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Mahindra Quanto AMT to launch this year

Mahindra and Mahindra have made its name in the automotive world by constantly churning out bigger and better cars. And the Indian carmaker company always had a soft corner for its origin country, India. However, mostly famous for SUVs and other monster cars such as Scorpio and Bolero the company is widely popular in the Indian Territory and to further strengthen its place in the passenger car market, Mahindra is coming up with an uplifted variant of its widely celebrated car, Quanto. However, Quanto itself is a very efficient and muscle bound vehicle which looks nothing less than a monster by the appearance and the performance, but as it is a ritual in the automotive world that you have to get the modifications done every 3 or 4 years in order to stay in the game, the vehicle is getting an uplift.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats topview

The latest version of Quanto will be featuring a handful of interior and exterior changes and is expected to get launched sometime around this financial year. The key feature which will be there in the vehicle following the much desired uplift is the automated manual transmission which caters to most of the vehicles in the particular segment.

Other than that, there are a few small and big changes that will take place in the new Quanto such as the very effective regenerative braking system for the enhanced safety features. As it is evident with the size and the performance specs of the Mahindra vehicles that most of its products are designed keeping in mind the hard terrains and the bad Indian roads. So, in that scenario, features like the regenerative braking system come in handy in a very good way. Mahindra launched both these features in the Indian Auto Expo last year with special focus on the automated manual transmission which is also known as autoShift.

If the rumours are to be believed, the company has developed the autoShift technology joining hands with UK based firm Ricardo which is very popular over there. It was natural as Mahindra is not known to be the specialist on the technological front. However, any other automakers have yet to catch-up with the company when it comes to building muscular and rugged vehicles but when it comes to the innovation on the technological front, Mahindra has yet to travel a bit far. Mated with 5 gear-shift automatic transfer, the fuel efficiency is expected to go up and that is good news for the Indians consumers who have a very soft corner for the vehicles who give them maximum mileage and now they have got one more reason to go with Mahindra Quanto Autoshift. Mahindra claimed that the vehicle uses a very advanced technology called ECU along with a hydraulic actuation system to make the process of shifting the gears quicker.

Given the efforts Mahindra has put to make this one a popular vehicle, we are quite sure that it will succeed and we might have another successful Mahindra vehicle running through our roads.

Mahindra S101 caught spy testing again

Mahindra, it seems, wants to leave no stone unturned in order to make its upcoming passenger vehicle S101 a sure shot hit among the Indian car enthusiasts. The vehicle was recently seen spy testing, once again. It has been seen testing quite a number of times now. Almost all the big and small carmakers go through this phase before making their final products available in the market. And usually the vehicles are heavily camouflaged in order to keep most of the interior features and exterior design away from public’s eyes in order to maintain the mystery regarding the product which proves to be good later on when the vehicle gets launched.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

The Mahindra S101 which got clicked was also camouflaged when it got spotted in the busy traffic. However, one thing is sure by these regular multiple sightings of S101, either the developers are facing an issue in the engine department or they are working hard enough to make this car worth all the anticipation. Whatever the case may be, one sure thing is that the public is getting all psyched up and awaiting the latest monster from the Mahindra and Mahindra family with wide eyes, and half the success is earned here only.

In the latest photos taking the rounds on the internet, the vehicle is showing off the production specific tail lights quite visibly. And as the tail lights were easily accessible to our camera, we observed that this particular model was not as heavily covered as the previous spy testing models which raised a very important question- Is it a part of the promotional campaign or just a co-incidence. Whatever it is, but the car was revealing much more than it was hiding this time around which provided us with enough opportunities to observe some previously hidden features of the vehicle. Given the transparency of the covers, it became quite easy for us somehow to pin point a few exterior key elements of the vehicle. From the pictures, we assumed that S101 is going to have the rear end similar to Renault Kwid which means that this is going to be as stylish and elegant as it is meant to be. Now, the images did not reveal all the exterior specs of the vehicle but the rear part of the vehicle gave a clear indication that the front end is going to be something to look out for as well.

