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Chandhok and Senna are geared to tackle the third season of Mahindra Racing Formula on beach side

The exciting Mahindra Racing Formula E team is no in its third season, which will be held in the scenic city of Punta del Este in Uruguay. It is going to be an exhilarating moment; the crowd will witness two ace Indian racers, Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok. The earlier session was held in Malaysia, and it was a challenging phase, it rained all through the afternoon and the weather in Punta del Este is pleasant. Participants are geared for the tedious race; there will be a couple of free warm up sessions in the morning, and then a swift fire group qualifying session and later on the afternoon race.

Mahindra Electric Racing Car

Mahindra Electric Racing Car

It is going to be a challenging moment for Mahindra racing drivers, the earlier round was held in Putrajaya city of Malaysia. Chandhok performed well but Bruno could not sustain the last bit of the race and gave up inches before podium finish. The race in Punta del Este is a crucial one for the racers, Senna and Chandhik are aiming for first positions, the zeal of the crowd and smooth race track in Uruguay is an attractive platform for positivity.

The race is Punta del Este is competitive, but also equally relaxing, the beach front area is an ideal medium for participants to relax all through the car. The structure of the race track is refined, but it is going to be a tough challenge for racers, who will have to engage their minds through tricky bends, not one or two but twenty. It is a tight track and racers will have to grille themselves to tackle 2.8km circuit, and participants may have to drive through the sand.

It will be interesting to watch the race in Punta del Este, and it certainly one of the toughest tracks to tackle, and there much of exhilaration is packed in, to just witness how Karun Chandhok can take the lead in tediously tough surroundings, he gave an insight into his participation moments and said, ‘’the initial two rounds have been fruitful, and we have performed well all through the events held in Malaysia and we hope to be the first podium finishers. ‘’

Contenders will have to perform a series of warm up to imbibe the nuances of racing on the uniquely built tracks of Punta del Este, and Chandhok is geared to absorb the dynamics of race tracks, and his first conquest  is to get acquainted to longer straight lanes and narrower turns. The tricky part is to tackle the grip level to get accustomed to the drive rhythms of sand close to the beach. Chandhok is banking on his swift moving car, to capture every triumphant moment on Punta del Este.

Chandhok is ready to face the battle in Uruguay, and is ready to conquer the opening races; he spoke of how his team could have yielded better results in Malaysia, and his hopeful of a spark performance in Punta del Este. Racing on beach sand is going to be fun for the viewers and participants, it is something new and the effervescent response from the spectators will make contenders feel relaxed and delighted.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels plans to expand its business via the sale of light commercial vehicles

Mahindra is an esteemed domestic auto enterprise and has for years manufactured top quality cars. The firm is an ace player in the used car industry as well, through the creation of Mahindra First Choice Wheels. The firm has for years enjoyed a robust base, and now plans to enhance its operation through the sale of light commercial vehicles.

2013 Mahindra First Choice Wheels to build

Mahindra First Choice Wheels

The establishment of Mahindra First Choice Wheels is pretty solid, and the company is aiming for bigger enhancements in the near future. Its vision to construct 100 outlets before the end of 2015, to strengthen its outlet to 500 units and within the coming three years, the aim is to build 1,000 dealerships.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels recently inaugurated its 400th dealership and has a strong outlet network in Delhi; the construction of the 400th unit is the 34th of its kind in the city. The company has extended opportunities to those who desire to live in a tight economical stream; the second hand car market will enable customers to engage in hefty lifetime savings.

India is a land of vast economical groups, and there is a wide economic margin between the rich and poor, and also the impact of recession is the trigger for increased fuel and commodity costs and a chunk of the population would prefer a second hand model to save bulk revenues. The used car market will certainly come in handy in India, and the impact of Mahindra First Choice Wheels is pretty pronounced.

