An insight into the spectacular drive experience of Mahindra XUV5OO Borg Warner

Mahindra is a pioneer in Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment, particularly the XUV500 known for its high tech monocoque chassis. There is some exciting news for ardent XUV500 fans, Mahindra has introduced the Borg Warner XUV500 with an aggressive style quotient, and power packed features and supreme engine efficiency.

mahindra xuv off road splash

This could be an upgraded version of XUV500, other reputed firms have developed minor upgrades of original versions with a more fashionable stance, Maruti Suzuki has launched the WagonR Stingray and Hyundai will soon unveil the Grand i10 in showrooms next month. Mahindra’s SUV’s have remarkable shock absorbing capacities and known to be amazing adventure models, the XUV500 has been used in many thrilling adventurous competitions such as Great Escape and many others.

The Borg warner all wheel drive car also has the adventure muscle, the technology used to design the car is outstanding, which can absorb impactful collisions. The engine fitments is the same as XUV500, with a potent 2.2 liter engine with advanced mHawk technology that releases shockingly impressive efficiencies of 330Nm peak torque and highest power of 140 PS matted to six speed gearbox that operates in the manual mode.

Car enthusiasts had test driven the Borg warner all wheel drive and were pretty satisfied with the performance and said that the grip and acceleration was magnificent on any road conditions. The main concern here was the gearshift was not all that smooth and was a bit jerky, the overall experience according to sources was amazing, the car maneuvered with great ease that it almost felt like flying an aircraft where one could not feel the rhythm of the rear wheel.

The Borg warner AWD system is fitted with lock button; the main purpose of this switch is it distributes torque to all 4 wheels. The technology used to design the car is world class with equal power distribution to all four wheels; the main drawback here is the tires are not tailored to attain the required grip on roads. To complete the exemplary engineering technology picture of the car, the only task remaining is the fitment of tires with superior quality.

The Borg Warner all wheel drive XUV500 is an interesting new upgrade of Mahindra, the car is built with power packed features to attract majority of Indian population. The XUV500 has always been a fascination symbol with Indians the car has all the desirable features to experience a luxurious drive; the interiors have world class music system, premium upholstery, ample storage areas and so on.

The Borg Warner all wheel drive XUV500 is an ideal car to enjoy an exciting drive with a group of family and friends. For adventure buffs, the car is the best bet, to enjoy an exciting vacation in forest areas or camps, since this car has the capacity to cruise on rugged roads. This car is amazing to even venture on an exciting road cruise to explore historic and enriched Indian cities, the car is also best suited for a spectacular drive on ideal city road conditions. For those interested, this is a noteworthy purchase and offers everything a customer can ask for from exclusive styling, marvelous interior equipments and power packed performance.