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Opening Rally of Mahindra Adventure in Nashik

The new season of FMSCI Indian rally Championship took off on 11th of June from Nasik this year. The rally saw 27 cars competing for a distance of 417 kms. In their SUV’s, the super team comprising of Gaurav Gill with the co-driver Musa Sheriff and Mahindra Adventure team mates Sunny Sindhu with co-driver PVS Murthy, Amittrajit ghosh with co-driver Ashwin Naik led the top IRC class. Evo X’s (Mitsubishi), which was driven by Samir Thapar with co-driver Gurinder Singh Man and Lohitt Urs (Srikant Godwa), gave a tough competition to team Mahindra. This is so because the EVO is said to be more powerful as far as tarmac surface is concerned. It is significant to note that Urs had returned after 2013 for this championship.

Mahindra Adventure Monastery Escape

Mahindra Adventure

In the 2000cc class we had Team Yokohoma from Bengaluru driving their Mitsubishi Cedia. Its drivers Rahul Kantharaj with Vivek Bhatt came together for their 16th season this time. The duo came together for the first time in 2000 and since then they have participated in more than 75 rallies. They have the credit of winning 4 national championships, 4 group championships and finished as runners up at 4 different occasions. Kantharaj had said they will also keep an eye on Volkswagen Polo driven by Arjun Rao Aroor. Team Yokohoma were considered as being strong contenders in the 16000cc class. The drivers were Karan Kadur with co-driver M. Chandrasekar. They were represented by the 2014 winners in this category, Adith KC with co-driver Harish KN. Team Yokohoma was also seen supporting prithvi Dominic, a Yokohoma YCN dealer and motorsport enthusiast. He was also the co-driver with Prithvi Ithal in 2000cc.

There were three special stages in the rally .Two out of these three were located at a distance of 68kms from the city and were held on Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13th.A spectator special stage ,which was 2.03kms long stage, was run once on Saturday evening and twice on Sunday after which the rally was closed.

In the 1600cc category, we had Karna with co-driver Chandrasekhar. He has the credit of winning over 95 events, including both 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. He has also won 2 National Championship titles and 12 national events.

Finally it was team Yokohama that took the title away and won IRC 2000cc class at Nasik. The new team on the board, Team Yokohama started off its calendar year with a big bang. Team Yokohoma’s Rahul Kantharaj (Vivek Bhatt) drove a Mitsubishi Cedia at the Maharashtra Adventure Rally of Maharashtra. From 2008-201 Yokohoma has been the official tyre partner with Red Rooster. Yokohoma tyres are original suppliers for equipment to many top brands namely Audi, Honda, Nissan, Porsche, Suzuki and Toyota etc. They have completed ten years as the sole tyre suppliers to WTCC, an FIA world Championship. They have participated in motorsport events world over in the past ten years. Team Yokohoma now hopes to do well in the coming championships as well.

Mahindra e-verito electric sedan at FAME India Eco Drive 2015

This World environment day was special for Mahindra and Mahindra because it displayed a fleet of electric vehicles namely the Mahindra e-verito, e2o and e-maxximo at the FAME India eco drive 2015. One can very aptly use the terms sensational and futuristic with these cars. Mahindra has already built a name for it in the sport utility vehicle market (SUV).Mahindra is now exploring the new markets related to electric or green cars, as they are called. In the line of sedan, verito is a very common car that has made its place on the Indian roads but its presence is not felt very hugely in the market as of now. Mostly verito is used for taxi or cab purposes, not as a family car or passenger car.

Mahindra Verito Electric Car

Mahindra has now come up with a new variant of verito that is electric verito. Mahindra group’s Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd has the aim to tap foreign markets, according to some top officials. The new e verito is being termed as the gen next car. The need of today’s generation is to find an alternative for the petrol and diesel as the fuel because of their rising prices and also to promote the idea of a greener planet.

To fulfill all such future needs and address them in the present with the alert buyers in India, Mahindra electric verito sedan has been built with systems like hill hold and pick up when standing still. It can be charged at home, can use solar energy too, if it is available and setup. For this purpose, the fuel lid has been done away with and a charging point has been placed there instead. The concept of electric verito was first discussed at Auto expo 2012.Mahindra verito flaunts its fabulous exteriors and stunning interiors. Many modifications have been done bringing it up from the basic model.

