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Mahindra Reva E2O showcased in New Delhi, headed to Iceland

Mahindra Reva has recently introduced its electric car the e20, the car has a mileage of 62 miles inserted with powerful lithium-ion batteries which can be recharged in five hours. The interesting aspect about the e20 is it is connected to a smartphone app and Reva has patented the cutting-edge REVive technology which implies that even on low charge, the app on smartphone can be used to activate the stored energy and you can run your car again. This is indeed remarkable where you can just recharge your battery through a smartphone and not worry too much about your car coming to a halt.

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The car is designed with ABS (plastic) body panels, the car will be priced at Rs. 5.96 lakhs. The company plans to make a splendid profit with the car by rolling out up to 30,000 units a year.

An enthusiastic car fan from Iceland, Gisli Gislason was present when the e20 was launched in India. In 2009, the car was displayed in Frankfurt. A firm called Gislason’s northern Lights Energy (now termed EVEN, the Icelandic EV Association) has booked 100 Reva NXRs. Last week Gisli to AutoblogGreen said, ‘’even though the NXR was scheduled to launch in the summer of 2010, this was postponed when Mahindra bought the company. Today, the company introduced a much better car with roomier interiors and advanced fitments called the E20.’’ The new strategy is to introduce the cars in Iceland first in December 2013 or January 2014.

Mahindra Reva has unveiled the e20 car at a ceremony at India Gate in New Delhi. The occasion was witnessed by eminent personalities such as Dr. Farooq Abdullah. Hon Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Mr. Praful Patel, Hon. Minister, Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises and Mrs. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi and Mr. Anand Mahindra, Mahindra Group and Dr. Pawan Goenka, Chairman, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

Mahindra showcases its future-next generation all-electric car with zero emission called the Mahindra e20 which is designed by Reva at the India Gate in New Delhi. Mahindra e20 is a symbol of Mahindra’s vision of the future of mobility expressed by 5C’s called clean, convenient, connected, clever and cost effective. The car is fully automatic with Boost Mode for powerful acceleration and can cover a vast range of 100 km, making this car ideal for city driving. The car can be charged from any 15A power socket which is available at homes and malls. The most interesting part is being able to manoeuvre using smartphone technology which enables switching on the AC, locking or unlocking the car from absolutely anywhere. REVive is the first of its kind remote emergency charge that can be operated through smart phone app, you can call RIA (Remote Interactive Assist).

The Mahindra E20 electric car is a symbol of unique and novel technology to enjoy a pleasurable drive experience where you can charge your car and recharge the remaining energy through your smartphone.

Mahindra e2o is more efficient having taken care of EV negatives

The Mahindra Reva e2o is really a great car at a great affordable price. Well, if you say that what’s so affordable about a price tag of Rs 6 lakh, then you should compare this price against the electric vehicles in the Western markets. Most of them are priced at par with a Jaguar XF or a high-end luxury car. Only seriously environmentally conscious people would have heart to invest for an EV.

Mahindra e2o sun2car solar

As the Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Mahindra Reva and founder of Reva, Chetan Maini says that the consumers are not willing to pay a high premium for such vehicles. Affordable EVs are the key to volume growth.

If one looks at position of the EVs f the West, Nissan’s EV, Leaf could not meet even half its targeted sales of 20,000 units in the US in 2012. General Motors sold 23,461 of Chevy Volts in 2012, which was three times more than the previous year’s sale, but this number was far below the target of 35,000 to 40,000.

Another hindrance in the path of EV success along with the price is something which is known as the ‘range anxiety’ of these vehicles or the inability to cover long range with a single charge of the battery.

Mahindra Reva e2o is a revolution in its place not only because it is the only proper electric passenger car but also as it takes care of both these glaring cost and range issues. The car priced competitively and it also promises around Rs 4 lakh savings over five years in operating costs. Mahindra Reva also claims that the cost of maintaining the e2o is roughly 75% lower than that of a petrol run car, because EVs have fewer moving parts, and don’t need oil and air filters.

Moreover, EVs have a regenerative braking that is an energy recovery mechanism which is does not wear out the brakes in EVs as in fuel driven cars. Mahindra Reva is also working very hard to set up charging infrastructure across the country to overcome charging problems of the car on the move. The company has to set up over 250 charging points in all the cities where the car is launched.

