Mahindra SsangYong Rexton Running Ahead of SUV Competitors like Honda CR-V

The SsangYong Rexton is the redemption attempt of the Korean company that had to apply for bankruptcy before Mahindra took over the majority stakes a few years ago. Boy, the car does show some redemption promise! Mahindra made sure to put in premium expertise in encountering the tough Indian roads. The result is an SUV that promises the smoothest ride possible even in the toughest conditions.

mahindra-ssangyong rexton pictures

So much so, the Rexton is giving tough competition for other SUVs like the Honda CR-V. Mahindra is also offering its SUV at about 3.5 lakhs lesser, making matters more difficult for competitors. Besides, it excels over Honda CR-V in a host of other counts, making it an automatic choice for SUV buyers.

The Mahindra Promise

If SsangYong came without the Mahindra name, it had to take extra efforts just to make the foreign sounding brand name relevant to the Indian market. There would have been no guarantee of buyers trying their luck with a brand new name. However, with the backing of the Mahindra reputation, the Rexton is automatically vying for the top position in the Indian SUV market.
Mahindra spared no effort to make the new car exceeding others in every critical aspect. With the Rexton, it does not make sense why a buyer would choose a 5-seater at around 4 lakhs more! The 7-seater Rexton is going strong to be a leading preference of Indian buyers.

The More Powerful Car

The new car shows the market research Mahindra incorporated in developing it. The fuel tank capacity, for example, is a whole 20 liters more than the Honda, which has a 58-liter tank. The ARAI of Mahindra is at 12.4 kmpl, which is almost double that of Honda CR-V providing 6.8 kmpl. The displacement value of the Rexton is at 2696 cc, which is way more than the Honda with 1997 cc displacement.

The optimum engine power of Rexton is at  164 PS@4000 rpm. On the other hand, the Honda boasts of 156PS@6500 rpm. The torque value is 340Nm@1800-3250 rpm, significantly more than Honda’s 190Nm@4300 rpm. It is difficult to believe that loaded with all these features, the Mahindra vehicle is actually cheaper than Honda CR-V and other SUVs in the market segment.

Utility Over Luxury

The Rexton is a utility vehicle, and not a luxury SUV. This of course does not mean it compromises on cool features and comfort quotient. The top-end variant of Rexton features cruise control, electric sunroof, side airbags, GPS navigation and hill-descent control. It also has a DVD player for entertainment and power folding mirrors.

It runs on a 2.7 liter, 5-cylinder engine, packing in a powerful drive. The seating arrangement also conveniently accommodates for 7 persons. Buyers looking forward to group expeditions on Indian terrains are looking no further than the Rexton.

With all these features, the SsangYong is not an alien sounding name to the Indian market anymore. Buyers looking forward to buy an effective SUV are too happy to get a Mahindra vehicle at a price significantly lesser than its closest competitors are. The Rexton, the newest entrant in the SUV market, is creating an impact that is difficult to neglect.