; the mere thought of a new Korando launch is exciting beyond words. It is a relatively old car, the initial launches happened in South Korea from the years 1983 to 2006, and the new lust what is seen today was first sighted in 2010.

The CEO of Ssangyong Lee Yoo-il has made a statement on Korando saying ‘’the new Korando C is a rebirth model of Korando C. It is packed with new waves of appearance and style. It is top on the list of desirable vehicles for consumers who seek city and off-terrain adventures. ‘’

The new Korando will offer oodles of interior space; it is a five seat car and is fascinating at first glance with its lustful shine and well-proportioned architecture. The front bumper has splashed of dynamic angular lines and the features that heighten the epitome of stylishness are headlights, fog lights and alloy wheels. The back section is filled with royal chrome treatment visible in dual exhausts and the other areas that enhance the classy nature of the vehicle are rear spoiler and high-mounted stop light.

The insides are layered with comfort and grandeur in the form of steering fitted audio controls, world class touchscreen satellite navigation system, climate control and cruise control. The new Korando will protect you to the core with two airbags, EBD and ABS.

The size and grandeur of 2014 Korando makes it attractive at first sight, the vehicle is 1.83 meters wide and 4.4 meters long. It gathers its energy from a fiery diesel 2 litre turbocharged power train that gives out 360Nm and 175bhp. The engine is coupled with six speed automatic or six speed manual transmission.

The new Korando will cost Rs 15 to 20 lakhs and by the looks of it, it is certainly a hard one to beat. Its arch rivals are Skoda Yeti, Renault Koleos and Chevrolet Captiva.

It is just a month away before India receives a stunningly luxurious new Korando car; an image of the vehicle is on the web. It looks spectacular and sophisticated and a rare classy posh car entry. The model is painted with a bright orange colour. The layout is compact and well proportioned, watch out for neat ride sculpt on the side and free flowing lines in front. The headlights are moulded into solid attractive structures. The grille arrangement is simple yet professional sculpted into a neat compact parabola. A couple of pristine white roof rails on top is an icing to the remarkable architecture.

Everything about the framework of new Korando is superbly grand; you will have to see it to believe it. The insides too have layered of unforeseen luxury.

Mahindra Scorpio – Monsoon discounts of up to Rs. 60,000

Everyone waits for monsoons; despite the heavy rains the weather outside is so pleasurable unlike the extreme hot and cold. It is the perfect moment to try out new adventures. Mahindra is basking in monsoon glory and hopes that its customers enjoy every drop of the season to the core. The company launched a fantastic discount scheme with Scorpio; it stretches up to Rs 60,000.

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx BS IV

Mahindra Scorpio

Scorpio is the king of SUV’s, it is the oldest living legend, and everyone wants it, the city, town and rural dwellers. It is the top selling car in India, those who have just heard and are thrilled by the appearance of the discount scheme, should grab hold of the opportunity now before it’s too late. The last offering is on the 31st of July.

The layout of Scorpio is a core definition of what an actual SUV is. The creativity lies in its macho and sophisticated appeal. The outer outline has new body graphics and contours. The grille arrangement in front is one of a kind segmented by seven vertical slabs with a visibly wider one in the centre. One look at the vehicle and one will be reminded of a friendly terror companion. The bumpers looks typically armored and sources say the demeanor will take you to action packed Hollywood movies.

The headlights are not just simple lights, but multi focal ones and look stunning and terrific. The mystery behind the fantastic illumination is the sunrays reflector design theme. The lights just sparkle at night and the appearance can be compared to sequences of disco lights. The fog lights look sporty to the brim and offer enhanced protection during foggy and misty weathers. The side view is bold and rugged; the material is tailored with firm sturdy ingredients that offer immense protection from side impacts. There are series of lights stuffed into the illuminated spoiler on roof edge.

Scorpio runs on fierce mHawk 2.2 liter engine, it is a marvelous performer with its 2179cc displacement capacity. The engine has four cylinders with a valve each. Its potency is defined by the advanced Common Rail Direct Injection system. The engine gives out 290Nm and 120bhp coupled with five speed manual transmission gearbox.

