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Mahindra not keen to launch refreshed Verito Vibe

There has been a surge in compact sedan market, and the biggest contributors are Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Honda Amaze. The segment has witnessed a 27% surge last year, and the product range has expanded lately with Tata Zest and Hyundai Xcent.

Mahindra Verito Vibe Blue

Mahindra is a renowned Indian auto enterprise; its main specialty is the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment. The company however has fair share of investments in sedan and compact sedan market with Verito and Verito Vibe respectively. Verito Vibe is a trendy compact sedan launched during the initial periods of 2013. It was a popular earlier, but lost in sheen in the crowd dominated by Swift Dzire and Amaze, and now Hyundai Xcent and Tata Zest.

Now the main curiosity element is Mahindra’s aim to revive the lost power of Verito Vibe, and whether it will launch a refreshed car. It is at the moment selling in low numbers. Since launch in 2013 June, the customer response was low, with just 1,000 buyers a month. The highest number of cars sold was during the 2013 July period with the sale of 683 units. The company has not been able to draw a mass crowd towards the Vibe, at a point during the 2014 January to September period only 173 pieces were sold a month.

Despite the dismal sales, Mahindra is not keen to launch a refreshed Vibe car, on the topic of working on a refreshed car, the chief executive of the Automotive Division of Mahindra and Mahindra, Mr Pravin Shah said, ‘’the compact sedan market has become a challenging sector with a series of best sellers, and the firm is unable to meet the fast moving compact sedan economy challenge on the back of Verito Vibe.’’

Verito Vibe is a trendy compact sedan; let’s browse through some of the interesting characteristics of the car.

The design structure of Verito Vibe is similar to Verito, it is covered with bits of chrome, and the black roof rail gives it a typical sedan character. The varied Verito and Verito Vibe identity is visible on the back and side, the creativity lies in the three box design structure, and the boot space is vast enough to stuff an overload of luggage. The rear has inventively carved thick tail lights.

The inner décor is vibrant with two tone color theme; the seats are super comfy and covered with premium upholstery. There is ample room inside, five passengers can comfortably sit, and there is a flat bench seat on the rear. To dwell in fun moments there is a world class 2-Din audio system sourced from Xylo with USB and Aux-in connectivity and for optimum safety from the onset of sudden dangers there is a driver side airbag, ABS and EBD.

The diesel car gathers its energy from an efficient 1.5 liter K9K engine that generates 160Nm and 65bhp. Verito Vibe is an impressively fuel efficient car and offers 21kpl.

The price range of Verito Vibe is Rs 4.5 to 6.5 lakhs. Vibe has the characteristics to succeed, but its flaw lies in the design which is not as refreshing as its competition.

Mahindra Verito Vibe vs 2015 Honda Jazz

Mahindra fuelled excitement in hatchback market with launch of Verito Vibe; it is a chopped variant of Verito sedan. Although Mahindra has not invested much in hatch market, Verito Vibe is one of the most sought after cars. It is seen as a threat to current and upcoming hatchbacks. It is a cost-effective product priced at Rs 5.7 to 6.6 lakhs. Honda is keen to use the high-value low price strategy with its 2015 Jazz; the aim here is to gather sufficient buyers. Will the new Jazz overpower the popularity level of Verito Vibe? Let’s find out.

Mahindra Verito Vibe Blue


Vibe is a trendy car, the attractiveness lies in design creativity contributed by an artistically styled wide radiator grille on which is neatly sketched out Mahindra logo. The headlights accentuate the eye catchy stance plunged in the arty eyebrow design, its illuminating effect is sparkling contributed by potent halogen lights. The classiness of the exterior framework is highlighted by body coloured bumpers on which are glossy fog lights. Much of the originality is visible on the side; Mahindra has tailored the vehicle into an inventive three box structure. Vibe from the side looks bigger than its actual size, the black B pillars and body colour side cladding brings out the picturesque value of the vehicle. On the top are couple of sporty rails that heighten the aesthetic stance of the car.

