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Mahindra E20 hits the road at a price of Rs 5.96 lakh

Mahindra Reva a part of Mahindra Group has launched its new generation electric vehicle on Monday called e20 for Rs 5.96 lakhs. The car is equipped with a 48-volt lithium ion battery and offers an incredible mileage of 100 km per charge.

mahindra e20

Mahindra and Mahindra President, (Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector) Pawan Goenka said, ‘’electric vehicles today are a symbol of clean and green driving and the company is keen working on an epic research and development in this area and upgrade this technology to a new level.

‘’We sincerely hope that the electric segment will deliver support and incentives from every Government agency that will support this journey of offering clean mobility solutions.’’

The e20 is designed to offer convenience and reliability with an electric plug of 15 amp which can be plugged at home or workplace. The plug can be also charged with the aid of Sun2Car solar technology said the company.

Te electric car will be manufactured at the established Mahindra Reva factor in Bangalore which has an impressive production capacity of 30,000 cars per annum.

Mahindra and Mahindra on Monday announced the launch of the four-seater car the e20 at an initial price of Rs. 5.96 lakh. According to Anand Mahindra, Mahindra Group Chairman to reporters, ‘’the launch of the e20 is a representation of an important milestone for the Mahindra Group. This is not only about selling a car but also a step towards a change in lifestyle. We are working towards an ecosystem which is inclusive of mobility solutions together with other environment-friendly innovations.

The group is also keen to extend the electric technology of clean and green environment to its two-wheelers.

Pawan Goenka President (Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector) said, on sales performance for the e20 said, ‘’sales of 400-500 vehicles a month would be profitable for us. We expect Delhi to be the largest market with around 150-200 units.’’

The e20 is the first car from Mahindra after the launch of the launch of Reva Electric Car three years ago. The other features of the car is remote emergency charge which is activated through mobile application, GPS navigation system, keyless entry and regenerative braking feature which can refit the energy into the car’s batteries and the battery can be charged every time the car slows down or brakes are applied.

In Delhi, we receive a 15% subsidy on base price called VAT which is 12.5% refundable and the road tax is reduced to 2% according to information from Chief Executive (Automotive Division and Member of the Group Executive Board) Pravin Shah said.’’

The e20 will be introduced in chunks in India. The first part of the launch will be in eight cities. The prices will differ based on Government state subsidy provided to the electric car. The company aims to export the electric car to Europe in six to nine months.

The e20 is designed to offer excellent mileage, for those who are keen on preserving chunks of money, the e20 is a worthy buy for its advanced technology at Rs 5.96 lakhs.

Mahindra Reva takes a revolutionary step with e2o launch

Finally, after a whole lot of speculations and a long wait, Mahindra Reva has unveiled its full-fledged electric passenger car, e2o on Monday, 18th of March.

mahindra e20 front green

Initially Mahindra wanted to wait till the Union budget to launch the car, in the hope of the subsidy announcement for the electric vehicles as the Indian government showed great interest in green vehicles and its impact on the environment as well as fossil fuel conservation. However, when the government did not announce any such subsidy, Mahindra Reva decided to go ahead with the launch, and the car has come out with a price tag of Rs 5.96 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) without any subsidy in place that could have reduced the price.

The subsidy that was offered by the Indian government on electric vehicles expired in March 2012, following which the sales of electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers declined almost by 50%.

The Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra regretted this lack of help from the government to enhance electric vehicle sales and thus improve the overall economic conditions of the Electric Vehicle industry. He says that Mahindra does not want to base its future sales on subsidies. But it would have been good if there was some help from the government, as he added that the price of the car would have been lower if the subsidies still continued.

The first phase of the National Electric vehicle Mission policy, where the government has allocated funds worth Rs20,000 crore for the development of the electric vehicles industry is expected to come into act later this year.

The wonder car e2o was first showcased by Mahindra Reva as the NXR (codename) at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2012. Mahindra & Mahindra changed the name to e2o which stands for ‘energy to oxygen’ and which also follows the tradition of all Mahindra models’ names that end with ‘o’.