However, even after so many sightings of the model, we are still mostly unsure about the interior features of the vehicle but we can expect from the Indian carmaker to surprise us with their latest offering. The rumours suggests that the S101 will be getting its power from a brand new engine lineup as it is well known that Mahindra has been preparing 7 new engines which will be seen powering the future Mahindra vehicles.

The vehicle is expected to arrive in the dealerships by the end of current year or the beginning of the next year.

Mahindra moving in the right direction?

Mahindra, with high hopes entered into the formula E championship for the first time ever and the results, well, were not up to the mark, not even close. Usually, the aim for the first season is to end up at the top spot, or even on the second or the third but the disappointing run for the Indian team caused them to end up on the eighth spot. There are many reasons for this utter disappointment, one being the lack of experience the other being the problems with the set-ups early on. Whatever the reason maybe, the fact is that in the Team’s championship Mahindra performed much below the expectations. It was quite visible that Mahindra lacked the preparations required to finish it exceptionally.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

Well, the up side to the disappointment run at the inaugural season is the fact that the results for the first seasons are not very important as the second season will feature all new breeds of the car to compete with each other for the first spot. Previous rules are no longer here as this time around, the cars are allowed to have their in-house modifications of their choices, to their vehicles in order to perform effectively, especially the powertrain department of the cars. The gearbox, cooling system and the e motor invertors are the things which can be redesigned according to their choices which can make the car to perform surprisingly well. One team which has denied modifying their vehicles in any way is the Team Aguri as they have decided to stick with the McLaren powertrain which they very effectively used in the previous season.

Gearing for the preparations of the second season of the widely popular tournament, Mahindra has learned from the past mistakes and keeping a keen eye on the day to day management systems. And as it was accepted by the company that Karun Chandhok has been removed from the team to welcome Nick Heidfeld in his place, it seems like Mahindra is well determined to turn the game around this time. However, the decision was slightly criticized as Karun was the only Indian in the team; the decision seems to very well think out in the favour of the team. Of course Indian fans are still in grief with the elimination of the Chandhok but Mahindra claims that in order to ensure the win, some hard measures needed to be taken and this decision was harder to take but in the end, they had to go ahead with it and there is no time now to look back as they are quite busy looking ahead to the race.

On the test race, Mahindra performed quite well, although not as per their abilities. But still, keeping in mind the poor performance they gave in the previous season, we can say that their prospect of winning this time is better. And we can proudly say that with a little more effort and a hint of luck, Mahindra can bring the title to India this year.

Mahindra Marksman for armed forces

Cinema, in more than one ways reflects what is going on in our society. In the war movies, we see vehicles with bulletproof abilities many times. In present times, we see armed hummers running across the battlefields providing the soldiers with enough facilities to efficiently handle tough situations. And their presentation is so intense that the Hummers have become America’s favourite vehicle for the military purposes. While the American army in Iraq uses this vehicle unabashedly, Indians doesn’t seem to be much impressed by it as it is evident that Indians refrain from the import of Hummers in any case. In fact, even the siblings of Hummer which are widely used across the globe by armed forces are still invisible from the Indian army bases.

Mahindra Marksman

India just doesn’t import such vehicle even in the harder to terrains such as to fight the terrorists from across the border or the armies and even the Maoists from within. However, this doesn’t mean that Indian armed forces are not efficient when it comes to saving the borders and using such heavy duty vehicles to a maximum effect. Hummer may be world’s most popular military ally vehicle, but Indian army goes with the Indian automaker giant Mahindra and Mahindra’s Marksman. The vehicle is bulletproof, insanely light for a vehicle of this calibre, capsule based and effectively armoured which provides optimum security for the army personnel across the country. The vehicle does a very fine job of protecting the Indian Army from the attacks of high intensity such as grenade attacks, machine gun attacks and other highly dangerous attacks by the enemy groups.