Honda’s goal with 2015 Jazz is to bring in cost-effectiveness with the past luxury value. The car will have a whole new ‘Exciting H design theme also used in all new City. The revised insertions are roof rails, mirror caps, side sills, wheels, skirts, silver faux skid plat, solid bumper design and new grille.

2015 Honda Jazz

2015 Honda Jazz


Consumers can enjoy oodles and oodles of room in Vibe, the décor is mind blowing. The layout of instrument panel and dashboard is classy, there is ample room between each seat, and the upholstery material is world class. For a breathtakingly comfortable ride the rear compartment has three head restraints, there are ample storage areas to throw in all kinds of items from pens to books.

The insides too are modern twist from the past with new upholstery layout and air con vents on handbrake lever.


Vibe has mighty engine power contributed by a robust dCi 1.5 litre four cylinder engine filled with 8 valves and engineered with the advanced (CRDi) Common rail direct injection technology. The engine pumps out 160Nm and 64.1bhp.

The European spec Jazz will move on efficient 1.3 and 1.5 litre petrol engines coupled with CVT or five speed manual gearbox. The diesel car will manoeuvre on potent 1.5 litre iDTEC power train and sources say the company might launch a hybrid car. The expected starting price is Rs 6.49 lakhs.

The upcoming Jazz is filled with new interesting elements and it will grab the attention of high and low-end car buyers. Verito Vibe is filled with too many signature elements and is a hard one to beat. It is a battle with imaginative designs and world class features.

Mahindra Verito Vibe vs Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Hyundai Grand i10

In order to dominate the Indian car market, an automobile maker has to have a good compact car for the people. Many companies like Maruti Suzuki- made Swift, Hyundai- produced Grand i10, and etc opted for this method and benefited from it. While others did try but couldn’t achieve the same (Mahindra produced the Verito Vibe).

Mahindra Verito Vibe launched in india

Mahindra Verito Vibe

Mahindra is well known for its reliable, durable and strong SUVs and MPVs. The company has achieved success with its Scorpio and Bolero. A few years ago, Mahindra tried their hand in the compact cars and produced the Mahindra Verito Vibe. This car was exactly the same as the Mahindra Verito sedan expect it had been cut down to fit into the compact car segment. The Vibe wasn’t a looker and neither was the Verito. It didn’t has a symmetrical design and it felt like it was designed by two different people. The cabin of the Vibe was simple with nothing which would take away your breath. The space was good for a compact car. Mahindra provided a boot lid which open up separately such that the rear windshield remains intact, which makes you do a lot of work in order to load up your luggage. The boot space is decent. The Vibe was powered only by a 1.5L diesel engine which performed pretty well in the city and gave some good mileage numbers. Mahindra tried to make a practical product but it failed at many factors. It still had much more to learn about compact cars.

Maruti Suzuki Swift is in the market for many years now and it shares a good part of it even today. Swift proved to be one of the top selling cars of Maruti. In fact, it became one of the top selling cars of India. It is available in two engine options, a petrol and a diesel. Both the engines performs very well in city as well as on the open roads. The Swift looks modern, dynamic and confident. Although, the latest model has big headlights which could take you while to digest. The interiors of the Swift are very comfortable and posh. The rear passengers does not have enough space and would be cramped. There is a decent boot space and overall the car is a nice package. We do not need to talk much about the Swift, it speaks for itself.

Hyundai came into the compact segment with its i10 years ago and a while back it launched a new avatar of i10 with some major changes and named it the Grand i10. As the name suggests, this car is really something. It not only looks a lot better than its predecessor it has tonnes of features which you wouldn’t find in any other car of this segment. Hyundai has done a great job here. Hyundai Grand i10 has got three engine options now, a diesel, and a petrol and recently, Hyundai launched a LPG variant too. Hyundai is also planning to launch an automatic model. The Grand i10 is a great car available in different variants to choose from depending up on your budget.