The President of the after-market, corporate service and group HR department of group executive board of Mahindra and Mahindra, Rajeev Dubey stated that ‘’ in the past seven years, the company has mushroomed into a leader of the second hand car market, and an established builder of the used car market that bridges a range of enterprises such as retail channels and wholesale thereby influencing online and physical infrastructure.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels sells a range of used car products, and most of it is mortar and brick models. The company is also selling its vehicles through an electronic medium named ‘Autobid’ and the process of sale happens via auctions where used cars are sold to other dealers who are interested in the brand. The firm has recently introduced a new sale platform referred to as ‘Indian Blue Rock and it is a reliable medium through which customers can measure the estimate of value entrusted on their vehicles, all they have to do is write the number of chassis and name of the vehicle and the amount of vehicle can then be estimated.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels is a rapidly expanding used car sector, and it now plans to sell light commercial vehicles, which will be a boon to the effective transportation system of the country. The firm is working on vast dealership expansion plans as well, and it will be interesting to view the position of the company in the near future.

For those who are keen on second hand cars, Mahindra First Choice Wheels is the perfect option.

Sensational futuristic characteristics of Verito electric

Mahindra is a leader of the sport utility vehicle (SUV) market, and has also explored sedan, hatchback and electric car markets. Its popular sedan product is Verito, it is a common sight on Indian roads, but its presence is not enormously felt. Verito is not very commonly recognized for its passenger vehicle status and is commonly used as taxis.

Mahindra Verito Electric Car

The company is now building an electric variant of Verito, a new Verito electric car launch sounds intriguing, and it is the company’s first sedan electric car project. Mahindra had built a hatchback version of Verito called Verito Vibe and it too did not meet sufficient industry standards. For those who are startled by the firm’s aim to unveil a Verito electric car, it will happen sometime in mid 2015.

Mahindra’s big adventure with electric vehicle segment is e20, it is a trendy small electric car, and the company however did not manage to sell it in high numbers. E20 is a potent car and operates on powerful lithium ion battery, and it covers enormous distances within limited charge hours. It is the lack of efficient infrastructure that has hindered the profit driving impact of the car.

Despite the profit generating inefficiency of e20, Mahindra is betting on admirable market gain volumes with Verito electric. It will be slated in the commercial car rental category and the vision is to sell 100 units every month. The company has strategized its export plan as well, and favourable overseas destination is Europe along with many other markets.

Mahindra Verito Electric sports fashionable exteriors; it has different elements from the regular model, visible on the many attractive cosmetic modifications. It is a high-tech car with exceptional beauty, the stylishness is visible on the sparkling chrome filled grille, and it is a design that is a leap into the future. The headlights are moulded into neat eye brow shaped structures and the body coloured bumpers are superbly glossy. The company has also emphasized on impressive visible, with the presence of laminated windshield, and the body coloured exterior rear view mirrors provides a classy rustic stance to the car.

The structure of the interiors is as magical as the exteriors, and the décor is vibrant and elegant. The dashboard has a professional two tone colour theme, the back seats are huge and five occupants can comfortably sit with minimal room for stuffiness. The quality of upholstery and materials is first rate.

Verito electric is fitted with a robust 29KW power train that emits fierce 39bhp power, it runs on advanced lithium ion batteries, and can cover 100km distances with seven hours of full charge, users have coined an interesting term for the battery called fast charge and the highest attainable speed is 85km/h and the expected price range is Rs 9 lakhs.

It will be interesting to observe the customer response of Verito electric post launch, and its fiercest rival is Honda Accord hybrid christened Grace. Although there has not been an effectual infrastructure to run electric vehicles, the government plans to strengthen the power of eco-friendly cars in the country through the incorporation of (NEMMP) National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 and plans to put down Rs 14,000 crore to aid development.

2016 Bolero spied again in India

The 2016 Mahindra Bolero is a most wanted upcoming launch in India, it is among the hottest launches of the season. The 2016 Bolero is christened U301, and was captured several times by car enthusiasts. It’s spotted again on the streets of Chennai, and it is a big development engineered on the advanced hydroformed modular ladder frame chassis.

mahindra bolero special edition

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition

The fitment of hydro formed modular ladder frame chassis will result in the 2016 Bolero having superior lightness and drive move ability, which gives it an edge over its rivals. Mahindra is a pioneer of the utility vehicle market, and Bolero been a best seller for over a decade. The new model sports a boxy architecture, it is compact car and expected to be a below 4 meter model. The company has churned amazing profits with Bolero, and sells a massive figure of 5,000 units a month.