Other than the army, the Para military forces such as BSF, CRPF and even the police forces have been taking help of the vehicle to tackle their enemies in a very efficient manner against the grenade attacks and the small arm fire attacks. And the flexibility of the vehicle is evident further from the very fact that Marksman is adaptable when it comes to anti-terrorism operations and the standard war fares.

The vehicle proudly proclaims to be ‘made in India’ and is a very exceptional product of Mahindra and Mahindra’s Defence Systems and protects the personnel from the Indian army and other forces to tackle the enemy in the highly sensitive areas and the most difficult of terrains. The ‘Transformer’ is generally used for the Special Forces operations and acts very beautifully for the quick reaction teams , protects the important convoys, used in the mobile check points and is also used for armed reconnaissance. It is pretty much amazing for uses in desert like areas with its wide viewing angles and owing to these feature the personnel can easily spot any roadblocks in the way and gives the soldier a very comfortable space in order to use firearms whenever needed. The air conditioning feature in the vehicle doesn’t come standard, but it can be installed on request. This is the first of its kind venture in private defence manufacturing department which has received the ISO-9000-2000 certification.

Anand Mahindra receives Doctorate from IIT-Bombay

Mahindra and Mahindra is one of the leading automakers in the world and are going quite strong with the credit goes to the very efficient and hard working management personnel of the company led by Mr. Anand Mahindra. The honorary chairman of the Mahindra group Mr. Anand Mahindra received an honorary doctorate from IIT Bombay at their 53rd convocation. Mr Mahindra received a degree in the Doctor of Science for his role in the growth of the automotive sector in the country and his overall contribution to the social development in the Indian Territory. Mahindra is an Indian origin company which has taken the Indian automotive sector to an international stage and achieved massive success thus making the entire country proud.

Anand Mahindra

Mr Mahindra said on the very occasion that the whole world knows India as a country of ‘Jugaads’ but what the company wants is to establish the reputation of the country as a ‘Jhakkas’ country. He said some inspiring words to the students and said that they are the future and he wants them to work harder to achieve their goals to take India to a higher level of social and economic development. He encouraged them to think differently and to not follow the crowd. He further said that he was damn sure that one ‘I’ in the IIT stands for Imagination. He asked them to think creatively and said that they had a very big opportunity of studying in India’s top colleges and thus they don’t have any excuse to not make their dreams come true. He also said that they should not fear the failure as it is just a way of life to fail before getting to the ultimate success with further emphasizing on the importance of asking questions. He mentioned the extremely talented faculty of the institute and praised them by saying that you are blessed with country’s most talented lecturers and they are committed to produce the future entrepreneurs and the innovators of this great country.

Mr Kailash Satyarthi, who very recently was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize owing to his enormous contribution towards the social development of the country, was also present at the occasion. He delivered a very beautiful speech in front of the massive gathering. Students applauded fiercely to his words.

Mahindra further added that this institution’s environment is extremely beautiful that makes you to think positively and creatively in order to create. He said that he is asking them to create and imagine. Utilise the ‘I’ and take the country further on the new heights of social and the economic developments. He further added that along with ‘make in India’, the students should also be focusing on ‘Imagine in India’ as the imagination creates reality and the greatest of inventions which are illuminating the world presently were imagined first by somebody like them.

IIT Bombay got established in the 1958 and since then, the institution has proved its ability to produce the students who have thrilled the world with their innovations and creativity.

Mahindra TUV300 – 5 Major points that you should know

It was reported very recently that the Indian big cars manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra was looking eagerly to enter into the sub-4 metre vehicles arena by christening the TUV300. However desperate this may sound, but on the company’s side this was a necessary step to be taken as the competition among the biggest carmakers has been quite intense in the past few years. Mahindra and Mahindra being the Indian origin auto company has been looking for a way to be at the top of the Indian big car scenario but the enthusiastic products by the biggies such as Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Chevrolet and others have been providing Mahindra with a lot of stress and as a result Mahindra is looking to expand its range. Known primarily for the tractors and the beast cars such as Scorpio, the entry in sub-4 metre genre is expected provide some kind of credibility to the company as they are betting big on TUV300.

mahindra tuv300 alloy

As the TUV300 is set to make its debut in the month of September this year, many smaller vehicles from Mahindra group are expected to come out soon. Today we talk about the essential things TUV300 holds.