Scorpio is packed with loads of passive and active safety attributes; it will protect you from the harshest of harsh surprises. The anti-lock brake system prevents the occurrence of wheel lock during sudden brake application. The dual SRS airbags protects occupants from grievous head injuries and form a comfy cushioning blanket. The body fabric has steel bars that can withstand super rigid objects. The voice assist system alerts when door is ajar and speed alert when speed crosses the required limit. The blue vision headlights protect consumers from dangers ahead when the visibility is dim to the hilt. The most unique of all is fire retardant upholstery that avoids onset of fire. The other beneficial safety features are tubeless tires, double horn, side impact beams and stop lamp.

Scorpio provides world class safety and is the best vehicle to enjoy a memorable encounter of driving through layers and layers of pouring rain. So make best use of the amazing discount system and have a blast.

Mahindra Auto Quotient Season 6 flags off

Mahindra a powerful Indian based auto enterprise has fascinated the public to the core with its SUV’s. To further fuel auto enthusiasm the company has launched the sixth edition Auto Quotient Quiz. Cars are fascinating elements, there is something so incredibly unique about it that even toddlers can’t let go of cars. The inspiration to become an automobile engineer starts from the toddler stage, so different from many other professionals.

Mahindra Auto Quotient

Mahindra Auto Quotient

For those who know every nook and corner of cars and the latest technologies that govern it can take part in Auto Quotient Quiz. It is open to auto fanatics aged 18 to 35. The Chief People Officer in the Farm Equipment and Automotive Sector of Mahindra and Mahindra, Rajeshwar Tripathi said, ‘’with every passing year the participation level for Mahindra Auto Quotient is only growing in size and is an excellent platform to interact and meet young aspiring auto enthusiasts from all over India from rural to urban segments. ‘’

Mahindra Auto Quotient is a big hit; the level of fanaticism for automobiles has enabled the platform to expand on a yearly basis. Mahindra is of the view that AQ is a suitable platform for future automobile engineers to interact with pioneers and gain insight into the interesting happenings of the industry. This will further boost their confidence and enable them to become successful individuals in their field.

Auto Quotient is an interesting yet rigorous quiz event, the finalists will be selected to participate in challenging stage and written sections across four zones after which a studio round will happen in Delhi. The winner will take home a prize of their lives their aspiring possession which is an e20 electric car. There isn’t much of a variation in prize value, the first runner up will get two Mahindra Centuro bikes and the second runner up will get the fantastic opportunity to participate in Mahindra Adventure Trail Survivor and Mahindra Great Escape.

India is a land of car diversity, the genre of vehicles range from hatchbacks, sedans, mid sedans, SUV’s, compact SUV’s, MUV’s and MPV’s. The bike and scooter culture is enormous as well. The auto industry on the whole is a profitable sector at a global level. It is the best feeling ever to head to showrooms to buy a new car or bike. People discuss cars, bikes and scooters all the time. It is a steaming topic that never gets washed out from family to friends.

Mahindra has launched an excellent opportunity for auto enthusiasts to test their skills with their passion. Automobile engineering is a unique sector, and has assortments of fun and brain wave elements. It is an enjoyable yet challenging task to emerge with a new design and technology. The picturesque pieces that come together make the entire episode interesting with minimal room for stress. Those who are keen on career in auto engineering can take part in Mahindra Auto Quotient Quiz, it is industry centric visible in stage and written rounds. It is a step to make your dream more alive.

Mahindra & Mahindra Set to Shine as Indians Upgrade to Bigger Vehicles

The Indian car market is facing its worst low sale landslide in ten years, the vehicle buying power reduced to a vast extent. Even vehicles that sold in dozens for years had very few takers. Mahindra and Mahindra is among the esteemed firms to flow with the depression tide.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra’s specialty is utility vehicles; there are probably only a handful of sedans, electric cars and hatchbacks. Markets have shown signs of revival, evident with the profits noted by some firms in May 2014 and the trend has flown over to June. Although there have been signs of market recuperation, the weak economy disease has not vanished completely. Mahindra made marginal gains in 2014 June and sold 38,471 pieces higher than 38,092 units rolled out in the corresponding year.