The e2o will be much more efficient with the usage of the next generation Lithium Ion batteries that would provide a range of 100 km on a single charge. Mahindra Reva is very confident about the success of this brand new product in the Indian car market that is struck by the exorbitant fossil fuel costs.

The Chief of Strategy & Technology, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, Chetan Maini claims that the e2o is four-times more efficient compared to the other cars in the same range. Before its acquirement by Mahindra, Reva had produced its first electric car Reva-i, which has now been discontinued by the company. Mahindra Reva will begin exporting the e2o units by early next year, starting with European countries. Maini adds that the company sees potential in neighboring countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka as import duties on electric vehicles are quite low in these countries.

The e20 is being produced at the Mahindra Reva’s Bangalore plant and the company is hopeful to sell around 400 to 500 units per month. The car is available in around 25 dealerships across eight cities at present and would make a nationwide appearance in due time.

Mahindra Reva urges people to ask for change on the importance of infrastructure and technology

The movement of Mahindra is a measure to question the public on the crucial topics for the betterment of the future of car technology in India. The movement is focuses on gathering questions on beneficial topics such as mobility, infrastructure and technology. The ‘Ask Movement’ was introduced to promote the new e20 electric car. This campaign requires the public to ask questions on important issues and the main idea here is real progress is observed when people pose right questions and further seek right answers.

Mahindra Reva E20 Plant

The company has introduced this platform online on YouTube where the public can ask questions on the website, The person who asks the best question will win a priceless Mahindra e20 car. According to the company, the questions should be related to topics such as infrastructure development, work-life balance, and improvement in education system, healthcare, environment and transportation.

Users can develop and share their own ‘Ask’ film which stars themselves and their friends. According to the company, this movement will create a change by gathering to people to ask questions on the topics that would improve the economic progress of the nation such as mobility, infrastructure and technology. Mahindra announced that this campaign has been successful with over 100,000 consumers participating in this movement for the past two days, which is an incredible amount. The winner will be decided by the jury appointed by Mahindra and will be announced on March 18th when the car hits showrooms.

Speaking to afaqs, about the overall theme of the campaign, Devendra Shinde, head of marketing Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles said, the campaign is developed to create a movement. ‘We believe that when people put forward questions, there is a change. When a range of people ask questions, a movement is created and there is change in the social, cultural and societal segment. The main objective of the campaign is for people to pose question on mobility he said.

Speaking on the launch of this new and unique movement, Pravin Shah, chief executive, automotive division Mahindra and Mahindra said, ‘’At Mahindra, our way of life is challenging conventional thinking. We have always encouraged people to pose questions because we believe that our ability to innovate and manufacture superior products and services is related to the important questions put forth by our customers and our own employees.’’

Mahindra further stated that with the Ask movement, this would be a new medium to encourage people to ponder about questions that could change the economic and social phase of India and voice their opinion. Post the launch of the car, the company aims to use a 360 degree method to create awareness, build preference and carry out sponsorship for the brand e20. Shinde added, ‘’you will see the ingredients of the marketing mix being launched from the third week of March over the next few months.’’

This new movement might be the next step to work on enhancing the economic and social status of India.

Mahindra E20 a stepping point of clean and green technology

Mahindra Reva is of a firm view that the e20 should arrive in showrooms on Monday, the e20 is not only a symbol of an electric car but also a car that is the stepping point to the progress in clean and green technology. According to Pawan Goenka, President (Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors) M&M to Business Line said, ‘’I am not going out of my way to say that the world will change tomorrow. This is not the case but the product we aim to launch is a part of a complete new change to preserve the environment.’’

mahindra e20 front green

The Bangalore plant had designed the car with the aim to minimise pollution. The Mahindra Reva factory in Bangalore is designed in a way such that almost 25% of its energy input and output function on solar panels. The company hopes to work on a new project where there will be an electric vehicle which will operate through solar energy.