The Chairman of Mahindra Reva, Pawan Goenka says that the company’s aim is to create 300-500 charging stations in the next couple of years and reach out to more cities like Mumbai, Chennai and some of the key metro and mini metro cities with 90-100 dealerships in the next 12-18 months.

The company is planning to use the entire Mahindra & Mahindra’s ecosystem to set up charging points across India, which includes the retail arm of the company, Mom & Me. Mahindra Reva was really hoping for a subsidy from the Indian government to help the expanse of the electric vehicles in India, which is yet to happen.

The company explains that apart from being green, the EVs consume very little electricity and can help save 100 million litres of petrol per year with depending on the number of EVs on the road.

Mahindra e2o to be priced at Rs 7 lakh in Bangalore

Mahindra e20 was launched in Delhi, and has been the most anticipated car for many months since its launch. The e20 is designed with powerful lithium ion batteries that can be charged at home or in your workplace. The on-road price in Delhi for the T-Zero base version is priced at Rs 5.96 lakhs. The pricing is inclusive of sops which accounts to Rs 1.8 lakh from the state government. This has led to the e20 in Reva’s home market cost Rs 7 lakh (on road). The only sop in Bangalore is a reduction in road tax from 12.5% to 5.5% for electric cars. In Delhi, the subsidy is offered at 15% on the base version, a 12.5% VAT refund and a50% reduction on current road tax.

Mahindra e20

The commitment of Delhi government to introduce zero-emission cars can be owed to the alarmingly high levels of pollution in the city. Delhi was one of the first cities to start the anti-pollution drive which is introducing measures such as emission regulations and CNG buses for mass transit, among others. The e20 is manufactured in Bangalore, and the Government has not been supportive of the price reduction and is rolled out at a price of at least Rs 1lakh more. The base model which is the T-zero is priced at Rs 7 lakh on road and the most loaded model the T-2 is priced at Rs 7.3 lakh (on road). The company announced that the e20 will enter showrooms in other cities in India by the end of March.

The e20 is designed with interesting new refreshments and a more compact design compared to the earlier Reva electric car. Many car companies are introducing electric cars, another example is the Leaf electric car designed by Nissan. The reason for the build of electric cars is to minimize pollution levels and emphasize on clean and green technology. The e20 was manufactured at the reputed factory in Bangalore and the company has invested huge amounts of Rs 100 crore on the research and development of the car. The interesting feature that would draw customers is the lithium ion battery with powerful efficiency that can be actually charged at home or in your workplace.

According to Anand Mahindra, Mahindra Group Chairman to reporters said, ‘’ the launch of the Mahindra e20 marks an important era for the Mahindra Group and this is not only about selling a car, but also emphasizing on the change in lifestyle. We are aiming towards creating an ecosystem that comprises of mobility solutions together with environment-friendly innovations.’’

Our sales target for the e20 according to President (Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors) Pawan Goenka said, ‘’sales of 400-500 vehicles a month would be a good figure for us. We are keen on Delhi being the biggest market and should account for about150-200 units.’’

The e20 is the first car from Mahindra after introduction of the Reva three years ago. The car is manufactured to aim at a capacity of 30,000 units annually.

Subsidies a critical factor for Mahindra’s electric car

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd has unveiled its four-seater electric car the e20 which is a compact car on Monday. This is the first electric car developed by the company after buying the electric vehicle Electric Car Co. in 2010 from its parent firm Reva.

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Mahindra is keen on rolling out around 500 units of the car per month, which will be priced at Rs. 5.96 lakhs in Delhi. The car will be first introduced in Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The price of the Delhi car will be the lowest due to a 29% state government tax subsidy. Similar subsidies have been announced by Karnataka and Maharashtra Governments. The price of the car in other cities will be steep at Rs. 8 lakh. The company invested a large amount of Rs. 100 crore in the project.

According to Anand Mahindra, chairman and managing director of Mahindra and Mahindra, ‘’not in the West, but bargaining for electric cars in India will become a common trend due to the population pressure. Electric cars will be a common figure, but not a fairytale product and in India, you can bet on these cars for a reasonable price, since the cost of manufacturing is low.’’