Mahindra’s venture into a single core segment is a risk in current and long time; the public is so fascinated with Mahindra cars that they don’t ask for more than a SUV. Analysts also feel the demand for its vehicles is just going to strengthen in the near future. Most of us would believe so taking into consideration the sudden surge in SUV launches.

The auto industry went through peak sale shrinkage mode for 16 months, the month of May and June has been somewhat fruitful. The flow of passenger vehicles in May is 2.7% and in June it is 13%. The spike in figures from May to June is an indication of vast improvements in purchasing power. The government of India imposed the excise duty concession in Feb that was supposed to last till the 30th of June. The Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley made a statement saying the policy will be extended till the 31st of December. The fear of termination has gathered an overwhelming number of customers into showrooms and it is gathered in movement of passenger vehicles in June.

The country banks on convalescing economy and pro-business approach of Narendra Modi. The trust on new economy hope has sent myriad of people to test drive and buy new cars. Even with small shadows of silver lining, the auto market is a long route away from complete recovery. The problem is macro-economic, inflation is a huge issue. In June (CPI) Consumer Price Index rose to 7.3% and (WPI) whole sale price index stormed to 5.43%. The cause for increase is increased fuel rates and lower than desired monsoons. Customers are unable to depend on loans because of the high interest rates, and are a discouragement to growth in banking and auto sector; about three quarters of the population depend on loans.

If inflation is at a stubborn high and interest rates have risen to new levels, what is the perception behind the possible admirable profit outcomes for SUV’s? The primary reason can be attributed to India’s economic diversity, SUV’s sold like wildfire since March and the profit outcome was a significant 17% during the year-over-year May to June period.

India’s rich economy has grabbed every possible opportunity to buy SUV cars, and is not affected by high interest rates as stated by LMC automotive Limited. Mahindra’s future growth appears fruitful with new interesting launches, such as new Scorpio facelift, new Bolero and S101. Scorpio facelift costs Rs 8.3 to 13 lakhs, and S101 is expected to cost Rs 6 to 8.5 lakhs.

EcoSport Rivaling Mahindra S101 Crossover Spied

The SUV market is ruling the Indian auto kingdom; its enormous presence has become forceful in short span. So much has happened in a blink of an eye, the thrillers are Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Volkswagen Taigun. The king of all is Ford EcoSport, it is nothing but creativity redefined from the outside and inside.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra is among the best to conquer SUV segment, it has created vehicles that define the core value of SUV rugged and sophisticated. It is a hard one to beat. The company has new surprises to look forward to, which are S101, Scorpio facelift and next gen Bolero. Of all these the current steaming launch is S101.

S101 is just stealing the show and was captured again, it is a big launch and the point of attraction is Mahindra’s aim to capture new SUV market in varied style packed with modernity. Car enthusiasts have shot so many S101 images in the past few months and video graphed every evolutionary segment of the car. It is now in the terminal testing stages.

The expected price is expected to be somewhere close to Rs 6 lakh mark, and like other Mahindra vehicles it will run on a fierce turbo diesel 1.5 liter engine. The company is working on a small petrol engine as well, the due launch date is sometime in 2015. The most spoken about arch rival of S101 is Ford EcoSport, the competition is just going to get hotter and hotter, and Mahindra’s design outline for S101 is to obtain a tall sub four meter SUV that would kind of resemble a small hatch. A similar strategy is visible on EcoSport.

The development of S101 draws inspiration from the peak grandeur effect of XUV500. It is only the final development stages and car buffs have already discovered that the car has XUV500 identities. Mahindra is an unbeatable figure in SUV market, the power of the vehicles is seen in the rigorous off-road adventures. Its fiercest auto rival is Tata Motors.

