Mahindra e20 is better than petrol or diesel cars?

Mahindra Reva e20 is the latest electric car designed by Mahindra with a long waiting period. The car was first christened NXR concept designed by Dilip Chhabria. Today, the car is built in the established factory in Bangalore. The new e20 according to the company will make a mark in terms of performance with its engine and comfort value. The earlier electric car did not wholly meet the public’s satisfaction.

mahindra e20 launch picture

The e20 is built with an excellent improved high-impact plastic body. The seating arrangement is admirable with more than comfy front seats that offer abundant room. Even minor details like roof line and dashboard is designed to perfection. There is a large touchscreen interface with well fitted monochrome digital speedo-slash-information pod that appears to be super high tech.

The position of driving fitments is impressive, the pedals are well placed, the brakes and accelerator enable easy pressing without initial jerks. The initial take off is smooth and can manoeuvre through crazy traffic with ease. The acceleration is pretty impressive till 40kph; the e20 can offer amazing mileage of 80kph.

The mechanical power to cross through big bumps is remarkable; moreover the car can cross potholes and rugged roads without noise. The ride quality in e20 is comfortable and pleasant.

The mechanical layout of the e20 is tailored with a tubular and box section chassis, the body is sculpted with high-strength plastic and the electric motor is fitted behind the rear wheels. Below the front seats there are all-important lithium-ion batteries. The car has undergone crash-testing in Spain, the car operates with 10 on-board computers and Reva has used many ground-breaking solutions and has filed over 30 patents. With this system, you can chalk out your trip with Google Maps. The amazing part of this car is you can acquire an additional 10km of ‘limp home’ range before your battery wears out, and when it does, through a remote link Reva can revive your dead battery which will provide you with an additional 10km. Moreover a 15-minute charge can contribute to an additional 25 kilometres. The other breathtaking features are you can connect your car through a phone app that can start your air-con and unlock the Reva, the company even sells a solar charger for Rs. 1.5 lakh. The Sun2Car program can enable around 50-60% charge every day.

The e20 electric car can be better than petrol or diesel cars mainly because you can preserve money spent on fuel. With the e20 you can charge your battery at home or workplace which increases the convenience value. The e20 out beats petrol and diesel cars by being able to cruise through bumpy and potholes with ease with barely any noise.

The e20 has additional charging capabilities rarely observed in petrol or diesel cars with actually an additional 10 km of ‘limp home’ range before your battery wears out and a 15-minute charge can deliver an additional 25 kilometres.

The most important aspect is clean and green technology in the e20 which can eliminate pollution on roads and this is the reason for companies to manufacture electric cars. With the e20 you won’t have to worry about fuel leakage since you are using a lithium ion battery.