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The grand new things of the forthcoming Mahindra Thar facelift

Mahindra is working on a new Thar facelift and news of it has been reported for months, Thar is a ferociously powerful off-road sport utility vehicle. Thar has been a successful vehicle in the market for years, and the arrival of a new facelift car is simply exciting. A hot topic of discussion is what to expect from the car, whether it will retain its conventional rugged SUV stature, or will Mahindra design the exteriors with a more contemporary look, also seen in the new generation Scorpio.

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition

Mahindra Thar Adventure Edition

The prime selling feature of Thar is its ruggedness and shockingly impressive engine power, the present car is equipped with a fiery four cylinder 2,523cc engine that produces enormous 182.5Nm torque and 63bhp power energies. The forthcoming car is going to be even more potent and it will move on an efficient 2,498cc mill that will pump out 247Nm torque and 105bhp power.

The varied identity of the new Mahindra Thar is inscribed on minimal cosmetic changes, and the interiors too will have a new atmosphere. The décor is going to be richer than before and buyers can get prepared to be completely mesmerized. Mahindra will refurnish the centre console and dashboard, and it will look more professional than before, and it is just refreshing to the eye. To build an aesthetically impressive atmosphere, the company will construct a new in-car infotainment and air conditioning unit.

The company has not yet divulged the price of the upcoming facelift Thar; sources say it is likely to be parallel to the current model. Mahindra has for years been a pioneer of the sport utility vehicle market and emerged with best sellers such as XUV500, Scorpio, Xylo, Bolero and Quanto, and now there is a new Thar model to look forward to.

Mahindra has recently lost its esteemed position in the sport utility vehicle space, mainly because of the vast market share expansion in this segment, contributed by products from Renault and Ford with Duster and EcoSport respectively. The SUV market has become insanely competitive over the years, mainly caused by the effect of the constrained economy.

The supremacy of Mahindra gained over the years cannot be tarnished easily, and the new Thar facelift looks as stunning as ever. What to expect from it, the crowd will be attracted to the newness, engraved on the exterior cosmetic changes and abundantly rich interior décor, richer than the previous model by magnitudes and not to forget the more potent engine.

At the moment the forthcoming Thar facelift is in the development stage, and there are many more intriguing details to crack. It will be fun to drive the car, and dwell into a refreshed That atmosphere, where every element is more luxurious from the dashboard to center console to air conditioner. How exciting does it sound?

Expect nothing but grandness with the new Thar facelift, and for those who completely awe-inspired by the development of the car, will have to just patiently wait.

Take a look at XUV500 hybrid scheduled to launch in mid 2015

Mahindra XUV500 is a big SUV hit in India, it is a uniquely built car desired for its power and high comfort value. There is an exciting bit of information for ardent XUV500 fans, the firm is geared to introduce the XUV500 hybrid car in mid 2015, and this time it is not just the regular XUV500 car, but an eco-friendly hybrid one.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500


The upcoming XUV500 hybrid car looks classy, and it is covered with pristine white body paint. The classiness of the front is characterized by trendy transparent acrylic sheet, and the trendiness of the front is contributed by a new classy looking front grille. The seventeen inch multi-spoke alloy wheel is the standard hybrid car feature and the suspension is re-engineered to have a firm grip on challenging terrains.


The inner décor of XUV500 hybrid is classy; it has to be, because of the esteemed name tag attached to it. It is garnished with lavishness and advanced technology, the design of leather upholstery is classy and is covered with a neat duel tone shade, the passenger seat has reclining properties and customers can expect nothing but intense comfort. The other source of convenience is power foldable and power adjustable exterior rear view mirrors. Mahindra has not changed the dynamics of the infotainment system and the steering wheel has advanced tilt adjustable facilities.


Mahindra XUV500 hybrid is stuffed with a series of security equipments, and it has multiple airbags, electronic stability program with rollover mitigation technology, electronic brake force distribution and anti-lock braking system. The company has installed a potent traction system into the vehicle and it is engineered in an innovative matter to ensure that the vehicle moves smoothly and there is no room for traction loss on challenging road terrains.