1. The 7 seater vehicle, TUV300 will be a sub 4 metre compact sports utility vehicle (SUV). Another Mahindra vehicle based on the same platform was Quanto, which was a moderately successful SUV from the vast Mahindra and Mahindra family. More like Quanto, this sub compact SUV, TUV300 will be having the space for 5 regular passenger seats while at the rear you will see 2 side facing jump seats.

2. Mahindra vehicles are usually rugged. Thus they are known to have muscular built that goes along with the rugged features on the outside. The TUV300 will feature a toothed front grille, a glossy black D-pillar and very clear lens head lamps. The black-pillar is somehow identical to that of Quanto, but playing it smartly, Mahindra decided to change the tail-lamps in order to give the TUV300 a big and muscular SUV look. However, the vehicle is already quite big, bigger than most SUVs running in the Indian roads as of now but still, it needed to maintain that trademark Mahindra muscular tag and that it does very efficiently.

3. Mahindra and Mahindra has been trying to take over the Italian car designing company Pininfarina for some time as the company is recording big losses for some time now. However, Mahindra’s all new SUV TUV300 is based on a platform formulated by the Italian company as Mahindra has decided to imply the Italian sleekness and comfort in the car. Mahindra recently announced that although the vehicle is a full blown SUV but it would not be available with a 4WD.

4. Powering the car will be a mHawk engine which was designed at the company’s Chennai plant. It is called the mHawk80.

5. Mahindra has decided to go all the way with the new SUV as it proclaimed that the car will be a global product to be exported globally as it will be getting manufactured at the Pune plane.

Mahindra Racing- Nick replaces Karun Chandhok

For the upcoming season of Formula E racing tournament Mahindra Racing shook the racing world with replacing its star racer Karun Chandhok with Nick Hiedfeld who will represent the company during the event to take place in October this year. Mahindra group is the only Indian presence in the tournament and millions of Indians have huge expectations from the Mahindra group to hoist the Indian flag in the tournament as the winner. However, removal of the Indian origin racer has been met with slight criticism but Mahindra is expected to handle it quite well. Mahindra racing confirmed the arrival of Nick Hiedfeld in the team and also stated that another star racer Bruno Senna will be continuing with the team.

Karun Chandhok

Nick is a big name when it comes to the car racing universe. He is participating in formula 1 since a long time and has already finished 13 Formula 1 podiums. He was formerly associated to the Ventury Squad into the foundational Formula E season where he finished at the 12th spot in the driver’s standings. His track record has been quite impressive overall. Mahindra officials were spotted saying that they are quite satisfied with the arrival of Nick into their team, his driving abilities are well known and he will prove to be a great asset to the company.

While Nick reportedly said that he is extremely happy and excited to join one of the best teams in the second season of a world famous tournament. He also said that Mahindra Racing has prepared quite well and learned a lot while participating in the first season and their preparation will prove to be fruitful. He also thanked the officials of the Mahindra group who thought that he was suitable for the job. He further added that he will try his best in order to maintain the faith of the officials.

He also said that when he got a chance to test the brand new M2Electro in Spain, he found a team that was equally strong willed and passionate about the entire car racing thing. He also said that he is extremely grateful to get a chance to work with one of the best teams in the car racing world and promised that he has only one target in his mind, that is to win the championship to make his team proud and he believes that given the combined experience of both the team and the company, it will prove a lot helpful in order to ensure the top prize in the widely famous tournament.

The team principal for the Mahindra Racing, Mr. Dilbagh Gill said that Nick will be bringing a lot of experience and skills with him as everyone was impressed with the way he performed in the inaugural season. He also said that Mahindra is eyeing the top prize this season and given the fact that we have prepared quite well for the tournament, the target doesn’t seem hard now.