On the launch, Goenka said, ‘’we are thrilled with the product and driving the car will be a wonderful experience. We have toiled and drilled since the initial working of the Reva car in May 2010. There were already concept cars then, and to create one car to develop a new theory in the car industry has been an unforgettable experience. ‘’

On the negation of subsidy Goenka said, ‘’we are excited with a little luck and exhilaration among successful car buyers, it should create a change. The only concern is the Government subsidy did not pass through, which implies that the Mahindra e20 could be priced at a slightly higher value. He also said that it is not a case of profits but a sense of ‘’profound disappointment’’ that the company could not have the opportunity to minimise the price of e20.’’

M&M chief believes that it would be tough to manufacture an electric vehicle at a reasonable price which would satisfy consumers. He said ‘’ we will always sell a few vehicles without worrying about the price but that will not create a blow in profit sales. We will also build many cars to make a different and efficient product and will create an atmosphere of excitement in the company.’’

India still has a long way to progress in the electric and hybrid vehicle category and Goenka feels there is still a requirement of extensive research and development in this area. We can work towards developing more pioneering models provided there is sufficient support from the industry and government. One has to study technology as a measure to advance security and air pollution.’’ He said.

Mahindra Reva is keen on working on new models in the electric segment and is confident that there would be growth in this segment with a range of new products. In order to full fill these requirements, the Rand D will have to formulate new theories to develop electric cars and not depend on the parent for support.

We have invested to great lengths in Reva, after we took possession and the future endeavours should be supported by R&D.

2013 Mahindra Reva e2o electric car to be launched in India today

Mahindra is all set to launch the Reva today, and will be the company’s another attempt at a new and novel technology of an electric car. The car is termed E20 which is a hatchback. The booking of the E20 is scheduled to be unveiled to the public as soon as the car arrives. The company has not been too open on the pricing of the e20. Sources claim that the car will be priced below Rs 6 lakhs.

mahindra e20 red front

The E20 will out beat the Reva–i with respect to price and dimension. The Reva-i has been running on Indian roads for many years. The car can comfortably seat two adults and is offered with a compact range of 80 kilometres per charge of battery.

The E20 is an improved version of the Reva-i with a range of stunning refreshments. The E20 is fitted with a 48bhp electric motor that operates on lithium ion batteries. These batteries are expected to last for five years under normal usage conditions before being replaced. The E20 is designed to offer abundant room to fit in four adults. The car has an incredible higher range of 100 kilometres per charge with standard power source of lithium ion batteries. The E20 will arrive with a string of new features which is not observed in electric vehicles in India.

The E20 car is built to cater to urban buyers who are keen on cars with reasonable pricing, excelling handling capacities, and most importantly easy driving and easy parking. The most interesting part about owning this car would be the low maintenance due to the absence of a primitive internal combustion engine. The manoeuvrability of the car will be on a higher scale due to the compact and aerodynamic effect of the car. The car is inserted with a CVT automatic gearbox that transmits power from the electric motor to the front wheels of the car which implies that the car will have the capacity to cruise through the hectic Indian traffic and the driver would not need to bother with shifting gears.

Mahindra Reva is formulating a method to increase convenience and reliability to consumers, by setting up charging points at many offices and malls across Indian cities, to charge the E20 when the owner is busy working or shopping. The e20 will be rolled out in many Indian cities through the company’s countrywide dealership network. The Indian government is still to announce a reduction in price for electric vehicles which will come to light by the end of April. The clarity on bring forth the subsidiary in the E20’s pricing will be declared today.

The new E20 electric car by Mahindra would be an interesting car because of its compact nature compared to the Reva-i and new fresh fitments. With this car you can have lifetime savings by just charging the battery at your convenience and not having to pay for petrol. It would be great to experience the feel and driving experience of the car.

Mahindra Reva launches a new platform to the launch of the E20 called Ask Movement

Mahindra Reva has introduced the ‘Ask Movement’ to launch the E20 on March 18. The movement is a unique promotional platform for the car where people and asked questions for a prosperous and positive change. The public can jot down their thoughts on Mahindra Reva website and the person who poses the most creative question will win an exciting and priceless price of the Reva E20.