Verito is visibly futuristic in styling and that gives it an edge to the beauty lovers. The features add the extra bit to it along with all the technical intelligence that has been worked upon in this new electric model. Dash board has been made dual tones to make it more interesting. The back seat is spacious enough to fit in three people without making it feel stuffy. The prime importance is that Verito has successfully maintained its elegance despite of all the changes in the looks and still manages to look quiet toned down. The new e-Verito electric sedan claims to have a upper speed of 85 KMPL and said to cover 80 kms once fully charged.

FAME India is an initiative to create awareness in public about the hybrid and electric vehicles. The new electric Verito sedan will also be supplied to BHEL later this year. Mahindra is planning to export this new model, especially in Europe. They will be introducing it as a fit for the car renting commercial segment of the car market in India.

Mahindra & Mahindra working on their strategy to grasp more portion of the market share

‘Play to win’ is the new strategy being used by the biggest SUV maker of India namely Mahindra and Mahindra in order to rev up their market share. The code name suggests a high priority is being given to the competition which is increasing with each passing day. Their action plan includes working towards increasing and maintaining the market share which they lost over time to their competitors namely Renault and Ford. They are also facing a tough competition from the two other biggies of the market i.e. Maruti Suzuki India and Hyundai Motor Company.

new scorpio

The company had a meeting with the vendors in the month of May this year to discuss the futuristic plans and the details were shared with them. However, the same could not be openly talked about in public as they were treated confidential by the officials.

Their market share in the utility vehicle (UV) segment has dipped severely from 55% to a 37.4% in the past year. It has even lost its top third spot as the leader to Honda, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai being the top two leaders in the same segment. The reason, as cited by some industry experts vary from the consumer satisfaction reports and the price involved, also latest products being made available on the world platform to the Indian buyers.

Mahindra is now working with the aim of hitting the bull’s eye in this financial year. They have plans of hitting a quick turnaround in 2015. Competition for Mahindra and Mahindra is soon going to increase with some of the big names planning to welcome new entrants’ in the UV segment. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, both are planning to make the competition between them even more intense by introducing new SUV’s.

Mahindra is expecting a good sale from S101 and U301, trying to get the eyes of Micro SUV buyers and compact sedan buyers respectively. M&M is aiming at a sale of upto 50 thousand units. Mahindra and Mahindra acquired 51% of Peugeot motorcycles in January this year. It is expected to help them reach for the masses. With the help of Peugeot, they are looking at expanding their business in South East Asia as well as Africa.

Company is expecting to break even in the next few years, banking upon their revival of the markets and their introduction of new variants. Overall it is their competition with the biggies like Honda and Maruti Suzuki. Their survival depends ultimately upon how far are they able to cope up with this increasing pressure of introducing changes in the already existing SUV’s to impress upon the buyers. They have to go a far way in their truck and bus division. According to a top official at M&M, they believe they have all the right products, what they now need is just the strategy to work around them which is sure to win over the market again.

Mahindra & Mahindra targets great sales growth in Africa; many new launches in pipeline for India

The largest utility vehicle and tractor manufacturing company of India, Mahindra & Mahindra has been really busy over the last few years. It is a well known fact that the Indian car major has high ambitions about making it really big in the global car markets apart from boosting its sales in the domestic car market at the same time.

2015 Mahindra XUV500 Exteriors

The Indian car major has plans to grow really big in the African car market. The company has been growing a lot in Africa in the past decade, and now it wants to expand its business in the African continent and boost its sales rates considerably. Mahindra & Mahindra is eyeing to make a double digit sales growth in Africa as per the company statement. Mahindra is currently pretty focused on Africa and wants to maintain double digit sales growth levels in the continent.