Mahindra has engineered the car with a breakthrough (PMSM) Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor technology that operates on potent lithium ion battery. The car has a conventional and electric engine, and according to Mahindra, the combination of the two will elevate the mileage output by 18%. The forthcoming XUV500 hybrid vehicle will move on a proficient mHawk 140 type engine built with direct injection diesel engine and fifth generation variable geometry turbocharger. The regular engine moves on 2.2 liter capacity and yields fierce 140bhp power and 320Nm torque energies, and is linked to six speed synchromesh manual gearbox.

XUV500 hybrid is a robust performer and its acceleration power is magnificent, it covers vast distances of 0 to 60kmph in only 5.4 seconds. There can’t be more exciting news than the pending arrival of XUV500 hybrid car, it looks so one of a kind and different, and the prime selling feature is the glossy white paint and black bonnet. Buyers who are keen on the vehicle it is a great purchase, and the perfect solution to a convenient and eco-friendly mode of travel. The scheduled arrival period is mid 2015 and Mahindra has not yet revealed the price structure of the car.

Scorpio proves to be fit for the army

Scorpio has for long been a successful sport utility vehicle designed by Mahindra; the vehicle has now passed the grilling army test. Based on a report produced by media, Scorpio along with Tata Safari Storme are fit enough to carry Indian Army personnel’s. A common army transporting car today is the Gypsy under General Service 500kg payload (GS500) category.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

Army officials are keen to use the Scorpio or Safari Storme, and the transportation is regulated under 800kg payload GS800 category. The section allows for a series of vehicles to be ordered that can extend to 3,200 units within price ranges of Rs 500 to 750 crore. The confirmation test about the usage of Mahindra Scorpio in the army is confirmed by Pravin Shah, who is the CEO of the automotive division of the firm.

The regulation required for vehicles to ply in the army is different from the usual passenger models. To comply with the army test, Scorpio along with Storme would have to suit special provisions for hooks, convoy lamps, black-out lights, water and ammunition. About 4,000 units of Gypsy have been ordered by the army, and it is the biggest order till now. The army has also requested for an air-conditioning option under GS800 category. Tata Motors has showcased its defense GS800 Storme car at the established 2012 Defense Expo.

Scorpio has been an ace profit player of Mahindra for over a decade, its power stems from the revolutionary mHawk diesel engine technology. It is a challenge to pass the army test, and it is more tedious than the regular examinations. The vehicles have to pass through tacky off-road terrains and also muddy roads. It is a celebration moment for the company reviewing the fact that Scorpio has scraped through one of the hardest automobile tests.

The Indian army is a highly respectable unit; they are the people who guard our country from constantly dangerous forces. Although India is highly guarded by the Himalayas, tensions still persist. Being in the army is one of the toughest career options to choose, personals have to extremely fit, to an extent of climbing ropes and crawling over hard surfaces. It is only noble to offer them the extended comfort they deserve.

The advantage of using Scorpio is the higher payload capacity of 800kg compared to the previously used Gypsy that bears 500kg. The comfort level with the car is enormous and it is going to be an optimum luxury unit for army personals. Mahindra recently launched the new generation Scorpio. It sports an exterior architecture that is more contemporary than its predecessor and the inner luxury value is splendid as well.

The new generation Scorpio is equipped with an advanced 2.2 liter diesel mHawk engine that generates 280Nm and 120bhp. The power is transmitted to rear wheels through five speed manual gearbox and drivers can shift between 2WD and 4WD modes with the aid of a button on centre console.

It is splendid news for the Indian army to learn that Scorpio has passed the army test, and there is heaps of luxury and comfort to look forward to.

Quanto AMT a high-tech car to look forward to in early 2015

Mahindra is a renowned Indian based auto enterprise and its main area of specialization is the sport utility vehicle (SUV) market. Some of the best sellers in this segment are Scorpio, XUV500, Xylo and Quanto. There is an exciting bit of information for ardent Quanto fans; the firm is geared to introduce the new Quanto, equipped with the advanced automated manual transmission (AMT) technology.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats topview

The upcoming Quato measures less than four meters, and the vision behind the launch is to fight the harsh battle with Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport. Quanto is a compact widely spacious SUV fitted with seven seats. The new Quanto AMT will retain majority of its identity like its predecessor and the only change is in the transmission box system. The car was displayed in grand style at the prestigious 2014 Auto Expo held in Delhi.