Mahindra E20 Ask Movement

To participate in this exciting movement, you can visit the Reva e20 page and click on the Ask Movement link and then register using your Facebook ID. Mahindra Reva has formulated a rule for asking questions which should be creative and closely related to the subject, topics related to politics, religion or controversial topics are not allowed.

On the movement, Pravin Shah, chief executive, automotive division said ‘’ at Mahindra we dwell in challenging conventional thinking which has become a part of our everyday life. We have always encouraged people to put forth questions because we believe that our potential to innovate and produce superior products is in direct proportion to the questions asked by our customers and employees. With the Ask movement, we hope to encourage people to ponder on questions that are of prime importance and voice them.’’

Mahindra Reva has been enclosed by the reputed Fast Company Magazine in the list of the top 50 most innovative global companies of 2013. Mahindra Reva stood 22nd in this grand recognition and it recognised for its contributions to the worldwide EV industry. The judging criterion of the Fast Company is the business that creates supreme impacts across industries and culture as one unit. Keeping Green technology and policy in mind, Mahindra is set to work on the electric model of Verito sedan which is scheduled to launch next year.

The E20 was unveiled at the prestigious Auto Expo in Delhi; the car was earlier christened with NXR. The car is designed by an esteemed firm called DC Designs, the E20 will host a luxuriously roomy cabin with breathtaking comfort features of audio system, air-conditioning and power windows. The E20 offers excellent mileage contributed by the lithium ion batteries that can be charged at home. The car is designed at the new and established Bangalore factory. The car will come with a surprise package of novel and unique fitments of PVC body panels and lithium ion polymer batteries which is lighter and more efficient that the present range of hybrid automobile batteries.

Mahindra Reva is working on the E20 to emphasis on the emerging concept of clean and green technology owing to appalling increase in pollution levels. The interesting aspect of the E20 is the convenience where the lithium ion batteries can be charged at home. The car is a combination of impressive interior fitments and cutting edge electrical engineering technology. The car is scheduled to arrive on March 18th, let’s wait for the launch and explores the car.

Mahindra E20 awaits car launch with bated breath

Mahindra has been on the positive side of the Indian auto market as most of the other car makers are having a tough time dealing with the dropping sales rate. After the success of all its SUVs in the country, Mahindra is all braced up to introduce its first electric car from the Reva stable, the E2O.


This new complete passenger electric car would replace Reva’s first electric vehicle the REVAi, and would be the first model to be launched under the Mahindra Reva brand name. The E2O is not ultra-small like the REVAi and will have the capacity to accommodate four adults. This highly efficient electric vehicle will be the most cost efficient car in India.

The most speculated electric vehicle is set to make its public appearance with its official launch on 18th March, 2013. The car is fully developed by the former Electric Car Company Reva that has been renamed as Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, after the Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra bought its controlling stake in the year 2010.

The Mahindra Reva E2O’s name stands for Energy to Oxygen and is the first major release from the Bangalore-based company after its acquisition by Mahindra. This contemporary car would be powered by 48-volt lithium-ion batteries similar to the kind that is commonly found in cell phones and laptops, and would have the capacity to run over 120 km on a single charge of its battery compared against the REVAi’s lead-acid batteries that had a range of 80 km on full charge.

Mahindra Reva has not disclosed the details related to the car’s pricing as well as technical specifications, as they are held exclusively for the time of launch, scheduled for the coming Monday. The company is hoping for a positive response from the Indian consumers as electric cars would be a worthy solution for the rising cost of fossil fuels. This vehicle also claims to be an efficient city car and is expected to be popular especially in metropolitan and other cities of India.

The E2O is a complete green car that would have zero emission and help fight the growing pollution level, depending on its number running on the Indian roads. It can be easily charged at office or at home and consume only 10 units of electricity for a full charge. The E2O will be produced at the company’s Bangalore plant, which is among the biggest plants in the world making electric cars.

