list of mahindra 4 wheelers vehicles

Mahindra is a renowned Indian auto manufacturer, and is a pioneer in the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. The company has conquered other segments as well, its popular sedan car is the Verito, and the Vibe fits into the hatchback segment, and this is a chopped version of Verito.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra SUV’s are appreciated for its power packed engine performance, and can cruise through harsh and off-terrain roads with ease. Mahindra SUV’s are on top of the sale charts not only in India, but overseas markets as well. Mahindra has a robust profit sale portfolio in South Africa.

Mahindra Xylo is recognized for its trendy SUV image, the head lights, wheel arches are grille highlights the sporty image of the car. This is a fascination symbol for those who are into a mix of sporty and trendy cars. The Xylo is reliable in terms of mileage, on ideal city conditions the mileage is 9.1 kmpl, and on highways it is 12.2 kmpl. The Xylo is suitable for an amazing city outing, but might not be too dependable for long distance drives.

The car is inserted with a potent 2.5 liter CRDe mDI diesel engine attached to five speed manual transmission gear box. This powerful engine releases impressive energy outputs of 95bhp and 220Nm torque and is packed with sixteen valves and four cylinders. There is a 2.5 liter mEagle engine as well, tailored with (CRDE) common rail diesel engine technology, and releases 260Nm and 112 bhp.

Xylo is sold with interesting and vibrant shades of Diamond White, Toreador Red, Fiery Black, Java Brown, Mist Silver, Gold Shimmer and Rocky Beige. The car costs Rs 6.89 to10.96 lakhs.

XUV500 is a classic SUV and one Mahindra’s most popular model, the car sports a dynamic SUV image. The car maneuvers on impressive mileage figures which is 14 kmpl on highways and 12 kmpl on ideal city conditions. This is an ideal car to just have a blast and venture on a rocking city ride.

XUV500 is a forerunner taking into account its engine performance, the car is inserted with a powerful mHawk diesel mill, with a phenomenal displacement capacity of 2179cc. This outstanding engine releases admirable 330Nm and 140 bhp engine outputs.

The colors used for XUV500, complements its outdoor demeanor such as Dolphin Grey, Volcano Black, Arctic Blue, Moondust Silver, Satin White, Opulent Purple and Tuscan Red. The car is priced at Rs 11.05 – 14.85 lakhs.

Mahindra’s artistic hatchback project is the Verito Vibe the head lights, grille and fog lights are imaginatively designed. Besides the trendy exteriors, the mileage is an attention grabbing feature of this car, which is pretty remarkable at 20.8 kmpl.

The Vibe is incorporated with a potent 1.5 liter diesel engine, built with dCi technology. This dynamite engine churns efficient engine outputs of 64 bhp and 160Nm torque.

The other interesting and efficient vehicles, built by Mahindra are Scorpio, Qaunto, Bolero, Thar, and many others.

Mahindra cars are fun for those who enjoy adventure rides and for city buffs as well. The energy levels with which these cars move is splendid.