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Feel the high intense energy and comfort in TUV300 mHawk 100

How amazing would it be to own a stylish and sporty SUV with a power packed engine? If you are someone who enjoys comfortable and fast packed sport utility vehicles, then Mahindra is the brand for you. For years the company has manufactured a fantastic series of SUV’s like XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero and Xylo.

mahindra tuv300 accessories

Recently Mahindra has strengthened its dominant SUV power in the Indian market with KUV100, TUV300 and Nuvosport. Driving the TUV300 is just mind blowing and the company has now induced higher intensity energy in the vehicle with the new TUV300 mHawk 100 car. How awesome would it be to drive the TUV300 mHawk 100 car? Ever wondered about the drive rhythm of the vehicle, let us explore how it is to drive the TUV300 mHawk 100 car.

The TUV300 mHawk 100 car is like any other TUV300 SUV vehicle, the only change here is the fitment of a highly powerful mHawk 100 engine. The engine rhythm of TUV300 mHawk 100 is extremely smooth and refined and the acceleration power is great as well, the car moves so smoothly that it is difficult to feel any kind of engine break while moving. The car is highly fuel efficient as well and offers a mileage of 18 Kmpl in the 1.5-liter diesel power train that releases shockingly efficient energies of 240Nm and 100PS which is an increase of 10 Nm and 20bhp. In the third gear the car moves with a mileage of 20kmpl.


The TUV300 mHawk 100 is termed to be the toughest and most stylish SUV in the market, it is awe-inspiring at first sight defined by the incredibly rugged masculine design architecture. The styling is inspired from battle tanks used in armed forces. On the front is sophisticated and aggressive looking five slat grille covered with sparkling and polished chrome. The headlamp cluster is molded into neat squares and it adds a marvelous sporty character to the vehicle and the trendy square fog lights are also covered with shiny chrome. The square shaped wheel arches add character to the high-intensity sporty nature of the vehicle. The side view of the car looks neat and elegant and so does the rear.


The inner décor is grand covered in a magnificent black and beige theme along with bits of glossy silver. There is enormous amount of space inside where five occupants can enjoy an extremely comfortable drive. The architecture of the dashboard is stunning covered in a stunning black and beige combination, the piano finish console looks stunning and the other high-end luxury features to look forward to is world class 2-Din audio system with Aux, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. At the bottom there are three huge air con knobs and 12V power socket, and all four windows have power switches. The seats are super comfortable covered in premium fabric and vinyl mixed upholstery.

The TUV300 mHawk 100 is among the best cars to own and you can feel high levels of exhilaration while driving the car. You can maneuver on any kind of terrain and experience the power of high-intensity drive rhythm. The car is just amazing to sit in, and occupants can sit comfortable and feel the high-end drive energy power.

Time for excitement the stunning XUV500 W6 automatic car launched

If you are someone who is crazy about new unexplored adventures, then a SUV car is the best model to opt for and nothing can beat the Mahindra XUV500. For years, it has been one car that is popular with the highly enthusiastic population in India. There is some excellent news for ardent XUV500 fans, Mahindra has launched the XUV500 W6 automatic car.

Mahindra XUV500 AT

You can now drive the stunning and powerful XUV500 W6 automatic and roam all over town having the time of your life. The car is sold at a price of Rs 14.29 lakhs, and it is the entry level version of automatic transmission. The vacation season is on and so is peak summer, and now is the time to dig into XUV500 AT W6 and head on a life-remembering vacation on trekking roads, inside the middle of lush green forests and hill stations.

It is a common sight to spot a XUV500 car on the street and Mahindra has now strengthened the thrill value of the car with the arrival of XUV500 AT W6. The competition power of the SUV market has now reached new heights and some of the fierce rivals of XUV500 AT W6 is Renault Duster and Hyundai Creta.

It is thrilling indeed to learn about the launch of XUV500 AT W6, and as expected it is loaded with luxury and convenience to enjoy a mind blowing drive adventure. You will be amazed by the sight of a marvelous 6-inch infotainment system with USB support and Aux-in, and the other interesting features to look forward to micro-hybrid technology, reverse parking sensors, audio fitted steering, climate control system, automatic wipers and automatic headlights.

Enjoy the thrill of fantastic power in XUV500 AT W6, the car is powered with an advanced 2.2 liter mHawk diesel engine that generates fierce energies of 330Nm torque and 140bhp power. The engine is coupled with an innovative Aisin manufactured six-speed torque converted and it moves with a fuel-efficiency power of 13.85kmpl.