New four wheeler launched by Mahindra

India’s leading Utility Vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra ventured into the compact passenger car market with the launch of its latest car model offering. Mahindra launched the Verito Vibe hatchback on 5th June, 2013 in the Indian car market.

Mahindra Verito Vibe Blue

This latest four wheeler offering from the house of Mahindra comes powered by only diesel engine and no petrol variants of the hatchback is offered. The Mahindra Verito Vibe is being offered in 3 model trims of D2, D4 and D6, and has a price range of Rs. 5.63 lakhs to 6.49 lakhs. This premium hatchback is based on the very popular sedan Mahindra Verito and shares the same kind of spacious interior space.

Mahindra & Mahindra claims that like its name, the Vibe is designed and meant for the vibrant and colorful young Indian car consumers. The Indian car major describes the car rather truly, as the car really has very sticking individual design features.  On the whole, the exterior design of the Vibe is similar to that of its larger sedan sibling Verito, but Mahindra has given it exclusive individual styling that really attracts attention.  The Verito Vibe gets a wide front grille and very shapely stylized headlight consoles that are fitted with clear-lens halogen lights. A couple of bright fog lamps have also been incorporated to the front bumper. The new hatch also gets adorned with new alloy wheels and body colored OVRMs. The side profile flaunts body colored door handles that enhances its vibrant looks. At its rear, the Vibe gets exclusive specially designed Italian stretched out tail lights clusters. The rear design of the car also appears very sharp due to its boot design and is smartened up with loads of chrome garnish. The Vibe comes in some vibrant body color choices.

The Mahindra Verito Vibe offers an equally stylish and comfortable cabin as can be expected from a good premium hatchback. The Vibe has a great spacious interior that is enhanced with stylish upholstery. The car also gets smartly designed instrument console. Its seating arrangement is also very comfortable to provide enjoyable drives. The Vibe offers powerful climate control system, an advanced remote controlled 2-Din entertainment system, interior theater dimming lights, rear windscreen defogger, remote controlled fuel tank lid, power steering, all 4 power windows, central door locking along with many other world class advanced features.

Under the hood, the Mahindra Verito Vibe comes powered by a very efficient and powerful 1.5 liter dCi, 1461cc 4 cylinder diesel engine empowered with CRDi fuel supply. This great diesel engine has the capability of churning out the maximum power output of 64.1bhp and a peak torque of 160Nm. Mahindra has mated the powerful diesel motor with an efficient 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. The Verito Vibe hatchback has an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of a good 20.80 Km per liter.

Launched in the premium hatch segment of India, the Mahindra Verito Vibe is pitched against many quality cars such as the class leading Maruti Suzuki Swift, Chevrolet Beat and Ford Figo.

Mahindra Verito Vibe D6 – Built to glide past rough roads

Mahindra is an eminent auto firm in India; the company has touched ground breaking skills in automobile technology. It has released amazing and super efficient SUV’s which has resulted in impressive profit fortunes. Mahindra has explored the sedan segment as well with the Verito, the reliability factors with this car has been supreme, and this has led the company to build a hatch version of the car called Verito Vibe.

Mahindra Verito Vibe launched in india

The car made a grand appearance in early June, and this is the peak monsoon season, car enthusiasts have test driven the car and rated their experience to be amazing. An important factor to note with the Vibe is, it is not just a hatchback version of Verito, but is sprinkled with a creative design formula which has rarely been explored, which is a boxy design. Car enthusiasts were amazed with the ability of Vibe to cruise through Mumbai’s unpleasant pot holes, and during June where rains pour to infinity, the experience to cruise through such uneven circumstances is daunting. The Vibe was glorious even under the most terrorized road conditions in Mumbai and could maneuver through flooded terrain with ease.