Mahindra had made the announcement right before the pre-season testing.

New upcoming Mahindra TUV300 gets spied revealing exterior design

Indian SUV master, Mahindra & Mahindra is all geared up to take the domestic market by storm with many all new launches to pump up its sales. Mahindra’s all new compact SUV model, the TUV300 which is all over the news has again grabbed attention ahead of its imminent launch. The new upcoming Mahindra TUV300 has got spied almost sans camouflage, while the vehicle was busy going about its test rounds on the Indian roads.

2015 mahindra tuv300 spypicture

The Mahindra TUV300 had been spotted before a couple of times during its tests on the Indian roads. However, it was always spied with thick veils to hide its design language. Nevertheless, this time around a spying car enthusiast managed to spot the new baby SUV without much camouflage. Thus, the latest spy shots offer a good look at the upcoming vehicle’s design language and provide a sneak peek of what to expect from it.

As per the spy picture, the new baby SUV model from Mahindra & Mahindra’s stable will be coming with contemporary and smart styling. The new Mahindra TUV300 features stylish swept back headlight clusters and a spare wheel gets mounted on its tail gate as a patent SUV feature. The TUV300 features a similar boxy design to that of the Mahindra Bolero, suggesting it could be based on the Bolero.

The new sub-4 meter Sports Utility Vehicle will be getting manufactured in the Indian company’s production factory located in Chakan, Maharashtra. The new SUV will be packing in a new compact 1.5 liter mHawk diesel motor under its hood.

Mahindra has already teased the new upcoming TUV300 along with the name of its diesel engine in order to spark interest in the country’s SUV enthusiasts and to create a pre-launch buzz. The TUV300 has been speculated for quite some time as the baby version of the new upcoming Bolero, and also as the compact Bolero that is going to replace the existing Bolero SUV in India. However, Mahindra has clearly stated that the new upcoming TUV300 will be an entirely new offering from the company and will not be replacing the Bolero. The Indian car major said that the new TUV300 will be offered for sale alongside the Bolero in domestic passenger vehicle market.

The new Mahindra TUV300 is going to expand Mahindra’s current product lineup and is expected to hit the Indian market soon. The TUV300 is expected to launch in mid-September this year just before the festive season.

The new Mahindra TUV300 compact SUV model has been designed in collaboration with the Italian design firm Pininfarina, while being fully developed in India. The vehicle will be offered in a configuration of 7 seats with regular seats to accommodate 5 passengers, and two more seats facing each other at the rear of the vehicle.

The TUV300 baby SUV is going to be Mahindra’s answer to the very popular Ford EcoSport and is expected to be carrying a very competitive price tag, which is a patent feature of Mahindra vehicles.

Image Source: Anythingonwheels

Mahindra TUV300 India launch officially confirmed on 10th September, 2015

Mahindra & Mahindra had quite recently teased the upcoming new TUV300 by releasing some official sketches of the all new compact SUV model earlier this month. Now, the Indian SUV master has gone ahead announcing the official launch date of the new TUV300 compact SUV.

mahindra tuv300 alloy

The brand new Mahindra TUV300 compact SUV will be launching in the Indian car market on 10th of September, 2015. Thus, the new baby SUV model from the stable of Mahindra & Mahindra will hit the domestic market just ahead of the Indian festive season this year, to make most of the increased demand which is usually experienced during this period.

The new Mahindra TUV300 will be produced from the car maker’s Chakan facility in Maharashtra. The TUV300 has been in the news for quite some time going about its test rounds as the codenamed U301 and it is the very first all new compact SUV model from Mahindra & Mahindra. This new baby SUV is developed on a new ladder frame chassis platform and as per Mahindra, it has been designed taking inspiration from the design of a battle tank. The new SUV has been fully developed in-house with its research and development work done at the Mahindra Research Valley located in Chennai, while its styling has got inputs from the famous design firm, Pininfarina.