The front portion of Quanto AMT is strikingly similar to Xylo, and the architecture is inspired by the bigger car. The new Quanto AMT sports a typical family stance and is fitted with an imaginatively sculpted radiator grille with an arty toothed design. The raised headlights look classy and flow freely towards the hood, thereby building the aesthetic value of the car. The architecture of the front bumper is minimalistic and filled with arty fog lights.


The interior of Quanto AMT is abundantly spacious which puts it ahead of its competition in its class such as Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. Mahindra has retained the nature of interiors, the posh air vents are covered with shiny chrome rings, and the knobs and buttons are the same as the older model. On the professionally built instrument panel is trip meter, tachometer with engine temperature and speedometer.


Mahindra Quanto AMT is fitted with a potent mCR100, 1.5 liter three cylinder engine engineered with twin stage turbo charger technology. The potent engine churns peak power and torque efficiencies of 100bhp and 240Nm. The engine is coupled with five speed manual transmission and the automatic car has five speed AMT transmission gearbox.

Quanto is among the most popular sport utility vehicles in the market, and there is now so much excitement surrounding the car, because of the insertion of an innovative automated manual transmission system. The concept of AMT technology is not exactly new, but the popularity and efficiency of it is just booming in recent times. It all started with the trendy Celerio hatchback car.

It will surely be fun to drive the Quanto AMT car, and the sources of attraction are the big nature of the vehicle and state-of-the art technology. The principle behind the operation of AMT cars is a clutch less mode of drive, all drivers’ have to do is change geared and the function of the clutch is taken care of by the technology inserted into the car. Buyers who are keen on the vehicle should just go for it, and the expected arrival period is early 2015 and the likely price range is Rs 6.5 to 8 lakhs.

Mahindra enters into a partnership with Automotive Skills Development to strengthen skilled manpower pool in India

 Mahindra and Mahindra is a highly acclaimed Indian based auto enterprise, and its esteem lies in the stunning range of sport utility vehicles. Some of the high quality SUV’s are XUV500, Xylo, Scorpio and Quanto. The company has signed a (MoU) memorandum of understanding with the established Automotive Skills Development Council. The vision behind the collaboration is to strengthen the employment network of the automobile industry.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

The car market in India is booming, and there is a variety to choose from, for every economic section of the society. The segments range from affordable hatchbacks to luxury models, and most of us would believe that the partnership of Mahindra with Automotive Skills Development Council is a good initiative, to prepare the youth to tackle the challenges of the industry before stepping into it. The program offers training in vast areas that comprise the industry from sales to service to manufacturing.

Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) has strategized its training modules through the partnership with Mahindra. and Mahindra too has formatted an education imparting regime, and it will deliver the knowledge in accordance with certain standards established by ASDC, and Mahindra too will employ proficient persons to train students who have been enrolled in diploma and ITI courses and the automotive training will be imparted based on a regulation benchmark set by ADS under the (NOS) National Occupation Standards scheme.

Sanjoy Gupta, the Vice President of the customer care and automotive sector of Mahindra and Mahindra, spoke to the media regarding the partnership and said, ‘’going by our goal to improve the technical knowledge and employment opportunities of the youth, we have initiated a plan to partner with ASDC. It is our vision to identify students who display proficient automobile knowledge and skills and train them in their preferred automobile areas and enable them with the knowledge to tackle the industry. Our main aim with the collaboration is to address the lack of resources in the Indian automotive industry, by building a segment of proficient manpower through pioneering partnerships.’’

The Indian automobile industry is huge, with a diverse range of vehicles; there are many foreign units in the country. Sadly the industry is suffering from a lack of resources to build vehicles, which means minimal concentration of research and development unit. The labour power in India is feasible, but there is very little support to strengthen research. For continued growth it is essential to build man power, and it is the main focus of Mahindra, through its plan to partner with Automotive Skills Development council.

Through the creation of the partnership, it is the starting point to improve the manpower pool in India. In order to build a new car, plenty of resources are needed, and most of the time in Indian factories, the components are exported, and only the machine work is conducted. The automotive market, like any other industry requires vast training across a multitude of segments such as manufacturing, production, quality assurance and sales, and each brand is co-related to the other.

Through the joint venture establishment of Mahindra with Automotive Skills Development, a futuristic growth is certain.