The Indian UV major is actively present in as many as 20 African nations, and with it the company hopes to get an aggressive sales expansion which it expects to surge by up to 10 folds in the coming 5 to 7 years’ time. The chief executive officer of Mahindra & Mahindra’s local South African wing, Ashok Thakur said in a company statement that it is certain that the African continent is tremendously potential and that the new business of the company in Africa will enable Mahindra achieve a very good position to be able to strengthen the company’s African presence even further.

Thakur will be responsible for leading the newly formed continental business unit which is based in the South African nation. Mahindra & Mahindra has many other big plans for the African markets and plans to establish many more upcoming business hubs in Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria. In the meantime, South Africa will be working as a central distribution network for all the manufactured products of the Mahindra Group. This will include everything from utility vehicles, to trucks and tractors.

When the Indian car market is concerned, Mahindra is also working busily for its home market. Of late, the Indian car major’s sales rates in its home front have been suffering slow demands. Mahindra wishes to make major changes in its product portfolio by introducing many all new as well as facelift models in the Indian car market.

Mahindra plans to launch a number of new compact UV models including an entirely new model that is still known as the S101 and a new compact variant of the popular Bolero. Many more compact SUV and MPV models are expected to launch in India in the coming years, the next year should see the launch of the next generation Bolero in its true size. Mahindra & Mahindra is also working on the new facelift model of the Quanto compact SUV model which has not been a good seller in the recent past. With so many new launches planned, the company is set to boost is sales seriously.

Mahindra & Mahindra experiences June sales plummet by 6 percent

Indian car major Mahindra & Mahindra is not yet out of its sales difficulties in its home market and continues to experience sales decline. The leading UV manufacturing company of India has posted a monthly sales decline of 6 percent in its total sales which stood at 36,134 units of vehicles in the last month. Mahindra had managed to sell a total of 38,466 units in the month of June last year, the company revealed in a statement.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

As far as the domestic car market of India is concerned, Mahindra & Mahindra’s monthly sales rates dropped by 9 per cent in the month of June this year, as it managed to sell 33,282 units of vehicles as compared against the sale of 36,452 units in the corresponding month in 2014.

What saved the Indian car major from experiencing a massive sales plummet last month is its exports, which grew by a huge 42 percent. In the month of June, 2015 Mahindra exported a total of 2,852 units of vehicles as compared against the export of 2,014 units in the same month in the last year.

The Indian SUV master managed sell a total of 15,880 units of its passenger vehicle models last month as compared against the sale of 18,635 units in the corresponding month in 2014. This accounted for a 15 percent sales decline in the passenger car segment for the Indian company. Mahindra & Mahindra’s current passenger vehicle portfolio in the domestic car market of India includes very popular models such as the Scorpio SUV, premium XUV 500 SUV, Bolero SUV, Xylo SUV and the Verito sedan.

On the other hand, Mahindra & Mahindra’s sales commercial vehicle segment also dropped by 4 percent in the month of June. Last month the company managed to sell 12,737 units of its commercial vehicles in the domestic market, while it had managed to sell a total of 13,273 units in the same month in the last year, revealed Mahindra’s company statement.

While commenting on the company’s monthly sales performance in the country last month, Mahindra & Mahindra’s Chief Executive Officer for the Automotive Division, Pravin Shah said that as the monsoon this year is quite normal till now, the company is expecting a positive sentiment for its commercial sector, especially in its tractor sales this year going ahead. He added that as the company has plans for a slew of new model launches this year in the country’s automotive industry, the company is expecting a spurt in its market demands as well as a good amount of sales growth going forward this year.

Mahindra & Mahindra remains positive about its future sales growth, as the country’s automotive market remains positive. Mahindra is planning to refresh its product portfolio in a big way for the domestic car market with a series of new model launches. This will include brand new vehicle model launches as well as refreshed models. A new compact SUV, a new generation Bolero and a refreshed new Quanto are on their way.

Shillong Great Escape – The Ultimate Off-Roading Experience from Mahindra

There are plenty of driving experiences to suit the different consumer segments in India. Mahindra sponsors the Shillong Great Escape from the 30th of May 2015. One of the more popular off-roading events held in India, the Great Escape offers Mahindra owners a chance to go off-roading in controlled situations created by Mahindra Adventure. The prize trophy awaiting the winner this year is a brand new Thar 4X4.