For those who enjoy driving the XUV500 to the core, then there is another collection to your amazing list of vehicles XUV500 AT W6, and you can now look forward to life-remembering moments ahead. Driving the XUV500 AT W6 is going to be a heck of an adventure, and you can enjoy all the possible luxuries in a car with magnificent comfort and extravagance.

As mentioned earlier, the competition spirit of the XUV500 market has risen to new levels with Renault Duster, Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vitara, Ford EcoSport and Honda BR-V and so on. An important point to remember is Mahindra’s adventure with SUV’s dates back to many years, and many people will not forget about the phenomenal style quotient and power of XUV500 and now there is the XUV500 AT W6 car to go after.

Are you keen on buying the XUV500 W6 AT? Go ahead and make your purchase and it is going to be the best gift ever.

Mahindra Scorpio is the most popular second hand car

Like the new car market, the second hand car segment is flourishing in India, and Mahindra Scorpio is the most popular second hand car, it is sold in highest numbers. There has been a drastic increase in vehicular traffic over the years, and the buying power of cars has increased too. The effective loan banking system has enabled admirable buying power, with recession setting in and cost of living increasing to a new degree, there are people who would like to save on a car and enjoy its value parallel to a brand new vehicle and this is the reason for the cause of massive boom of second hand car market.

New Mahindra Scorpio

The Scorpio is one of the most popular SUV cars on the street, and people are crazy about the second hand vehicle too. If you are an adventurous person and keen to explore hidden unexplored terrains, then the Scorpio is the car for you. For those who are really keen on saving and enjoying the high-end value of Scorpio, let us browse through the characteristics of the vehicle.

The new Mahindra Scorpio facelift has a whole new makeover, and it still retains the aggressively sporty image. The aggressiveness of front fascia is characterized by professionally designed twin rectangular projector headlights, new arty hexagonal grille, re-designed bonnet and new bumper. On the new bumper is a pristine looking silver skid plate and some the admirable features are silver skid plate, body colored bumpers and chrome covered front grille.

The rear view of the vehicle is trendy enhanced by seventeen-inch alloy wheels, and the design of rear windscreen is slightly smaller than one on previous model. There are five interesting colors to choose from such as new regal blue, new molten red, mist silver, fiery black and diamond white.

The interior of present Scorpio is all new and more luxurious and premium compared to its predecessor. The layout od cabin is first rate, the design of the dashboard is stunning decorated with shiny blue grey color theme, and faux wooden finish heightens the luxury value of the vehicle. The steering wheel has audio control and the design of cruise control is adopted from XUV500.

The present Scorpio is loaded with features, it has a world class 2 Din audio system with Aux, USB and CD connectivity, there is automatic climate control, 12V sockets for middle and front row, 6-inch touch screen infotainment system and reverse parking sensors.

Mahindra Scorpio is fitted with a powerful 2.2 liter four-cylinder engine engineered with mHawk and Geometry turbocharger technology. This fiery engine generates 280Nm and 120bhp, there is a 2.5 liter four cylinder M2DICR turbocharged engine that pumps out potent 200Nm and 75bhp energies.

Owning the second hand Mahindra Scorpio is going to be a great experience, you can explore so much of power, comfort and luxury at a valuable price. The demand for cars has increased over the years, and now with the increased cost of living, people are keen on owning a plush and efficient car at a valuable price. For those who are keen on investing on second hand vehicles, it is a good option to go for.

India’s first automobile shredding plant to be built by Mahindra

Automobile companies in India are working on new launches, and the new products in the market are contemporary from the old vehicles. Car design technology has advanced to a new length and now the recent launches look more ultra-modern than ever. Mahindra a renowned Indian based automobile unit has introduced a new level of exclusive styling in its vehicles visible on recent Scorpio and Bolero facelifts. The company has also introduced two stylish, posh and energetic SUV’s KUV 100 and TUV 300.

Mahindra Logo

Ardent Mahindra fans who now want to get a taste of new refined products such as TUV300, KUV100 and so on can do away with old varieties like age old Scorpio, Bolero, XUV500 and so on. The company plans to build its first automobile shredding plant to get rid of your old cars, the plant is being constructed on a joint venture unit with Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited (MSTC). The plant is designed to recycle auto parts like non-ferrous metals and steels, it is interesting to learn of construction of an automobile shredding plant unit and it is going to be an efficient venture with an advanced pollution reduction and recycling facility.