The new 2016 Bolero is a fashionable variant of the past, the vehicle is at the moment completely camouflaged and from what is visible, the structure of the grille looks impressively picturesque and according to reports it is similar to the layout of XUV500. The side view is trendy as well and it is a chopped variant of present Bolero, and the back view is also elegant accentuated by radiating tail lights, and the inner décor is improved as well, and looks more up to date and plush than before. The décor is vibrant and the cabin room is spacious, abundant enough to seat many occupants.

Mahindra plans to empower the engine power of 2016 Bolero (U301), and it have series of new diesel and petrol engines. The diesel power train has a three cylinder unit also used in Quanto, and the petrol engine is built on a joint collaboration basis with the acclaimed South Korean based firm Ssangyong. The company has not yet divulged the price details of the car, but one can expect it to be on the pricy side, and the scheduled arrival date is late 2015.

Mahindra has recently amazed the crowd with its new generation Scorpio, it is a well groomed variant of the past, and has become an instant best seller. The company has modified the interiors and exteriors, but has preserved the engine property of the vehicle, a similar strategy is employed on the 2016 Bolero, here also the company has vastly changed the face of exteriors and interiors, but has managed to retain the core character of the vehicle.

The Indian automobile industry has witnessed a prolonged harsh sale downturn that has lasted for three years. Mahindra has succumbed to the pressurized economy, although it has gained supremacy over many of its counterparts of the SUV market, it yet has to be concerned about the current and upcoming competition. The market share volume of the SUV market has surged rapidly over the past few years, mainly contributed by products from Ford and Renault such as EcoSport and Duster respectively.

The development of U301 is in tune with the intensified competition, and for those who are keen on the vehicle it is a worthy purchase.

Mahindra XUV500 premium SUV facelift in works; probable automatic variant gets spied

Indian SUV master, Mahindra & Mahindra is working hard to boost its sales with a string of planned new model launches in 2015. The Indian car major has plans to launch many more updated versions of its existing lineup in the next year as well. The car major has already launched its all new Scorpio SUV in the domestic market that has received great response. And now, Mahindra & Mahindra is busy working on a new updated version of its popular premium SUV, the XUV500.

Mahindra XUV500 wins the title Star of Nasik at 2013 Maharashtra Rally

Mahindra XUV500

Now, the test mule of the new facelift Mahindra XUV500 has already been put to test the Indian road, and it has been spied by the eager shutterbugs. Sadly enough, the test prototype of the XUV500 facelift has been spotted only from the rear end of the vehicle and the spy pictures have been revealed on the internet for the car enthusiasts of the country to behold and to contemplate on. The test prototype model of the new refreshed Mahindra XUV500 that got spied seemed to retain some of the key exterior features including the tail lights design, centre brake light, rear bumper design. However, the veiled tail gate of the vehicle reveals a new chrome finished model trim name which is noted to be fixed on top of the number plate area. In the ongoing XUV500 variants, the trim name has a black finish.

Apart from the new chrome finished trim, no other changes were apparently noticed by the spy camera that can be distinguished from the present model. However, it might be too early for the new facelift version of the popular Mahindra XUV500, as being a refreshed variant some good changes are certainly expected from this already extravagantly designed premium SUV. Mahindra could incorporate other changes on it at a later stage, as there should be ample time before it launches sometime in 2015. According to the spy photographers who did not manage to snap the vehicle upfront, the testing XUV500 facelift prototype seemed to possess a mildly refreshed, and also flaunted a set of newly designed alloy wheels. The source also said that the vehicle’s interiors were fully hidden from sight, which hints at the fact that some real good things could be endowed in the cabin of the new XUV500.