Most people would be curious about the hidden formula used in Vibe D6 version for its splendid capacity to drift pass robust roads. The answer lies in the tires used, which is JK R14 185/70, travelling on muddy and slippery roads is a frightening and tedious task, one can imagine the driver’s nerves at high speeds. According to car fans, there is nothing to worry about at a significant level; the car is known to glide past tough paths at decent speeds. Car enthusiasts have driven the car under tormenting road conditions back and forth from Mumbai to Pune.

The main concern with the car was the harsh eco impact when back door was opened, and the doors were bit heavy on the shoulders. The fuel meter did not function to its optimum, even after fuelling the car, the meter displayed lower figures. Those who own or have read about the Verito, will be familiar with the interior comfort levels offered by the car, five occupants and heavy luggage did not pose stuffy issues, when car enthusiasts were on their way to have a blast at friends farm house. The experience through ugly potholes and slushy roads was more like a paragliding effect, occupants could barely experience bumps.

The entire journey which was a massive distance of 20,000 kms was a pleasurable one for car enthusiasts. The only possible problems were the heavy door weight. Mahindra has incorporated a brilliant and advanced engineering formula with the Vibe, evident from its incredible ability to maneuver on super harsh potholes and wet roads with ease. Mumbai monsoons are known to be tormenting, to an extent that it is a hot topic of discussion in news channels and newspapers. Indian auto firms have to dig into newer and efficient engineering solutions to combat the country’s poor and rough road scenario, which could otherwise lead to unwanted accidents. Mahindra has looked into such desperate measures and has emerged with the Vibe that does the trick marvelously.

Mahindra Cars in India – A Fully Loaded Stable

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is one of the largest automobile manufacturers of India. Together with its manufacturing subsidiaries, Mahindra 2-wheeler and SsangYong Motor Company, M&M has established a strong customer base in India as well as abroad. M&M has assembly lines set-up in China, Britain and USA. It has had a prosperous business relationship with Renault-France and Navistar International-USA. M&M produces car models that have been widely accepted as Indian bestseller and propelled the company into the league of competitive auto manufacturing sector. M&M has wide scale popularity in Latin Americas, Middle East and Latin Americas. It is one of the fastest upcoming global car-making company producing new models year after year.

Mahindra XUV500 SUV Red Front

With years of research and sophistication, M&M proudly houses cars from Midsize, Small car segment, SUV and Utility segment. Some of the popular models are Bolerao, e20, Scorpio, Thar, Xylo, Quanto, Verito, Verito Vibe, Actyon, Actyon Sports, ChairmanW, Korando, Kyron, Rexton, Rodius and XUV 500.


M&M Bolero was the 1st Multi-utility vehicle with a 2.5L, CRDi engine and 5-Speed Manual transmission.. It’s the ultimate rugged machine made for Indian terrain and rural points. It’s not a family car made for comfort, but takes you where other cars break into sweat. It is well built and offers a good re-sale option. Bolero is available in both Rear wheel as well as 4-Wheel drive with a seating capacity of 7 passengers.


Scorpio gave the respectability that M&M pursued. With looks built for the regular streets, it has the aggression that runs through Mahindra. It is a very popular car solely because of its cheap maintenance and fuel economy. It sports the M-Hawk engine specifications and is available in 3 engine and 2 transmission options. Launched in 2002, its subsequent versions have managed to stay and exude confidence over the years.


Thar is the Willy Progeny of convertibles. The good-looking 2-seater delivers a respectable 105bhp. It has similar machinery as that of the Scorpio with efficient fuel economy. It comes in two engine variants with 5-Speel manual.


It’s the simplest sedan running on Indian roads built to carry passengers and offer fun drive. The 5-seater has a 520liters of massive boot. It’s available in 1.3L Petrol and 1.5L Diesel variants. Badged by Renault, it is nothing more than a rustic sedan.


Initially called Ingenio concept, Xylo is a complete cross over powered by luxury, look and comfortable handling dynamics. It’s available in 5 variants with both 2.2L and 2.5L M-Eagle CRDe Diesel Engines.