There are other auto majors such as Nissan Motor Co. Ltd’s in Japan who has introduced the electric car Leaf and General Motor Co’s Chevrolet Volt has failed to gather significant profits due to the steep price of electric vehicles.

Mahindra has halted the production and sales of the two-seater electric Reva car since the sales declined by one unit. The halt in production came to effect, after a month when the subsidies provided by the ministry of new and renewable energy paused last year. Under this new scheme announced in November 2010, the government ordered a Rs. 95-crore mass to provide 20% incentive on ex-factory costs of vehicles with a maximum pricing limit. The highest amount stood at Rs. 4,000 in the low-speed electric two-wheeled segment, Rs. 5.000 in the high-speed electric two-wheelers category and Rs. 1 lakh for electric cars. Under this programme the manufacturer would transform the benefits to customers while bargaining on a refund from the Government during a later period.

Mahindra announced that the manoeuvring cost of the e20 would be 50 paise per km compared to the Rs. 5-6 per km pricing of the petrol car. If the customer drives an average of 1,200 km every month, they can save a credible amount of Rs 75,000 a year said Pawan Goenka, chairman, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

He also said, ‘’we have to count the need to purchase electric vehicles from people and one to start on the building blocks which could either be the infrastructure or the cars. We are the first to manufacture unique products in the electric segment, and if it takes off on a good note, we will have the advantage over others.’’

Mahindra Reva made huge profits of 4,700 units with the original Reva model, out of which 1,500 units was registered in the Indian market and the remaining overseas. With the launch of the new e20 which sports an attractive exterior appearance and powerful electric engine, this car will be beneficial to save on fuel and accommodate many occupants.

Mahindra e2o a stepping point to introduce electric technology to two-wheelers

With the introduction of the first electric car, the e20, Mahindra group has paved the path to create clean and green technology and redefine sustainable urbanisation. The creation of the new e20 will enable consumers to preserve tons of cash by saving on fuel through the usage of lithium ion batteries which can be charged at home or in your workplace.


Mahindra e20 is offered at Rs. 5.96 lakhs. The group also announced its plan to extend the electric mobility technology to two-wheelers, and seek approval from Central government to create a new wave for electric vehicles. The introduction of electric technology to two-wheelers will benefit consumers to save revenues and enable pleasurable riding experience with minimum noise levels on bumpy and rugged roads.

To media persons, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra said, ‘’the launch of the e20 is an important step for the Mahindra Group, it is an advanced step to redefine sustainable urbanisation with the creation of a beneficial eco system that comprises of mobility solutions together with environmental friendly innovations.’’

The car with two-door and four seats is equipped with the cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries and a three phase induction electric motor. The car has an excellent mileage of 100 kms per charge with a long durability of 5 hours in one full charge. The fully automatic car is manufactured for pure city driving.

The car is designed with advanced features such as GPS navigation system, keyless entry, start/stop button, regenerative braking which can transform energy back into the car’s batteries and charge them each time it slows down or when brakes are applied.

In Delhi, the government offered a total of 20% subsidy on the electric car and the company has been able to sell the car at an on-road price of Rs. 5.96 lakhs, and said that the car would costlier in other cities. The e20 is scheduled to launch in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune and Kochi.

The introduction of electric technology in cars and two-wheelers is research extensively with the need to minimize pollution and create a superior fuel economy. Although there are few electric cars on road today, there is extensive research and development (R&D) in this segment mainly to preserve fuel, increase mileage and prevent overheating and fuel leakage. The e20 is designed with breathtaking new features and is one step ahead of the earlier electric Reva with respect to size and features. Electric technology is still in the process of research and people are working on bio-fuels as an alternative to conventional fuels.

The pricing is another attractive feature; the company has taken care to roll out the car at a reasonable price despite the best-in-class and advanced technology employed and the years and huge investment allotted to manufacture the e20. The car is now launched and the company aims at a robust profit output. The Reva is still running on Indian roads and the e20 is a bigger version of the Reva and has the potential to deliver attractive outcomes.