Moreover, the 2015 new facelift Mahindra XUV500 premium SUV is also expected to come with the much anticipated automatic transmission gearbox that should be mated to same tried and tested 2.2 liter 4-cylinder mHawk diesel motor which has been doing its duty under the hood of the present XUV500 model. While the current XUV500 model offers the power figures of max power of 140 bhp at 3,750 rpm and the peak torque of 330 Nm at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm, the new facelift version of the premium SUV could also come along with some minor tweaks from Mahindra & Mahindra to its engine in order to provide enhanced fuel efficiency as well as reduced emissions.

AWD SUV war – Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton VS Renault Duster

The Indian car industry has been always in favor of the SUVs. However, over the time more than the bulky traditional SUVs, the Indian SUV lovers have been leaning towards the more premium, styling, compact or the more powerful SUV options that have been flooding the Indian car market lately. This new trend has also given rise to the more powerful all terrain friendly All 4 Wheel versions of the SUVs. While even a couple of years ago, the All 4 Wheel Drive systems or the AWD versions of SUVs were not much popular or available in India as compared to the recent times.

Ssangyong Rexton W 60th Anniversary Special Edition

Ssangyong Rexton W 60th Anniversary Special Edition

The AWD is a term for vehicles that are driven by all its four wheels and the generated power from the engines in such vehicles are transmitted to all the four wheels of the vehicle. This also offers greater hold and performance on the rougher and uncertain terrains which is a great advantage especially for tough SUVs that are meant to tread the rougher roads.

Currently, in the car market of India there are many good SUV models that come along with AWD options. Among these come the Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton premium SUV and the Renault Duster sub-compact SUV which have especially defined the true meaning of the All Four Wheel Drive system in India.

On one hand, there is the Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton premium SUV from the South Korean subsidiary of the Indian car major Mahindra. The premium Rexton is powered by a 2696 cc 20V motor that is capable of churning out a max power output of 184 bhp at 4000 rpm. The vehicle offers a peak torque of 402 Nm at 1600 – 3000 rpm.

On the other hand, is the Duster sub-compact SUV from the French car maker Renault which is equipped with a 1461 cc 16V engine that is good enough to generate a max power output of 108.45 bhp at 4000 rpm. This capable SUV can offer a peak torque figure 245 Nm at 1750 rpm.

The real difference however lies in the transmission system of the two compared vehicles here. While the Renault Duster has been equipped with a capable 6 speed manual transmission gearbox, the Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton’s engine is paired to a 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox.

Renault Duster Facelift

Renault Duster Facelift

The Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton among these two is more premium for sure and owing to the increased power as well as the heavier powertrain, the Rexton premium SUV has been tagged at a price of Rs. 22.1 lakhs in the Indian car market. On the other hand, the comparatively smaller Renault Duster that comes without the premium tag has been priced at Rs. 13 lakhs which definitely makes it a more affordable AWD SUV option for the Indian buyers.

These two SUVs are already great options to go for whether or not the AWD versions, and offer superior quality SUV power performance to please all the adventurous SUV lovers in India.

Mahindra & Mahindra to follow 7 no production days a month

Indian car major Mahindra & Mahindra has been troubled with low sales for quite some time now. The Indian utility vehicle leader’s woes have deepened with the increasing diesel prices and the resulting lowering demands of the even recently popular diesel cars. Mahindra with its huge production capacity is thus currently producing more vehicles than the amount selling in the Indian domestic market. As a result, the car major’s stocks are piling up at its dealers as well as the stockyards at its various manufacturing facilities.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

In order to close the increasing gap among the amount of the manufactured units and the amount of vehicles catering to the market demands, Mahindra & Mahindra will be continuing up to 7 days of ‘No Production Days’ per month at some of its production facilities. These ‘No Production Days’ are supposed to be followed till the month of March 2015, as per the Indian car major.

Mahindra & Mahindra has stated in a filing that the company is currently trying to align its production along with the company’s sales requirements. Thus, the company may observe ‘No Production Days’ ranging from 1 to 7 days in a month as per the requirements at some of its automotive and tractor production facilities as well as in the Chakan plant for a period up to the month of March next year.

The statement also adds the fact that the company management does not think that these production halt days is going to cause any adverse effects on the availability of the Mahindra products in the Indian domestic market due to an abundance of stocks to cater to the requirements in the market.