Mahindra and Mahindra actively participates in the National Road Safety Week 2015 program

Mahindra and Mahindra, a highly established Indian based automobile firm has decided to participate in the National Road Safety Week 2015. The event is launched by (MoRTH), Ministry of Street Transport and Highways, in collaboration with Society for Automotive Fitness and Environment.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

The company has decided to actively participate in National Road Safety Week 2015, with a vision to build awareness about the concept of street security. It is a praiseworthy contribution by Mahindra indeed, traffic jams and irregular lane disciple is a common sight on Indian roads. Even with a proper traffic regulation system, it is a common sight to witness rash driving and overtaking on a daily basis.

The vice-president of the customer care automotive division of Mahindra and Mahindra commented on the road safety program and stated, ‘’being privileged with the knowhow of lane responsibility, our team at Mahindra are striving to make Indian lanes safer. Most of the accidents that occur today are caused by improper lane disciple and rash driving due to the negligence of the driver. Our goal is to educate the public about the benefits of road safety, and through the National Road Safety Week 2015 campaign, our vision is to impart education to current and future generations, enabling them to imbibe the concepts of secure driving from the prime of youth.

Mahindra has introduced an interesting punch line for promoting safety, called ‘Safety is not just a slogan, but a way of life’. The company has strived day and day to emerge with effective marketing tools, to make the safety awareness event a grand success, and the sought out medium is to impart effective safety education in schools. The strategy used is video presentation in safety technology in automobiles, and Mahindra has introduced a drawing competition as well, for kids in school and children of customers.

The goal to promote safety has been conducted on a large scale, with the inauguration of more than 400 workshops all over India. The concept of road safety is highly essential in India, mainly because only a handful follow it, although the streets are packed with traffic and many people have acquired licenses.

The theory of safety and regular lane disciple is thought at the point when people do the driving test and acquire their license. The education imparted has not helped at all, and Mahindra has now taken up an excellent initiative to promote the benefit of road safety, through the National Road Safety Week 2015 campaign. Mahindra is considered to be an esteemed high-value brand in India, and many desire to own a Mahindra vehicle. If the notion of safety is promoted by a high-tech value firm, like Mahindra, then it will be effectively followed by thousands.

Most of us are passionate about automobiles from a very young age, and wait for the moment to step into a car. Mahindra has decided to take the safety awareness tools to schools, and kids who are highly in awe of automobiles will absorb every bit of the information.

Mahindra SsangYong introduces the classy Tivoli compact SUV

Mahindra Ssangyong has launched its much desired compact sport utility vehicle called Tivoli in Korea, the cost of the base variant is 16.3 million won (9.31 lakh INR) and the most loaded car is priced at Rs 13.53 lakh. Tivoli is a huge investment, and the company has put down 350 billion won to build the car. Mahindra SsangYong is banking on Tivoli to gain new wave of fortunes.

SsangYong Tivoli Official picture

SsangYong Tivoli Official picture

Tivoli is a plush SUV and highly desired by the public, the first model launched in the year 2009, the period when Mahindra Group acquired SsangYong. For some interesting piece of information, Tivoli is the first ever compact SUV designed by SsangYong and it is potent to the core, equipped with 1.6 litre mill. As mentioned earlier the firm is eyeing big profit volumes with the car, and the vision is to roll out 100,000 units a year and 40,000 is expected to head to Korea and the remaining will fly overseas.

There is no better news than the introduction of Tivoli compact SUV, and it is a product of high-tech innovation garnished with the revolutionary 3D Motion technology. The styling according to reports is a true representation of urban and futuristic design images, and the theory behind construction is Rhythmical Motion inspired by Urban Dynamic Style. The elegance of the front is characterized by inventively constructed trapezoidal bumper and the arty slender grille bears the neatly carved SsangYong theme. The rear profile is great as well stuffed with radiating wraparound head lights. The back section also has robust muscular lines that enhance the sophisticated and efficient power of the vehicle. The lines represent the highly energetic youth, and the rear combination lights build the peak sophistication value of the car.

The inner décor of Tivoli is grand and garnished with the superb ‘Compact Deluxe Style’ technology and the vision is to create a plush and insanely luxurious atmosphere. The styling theme is referred to as ‘Moving IT Space, represented by touch screen controllers and bar switches. The massive 423 litre boot volume makes it an ideal vacation model, and the length attraction is caused by 1.795mm measurement. For some intriguing piece of information, Tivoli is the only vehicle in its class that provides abundant inner room to an extent that it can effectively fit in three golf bags.