Mahindra Reva contemplates more electric cars in coming years

Mahindra Reva always had big plans for e2o, as the company believes that this car will open a new chapter in the history of the Indian automobile industry. The e2o does seem to have all the potentials of being a great car indeed, as it is not only a fully electric driven car but also can charge its battery by the energy of the sun by using a solar panel if the consumer chooses to. The electric vehicle is India’s first full-fledged passenger car as well, with the seating capacity of four full grown adults.

mahindra e20 red side

Mahindra Reva is so confident about the success of the entire race of electric vehicles post the e2o that the company is contemplating to launch another four to five new variants of electric vehicles in the coming two to three years. The e2o officially launched in the Indian market on Monday, 18th of March 2013 and it could breed a new generation of electric vehicles as its maker plans.

The Chief of Operations Mahindra Reva, R Chandramouli said that over the next two-three years the company is planning to have at least four to five new launches and one of these could include a four-door model as well.

The first electric car that was produced by the electric vehicle company Reva was the REVAi and sold a mere 4750 units of the car since its launch in 2001, but that was before it was acquired by Mahindra Group. Now, the Bangalore based company is known as Mahindra Reva (MREV). With the launch of e2o, which has replaced the REVAi, Mahindra Reva expects to touch that sales figure in around a year’s time. Chandramouli said that the sales of the e2o will be significantly higher, in multiples, as he did not want to put an exact number to it.

The e2o is targeted at the young and tech-savvy car consumers who probably already own one car. As Chandramouli further explained by saying that around 30 percent of all the cars sold in India are bought by people who already own a car. The company is targeting these people, who are mostly between 25-40 years of age. This group of car consumers is targeted as they are the early adopters of technology and are the change setters in India as well.

The e2o comes with the convenience of charging the battery easily at home or workplace with the help of any 15 ampere plug point. However, to ensure convenience as well as the sale of the product, Mahindra has already set up around 100 charging points across Delhi and Bangalore and has plans to add more in other cities in order to create an effective charging network in India.

Chandramouli added by saying that the lack of infrastructure would not be a deterring point to affect the sales of the e2o. Nonetheless, it is very much apparent that the company is not investing heavily on building the charging network only for the e2o but also its future siblings.

Mahindra e2o features and specifications

Mahindra Reva e2o was launched in India on 18th of March 2013 with a price tag of Rs. 5.96 lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi). This full-fledged electric passenger car with a seating capacity of four was first unveiled by Mahindra Reva at the 2012 Auto Expo Show with the codename NXR which stands for next generation Reva, but the name was then changed to e2o that stands for energy to oxygen.

mahindra e20 front green

The car had a sparkling unveiling ceremony graced by many prominent personalities. During the launch honorable Chief Minister Delhi, Sheila Dixit announced that women will get special concessions on the purchase the Mahindra e2o. While, Pawan Goenka, President, Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra said that the product that the company is launching is actually part of a complete ecosystem.

Mahindra Reva e2o is presently available in 8 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Bangalore & Chandigarh and would soon be released all over India. The car is available in 6 attractive colors of Silver, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White. The Reva e2o comes with great features and specifications along with a low noise engine and an amazing scratch and dent resistant body.

The Mahindra Reva e2o’s key features include Reverse Camera, Digital User Manual, GPS Navigation with integrated maps, Bluetooth connectivity, Side impact dual beams, Immobilizer, Adjustable headrests on all seats, Gear shift, One touch foldable seats, REVive technology, Aerodynamic effect, Driver Infotainment System, Keyless entry with button start/stop, Electric rear view mirrors, Projector headlamps, 6.2-inch touch screen infotainment system, CD/DVD/USB/AUX/MicroSD and iPod connectivity, 4 JBL speakers with 2 tweeters, Maintenance Free Battery, Regenerative Braking System, Optional Sun2Car Technology among many other features.

The e2o’s technical Specifications are as follows:

3-phase Induction Motor, Welded Tubular structure, full battery charge time of 5hrs, 100 kms per full charge, Li-ion Battery, battery capacity of 48V, Peak Power of 25 BHP at 3750 rpm, Peak Torque of 53Nm at 0-3400rpm, Top Speed of 81 kmph, Gas filled MacPherson Struts Front Suspension, Gas filled shock absorber with coil sprints Rear Suspension, Automatic Transmission, Tire size of 155/70/13, Low resistance tubeless tyres and a seating capacity of 4.