Shillong Great Escape - Mahindra


The Great Escape will see Mahindra customers from Tura, Shillong, Guwahati, Jaintia Hills, Nagaland and other neighbouring North-Eastern states. Winners will be sponsored for the main event to be held in Mumbai Nashik finals where they will be meeting off-roaders from other parts of the country in January 2016. The event is scheduled to flag off from Siloam in UCC road, Umiam.

The portal serves as a one-point stop for important information about the contest, the drive, the prize, challenges expected along the way, etc. The rally is usually flagged off from Umiam, Orchid Lake Resort, Ri Bhoi district in Shillong.

The event sees participation from the entire stable of Mahindra vehicles including the Bolero, Scorpio, Legend and the extreme off-roader, Thar 4×4.

Offroading Experience

An exceptional thought to display the off-roading competences of Mahindra vehicles, Mahindra Adventure acts as a umbrella of series of adventure and motor sports events organised under its banner.

Mahindra Adventure holds a series of events throughout the year such as the popular off-roading event, the Great Escape, numerous Challenges, which are sporting actions that keeps company’s promise of giving challenges of adrenalin pumping. They also sponsor multi-Day Escapes, such as the Royal New Year Escape (6 days) & Monastery Escape (10 days), Authentic Goa (4 days) and Tri- Nation Escape (India, Nepal & Bhutan – 14 days) and more such off-roading experiences unique to the customer thus, testing their skills.

Why Shillong?

Shillong offers a perfect picture postcard setting for the 1st Great Escape of the season with rolling hills and verdant greens.  Also known as the ‘abode of the clouds’, Shillong offers an undulating hilly terrain of Shillong with streams and obstacles that pose a challenge for the experienced and amateurs.

Every vehicle and its participants have to negotiate their share of challenges. Participants also get a chance to soak in the cool climate and enjoy the one of a kind scenic beauty. These include the swollen landscape, mountainous gorges, steep climbs, forest wilderness full of all species of fauna and flora or singing rivulets.

The Mahindra Great Escape as part of the Mahindra Adventure umbrella brand continues to live up to the promise of encouraging the off-roading culture and demonstrating the tough and rugged DNA of Mahindra vehicles. The concept of an all-India ‘Off-Road Trophy’ championship sees fierce competition as participants get a chance to showcase their off-road driving skills through different obstacles.

Winners from regional Great Escapes, which include Hyderabad, Shillong, Lonavla, Kottayam, Chandigarh, Goa, Chennai, Sakleshpur, Jaisalmer and Gurgaon compete in skills for the ultimate trophy.

Quanto to get Facelift, to be Called Canto

Quanto is a popular SUV from M&M that has been branded as a weekend car for the families to go on vacations. Recently, a heavily camouflaged car was spotted running on roads by a car enthusiast that is believed to be a new model of Quanto. In fact, according to insiders, it is not a new model but same Quanto that is being planned to be introduced with a facelift. M&M will name this car Canto and it will be launched later this year. This facelift aims to infuse new lease of life in Quanto that is not doing that well in Indian car market.

2015 mahindra quanto

M&M has codenamed the new SUV U125. The company has reportedly imported bumpers for this new car from South Korea. It is a fact that M&M has bought SsangYong, an automobile parts company in South Korea. It is form this company that M&M is sourcing the bumpers for the new Quanto that will be referred to as Canto after launch.

If one looks at the performance of Quanto in the last 6 months, M&M has been able to sell only 55 units every month on an average. This is indeed a very low number that has alarmed those who matter at M&M. The company, which is considered as a specialist of UV cars, has decided to give a facelift to Quanto to make it look more attractive and stylish in the eyes of the consumers. The new Quanto will not only be fitted with latest features with a redesigned body but it will also be fitted with automated manual transmission. M&M is taking the cue from its sub 4 meter SUV Xylo to give a facelift to Quanto. The company believes that the feature of AMT will add convenience and make the new Quanto look stylish in the eyes of the consumers.

