Mahindra Scorpio 2014 new model to be launched in India

The Scorpio SUV has been a flagship from Mahindra group’s stable of utility vehicles and has remained a market leader for several years. The car’s macho appearance generally appeals to men thereby contributing a major share to Mahindra’s automotive profits. To show their firm’s appreciation towards loyal customers and keeping in mind growing competition followed by demand for better cars, Mahindra Scorpio is being re-launched in 2014.

Mahindra Scorpio facelift front spyshot

It is presently called W105, and will be manufactured to meet expectations of evolved Indian customers and international buyers. The new Scorpio will have a powerful engine and sleek looks along with luxurious interiors combined with advanced safety features suited to a global market. Though there has been rumors’ about implementation of monocoque chassis the same has not been confirmed by Mahindra’s engineering team.  The new Scorpio to be officially launched in 2014 will be a limited edition of only 500 vehicles to be sold on a first come first served basis.

The new Scorpio codenamed W105 will be more fuel efficient and heavier than existing model keeping in mind road conditions in India. Mahindra’s spokespersons have stated that it will have a long wheelbase and wider leg space for passengers in second row which will be much appreciated.  To enhance its interiors and make it an ideal vehicle for outdoors, a DVD player has been mounted on its roof which has a 9 inch screen for better viewing pleasure. Keeping in mind Scorpio’s sporty and influential image its exteriors will have a more dynamic and rugged looks. A special feature of the W105 will be leather wrapped steering wheel and gear equipment along with wood finished dashboard. New additions to this Scorpio model will have a more powerful stereo equipped with Bluetooth combined with ABS and alloy wheels with chrome finish. Closest rivals to Mahindra’s SUV cars in Indian market are Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and Nissan which have had a sizeable on the company’s profits leading to a revamp of its manufacturing line and marketing strategy.

The new Scorpio is rumored to cost Rs. 11.02 lakhs at showrooms in Delhi while for other locations no decision has been taken as yet. This price is quite reasonable keeping in mind expected entry of several international luxury models in Indian market. Growth of upper middle class group in India which is well travelled and appreciates quality has provided a growing market for the Scorpio. With its decade long existence in the market, Scorpio has developed a steady clientele which is always curious to try out its new variants. The firm is expected to charge a premium rate across all markets due to its existing popularity and the fact that it is a limited edition model. This particular market strategy will ensure that customers who appreciate the existing variants of Scorpio can buy this as a collectors’ item.  Growing curiosity about the new Scorpio during its few public appearances depicts existing market for it within India and overseas among loyal customers.