The second row seats are flat and fully foldable, and there is sufficient storage room to fit in multiple items, the aesthetic inner décor theme is created by the royal red, beige and black colour combination. There is a semi bucket seat stitched together with refined upholstery.  The steering wheel is packed with sportiness inspired by the space age D-cut design. The classy looking instrument cluster has a vibrant 3.5 inch display.

Tivoli is powered by a fierce e-XGi petrol mill that generates fierce energies of 16.0kgm torque and 126PS power, and it moves with an admirable mileage power of 12km/l. The entry level car has three drive modes, Sport, Comfort and Normal. The noise, vibration and harshness levels are improved as well. Car buyers who are keen on Tivoli, it is certainly a great buy.

An interesting view of refreshed XUV500 captured

Mahindra is working on a refreshed model of its classic XUV500, and a recent spy picture of it surfaced recently. The vehicle was heavily camouflaged at the back, which could indicate that it is the spot where most of the changes will happen. The car is certainly packed with interesting mysteries.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500

XUV500 is among the key profit players of Mahindra, and a high-seller of the sport utility vehicle market. It is a product of high-tech development and on it; the company has incorporated a monocoque chassis for the very first time. There is no better news than an upcoming refreshed XUV500, and passer by’s have analyzed another interesting discovery, stating that the alloy wheels and instrument binnacle are covered as well, which leads the mystery to revamped instrument binnacle and alloy wheels.

Mahindra is greatly experimenting on XUV500, apart from a facelift car, sources say the firm is likely to build a hybrid and automatic model, all scheduled for a 2015 launch. The hybrid model was portrayed in grand at the prestigious Auto Expo in 2014. The refreshed XUV500 is going to be as energetic as ever, and will be fitted with an efficient 2.2 liter 4-cylinder diesel mill that generates fierce energies of 330Nm torque and 140bhp. The current XUV500 is linked to 6-speed manual transmission, but reports suggest that there could be a possibility of a 6-speed automatic model. Customers can as usual expect an efficient and potent refreshed XUV500 engineered with four wheel drive (4WD) and two wheel drive (2WD) technology.

Mahindra and Mahindra has for years been a power house figure of the sport utility vehicle market. XUV500 sells in dozens and has comforted large happy families to the core; it is an ideal model to spend a relaxed day travelling through the heart of the city and countryside. The company has for years had a competition advantage with the car, but the battle power has intensified in recent times primarily caused by weakened markets. The market share volume of the SUV market has increased considerably contributed by products from Renault and Ford with the launch of Duster and EcoSport respectively.

The refreshed XUV500 from the recently spied camouflaged picture is likely to have majority of the refreshments on the rear. It is going to be an interesting sight to watch, Mahindra might unravel some new characteristics, likely to become a grand surprise. The arrival of the car is going to cause shivers to other esteemed automobile firms, mainly because of the new XUV500 tag that symbolizes power and royalty. Some of its arch rivals are Skoda Yeti, Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster and Tata Safari Storme.

Mahindra has not yet set a launch date, but reports are of the view that it will happen this year, and will sell at a price of Rs 11-16 lakhs. The refreshed XUV500 is expected to have new surprises, and let’s wait for many more intriguing details and get completely mesmerized. Car buyers who are keen on the model, it is a noteworthy purchase to explore layers and layers of luxury.

A majestic way to start 2015 via Mahindra Royal Escape

Mahindra and Mahindra a renowned Indian based automobile enterprise has for years produced class performing utility vehicles. The best sellers are XUV500, Quanto, Xylo, Thar and Bolero. The whole nation is crazy about Mahindra utility vehicles, mainly because it has the capacity to go extreme.

Mahindra Royal Escape

Mahindra Royal Escape

Mahindra vehicles are built with potent engines and shock absorbers, and ideal to head on long memorable journeys all around the city and even into the countryside. New Year celebrations commended few days ago, and how exciting it is, to bring in 2015 via the thrilling Mahindra Royal Escape journey through sandy terrains of Rajasthan.