The pigmy version of Xylo packs in a solid entry considering it has the ruggedness of MUV and the comfort of a Hatchback. It has a 1.5L CRDe engine delivering 100bhp with superb handling performance.


The true-blue eyed prince of M&M, XUV 500 is built as a monocoque inspired by the dynamics of a Cheetah on the move. With aggressive lighting and front design, XUV500 takes the full bounty just for its look. With a 2.2L m-Hawk engine that delivers a massive 145bhp, XUV500 is smooth in handling performances compared to its segment rivals.


The electric car is more comfortable than it looks from outside. With hardly any consumption, it’s a feasible option to replace bikes and scooters with no parking hassles. The environmental friendly gesture is worth applause.

Mahindra plans for a brand new launch; same as its Verito Version later this year

Mahindra and Mahindra automobile manufacturing company, based in India has planned to give a tough competition from its rivals with the introduction of new vehicles on the line. The three automobiles have been quite anticipated to evaluate Mahindra’s stand in the industry.

Mahindra Verito Vibe Blue

Mahindra has recently launched its Verito Vibe today which has been categorized neither as a sedan nor as a hatchback and is indeed a fusion of both the versions. Mahindra is also planning to make an onslaught of all its four meter cars. In the series of Verito Vibe, it is to be noted that Quanto was the first ever made compatible vehicle range from Mahindra and is the forerunner of Verito.

News leaks have revealed that many more products are in the queue from Mahindra and have been developed to take advantage of its technology such as S101 and S 102 for example. The company has also communicated its idea of launching another vehicle which would be based on the Verito platform.

It is to be noted that this Verito is a re-badged Logan and has been receiving enough speculation and updates over the years. This Verito Vibe vehicle would hit the roads later this year and it is more likely to share the same front end exterior styling as that of the Verito model.

There are significant other parts that are going to be shared between the two models such as the underpinnings, dashboard, engines and the seats. Spy videos and news leaks have also revealed that Mahindra has plans to launch the electric version of the Verito vehicle later next year which would be powered by the revolutionary REVA technology.

Anticipations build up every moment among automobile enthusiasts who constantly anticipate on what this new Verito based Mahindra launch is going to be. So people have come up with quite interesting options, it is not pretty easy to decide on an option and rule out the others.

Nevertheless, people anticipate Mahindra to create a Cross over version of the Verito Vibe which would have a similar version as that of the Skoda Scout and the Cross Polo vehicle from Volkswagen. It is expected that this Verito Vibe would have higher and better ground clearance, muscular looks and bigger wheels that would appeal to tough guys in the world.

News Leaks also portray that Mahindra has been developing a compact SUV as there is a higher need in the market for these vehicles. These compact SUVs would feature a front wheel drive and a monocoque chassis.

There are chances for this compact SUV to be built on the Verito version, but this would inculcate higher cost and the company has many good chances to decrease the cost of its SUV if it uses the underpinnings of its XUV500 model or from its Quanto model which features a rear wheel drive and ladder frame.

Nevertheless, we could expect new variants from the Mahindra group in the near future, and how exactly these vehicles would look like is left for us to guess until their launch day.

Mahindra Verito Vibe all set to compete with Maruti and Hyundai in the hatch Market

The highly competitive Indian hatchback market recently welcomed the Mahindra Verito Vibe. Taking note of a waning market in an SUV, which represents the car manufacturer’s major niche, Mahindra came out timely with the new hatch. Priced at around 5.6 lakhs, the Vibe is set to be among the cheapest vehicle in the passenger car market.

Mahindra Verito Vibe launched in india

The SUV market share of the company recently fell to 48 percent from 56 percent in the last fiscal year, as the data from SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) revealed. Although it is too early to confirm how the new Vibe would resonate with the frequencies of Indian hatch buyers, yet the industry is abuzz with the new entrant. The hype, combined with the low price, can well prove to be a game changer in the passenger vehicle segment.