As far as new features are concerned, new Quanto will get a new bumper, grill, and headlights. The images of the new car that have been leaked on internet clearly show that the new Quanto will have LED DRL’s and a head scoop aka Scorpio. This is not all as new Quanto will get the same multifunction steering wheel that is fitted in Xylo. According to insiders, no effort has been spared by the engineers at M&M to make the new Quanto more beautiful for the customers. It looks not only stylish but also has a much better build quality.

There will be no changes to the existing power train as new Quanto will be powered by the same 1.5 liter diesel engine that is fitted in the current model. This engine produces a power of 100BHP. It generates a torque of 240Nm to make the car easily maneuverable in city driving conditions. There will be changes in the interiors too and the new Quanto will get a two color tone interiors like its much fancied siblings Scorpio and XUV 500. Rest of the controls on the dashboard and even air conditioning vents will remain the same as in existing model of Quanto.

New Avatar of Bolero to be fitted with Quanto Engine

Mahindra and Mahindra, one of the leading automobile manufacturers of India, are planning to launch the new model of their very popular SUV Bolero. It is an entry level SUV from M&M that is 7-seater and popular among those desirous of a powerful car that is also affordable. According to latest reports, the new model of Bolero, codenamed U301 has been spotted running on roads not just in India but also Germany. M7M recently revealed that this SUV is being exported to countries like UK and Spain.

2015 mahindra bolero spyshot

U301 may be the new Bolero but it looks totally different from the current model that is running on roads in the country. M&M engineers have tried to make this SUV more comfortable and attractive for urban drivers. Bolero is one car from M&M that has already been exported to Spain in large numbers. There are reports that the company is planning to introduce three versions of this car. The price of the base version would be Rs. 6.02 lakhs while the middle variant will get a price tag of Rs. 6.65 lakhs. The top variant of new Bolero will be sold at a price of Rs. 7.45 lakhs. These are only estimations and of course actual prices may be a little different when the car is finally launched.

It may be a big surprise for someone looking at new Bolero as it has different looks and does not even share its platform. It actually has the same chassis (ladder frame) that is fitted in Scorpio, another very popular SUV from M&M. Insiders say that U301 will be more agile and amenable for off road driving than the present model. It will also give much better performance during city driving conditions. This modestly priced SUV will be packed with many of the features that are seen in its much fancied siblings Scorpio and XUV 500. These include a world class infotainment system with touch screen, multifunction steering, and Bluetooth connectivity that allows the owner to make use of his smartphone without going for it. There will also the usual safety features like ABS and the airbags.

There are also reports that M&M does not want to discontinue the production of Bolero. In fact, it plans to introduce this model of Bolero at a global level to see how it fares before taking a decision to continue with present model of Bolero or not. Perhaps, M&M wants to evolve the brand Bolero to export it to many countries. It also wants this car to be perceived as a premium SUV better than present Bolero in all respects.

As far as power train is concerned, the new Bolero will be fitted with a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder diesel engine that powers the present model of Quanto. This engine has received modifications to give more power and a better mileage to the new Bolero. The new car will also receive automated transmission technology instead of the older 5 speed manual transmission to make it more user friendly.

Mahindra & Mahindra unveils new strategy to beat the competition and ramp up revenue

Mahindra and Mahindra have formulated a new strategy to win over the markets. Nicknamed Play to Win, the company will set in motion different types of plans to take the competition head-on and ramp up market share.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

Once the darling of the masses, Mahindra dominated the Indian SUV market; however, with the introduction of newer models and other variants, it lost out to rivals Renault and Ford Motor Company. It now also faces competition from vehicles to be produced by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor Company. These two companies are now coming up with their brand of popular, cheaper and more sustainable SUVs starting with Ertiga and more in the offing.

New Plans

To cover lost ground, Mahindra and Mahindra flew down 200 executives from 100 traders to the Doubletree Hilton hotel in Warsaw to look into the way they prepared cars and outfitted them. There they unveiled their own plans to attain 26 percent growth in the automotive section by the end of the year.

The company spokesperson further elaborated on the plans to be implemented at the vendor’s meet and said that the company could not reveal further plans.

