2013 Mahindra Verito Compact Sedan will mostly be called Vibe and launch in May 2013

The Mahindra Verito sedan has created a stunning response in India; Mahindra has grabbed the opportunity to strengthen the already popular Mahindra Verito with a new sedan called the Vibe. The Vibe is expected to possess a trendy and artistic notchback styling. The Vibe is a unique name given to the car, most of Mahindra cars are named with O endings like the Bolero, Scorpio and so on.

mahindra vibe hatchback verito

The Vibe will also be termed as the Verito Vibe and is a unique and classy name to mostly create vibes among the public with the launch of this car. The car will be equipped with a powerful 1.5 litre K9K turbo diesel engine which is similar to the regular Mahindra Verito. The engine is adopted from Renault and will churn impressive efficiencies of 65 Bhp and 160Nm torque. This car will surely generate breathtaking sales for the company which is a common trend observed in most Mahindra Renault Logan cars which have been frequently employed as cabs in India.

The Verito notchback is expected to compete with Hyundai i20 and Maruti Swift with respect to positioning and price. The main area is to maintain the small car image of the Verito CS which is positioned under 4 meters in length. The car will be competitively priced due to the low excise duty. This according to sources could be the description of the compact version of the soon to be launched Mahindra Verito.

The Vibe is an interesting product which is likely to be a compact sedan scheduled to launch in May. Mahindra cars have always been known to have a good bond with consumers. The Vibe is an interesting name for a car, and let’s observed if it actually creates vibes among the public. The Mahindra Verito is one of the best sellers among Mahindra cars, and the Vibe has retained the same engine fitments as the Mahindra Verito with a 1.5 litre K9K engine that can churn efficient energy outputs. This notchback car is likely to compete with the Maruti Swift and Hyundai i20 with price; this would be interesting since the Maruti Swift has been performing remarkably well in India. The Mahindra Verito has a large boot space and roomy interiors with efficient engine capacity that can trail on rough Indian roads with ease.

The fascinating aspect of this car is the dimension being below 4 meters in length. Mahindra and Mahindra have always been on the fore front with respect to car launches. The e20 is another interesting launch and is the first electric car to be introduced by Mahindra powered with a new and novel technology of powerful lithium ion batteries. Moreover the car can traverse 100 kilometers with one full charge, the batteries can be charged at home, in malls and in the workplace.

The interesting aspect of Mahindra cars is the employment in competitive adventurous events. Let’s patiently wait for the release of the Mahindra Vibe and evaluate its tough competition with other equally powerful cars in the compact segment.