Mahindra & Mahindra is still affected with low sales, even after the Indian car market have been witnessing positive growth in the last few months ending the two year long market slowdown. In the last month, Mahindra & Mahindra managed to sell only 13,765 vehicles as compared to the sale of 16,771 vehicles during the month of November last year. The car major’s declined domestic sales accounted for 32,100 vehicles in November this year as compared against the sale of 36,261 vehicles during the corresponding month in 2013.

In order to boost its sales figures Mahindra & Mahindra is working on several new vehicles as well as updated versions of its existing models. Moreover, the homegrown car major is also offering end of the year cash discounts and other special offers in order to lure in more buyers.

Mahindra like many other car majors in India is offering heavy cash benefits in the form of discounts, loyalty bonuses, exchange bonus, and special corporate discounts to boost sales in the last month of this year and to clear this year’s stock. The Indian car major started its discounts campaign from 4th of December, 2014 and the offers are valid till 28th of December. Mahindra Xylo MPV is now available at hefty discounts of up to Rs. 83,000, while the very popular Bolero is being offered with cash befits of up to Rs. 60,000.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels eyes major expansion as used car business booms

It is a well-known fact that the new car market is highly subjected to ups and downs. While in good times the car makers make heavy profits with great time, there are also times when car sales become so dull that the car manufacturers struggle to get even sustainable sales and offer heavy discounts on their cars to find buyers. The Indian car market had just seen such a dull situation for an extended period of over 2 years, while the new car market is just seeing a turnaround for better over the last few months. The new car market is based on the general economic conditions of a nation, as well as several other factors including political stabilities, as in such times people do not wish to invest heavily on a new car purchase. However, things are different with the used car or pre-owned cars business. The used car market is very stable and is almost unaffected by the general market scenarios. This is because people do need to buy cars irrespective of the general conditions of a nation, while used cars offer economical benefits.

Mahindra First Choice

Moreover, over the years the used car business is growing at a very fast pace and is soon expected to become three times the size of the new car market. In order to take advantage of this very beneficial profit aspects of the used car market, India’s first certified pre-owned car business, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd is planning for a major expansion. Mahindra First Choice Wheels is the multi-brand used car business which is part of the business group of the Indian utility vehicle leader Mahindra & Mahindra.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels is already making great growth along with the expanding general used car business in India. The company has opened several new dealerships across the country and has also opened exclusive outlets for luxury used cars for its privileged customers. The company is hoping to get further vigorous growth with its planned further network expansion and the launch of new initiatives.

At present, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd has a total of 400 dealership outlets across India. The company hopes to sell around 1.5 lakh units of the pre-owned vehicles from various makers within this year which would be done through the company’s various online as well as offline sales channels. The company says that the demand has been especially strong in the smaller towns and cities of the country.

Rajeev Dubey the Group HR of Corporate Services & After-Market at Mahindra & Mahindra President told the media that the company is pretty bullish on the growth prospects in the used car business, as the company has been growing in the rate of around 35 percent. He said that the company will be maintaining the pace in its growth going forward. Mahindra First Choice Wheels plans to strengthen its network and is aiming to close this current year with a total 500 outlets, while it will be adding 200 more outlets by next year.

Mahindra to launch mPACT XTV multi-terrain range in U.S, early next year

Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra is all set to make big impression in the U.S market with its new range of vehicles. These will be all terrain or multi-terrain vehicles from the Indian car major. This new venture in an all new vehicle segment will be a big step on the part of this Indian automotive giant.

Mahindra mPACT XTV UTV teaser

Mahindra mPACT XTV UTV teaser

Christened as the new Mahindra mPACT XTV range, these multi-terrain vehicles will offer the benefit of tough utility in all sorts of road conditions and will be offering the flexibility of carrying people as well as loads. The new Mahindra mPACT XTV range will comprise of a total 6 models, some of which will be launched as soon as early next year and will be soon offered for sale at the existing Mahindra dealership outlets across U.S over a period of time. The models will also be launched in Canada towards the latter half of next year. Mahindra & Mahindra offered a glance of this new type of multi-terrain vehicles to its authorized dealers in the U.S at Mahindra Regional Dealer Meeting that was held in the month of October this year.