The company is also confident about the reception of the car in the overseas markets, where electric vehicles are much more popular as compared against India. Mahindra Reva is expecting to start exporting the car by the end of this year.

The major development cost for the E2O comprises of the lithium-ion battery that the company is currently importing from international partners, but in future it could start manufacturing the batteries in the home ground depending on the market demand for the car. As of now, Mahindra Reva awaits with bated breath to see the Indian consumers’ response towards the E2O.

A glance at Mahindra’s revolutionary product E20 before its impending launch

After there was no mention about the subsidiary for the electric vehicles, Mahindra Reva has already decided to go ahead with the much awaited launch of its EV (electric vehicle) E2O. The scheduled date for the E2O’s unveiling for the Indian auto market has been set to 18th to March, 2013. As India waits for the launch of the all new and much speculated electric vehicle, let us take another brief glance at the E2O, before it arrives in its physical form in a week’s time.


Mahindra Reva, a part of 15.9 billion dollars Mahindra Group is on its way to launch its next generation electric vehicle in the domestic market. Reva is the first Indian company that had produced the first of India’s own electric vehicle, the Reva-i, which did not really click in the market owing to its ultra-compact model and its acid battery that required a replacement in every 3 odd years.

After Mahindra & Mahindra took over Reva by buying the controlling stake in it, Reva regained its strength to continue on its journey of innovative thinking for the Indian automotive industry that is criticized globally for the lack of the same. Thus, the all new, far bigger and better Mahindra Reva E2O was unveiled at the Auto Expo, 2012.

The E2O will use a next generation Lithium Ion batteries that will last much longer depending on usage. On a single charge this battery would cover 100 kms, which would enable the urban consumers to commute within the city very efficiently. The E2O is also very user friendly and comes with a whole host of superior technologically advanced features. The car can be easily charged at home or at the workplace of the customer through any 15 amp plug point. Then again, the battery can also be recharged by using the Sun2Car solar technology, which would use the power of the sun to fuel the car. It is fully emission free and thus, a boon for the eco system that can cope up the raising pollution problem.

Speaking on the impending launch of the E2O Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd President, Automotive & Farm Equipment Sectors, Dr Pawan Goenka said that the company is delighted to announce the launch of the E2O, which will mark a significant milestone in Mahindra’s automotive journey. Electric vehicles at present epitomize clean and green driving and Mahindra wishes to take the lead in developing this segment and its surrounding eco system. He further said that the Mahindra Reva E2O is the next generation electric vehicle of global quality that is built on the capability of using the futuristic ecosystem of Sun2Car to derive energy from the Sun for urban mobility, while protecting and preserving the environment.

The E2O will be produced at the Mahindra Reva‘s recently inaugurated plant, which is India’s first platinum certified automobile plant located at Bengaluru, he added. The Mahindra E2O is expected to start a revolution in the Indian auto market as well as start a new era of the contempor

Mahindra Reva’s E20 – The New dynamic electric car set to hit roads soon

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd, which owns a stake of $15.9 billion Mahindra Group on Tuesday, announced the launch of the next generation electric vehicle e20, on March 18th 2013 in New Delhi. The e20 was showcases at the last Auto Expo in New Delhi in January 2012.


Pawan Goenka, President, Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, announced, ‘’electric vehicles on Tuesday is characteristic of clean and green diving, and Mahindra is keen on developing this segment into an eco-friendly model. ‘’

Mahindra e20 is the future product designed employing the advanced technology of Sun2Car to draw energy from sun for urban activities and also maintain a clean and green environment. The car will operate on next generation Lithium Ion batteries that can cover a vast distance of 100 kms on full charge and would be ideal for most urban commuting on Tuesday.

The e20 is designed to offer extensive durability at consumers convenience through 15-amp plug point at home or workplace which can be performed with the aid of Sin2Car solar technology. The e20 will be manufactured at Mahindra Reva’s established factory in Bangalore. The company banks on the car and aims to doll out 30,000 cars per annum.

