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Mahindra Research Valley to spin new products

Mahindra Group is an esteemed business enterprise house in India; (MRV) Mahindra Research Valley a division of Mahindra group is worth $16.2 billion. The group is working on 4 new models for the automotive sector of the group, such as LCV, SUV, utility vehicle and small commercial vehicle. Mahindra Research Valley is also keen to build tractor testing units.

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The President and Executive Director in the Farm Equipment and Automotive sector of Mahindra and Mahindra, Pawan Goenka announced that the production unit, to build the 4 units is transported to valley. The company’s proposed initiative to build 4 models will be developed now and the launch will happen in 2015, and in the years that follow Mahindra would have finished the construction and launch procedures of all cars.

Mahindra is indeed working on big projects for the coming years, and the range of vehicles introduced will be an assortment of Sport Utility Vehicle, Light Commercial Vehicle and Utility Vehicle.  To the new developments Goenka said, ‘’ the construction procedure for the vehicles have commenced and the launch will happen three to three and a half years from now. Goenka also went on to say cars which weight less than 3.5 tonne is considered to be a Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV), and over 3.5 tonne models will head to Pune. Goenka termed Mahindra Research Valley to be a unit of exceptional operations, the firm not only discovers new innovations in automobile technology, but also minimizes the production cycle.

Mahindra Research Valley is a highly established segment, in this industry; the company manufactures a range of powerful tractors and cars. The entire unit spans acres of land which extends up to twenty five acres, which is used for workshops and design laboratories. These facilities are situated in Mahindra World City which is a hub for established firms like Husky, Timken, BMW and so on.

Mahindra Research Valley has developed a range of successful Mahindra models like Verito, Quanto, XUV500, and also potent tractors like Mahindra 5539 and Arjun 605. These models have recorded phenomenal sale results, built with all the desirable characteristics such as power, style and efficiency. Mahindra churned out huge investments of Rs 600 crore to build the Research Valley. The faculty comprises of around 2,500 engineers, the firm has a huge base in overseas markets as well, with more than 50 employees. The Design Registration output is 150 for Indian markets and 50 in international segments.

Mahindra cars are immensely popular in India; its SUV’s are built with advanced engineering technologies. Mahindra Research Valley will now roll out 4 new models few years down the line. Mahindra fans will surely be thrilled by these new announcements. Mahindra vehicles are globally acclaimed figures; the company has a strong research base in South Africa. Mahindra products are common sights in South Africa Motor events. Mahindra SUV’s are power packed products that can maneuver on harsh road conditions with ease, now with new upcoming projects; it would be interesting to observe what the company has in store.  Apart from SUV’s Mahindra is also working on Light Commercial Vehicles.

Mahindra’s research valley inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Prestigious Indian automobile giant Mahindra and Mahindra inaugurated its state of the art engineering and research and development center on April 11th 2012. It is named Mahindra Research Valley (MRV).The facility was inaugurated in a formal inauguration ceremony by the honorable quondam president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in Tamil Nadu’s capital city Chennai.


The former president is well known for his love for science and technology. Inauguration of MRV by the science enthusiast president was the icing on the cake. A formal inauguration would not have been graced this aptly by a personality any other than Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Mahindra’s R&D and engineering facility, is a testimonial to Mahindra  and Mahindra‘s technological innovation. It is one facility that will have Mahindra’s  product development and research sections for all its automobiles and tractors- all under the same roof!

MRV spread over a well organized area of more than 125 acres in the Mahindra World City in Chennai. Company has said to have made an investment of 650 crores  for this project.

The specs of this research facility are its environmental friendly propulsion systems running on fuel cells, hydrogen, bio fuels and hybrids. It has advanced embedded systems, artificial intelligence, infotronics and mechatronics alternative polymer technology for automotive applications. Passenger safety and validation of aggregates of automobiles will also be a point of researches.

The facility also has an engine prototype and testing facilities with an emphasis on being environmental friendly by keeping a thorough check on its carbon footprints. It has an Engine Development centre with groups addressing shortcomings involved in development of engines. These groups will design new and more calibrate engines and evaluate the new and the existing ones. The center also includes prototype building.

It has separate NVH facilities with semi-anechoic chambers for chassis dyno, PTO dyno, sound quality rooms, modal room and advanced telematics. There is also a separate design centre for the complete concept-to –production. All in all this research facility is indeed world-class and perhaps the only of its kind with its operations for both automobiles and tractors at one place.

The facility has stressed on being environmental friendly. It has ample of green spaces and has more than 6500 trees in the premises. Presently Mahindra research valley is a home to 1500 employees and they may double up in future. It has world class communication networks that will facilitate automotive global networking.

According to Pawan Goenka, President  of automotive & farm equipment sectors at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, MRV will provide Mahindra Group a tangible benefit of indigenous design at reduced costs and shorter product development cycles. With alignment of all these latest technological advancement in automotive research, this facility would translate into a dramatic increase in the intellectual property of the company, resulting in its global recognition. In future MRV may emerge as a symbol of Indian ingenuity. Goenka added, “MRV will place Chennai on the global automotive design and development map and provide a huge impetus to the domestic automotive product development capabilities.”