Though, reliable sources confirm that there would be no more model launches or fresh additions to the stable. Since there was nothing to add to Xylo, XUV 500 and Scorpio, the sales sagged and ended the financial year with a 37.4 percent in the Utility Vehicle segment. The firm eventually lost its 3rd spot in the whole market to Honda Cars India. Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki are the top two.

Quick Turnaround

According to experts, M&M were the erstwhile undisputed leaders in the UV segment, but things had changed considerably. “Competition has heated up in all the segments — from brand to price points to satisfaction. Players with attractive and latest products are offering an increased choice to Indian buyers,” he said. Mahindra is eyeing a quick turnaround in the current financial year, the vendors said.

Mahindra is trying hard to script a comeback in the current financial year. If the rains were normal, M&M predicts sales of 5.37 lakhs units in its automobile business that incorporated pick-up trucks, small commercial vehicles, UVs and cars.

The UV segment makes up for just about half a million units, has catches attention of many new competitors, which include Renault’s Duster and the EcoSport from Ford. With Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki and others new SUVs, competition will heat up in this segment in terms of price and versions and satisfaction index of customers.

New Models in the offing

Mahindra is banking on fresh models — S101, the micro SUV for small-car buyers and U301 the compact SUV. It is aimed at compact sedan buyers and will sell close to 45,000 to 50,000 units. “Mahindra’s price value equation is its forte. If it clicks well with its 2 latest compact SUVs, it can make a great return,” said Vangaal.

On its weak two-wheeler and truck business, the company said the comeback will help script the teething troubles and help make a grand comeback.

Mahindra Genio to get Facelift in 2016

James Heliwell, who is  the Marketing Manager of Mahindra Australia, has confirmed that the pickup called Genio will get a facelift to make it look pleasing to the eyes. He also said that this facelift will take place in 8 weeks after which there will be official launch of Genio in Australia. This launch will take place in the last quarter of 2015. According to Mr. Heliwell, every effort has been taken to make sure that the new Genio looks attractive and stylish.

Mahindra Genio DC

Insiders say that changes in the exterior design of Genio could be inspired by the similar changes being effected in Mahindra Quanto. The leaked images of this new Quanto reveal new air intakes, new grill, raised facade, and LED daytime running lamps. Even the interiors of this pickup will get many modifications. These include safety features like ABS and dual airbags, DDAS, and cruise control. It is the belief of the company that making all these changes will give the owner of new Genio a more car like feel when he drives it.

It is not clear if there are any plans of the company to introduce changes to the power train of Genio. The existing model of this pickup is fitted with a 2179cc engine (4 cylinder). This engine generates a power of 120BHP and a torque of 280Nm with a manual 5 speed transmission. The Indian version of Genio comes fitted with a 2.5 liter diesel engine that produces a power of 75BHP and a torque of 220Nm. Australian consumers will get the option to choose between 4X2 and 4X4 wheel drives.

Other SUV’s made by Mahindra such as U301 and XUV 500 have already been fitted with automatic transmission. It is to be seen if Mahindra decides to give this feature to Australian consumers with the facelift of its Genio or not.

The facelift being given to Genio aims to make it more functional and luxurious. Some of the features being added to this commercial pickup are those that are not commonly seen in other pickup vehicles. These include a charging point for mobiles, a can holder, a coin holder, and a glove box. There are also cases for wallet as well as mobile on the dashboard of this vehicle.

Company plans to introduce the new Genio in 4 attractive colors namely diamond white, silver shine, skyline blue, and marvel granite. It will be a powerful vehicle to manage all kinds of payloads. New Genio will be fitted with radial tubeless tires. This is a revolutionary new feature not seen in pickup vehicles made by the competitors of M&M.

For Indian market, Mahindra has deliberately kept the price of new Genio low at just Rs. 4.99 lakhs. High end version of the pickup will be available at a price of Rs. 5.3 lakhs. This makes Genio a very affordable commercial pickup for those who are looking for a stylish vehicle that gives them the comfort of a car while being very functional. It will certainly be very pleasing to the eyes.