The Mahindra auto shredding system is a unique investment in India, it has high end facilities to eliminate old vehicles by reducing pollution and promoting recycling. The main purpose behind the construction of this plant is to create increased safety on Indian roads by getting rid of old vehicles.

It is the best feeling ever to own a car, and there are car lovers who have an old-time collection of vehicles that could range from eight to ten cars. Now times have changed and it might not be a responsible move to stack many vehicles at home, mainly because of the increased pollution levels. Government officials in many states are firm on the move to ban cars that are over fifteen years old and there are cars built with lifespan to run for a specific number of years. The emission levels from older vehicles are higher and are not regulated in accordance with latest policies introduced by Bharat Stage regulations. The old vehicles do not have the mechanical strength to efficiently ply on roads.

Mahindra is all set to introduce its first automobile shredding plant, and you can now get rid of your old cars. It is a good initiative to reduce the number of vehicular traffic on the roads, so many industries have emerged creating higher number of job opportunities, and also the efficiency of bank loans have increased car buying capacity in India. This increase in car purchase power has led to massive rise in vehicular traffic, and traffic jams are frequent in every corner of the city.

The automobile shredding enterprise unit of Mahindra will help tackle the problem of increased vehicular traffic. The old vehicles can undergo shredding making place for new vehicles on the street, and the pollution levels are in control as well, because the emission level of old vehicles are known to be higher than recent ones. For those who are sad to let go of their old cars, it will be done to good intentions to facilitate smooth traffic flow and to create a greener environment.

Mahindra launches the exclusive and stunning all-new age XUV500 in Australia

Mahindra is a highly esteemed Indian auto brand, and has produced a fantastic collection of SUV’s. On the thought of Mahindra SUV, the first car we think of is XUV500, it is one car that is extremely popular in India, particularly among people who enjoy mind-blowing adventures. It is impossible to forget the XUV500, and the company has now created a greater style and luxury value of the car with all new age XUV500. The car is launched in Australia for a price of US$31,900.

Mahindra XUV500 AT in Australia

The all-new age XUV500 is a second-generation vehicle fitted with all-wheel drive technology and 6-speed automatic transmission. Mahindra is engineered the all new age XUV500 with superior engine rhythm to enable a more fun and adventurous cruise. There are so many amazing new changes on the exterior with a redesigned front grille design covered in polished chrome, new fog lights with chrome material and new alloy wheels. There is a world class seven-inch touchscreen infotainment devise connected with GPS and the comfy seats are covered with premium upholstery.

The all new age XUV500 is like no other XUV500 car, it is an extraordinary variant of the current XUV500. It is just loaded with features, more than what we can imagine with world class seven-inch satellite navigation system, enormous 702-liter boot volume, reverse camera with dynamic assist, seven comfy leather seats, 12 Volt power charging sockets and potent air con system in all three rows, eight interior LED lights and ten interior cup holders, three Isofix child restraints in second row, wireless tire pressure and Electronic Speed Control with electronic brake force distribution, ABS, hill descent and hill hold control and rollover mitigation.

Apart from just a myriad of features the all new age XUV500 is engineered with revolutionary technology that makes driving a highly convenient and pleasurable experience. Some of the new technological advancements are

Fully Automatic Gearbox:

The all new age XUV500 automatic is equipped with a completely refreshed second generation transmission fitted with planetary gear train and torque converter and such a system facilitates easy and effective gear change. The brain-wave technology behind the easy and convenient shifting of gears is quick and efficient receptiveness of manual transmission and relatively easy handling of automatic. For those who are keen on driving the car, it is a breeze, the new age XUV500 with automatic transmission creates smoother gear shifting and a breezier ride.

Intelligent adaptation to terrains and altitudes:

With the Intelligent adaptation to terrains and altitudes, driving becomes effective in any terrain that comes your way. The technology enables a smooth drive on challenging high and mid altitude terrains and the car can easily maneuver on upward terrains.

The other high-end technologies fitted into the car are all wheel drive, optimized gear ratio and manual mode.

There is a fantastic range of colors offered with all new XUV500 like volcano black, dolphin grey, Tuscan red, moondust silver, sunset orange and pearl white.

If you are all set to explore an exhilarating adventure, then the all new XUV500 is the car for you.

