Mahindra to Introduce the Sensational All New Scorpio in 2014

Mahindra Scorpio has changed the face of Auto industry in India, and has been the major market leader for Mahindra since its launch ten years ago. To provide a brighter view of the statistics; the Scorpio contributes 4,000 units profit sales a month and over 4,00,00 units since its launch. The Scorpio has a masculine and macho appeal, which is the striking aspect to draw consumers, especially the masculine demographic. The car is being manufactured at the reputed Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) in Chennai.


The company is in a full-fledged rhythm to introduce the all new Scorpio in 2014, christened W105, and will arrive as perfect stunner with an aggressive appeal and powerful engine. Moreover besides the great body sculpture and engine, the other traits to watch out for are the cutting-edge safety features and luxurious interior room. There have been rumours about the employment of a monocoque chassis which would be great, but the company hasn’t made an announcement on the monocoque chassis, which is one of the advancements of engineering technology.

According to Mr. Pawan Goenka, President, Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector, stated, ‘’We always have to upgrade our cars even in segments of product and marketing to make sure there is a continues growth phase, but whatever we undertake, consumers visualise the 2014 Scorpio as the next generation Scorpio, than an image of a new car or new SUV.’’ He also said ‘’we have introduce an incredible Scorpio with an exemplary design.’’

The Scorpio with its constant new refreshments and power efficiency will have constant and raging rivals of auto majors such as Maruti Suzuki, Ford Renault, Toyota, and Nissan. The Scorpio will arrive with a steep price for the consistent renewal and increased mileage capacity.

To provide an overview of the characteristics of the all new Scorpio, the W105 codenamed car will be structured on a heavier platform than the current Scorpio. The noticeable changes will be a longer wheelbase with abundant interior room for second row passengers. The new engine will provide a smooth driving experience be being designed with improved power and reduced Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH). The new engine will churn shockingly impressive output of 140 bhp.

The superior efficiency of the Scorpio has contributed to the cut-throat competition with Tata Safari which is also a magnificent built car with a potent engine.

The Scorpio has been a stellar since its launch; the large sporty car depicts a sophisticated and influential image, where you would ponder on the creative dynamics of the car. This car can be a suitable option for sporty and adventurous enthusiasts with its dynamite speed and excellent mileage. When you feel like taking a hike in the outskirts of the city to a resort or restaurant with a large group of family or friends, you can experience the pleasurable drive quality in this car, even when you want to venture on a vacation the Scorpio will be an excellent choice.

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18 comments on “Mahindra to Introduce the Sensational All New Scorpio in 2014

  1. mitesh says:

    Launch the new scorpio asap
    As i m waiting for a long time
    To buy a new suv

  2. vicky saluja says:

    I am eagerly waiting for new scorpio W105, can we expect in the end of this year or next year….when will u release its PHOTOS…….



    In the next 3-4 months, I am planning to buy an SUV in the budget of Rs.6.00 – Rs.8.00 Lacs. Can you please give me a tentative idea of how much cost of this Scorpio. if it is in my budget, then I can wait for another couple of months, as its my favourite SUV.


  4. KIRAN PATEL says:

    I am planning to buy a suv in the end of this year so please tell me when r u launching the new scorpio and inform me the budget of this suv…………!

  5. Gurpreet singh sodhi says:

    Can u guys please revile new Scorpio ‘s photos &prices ..Iam also waiting eagerly for this ….

  6. netpro says:

    mahindra’s vechiles are strong but heavy, they are not light when it comes to maneouvring either.
    The design is old and needs a subtle change, at the end of the day, mahindra vechiles mean strength.

    needs work on the polishing and interior design

  7. Manab Jyoti Phukan says:

    scorpio was my all time favourite suv in my budget & still it is…..but today is the compitition day & so many features loaded cars overtrack one by one so scorpio deserve some more features like indicator lights on ORVM with power folding facility, individual AC vents, interior door handles & door pads are make more eye catching according to its exterior, a GPS navigation multimedia touchscreen with aux in, usb port & visual facility, rear view camera which is attached with the GPS navigation screen, parking sensor etc. but the most impotent thing is PRICE TAG, try to add all these features around 10 lakhs on its top model, if u make it possible then no one other suv can ever take over SCORPIO……

  8. vaibhav says:

    i m planing to by scorpio at end of this year but i can wait for new model scorpio
    Please tell me the cost and launch date of new scorpio 2014 send me by email
    Thank you.

  9. Dipraj says:

    cant wait to buy scorpio because there is no such proof about upgradation of new scorpio

  10. subbaiah says:

    i m planing to by scorpio at end of this year but i can wait for new model scorpio
    Please tell me the cost and launch date of new scorpio 2014 send me by email
    Thank you.

  11. KUNTAL BISWAS says:

    I want to exchange my scorpio with new one nd eagerly waiting for it.Please inform me exactly when will it launch,some body says its fake news,dont know whats going on.Actualy no one exactly knows about it,if u have any solid information pl. inform,does improves legroom for 2nd nd 3rd row? any ac vents for 3rd row? low interior noise nd jerking etc.Please dont fool us, if u have information then publish it.

  12. anil says:

    I had bolero GLX from last 10 years which i have sold now. Now I am waiting for new model scorpio. Please keep me informed about its launch and features.

  13. Ronsy Mathai says:

    I am planing to by scorpio at end of this year, please send me an email, new model launch this year?
    Thank you.

  14. Anand Ballabh says:

    Waiting for new SCORPIO.

  15. roky says:

    sorpio should b more stylish n powerful then safari

  16. PANKAJ MANN says:

    please do improve the dash board of the new scorpio and do take care of power as well

  17. Raj says:

    When new Scorpio is coming

  18. dr. kirti vardhan singh says:

    i am planning 2 buy scorpio it would be pleasure to know the not exact but approx dates of its launch n of course its around pricing information…. please inform us accordingly

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