Vivek Nayar discusses reasons for introducing adventure events

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, has a branch partner firm called Mahindra Adventure, who are into organizing fun and thrilling adventurous events. Events organized by Mahindra Adventure have been a huge success that the company has started an off-roading training institution that trains enthusiastic drivers along a 28 acre faculty at Igatpuri situated near Nashik. Vivek Nayer, the chief marketing officer in the automotive category of Mahindra and Mahindra established the academy of Mahindra Adventure.
Questions were shot at him about the new academy.

Vivek Nayer

When questioned on the reason for starting this academy, he said, we are consistent with the organizing of events which occur twice a year. We asked customers to bring their models and experience the thrill of one day of off-road adventure. We catered to everything from imperative safety measures and new vehicles if one of the vehicles wears out. There have been changes in lifestyle in India with people wanting to experience something new. This adventure would enable families to explore amazing vacation options even to stunning places such as Leh and Ladakh. This is the reason to manufacture sturdy vehicles that can maneuver through sandy and narrow roads with ease. Once people witness our events they realize the powerful advanced technology employed in the manufacture of our products. People even share their awe-inspiring adventures to their near and dear ones. Overall the response has been fruitful.

On the suggestions and feedback from customers on the exciting events, he said we have held many such events in many cities in India. There are short duration events and even events that last for 12 days. The feedback has been over the top and people are overjoyed. Every year we work on new events and emerge with exhilarating new themes. The off-road academy in Igatpuri is built with tough metal to enhance the competitive spirit with obstacles that showcase the ability of Mahindra cars to traverse through the toughest road conditions.

On Mahindra adventures being popular in a preferable destination he said, these events are popular everywhere in full swing. This year we are conducting a Monastery event and the bookings have already closed, the influx is overwhelming. We have to take occupant safety into consideration and monitor the participant number. On the expansion after establishing an academy in Igatpuri he said, to set up an academy there is huge investments to bring all elements of capital and convenience together. At present, the institution will be situated in Igatpuri.

Mahindra Adventure Academy has introduced some remarkable adventures to enthuse motor enthusiasts. The most popular event is the Great Escape, which was held in many cities such as Goa, Jaipur, Kohima and so on. This event would excite travel and adventurous buffs to the hilt. These events cover the unexplored areas of these cities to study the history and architecture and also into forests and river bodies where participants can experience the thrill of river rafting and so on. People who browse through the details of these events will want to own Mahindra cars and experience a marvelous expedition into uncharted waters.