The dynamism of Mahindra Nuvo Sport AMT

Mahindra recently launched Nuvo Sport which is a facelift variant of Quanto, and customers have the choice of opting for the car with AMT transmission. The Nuvo Sport is one car that is awe-inspiring to sporty SUV demographic, and with AMT, the whole package is now more exhilarating than ever. For those who are keen on buying Nuvo Sport AMT car, let us browse through the features.

mahindra nuvosport suv


Nuvo Sport is a facelift variant of Quanto, and majority of the changes is on the front segment, and car enthusiasts say it now looks so different from Xylo. A striking change in front is the fitment of powerful LED daytime running lights and it forms a neat patch over the classy looking headlights and such an arrangement intensifies the style value of the car.  When you closely observe Nuvo Sport, you will be remembered of a high-spirited SUV, the toothy grille makes the car looks aggressive to the core and the other features that define sportiness are faux skid plate and huge bumper.

View the car from the side and you will be reminded of Quanto, how the major distinction here is extensive cladding, and from the size point of view Nuvo Sport is not very different from Quanto. The 16-inch alloy wheels are new and it is one of new style surprise packages, and the 215 section tires build the aggression value of the car. The tail lights look classing molded into neat smoked out tail lamp structures.


The interior of Nuvo Sport looks refined and vibrant, there is no better feeling than to sit inside the 5+2 seater SUV and have a great view of the stunning 6.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The center console is strategically places and you can store as many items as you want in it. The seats are comfy and the quality of faux leather material used to cover the cushions is top class and the design of instrument cluster looks fantastic as well.

There is ample space inside the Nuvo Sport to enjoy a fun and memorable ride, the issue here is the quality of material is good, but not as plush as Ford EcoSport and Vitara Brezza. The other concern is the accelerator and brake pedal are very closely placed and it is difficult for a tall person to acquire the feel of comfort while pressing the brake pedal or accelerator.


The highly energized Nuvo Sport is powered by an efficient 1.5 liter mHawk diesel engine that generates fierce energy of 100bhp and moves with an admirable 17.45 kmpl mileage power. The car is sold with AMT transmission. The principle behind the functioning of AMT is the vehicle runs like any other automatic car, but here there is only a brake pedal and accelerator and there is no clutch. AMT cars run like automatic vehicles, the only difference being you do not have to be concerned about when to start or stop the engine.

The price of N6 AMT variant of Mahindra Nuvo Sport is Rs 9 lakhs.

If you are keen on buying Nuvo Sport AMT it is a fun car to own to experience an energized rhythm of SUV.

Mahindra TUV300 SUV with 100PS engine will launch tomorrow

Mahindra is a pioneer of the automobile market and its main area of exploration is the SUV market and some of its incredible models are XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero, Thar and so on. The company has recently heightened the thrill of the SUV segment with the TUV300 SUV, it drove the public insane when it was launched in 2015 September at price of Rs 6.9 lakhs.

tuv300 mahindra

There is some great news for those who really enjoy driving TUV300, Mahindra will soon launch a powerful variant of the car generating a magnificently enormous 100PS power. The vehicle will move on Mahindra’s innovative 1.5-liter turbo diesel mHawk80 engine matted to 5-speed Auto Shift AMT gearbox releasing 100PS and 205Nm.

Mahindra TUV300 is among the most exclusive SUV’s to own, it flaunts a unique and young-looing demeanor. The exteriors are molded into a boxy design and it is under four meter in length. View the car from the front and it looks amazingly sporty with a professionally sculpted radiator grille that looks athletic. The layout of headlights is professional and it blends in well with the overall aggressive and sporty nature of the vehicle. The body colored lower bumper looks elegant and fitted on it is trendy fog lights surrounded by shiny chrome.

The design of wheel arch is rectangular, and the classiness of TUV300 is highlighted by black window frame, window beltline, body painted exterior door handles and dual tone power adjustable outer rear view mirrors. The design of the rear is trendy as well and the high-end athletic affect is accentuated by arty tail lights and spare wheel fitted on tail gate.

Step inside the Mahindra TUV300 and you will be stunned by the vast amount of space, there is more than sufficient headroom and legroom to just sit comfortably. The quality of upholstery used on seats is premium, and the 5+2 seating arrangement can accommodate seven passengers. The center console, world class touch screen infotainment system, audio system and Bluetooth connectivity and audio fitted steering wheels. You can take a fantastic vacation spin with the magnificent 384-liter boot volume and there are reverse parking sensors for optimum safety.