It is going to be a flaming battle in the coming months; the enterprises that will conquer the SUV market are Nissan, Renault, Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki. The enjoyment levels centered on Mahindra vehicles is going to get red hot in the coming months. A forthcoming car to look forward to is Scorpio facelift; it is a Scorpio in different light stuffed with higher degree of modern elements with the same structural outline. So much of XUV500 identities will be visible on the interiors.

Mahindra is working on a new Bolero car; it too will have novel modern elements. It is a welcoming surprise to hear of this venture, because it is rare that one hears of a new Bolero vehicle. The icing of new launches is S101, it is a completely new car built on joint collaboration basis with Ssangyong. A new Mahindra SUV launch is thrilling beyond words, and S101 is on the mountain top. We will only have to see to believe the hidden treasures of Mahindra S101 because the company always emerges with new stunning surprises.

Mahindra & Mahindra working on the next phase of its Africa strategy

The largest SUV maker of India, Mahindra & Mahindra is growing very fast in the car market of Africa. The Indian car major is currently woe stricken about its slow sales in India and is busily working to boost its sales. At the same time, the car maker is also very ambitious in expanding globally and is planning to spread its wings wider in the lucrative car market of Africa, where it is already quite popular.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

Last year, in December, all the top executives of the firms belonging to Mahindra Group got together in Cape Town, South Africa for the Indian Industrial giant’s annual strategic planning, which is known as the Blue Chip Conference. Mahindra & Mahindra’s chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Anand Mahindra said that the meeting was aimed to talk about the strategic importance of the African markets for the $16.7 billion Indian Industrial major that encompasses everything from motorcycles, automobiles, farm equipments, aerospace, IT, finance, and many more.

As a part of its annual growth expansion scheme, Mahindra Group will launch its full range of products and services, including SUVs, IT, financial and logistics services over all the 56 countries in the African continent in the following 4 to 5 years. At present, Mahindra is already present in 35 African countries.

The Mahindra Group started entering the African continent in small steps about 10 years back with the export of its powerful and rugged SUV, Scorpio to South Africa, and now the company is all set to launch all its products. The quality and affordable Mahindra SUVs and tractors are already very much in demand in the African countries for their tough quality, practicality and affordability. The great response of its products in Africa has driven the Indian auto giant for major expansion plans in the whole African continent.

Mahindra Group is currently planning for an all-inclusive expansion in Africa, which includes automobiles, other products as well as services. The Indian company will also launch and expand its off-grid solar power projects in a number of regions in Africa where Mahindra already sells diesel generator sets. The company’s agricultural businesses including its fresh fruits wing known as the Mahindra ShubhLabh Services, will also boost its presence in Africa. As per the chief executive of the agricultural & allied business of Mahindra, Mr. Ashok Sharma, ShubhLabh is soon to start sourcing grapes from Egypt and export them to the European markets. Moreover, according to the company’s financial services’ managing director, Ramesh Iyer, the Mahindra Financial services will also soon start its operations in the several African countries in around 6 months’ time.

When the popular Mahindra automobiles are concerned, the company really has huge plans in terms of both product and market expansions in the entire global car market.

Mahindra & Mahindra is currently busy working on a number of new projects, new platforms and an entirely new range of engines for its enormous product expansions that includes India, Africa and other global markets.

Indian Air Force Rapped for purchasing Mahindra Scorpio

The Indian Air Force was tapped by the CAG for the “irregularities” in buying of over 100 units of the expensive Mahindra Scorpio as well as Toyota Innova vehicles going against the procurement stipulation orders to replace the ageing existing vehicles.

mahindra scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

In a report prepared and presented at the parliament earlier this month, the government auditor has said that it has been observed that breaching the extant orders from the government, Air Force headquarters had gone ahead two new types of vehicles, namely the Mahindra Scorpio SUV and the Toyota Innova MPV in the time period between the years 2009 and 2011 to replace the old vehicles of the department that consist of the Maruti Gypsy and the Tata Sumo respectively.

