Mahindra has introduced a new Compact SUV christened S101

Car fans would be aware of the soon to be launched car by Ford termed the EcoSport which is a unique model of Ford with its splendid exteriors. The Duster by Renault is another super impressive car which has churned amazing profits for the company. Mahindra has released an equally classy car christened the S 101 to compete with Ford Eco Sport and Duster.

Mahindra S101 Compact SUV

The S101 will be positioned below the Quanto and will be rolled out at Rs 5 lakh. The exciting part of this new launch is this car was spotted on a test drive earlier. The S 101 is now showcased by Auto car India. Moreover this would be the most reasonable SUV ever manufactured in India. For those who are interested in this car it would be worth the effort to look into the features and make a purchase.

This new modern and trendy compact crossover would be offered in petrol and diesel versions and is expected to be a crossover of the front-wheel drive. This vehicle is designed for a typical urban drive to cruise through the posh roads in the outskirts of Bangalore. Like some of its other products such as the Verito, the S101 will also be a car under 4 meters in length with six and eight seats with abundant interior room. This car is expected to fit into the advanced front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles and there are more surprise packages in this category with a sedan on its way.

In terms of pricing, the S101 is ahead of the Ford EcoSport and Duster, priced at Rs. 5 lakhs with the EcoSport priced at Rs 5.9-6 lakh and the Renault Duster priced steeper at Rs 7.19 lakhs and the high-end model will be rolled out with a more aggressive pricing of Rs 9 lakh. The S101 has to be inserted with a powerful engine to compete with the Ford EcoSport which is incorporated with a 1.5-litre engine in the diesel variant which generates 90bhp. The petrol model is equipped with a down-sized direct-injected, turbocharged engine. The ground clearance is 200mm.

The Renault Duster is another impressive SUV built with five seats; the S101 is designed with six to eight seats which indeed offer superior seating arrangements. Overall the Duster is a supreme package with classy exteriors, abundant interiors to enjoy a pleasurable drive quality and powerful engine to cruise through the roughest Indian terrains.

The S101, the EcoSport and Duster are amazing cars with a trendy design. The S101 out beats the EcoSport and Duster in terms of pricing, and overpowers the Duster in terms of seating arrangements. The S101 is another compact product of Mahindra, built with the aim to offer quality room and comfort in a compact car of less than 4 meters. According to sources this car resembles a mini version of the XUV500 which is one of the profit players for the company. The S101 has the potential to attract the public in terms of its exterior sculpture, pricing and seating arrangements. This is a worthy buy for those interested.

Image Source: AutocarIndia