Mahindra & Mahindra is a big tractor name in the offshore markets and is the world’s largest tractor producer in terms of volumes. This commercial vehicle major is also becoming a popular name in the passenger car segment in the international markets lately and wish to make it even bigger globally in the near future. Mahindra & Mahindra, with its venture into the new multi-terrain vehicle segment will be foraying into a yet another new global vehicle segment. And this is in keeping with its vision to promote mobility in even the remotest corners of the world and to establish the brand all across the globe and in all types of vehicles.

The new upcoming Mahindra mPACT XTV range of multi-terrain vehicles is not only going to efficient all terrain vehicles, but also multi-benefit vehicles, as these are meant for both passenger as well as load transports. These tough vehicles are specially designed to provide pleasurable performance, comfort as well as sufficient work and transport efficiency. This range of Mahindra vehicles is also offered with segment leading cargo space as well as towing capacities.

Being multi-terrain tough vehicle, the all new Mahindra mPACT XTV range will offer real all 4 Wheel Drive systems. They will feature 12 inch of ground clearance and 27 inch ATV tyres fitted on 14 inch aluminum alloy wheels. The vehicles will offer the class leading up to 544kg of cargo capacity and up to 952kg of towing capacity. It will come with all the required work equipments including front and rear receiver hitches, power cargo box lift and built in storage compartments. The models will be available with both gasoline and diesel motors. The models will be offered in three variants, namely ‘Standard’ with 3 passenger capacity and cargo; ‘Crew’ with 6 passengers and cargo; and ‘Longbed’ with 3 passengers and added cargo space which folds into a flatbed.

Mahindra Verito Electric sedan launch in India postponed to mid 2015

Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has already established itself as a green car maker after the launch of its very capable all electric E2O hatchback in 2012. The company has been ever since preparing itself to launch more electric cars. Mahindra & Mahindra is also fully prepared to launch the electric version of its popular sedan Verito.

Mahindra Verito Electric Car

Earlier this year it was confirmed that Mahindra will launch the Verito Electric variant by the end of this year. However, it has now come to light that the Verito electric’s launch has got delayed to the middle of next year. However, after the lackluster sales scenario for the E2O that the company was confident to do very well in India, it has decided to put the electric Verito in the city cab as well as commercial car rental segment of the country to make it more widely adopted and successful. Mahindra thinks that the taxi sector will adopt the Verito sedan’s electric version warmly, as it would be convenient and cost efficient.

While sales of the Mahindra Verito sedan have not been up to expectations, the company expects sales of the Verito electric sedan to exceed 100 units per month while exports of the vehicle to markets like Europe, especially countries like Norway, UK and France are also on the cards.

Mahindra & Mahindra showcased the Verito electric at the 2014 Auto Expo held in February. The electric Verito will get a different powertrain, but will be retaining all the other aspects including exterior and interior styling, features as well as dimensions of existing Verito sedan. The Indian government’s slow actions to take up the initiative to promote the green electric vehicles in the country by offering subsidies has been a major hindrance for Mahindra to launch more electric cars and even to achieve the expected success for the E2O.

The Mahindra Verito electric version is a conventional electric vehicle that is battery powered and takes 7 hours to fully recharge the battery pack. However, the fast charge option is able to speed up the charging process by more than double. The Mahindra Verito electric will come with a maximum range of 80 km which means it will be bound to a city limits. The vehicle has the top speed of up to 85 km per hour. The Indian car major has not yet revealed the power and torque figures of the car.

Apart from the launch of the electric version of the popular Verito sedan in India, Mahindra has big plans to launch two new compact SUV models in 2015 in order to compete in the very popular compact SUV segment of India that has the very successful models such as the Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. One of these upcoming compact SUVs is the much spied and speculated S101 (codename), which is expected to hit India in the first half of 2015. With the launch of the new compact SUVs, Mahindra expects to boost its sales in a big way.