The report further explained that the Indian Air Force (IAF) had acquired 100 units of the Scorpio vehicles at a cost of a whopping Rs. 7.78 crore and the “irregularities were evident in the procurement of these new Mahindra vehicles.

The government report stated that the much popular Mahindra Scorpio SUV was introduced in the IAF headquarters in replacement of the ageing Maruti Suzuki Gypsy which was actually not required, as new Gypsy models can very well be procured as the vehicle is very well in production and has not become unnecessary in its services. Moreover, the IAF has itself accepted the fact, that the Mahindra Scorpio is more expensive from every aspect of price tag, maintenance as well as operational costs as compared against the previously used Maruti Suzuki Gypsy.

The CAG stated that the acquirement of these vehicles was certainly against the procurement manual provisions, as IAF did not clearly specified the needs or the basis on which the Maruti Gypsy was replaced by the more expensive Mahindra Scorpio. Keeping in view of the needs of new vehicles by IAF provisions were allotted to it, but on which basis the brand of the vehicles were changed is not stated by IAF, neither it has been evaluated on the basis of specifications or costs of the vehicles.

On the other hand, there is a discrepancy on the matter of the Toyota Innova procurement by the IAF as well. The CAG said that the IAF procured 19 Innova units for the usage in Su-30 MKI combat aircraft squadrons and the units situated at the hill stations at the cost of Rs. 1.19 crore.

It was observed that there was no shortage of similar vans. Moreover, there was an excess of 88 alike vehicles against authorization. The IAF had not allotted any of the 19 Innova’s to the units for which the vehicles were stated to have been procured. The vehicles were allotted to some other units, again breaching the Defense Ministry orders.

The CAG rejected IAF’s claims that the vehicles were obtained to transfer sensitive electronic apparatus and similar things.

The Indian Air Force was reproached by the auditor for not outsourcing the vehicle requirements for officers of the Group Captain rank and below by which it could save Rs. 1.95 crore.

2015 Mahindra Bolero vs Honda Vezel

India is a land of car diversity that has enriched consumer needs right from hatchbacks to SUV’s. The competition has become more intense and much of it is attributed to the current depressed market. There are so many new SUV cars to look forward to and Mahindra is among the first to capture this segment. There is also so much of newness happening in SUV market, Mahindra is up the game to keep up with the modern packages.

mahindra bolero special edition

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition

Mahindra’s is all geared to launch 2015 Bolero, this time in a more contemporary package. It is a relatively new segment since most of the SUV’s sport aggressive conventional designs. Will Mahindra be potent enough to fight the battle with upcoming arch rival Honda Vezel. Also will its new up to date styling theme pay off? Let’s find out.


Bolero is the best selling SUV till date; the new car will have a fresh architecture and new chassis. The brainwave here is the chassis is sturdy and light at the same time built on the advanced tubular ladder frame chassis technology.

The cosmetic changes on the car are new arty honeycomb grille, hawk eye headlights, boxy type of body and rugged image.

Vezel was displayed in grand style at 2013 Detroit Motor Show; the car flaunted its spectacular image at 2013 Toyota Motor Show and was termed Honda’s grand entry into competitive compact crossover sector. It looks stunning and 4.3 meters long, the style language used is the innovative ‘Exciting H design’ also used in new City. The aesthetic nature of the front is contributed by arty layout of LED headlights and grille and the appearance is on par with the outline on Chinese spec Crider sedan and new Jazz.

The side angle is similar to CR-V, the wheel arches look great, so does the boot door and sloping roof line. The trendiness of the rear is inscribed in creatively styled horizontal tail lights and free flowing dynamic lines on boot lid. The larger front fascia makes the car stand out.

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel


The inside of Bolero is a modern twist from the past, the comfort levels are elevated as well. The seats are positioned at a higher than normal level and seven occupants can tuck in with ease.