While speaking about the launch of the upcoming new Mahindra TUV300, Pravin Shah, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Automotive division at Mahindra & Mahindra said that the vehicle is one of the most eagerly awaited launches of the current year in the Indian car market. He also added by saying that the TUV300 truly signifies the Make-in-India motto and it has drawn design inspiration from a battle tank. He further said that the company is confident that this brand new product launch will be surely creating a lot of excitement in the Indian car market and amongst the Mahindra vehicle fans in the country.

While it is still early to comment on the new Mahindra TUV300’s design language it will surely have a rugged appeal if not really sporty. The new compact SUV will be featuring raised shoulders, uplifted nose, straight bonnet design, squared off wheel arches, flat roof, a spare wheel mounted on its tail gate and neat side profile.

Under the hood, the brand new Mahindra TUV300 compact SUV will be equipped with a new ‘mHawk80′ motor which is based on the already existing and reliable 2.2 mHawk engine. While the engine specifications have not been revealed as yet, it is expected to as powerful as that of the Quanto’s, but more refined. This new engine is expected to be coupled with the transmission choices of a 5 speed manual unit and an automated manual transmission (AMT) gearbox.

After the new Mahindra TUV300 hits the Indian car market, it will be pitched against the very popular Ford EcoSport and more such upcoming baby SUV models.

All you need to know about the brand new Mahindra TUV300 baby SUV

Mahindra & Mahindra is the all-time SUV leader of the country. The home bred auto giant has been very busy working on new SUV models to compete better in the fast changing domestic passenger vehicle market. In the recent times, the Indian car buyers highly prefer the compact SUV models, and as Mahindra does not have any proper representative in the highly popular compact SUV segment, the company has been suffering quite a bit when monthly sales are concerned. The only compact SUV in Mahindra’s current portfolio is the Quanto which is essentially the slashed down version of the Xylo and has already lost its initial popularity. Hence, Mahindra really needs to offer some competent proper compact SUV models, and the company is doing exactly that. After a long wait, Mahindra finally broke ice on its soon to launch all new compact SUV – the TUV300.

Mahindra TUV300

The new upcoming Mahindra TUV300 is the same vehicle that has been much speculated and spied as the codenamed U301, which has been constantly in news as the compact version of the next-gen Bolero. However, Mahindra has recently spoken about the vehicle as an entirely new compact SUV which will be selling alongside the Bolero.

Here are some of the key facts that you need to know about the upcoming new Mahindra TUV300:

  • The Mahindra TUV300 is going to be the Indian car major’s very first compact SUV offering. It will be a sub-4 meter compact sports utility vehicle which will be eligible for the excise duty benefits from the government.
  • The Mahindra TUV 300 SUV is an entirely new vehicle which has been fully developed from ground up at the company’s R&D center called the Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai.
  • The TUV300 SUV is going to be rolled out from Mahindra’s Chakan manufacturing facility located in Maharashtra. This has been confirmed by the company’s President and Chief Executive of the Automotive division, Pravin Shah revealed that the company will be launching the new compact SUV model named as the TUV300 from the Chakan facility, where other vehicles like the XUV500 are also produced.
  • The Mahindra TUV300 is expected to have sensational design language, as its styling was done inputs from Pininfarina. However, Mahindra has clearly announced about its true Indian aspect, as Shah said that the design of the Mahindra TUV300 has been inspired by a battle tank signifying its true made in status. Other design aspects include big windows, sporty short front as well as rear overhangs, raised front nose, raised shoulders, flat roof, straight clean bonnet and high ground clearance.
  • The TUV300 will get a new 1.5 liter mHawk 80 diesel mill, with ‘80’ likely denoting its power figure. With the introduction of the TUV 300, Mahindra aims to strengthen its position as a full-fledged SUV maker and introduce one model in every SUV segment.
  • Post its Indian launch, the Mahindra TUV300 will be rivaling the likes of Ford EcoSport and other such upcoming compact SUVs.