A group of people engaged in New Year celebrations surrounded by loud cheer and glory, they head to the scenic city of Rajasthan in a range of Mahindra SUV’s. It was close to the mid night of 2015, and along the way were a handful of splendid music, shouts, and sparkling fireworks. There is no better place to step into 2015 than Gajner Palace in the city of Bikaner Rajasthan. The beauty of the region is identified via the punch line ‘Jewel in the Thar’, the exquisiteness of the location is termed as ‘Oasis in the barren desert’. The elegance of it lies in its green nature varied from sand dunes. The place has a Gajner lake a prime heritage site and surrounding it is breathtaking wildlife sanctuary.

The expedition through Rajasthan is organized by Mahindra through the enterprise Mahindra Royal Escape 2014. The company invited a group of people to participate in the journey and it involved an army of 27 Mahindra sport utility vehicles that comprised of a couple of Thars, Ssangyong Rextons, XUV500s and Scorpios. The main person in charge drove one of the Thars, and driving it on rough sand dunes was a memorable thrilling moment. It is definitely loads of fun to travel through the sand and off-road and the encounter was nothing but thrilling and memorable.

The holiday was spent in a royal way, as majestic as Mahindra Royal Escape 2014, the vehicles moved in a disciplined manner, and experienced the best of the rich culture and history of Rajasthan. The starting point of the adventure was in the heart of Shekhawati regions of Rajasthan. It is a popular tourist destination and engraved on it is the significant of India’s rich and vibrant culture with magnificent rural landscape and havelis. There is a narrow lane through the town that leads to the grand Alsisar Mahal that signifies the empowering wealth of royal families of Rajasthan. It was established in 1892, and created by the Rajputs that hold a central position in the history of India.

The group encounter the deep historical significance and culture of Rajasthan, and they drove 250 kilometres on the first day, and it was engaged in everlasting moments of fun and laughter with delicious Indian food roti, laal maans, churma and dal baati. The remaining segment of the expedition was breathtaking and it represents the power of Mahindra vehicles engineered to enable its occupants have a moment of a lifetime.

The mysterious and fascinating S101 captured again in Chennai

Mahindra’s huge launch for 2015 is S101; the vehicle was captured several times by car enthusiasts, and was sighted again in Chennai outskirts, in an interesting location close to Chengalpet.  It was a sight of attraction for months, as soon as the first disguised vehicle was captured, and the expected arrival period is March.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra and Mahindra an established Indian based firm is a power house of the utility vehicle market. S101 is built on a joint collaboration basis with Ssangyong, and it is a representation of new design development, built on an advanced monocoque structure, also incorporated into XUV500.  It is a crossover vehicle and according to sources some of its developments are parallel to Quanto.

S101 is a one of a kind forthcoming SUV car, for months the vehicle was captured in a heavily disguised state, and the trend has been carried on for months. Passer by’s have not been able to predict the deep characteristics of the model, and from the little pieces available, car enthusiasts have discovered the make shift tail and head light features, which indicates that the car is still in initial testing stages.

The interior is expected to be as magical as the exteriors, and customers will be alarmed by the inner space. S101 will sport a tall stance which means sufficient headroom space, and what is even more exciting is the bench type of front seat, and it will have professionally designed centre console fitted gear stick.

Customers will have the liberty to choose from diesel and petrol engines, expected to move on 1.2 litre capacity. According to the buzz, Mahindra is building a range of engines for S101, on a joint collaboration basis with esteemed Korean firm SsangYong. The power trains will be linked to six speed and five speed gearboxes and the power will flow to front wheels.

The market share volume of the compact sport utility vehicle market in India has flourished rapidly over the past years. A considerable amount of growth has taken place mainly on the back of two products from Renault and Ford such as Duster and EcoSport respectively. Although Mahindra is a pro of the sport utility vehicle market, it has to be concerned about the current and upcoming competition. The forthcoming grand SUV developments are Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha, Hyundai ix25, Honda CR-V facelift and new Ford Endeavour.

S101 is surely among the hottest upcoming cars in the market, and every aspect about it is intriguing, from the signature exterior architecture, unique interior development and a series of potent engines. For months, Mahindra captivated the crowd with the known characteristics of S101, and it is a mysterious and fascinating new car. It is just a few months wait to the actual launch, and it will be exciting to view the vehicle in showrooms. It would be equally thrilling to test drive the car, particularly with the fitment of front bench seats. Let’s await many more exhilarating details of the car, and get totally awe-inspired.