The company has inaugurated an electric vehicle charge accessory factory in Bangalore in partnership with State Bank of India and shopping malls. The company has established rapid charging stations at 100 locations in Bangalore to aid enthusiastic consumers to charge their electric cars.

The E20 is carved by DC Designs and boasts of abundant cabin room with amazing features of audio system, air-conditioning and power windows. The E20 is a car that will stand out due to the company’s indulgence into the electric segment to highlight the theme of clean and green technology. The E20 is an excellent alternative to motorcycle since it required the same amount of power and most interestingly offers the required protection.

The E20 will be a unique and novel product with PVC body panels and lithium-ion polymer battery packs that are lighter and offer supreme energy-efficiency than the current range of hybrid automobile batteries.

For Mahindra and car fans, who are keen on the details of the E20, here are a few facts,

  • The car is powered with 58-Volt 29 kW electric motor,
  • The car can run on maximum power of 39.4 bhp
  • The car can function at an alarming speed of 105 knph
  • The fully charged battery offers excellent mileage of 160 kmph
  • The car is built with aerodynamic effect
  • The car is sculpted with prominent wheel arches.

The other interesting features to watch out for are excellent visibility with trendy headlamps, sporty shoulder line that meets the tail lamps, dynamic wheel arches and large glass area. The interiors are designed to offer a posh atmosphere with excellent decors of refined wooden finish on steering and gearknob. The seats are designed to generate finest comfort with ample room.

Mahindra Reva E2O gets unveiled in March without government subsidy

Reva E2O’s unveiling had been put on hold by the Mahindra Reva, as the company was eagerly waiting for the Union Budget 2013 and the hope of subsidies to promote electric vehicles. Mahindra Reva had been hopeful about the subsidy that would have helped the company in pricing this stunning EV competently and attract more consumers. Unfortunately the finance minister has not extended the subsidy for electric cars, which got terminated last fiscal.

The finance minister P Chidambaram did not pass out the National Mission for Electric & Hybrid Mobility which was announced a couple of months back by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

However, the company has not stepped back from its imminent launch and has decided to go ahead with the unveiling of its E2O in March 2013. Chetan Maini, the Chief of Technology and Strategy of Mahindra Reva is however disappointed with the aloofness  of the Indian government that has not taken any initiative in promoting EVs instead of realizing the vehicles requirement in India.

Maini disclosed his disappointment by saying that the government is on one hand talking about energy security and tackling urban pollution and ways to resolve these serious issues and on the other hand, the subsidy for electric vehicles was not released.
He added by saying that the subsidy would have been welcome, but now the company will have to look at the internal strategy to launch the E2O, with the hope that the policy will be soon implemented.

Mahindra had set itself a target of pricing the car within the price range of the existing bestselling hatchbacks such as the maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20, but now with no subsidy in place Mahindra Reva will have to struggle to meet its pricing strategy.

The E2O is to have a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour, but is smaller than premium hatchbacks like Swift and i20. The Indian government is planning to offer a support to the tune of Rs 23,000 crore over eight years, post implementation.

According to Mahindra Reva, while the initial cost of acquisition for the E2O may be high, but the cost of running an electric vehicle is just 50-60 paisa per kilometre as compared against the cost of Rs 3-4 per kilometre on diesel and Rs 5-6 per kilometre on petrol.

Mahindra Reva had set a target of selling 30,000 units of E2O by 2015-2016 that includes 15,000 units for exports. However, according to the industry experts, with the launch of the vehicle getting delayed this target would be rather tough.

The industry experts think that the success of the Reva E2O depends on the vital fact of educating the Indian consumers about the benefit of owning an electric vehicle.

Mahindra & Mahindra has tied up with the State Bank of India and power distribution companies like BSES as well as different malls across the major cities of India for charging stations for the E2O. Mahindra Reva has over 100 charging stations across Delhi and Bangalore, and is aiming to hike up the numbers considerably.