Mahindra Reva e2o features regenerative braking system that recharges the battery when brakes are applied. It can be easily charged at home or workplace from a plug point of 15 Amperes. The maintenance free battery can also be charged from solar energy by using Sun2Car technology. Mahindra has also launched an application of smartphone for controlling some functions of Reva e2o such as enabling owners’ lock, unlock, AC turn on, locate nearest recharge point from the phones, etc.

Mahindra has also ensured that the consumer would not consider the charging of the car as an inconvenience while on the go. Thus, the company has already established a charging network of over 100 charging stations and the number of the charging stations is supposed to be increase a lot to make an efficient charging network all over the country.

The e2o is an all-rounder green car with zero emission and self sufficient enough to provide complete comfort to a family of four.

Mahindra e20 is better than petrol or diesel cars?

Mahindra Reva e20 is the latest electric car designed by Mahindra with a long waiting period. The car was first christened NXR concept designed by Dilip Chhabria. Today, the car is built in the established factory in Bangalore. The new e20 according to the company will make a mark in terms of performance with its engine and comfort value. The earlier electric car did not wholly meet the public’s satisfaction.

mahindra e20 launch picture

The e20 is built with an excellent improved high-impact plastic body. The seating arrangement is admirable with more than comfy front seats that offer abundant room. Even minor details like roof line and dashboard is designed to perfection. There is a large touchscreen interface with well fitted monochrome digital speedo-slash-information pod that appears to be super high tech.

The position of driving fitments is impressive, the pedals are well placed, the brakes and accelerator enable easy pressing without initial jerks. The initial take off is smooth and can manoeuvre through crazy traffic with ease. The acceleration is pretty impressive till 40kph; the e20 can offer amazing mileage of 80kph.

The mechanical power to cross through big bumps is remarkable; moreover the car can cross potholes and rugged roads without noise. The ride quality in e20 is comfortable and pleasant.

The mechanical layout of the e20 is tailored with a tubular and box section chassis, the body is sculpted with high-strength plastic and the electric motor is fitted behind the rear wheels. Below the front seats there are all-important lithium-ion batteries. The car has undergone crash-testing in Spain, the car operates with 10 on-board computers and Reva has used many ground-breaking solutions and has filed over 30 patents. With this system, you can chalk out your trip with Google Maps. The amazing part of this car is you can acquire an additional 10km of ‘limp home’ range before your battery wears out, and when it does, through a remote link Reva can revive your dead battery which will provide you with an additional 10km. Moreover a 15-minute charge can contribute to an additional 25 kilometres. The other breathtaking features are you can connect your car through a phone app that can start your air-con and unlock the Reva, the company even sells a solar charger for Rs. 1.5 lakh. The Sun2Car program can enable around 50-60% charge every day.

The e20 electric car can be better than petrol or diesel cars mainly because you can preserve money spent on fuel. With the e20 you can charge your battery at home or workplace which increases the convenience value. The e20 out beats petrol and diesel cars by being able to cruise through bumpy and potholes with ease with barely any noise.

The e20 has additional charging capabilities rarely observed in petrol or diesel cars with actually an additional 10 km of ‘limp home’ range before your battery wears out and a 15-minute charge can deliver an additional 25 kilometres.

The most important aspect is clean and green technology in the e20 which can eliminate pollution on roads and this is the reason for companies to manufacture electric cars. With the e20 you won’t have to worry about fuel leakage since you are using a lithium ion battery.

Mahindra E20 hits the road at a price of Rs 5.96 lakh

Mahindra Reva a part of Mahindra Group has launched its new generation electric vehicle on Monday called e20 for Rs 5.96 lakhs. The car is equipped with a 48-volt lithium ion battery and offers an incredible mileage of 100 km per charge.

mahindra e20

Mahindra and Mahindra President, (Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector) Pawan Goenka said, ‘’electric vehicles today are a symbol of clean and green driving and the company is keen working on an epic research and development in this area and upgrade this technology to a new level.

‘’We sincerely hope that the electric segment will deliver support and incentives from every Government agency that will support this journey of offering clean mobility solutions.’’