You can feel incredibly safe in Mahindra TUV300; the company has engineered the vehicle in a way that it protects occupants from every angle. Be assured of high level safety with rear drum brakes and front disc brakes, electronic brake force distribution, anti-lock braking system, central locking and airbags in driver’s compartment. All these safety components make driving TUV300 a highly pleasurable experience.

If you are really amazed by the characteristics of Mahindra TUV300, then you will be doubly delighted by the news of launch of a more powerful TUV300 with 100PS engine power. Mahindra will launch the car tomorrow. For those who already own TUV300, you can buy the TUV300 with 100PS power as well, to only enhance your collection of TUV300. For those who are keen on buying the vehicle, watch out for the arrival of many more details.

Mahindra records 14% sale growth in 2016 April

Esteemed Indian based auto manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra has recorded an impressive 14% profit gain in 2016 April. The company sold 41,863 units higher than 36,727 units sold in the corresponding period. Mahindra was able to drive export sales as well leading to 11% profit contributed by the sale of 2,506 units compared to 2,260 units sold in the corresponding period.

Mahindra NuvoSport Image

There was a strong demand for passenger vehicles consisting of Verito, Bolero, Xylo, XUV500 and Scorpio and this segment registered 16% growth contributed by the sale of 22,655 units against 19,464 units sold in 2015 April. Scorpio, Bolero and XUV500 have been moving on the roads for years, attracting heaps of buyers over a period of time. Even today the demand for these vehicles is robust.

A high level growth was witnessed in the commercial vehicle market as well, with 14% profit, the overall sale outcome of commercial vehicles in 2016 April is 12,947 units distinctly higher than 11,329 units sold in year-ago period.

The period of 2016 April has been a profitable one for Mahindra and Mahindra, the company has managed to grab profits across various segments and markets. There has been significant growth in passenger and commercial vehicle segment and also export market. The Chief Executive in the auto division of Mahindra and Mahindra Pravin Shah gave a statement on the profit generation in 2016 April saying, ‘’We hope to continue to sustain the sale growth curve with the strategy of introducing new products and expanding our segment network that will be engineered in accordance with customer needs.’’

Mahindra is a pioneer of the SUV market, and the company has now strengthened its product launch in this segment. The demand for Mahindra KUV100 and TUV300 have been enormously high driving the company to record an admirable 14% growth. Mahindra KUV100 is the perfect SUV for the young demographic, it is among the most stylish young looking SUV’s in the market. Its ace style statement is defined by creatively designed pulled back headlights and classy daytime running lights. The sportiness of the vehicle is visible on the rear as well with trendy looking small tail lights.

Step into KUV100 and you will imbibe a comfy homely feeling, with comfortable seats covered with high quality upholstery material. On the center console is three air knobs and gear lever and the other amazing features to watch out for is world class in-dash music system with USB, Bluetooth and aux connectivity, ABS and dual airbags.

Mahindra TUV300 is a class apart SUV, it is uniquely stylish, the five slat front grille is covered with polished chrome. The design of headlights, bumper and air dam is tasteful and the fog lights look one of a kind, molded into neat square structures. The side view is elegant as well with minimalistic cuts and creases, the black B-pillar enhances the aggressive image to the core and ten spoke alloy wheel builds the sporty image of the vehicle. The vertically placed tail lights look exceptional.

Step inside TUV300 and the décor is just premium, the black and beige theme adds fantastic vibrancy. There is ample room to sit comfortably and you can relax listening to fun music with good beat, and adjust the songs of your choice with steering fitted audio control. The other sources of convenience are climate control and rear parking assist.

Ardent SUV fans can opt for KUV100 or TUV 300 to just have a blast doing amazing spins around the city and in the outskirts.

Exciting times ahead with amazing accessories offered with NuvoSport

Mahindra NuvoSport is a great new SUV car, it is a facelift Quanto, it is a sub four-meter car covered in unique style. It looks exceptionally stylish and sporty from the front with a sporty radiator grille, revamped headlights and sturdy bumper, sturdier than its predecessor. Have a glimpse of the styling of NuvoSport and it is a class apart and some of the class-defining features to look out for is stylish daytime running lights, aggressive looking grille that accentuates the sportiness of the vehicle, rigid strapping bonnet, classy looking sporty 40.6 cm 16-inch alloy wheels, chic fog lights, impeccable side body cladding and macho tail gate mounted spare wheel.

Mahindra NuvoSport Image

The interior of Nuvo Sport looks amazing filled with comfort and vibrancy, the plush grey and black décor adds air of magnificence, the classy instrument cluster is covered with neat chrome, the black and grey leather upholstery looks grand and king like and the aluminum pedal makes driving a pleasurable experience.