The inner décor of Vezel is magnificent and royal covered with professional all black upholstery. The movement of design is on par with the grandeur levels of CR-V. The new characteristics to watch out for are touch screen climate control, touch screen infotainment system, and audio fitted steering wheel. The other sources of convenience are projector headlights, push start button, keyless entry and rear parking sensors.


2015 Bolero will gather its energy from an efficient mHawk power train different from 2523cc Turbo DI diesel used in current vehicle. The engine pumps out massive 180Nm and 63hp energies. Mahindra will also use a 4161cc diesel mill engineered with the advanced common rail direct engine technology that gives out 83.8bhp.

Vezel will move on a robust petrol i-VTEC 1.5 litre engine that yields 146Nm and 116bhp. The i-DTEC diesel power train will generate 200Nm and 98bhp and both engines are coupled with five speed automatic and five speed manual gearbox.


The new Bolero costs Rs 5.8 to 7.7 lakhs and Vezel is priced at Rs 6 to 12 lakhs.

Bolero offers greater value for money with its high-end luxury characteristics.

Mahindra Quanto vs Ford Ecosport vs Toyota Rush vs Hyundai ix25 vs Renault Duster

Mahindra is a mighty old and powerful utility vehicle enterprise; Quanto is among the most desirable cars along with XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero and Xylo. Over the last few years so many SUV’s have popped up from nowhere, the classic ones are Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster, and it does not end here, Hyundai too is working on a new ix25SUV. Together with Quanto, Toyota Rush rules the SUV kingdom, but its brand value is not on par with Quanto. Let’s compare the vehicles and analyse the unbeatable effect of Quanto.

2012 Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Quanto


Quanto is a chopped variant of Xylo, the design outline is developed using body on ladder chassis technology. It is a mini sub four meter SUV; it looks aggressive and professional at a glance. The aggression comes from toothy smiley grille and the sophistication stems from V shaped bonnet.

Ford EcoSport is a modern take on true definition of SUV, on the front is wide radiator grille surrounded by dense chrome treatment. The design creativity is visible in huge three layer air dam.

The design layout of Rush is an assortment of terror and professionalism, the swept back headlights look trendy filled with powerful lamps that offer spectacular vision at night.

Hyundai ix25 looks stunning, the stand out features are super powerful LED daytime lights, huge bumper. The design of headlight is one of a kind and on the edges is a shiny strip of white material.

Renault Duster is an aesthetic twist from traditional SUV layout; the characteristic features are super stylish grille surrounded by glossy chrome slabs. The fashionable twin barrel headlights offer bright view during dim weather circumstances. The signature feature to watch out for is roof rails.


Quanto is a seven seat vehicle, the décor is pleasing and the cabin room is pretty vast for its sub four meter size. There is a world classy music system, robust air con unit. Consumers can enjoy waves of comfort characterised by the presence of cup holders, mobile charging points, five bottle holders, magazine pockets, and arm rest. The quality of equipment is first class.

The inner décor of EcoSport is lavishness redefined; there is just so much space contrary to its actual size. The seats looks superbly posh, there are tints of grey or silver on dashboard. Customers can look forward to a super comfy heavenly ride with the fitment of 20 large and small storage spots scattered around front seat map pockets, under passenger seat and sunglass holder. The 346 litre boot volume makes it a fantastic vacation car.

The interiors of Rush is a transformation from the past, it is a seven seat vehicle; the seats are covered with top class upholstery. The air con apparatus is world class. The steering has auto switches on all variants; there is a best-in-class 2 Din Tuner music system with MP3 or CD facility.

Hyundai ix25 will have a premium inner layout; it is true to the level of Santa Fe. The outline of music system and centre console is filled with vertical vents and silver accent borders. The automatic climate control system controls are fitted below centre console.

The inner décor is Duster is inspiring to the core, there is ample room the second row compartment is foldable. There is a high-end music system with Aux-in, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, the fit and finish is on the whole incredibly posh.

Quanto is the best buy out of the lot; it has everything for a valuable price of Rs 6.4 to 7.9 lakhs.