The e20 is designed to offer convenience and reliability with an electric plug of 15 amp which can be plugged at home or workplace. The plug can be also charged with the aid of Sun2Car solar technology said the company.

Te electric car will be manufactured at the established Mahindra Reva factor in Bangalore which has an impressive production capacity of 30,000 cars per annum.

Mahindra and Mahindra on Monday announced the launch of the four-seater car the e20 at an initial price of Rs. 5.96 lakh. According to Anand Mahindra, Mahindra Group Chairman to reporters, ‘’the launch of the e20 is a representation of an important milestone for the Mahindra Group. This is not only about selling a car but also a step towards a change in lifestyle. We are working towards an ecosystem which is inclusive of mobility solutions together with other environment-friendly innovations.

The group is also keen to extend the electric technology of clean and green environment to its two-wheelers.

Pawan Goenka President (Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector) said, on sales performance for the e20 said, ‘’sales of 400-500 vehicles a month would be profitable for us. We expect Delhi to be the largest market with around 150-200 units.’’

The e20 is the first car from Mahindra after the launch of the launch of Reva Electric Car three years ago. The other features of the car is remote emergency charge which is activated through mobile application, GPS navigation system, keyless entry and regenerative braking feature which can refit the energy into the car’s batteries and the battery can be charged every time the car slows down or brakes are applied.

In Delhi, we receive a 15% subsidy on base price called VAT which is 12.5% refundable and the road tax is reduced to 2% according to information from Chief Executive (Automotive Division and Member of the Group Executive Board) Pravin Shah said.’’

The e20 will be introduced in chunks in India. The first part of the launch will be in eight cities. The prices will differ based on Government state subsidy provided to the electric car. The company aims to export the electric car to Europe in six to nine months.

The e20 is designed to offer excellent mileage, for those who are keen on preserving chunks of money, the e20 is a worthy buy for its advanced technology at Rs 5.96 lakhs.

Mahindra Reva takes a revolutionary step with e2o launch

Finally, after a whole lot of speculations and a long wait, Mahindra Reva has unveiled its full-fledged electric passenger car, e2o on Monday, 18th of March.

mahindra e20 front green

Initially Mahindra wanted to wait till the Union budget to launch the car, in the hope of the subsidy announcement for the electric vehicles as the Indian government showed great interest in green vehicles and its impact on the environment as well as fossil fuel conservation. However, when the government did not announce any such subsidy, Mahindra Reva decided to go ahead with the launch, and the car has come out with a price tag of Rs 5.96 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) without any subsidy in place that could have reduced the price.

The subsidy that was offered by the Indian government on electric vehicles expired in March 2012, following which the sales of electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers declined almost by 50%.

The Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra regretted this lack of help from the government to enhance electric vehicle sales and thus improve the overall economic conditions of the Electric Vehicle industry. He says that Mahindra does not want to base its future sales on subsidies. But it would have been good if there was some help from the government, as he added that the price of the car would have been lower if the subsidies still continued.

The first phase of the National Electric vehicle Mission policy, where the government has allocated funds worth Rs20,000 crore for the development of the electric vehicles industry is expected to come into act later this year.

The wonder car e2o was first showcased by Mahindra Reva as the NXR (codename) at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2012. Mahindra & Mahindra changed the name to e2o which stands for ‘energy to oxygen’ and which also follows the tradition of all Mahindra models’ names that end with ‘o’.

The e2o will be much more efficient with the usage of the next generation Lithium Ion batteries that would provide a range of 100 km on a single charge. Mahindra Reva is very confident about the success of this brand new product in the Indian car market that is struck by the exorbitant fossil fuel costs.

The Chief of Strategy & Technology, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, Chetan Maini claims that the e2o is four-times more efficient compared to the other cars in the same range. Before its acquirement by Mahindra, Reva had produced its first electric car Reva-i, which has now been discontinued by the company. Mahindra Reva will begin exporting the e2o units by early next year, starting with European countries. Maini adds that the company sees potential in neighboring countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka as import duties on electric vehicles are quite low in these countries.

The e20 is being produced at the Mahindra Reva’s Bangalore plant and the company is hopeful to sell around 400 to 500 units per month. The car is available in around 25 dealerships across eight cities at present and would make a nationwide appearance in due time.