Sit inside the Nuvo Sport and you will feel incredible comfortable with a seating arrangement to accommodate seven occupants. The 60:40 foldable second row seats are super comfortable and the third row seats are designed to offer additional recline. The 412 liter-boot space is just perfect to stuff in tons of luggage for a life-remembering expedition. The driver seat has height adjustable facility to enjoy optimum comfort while driving. The electrically adjustable outer rear view mirror is built to offer maximum flexibility for the driver to get a great view of the outside. You can enjoy a really comfy drive experience in Nuvo Sport with a highly reliable lumbar support that helps to maintain healthy back posture.

If the Nuvo Sport is the perfect car for you, then there are fantastic accessories on offer, for those who enjoy extra shine, Mahindra is offering chrome package to create a perfect bling and it costs Rs 480 to Rs 1,200. The company is offering an aluminium carrier roof rack for price of Rs 8,026 and it will enable consumers to carry extra luggage.

There are no better moments than to decorate your own car, there is a leather or fabric seat covers on offer along with floor mats and scuff plates. The scuff plates are sold at Rs 2,700 and floor mates are available within a price range of Rs 2,100 to Rs 2,315. Mahindra is also offering car cooler priced at Rs 9,800 and projector lamps cost Rs 1,500.

The Nuvo Sport is an ideal car to buy for those who enjoy SUV’s draped in incredible style and sportiness. Now there are some amazing accessories to look into, the chrome package adds greater sparkle to Nuvo Sport. With the aluminium carrier roof occupants can carry additional luggage, which can be something fun like extra food and clothing items. The car cooler is great to beat the heat and projector lamps increases the decorative value of the car.

Now get ready for exciting times ahead with a double excitement package of Nuvo Sport and accessories.

New 2016 Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up model launched starting at 6.15 lakh

Leading Indian utility vehicle maker, Mahindra & Mahindra has launched the new 2016 Bolero Pik-Up model on 27th of April. The new refreshed Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up truck has launched in the Indian market with a starting price of Rs. 6.15 lakh for the base BS3 model, while the vehicle’s price range goes up to Rs. 6.30 lakhs for the BS4 model (prices, ex-showroom Pune).

2016 Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up

The new 2016 Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up is a new model update for the year and is basically a facelift version of the outgoing Bolero Pik-Up, which is highly popular in the Indian market.  The new 2016 Bolero Pik-Up boasts of some good amount of design upgrade along with some mild mechanical updates as well, making the vehicle visually more attractive while also making it more proficient. This mini load carrier will be available for sale in two different variants in terms of payload capacity. This comprises of a 1250 kg model and a more powerful 1500 kg model. The new refreshed Bolero Pik-Up is the second Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) model that has been launched from the house of Mahindra & Mahindra in 2016, the first being the Mahindra Imperio pick-up truck model that launched early this year.

Under the hood, the new 2016 Mahindra Bolero Pik-up truck packs in a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder diesel motor that has the capability to offer a max power output of 70 hp on the BS4 model, while on the BS3 variant the same engine offers a peak power of 63 hp, while the engine offers the same amount of peak torque at 195 Nm available at 1500-1800 rpm for both the versions of the pick-up. The generated power of the vehicle gets transmitted to the rear wheels through an efficient 5 speed manual transmission gearbox as standard. This Light Commercial Vehicle model is capable of offering a top speed level of 110 km per hour or 80 km per hour on a speed limiter.

When design is concerned, the new 2016 Bolero Pik-up comes with subtle styling changes to improve its overall visual appeal and to make it look more contemporary. The new Bolero Pik-Up truck retains its same patent front grille that makes up the front face of the current entire lineup of Mahindra Bolero. This front radiator grille is flanked by multi-reflector headlights, while the vehicle also gets new color choices.

On the inside, the new updated Bolero Pik-Up boasts of a new dual-tone upholstery and new color theme for the instrument cluster. The Bolero Pik-up offers a 2765 mm or 9 feet long cargo bay that allows its owners to lug larger items. Mahindra also offers the Bolero Pik-up in a Cowl Body Chassis variant that can help the owners to customize the Cargo Body as per their needs.

Mahindra is offering the new 2016 Bolero Pik-up with a 3 year unlimited kilometer warranty on the BS3 version, while the BS4 version comes with a 1 year unlimited kilometer warranty.