Tough Competition Ahead

With so many passenger vehicle options available for buyers, Mahindra is well aware of the tough competition it faces. The biggest competitors are the Maruti and the Hyundai, occupying a dominant position for their longstanding reputation in making passenger cars for Indian roads.

Making things tougher, there are several other major competitors in the hatchback segment. To counter the competition, the relatively low price range is the key USP that the company is counting upon. Mahindra is also relying on its reputation of producing tough vehicles. Toughness has always been a major criterion while developing cars for Indian roads.

Targeting Youth Consciousness

The key market Vibe hopes to occupy is the young and restless Indian buyer segment, looking forward to enjoy a certain sense of power on the road. The premiere SUV manufacturer already has a name for developing power on wheels, and new buyers are likely to offer their attention to see whether the new hatch would be able to provide the formidable punch.

However, Mahindra had to attain a balance in the car design as a hatch must look homely (and not tough) to appeal to homeowners. Therefore, the exterior has a two-tow box structure, and the interior have a formidable 1.5-liter engine.

The Middle Ground

Buying the Verito Vibe can save the buyer a few lakhs and still enjoy the luxury of a good hatch. This can be a determining factor because the Indian market has a distinct characteristic of preferring lower cost products. Mahindra aims to engage the mid-level buyer segment, which does not want a too cheap or a too expensive vehicle.

Besides, Mahindra represents a unique brand appeal, connecting with the toughness to overpower road roughness. The Mahindra name has been able to establish a strong connection with the feeling of empowerment through its dominant SUV market. Whether the reputation flows into the acceptability of its new hatch would be an interesting observation for car lovers.

The Vibe boasts of precise ergonomic engineering. The interior is spacious and the doors open nicely. The black and light gray dashboard gives out a sense of smooth strength. The chromed dials further contribute to a classy feeling. The car also has a 50-liter fuel tank that is ahead of its competitors. With all these features set to impress, hatchback buyers can expect a great performance from Mahindra Vibe.

Mahindra Verito Vibe versus Hyundai i20

Verito is a professionally designed car that is positioned somewhere between a hatch and sedan and is actually a hatch. From the front the car resembles the Verito with slight modifications in head light console. The grille in the front portion contributes a fair deal to the trendy image. An interesting feature is the black shade on the roof rails which is identical to that found in its elder sibling. The Vibe is artistically designed into a three box structure that from the side angle resembles a miniature car. From the cars’ profile it is pretty evident that the car is built with large boot area. The tail lights at the rear are designed to perfection and make the car appear classy from all angles.

Mahindra Verito Vibe Blue

The interiors in the most loaded model is designed with dual theme, the seats are designed with premium upholstery. The interior volume is abundant to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed drive experience. One interior feature that offers stiff competition is the boot volume at 350 liters which makes this an ideal vacation car. Some of the other interesting interior fitments are world class two Din music devise, power windows and standard safety features for optimum protection such as EBD, ABS and air bag in driver’s compartment. For an interesting piece of information the boot area is higher than even one of the top sellers in India Swift Dzire designed by Maruti Suzuki.

The Vibe is constructed with a powerful 1.5 liter engine with advanced K9K technology that churns impressive efficiencies of 160Nm peak torque and 65bhp highest power. The car is a sure shot winner in terms of mileage as well at 21 kpl and priced at Rs 4.5 to 6.5 lakhs.

The i20 is one of the most popular sedan models of Hyundai; the car is known to have replaced the trendy Getz. In terms of design the car is splashed with artistic influences from European styles. The car is splashed with inventive curves that flow through the entire segment of the car. The eye catchy design is contributed by the robust design of waist circumference and five spoke wheels carved with pristine alloy material.

2012 Hyundai i20

The interiors are designed to offer a royal atmosphere with audio devises mounted to steering wheel, there is a fuel reading devise, world class music system with USB facilities. There is a glove compartment and cup holders; the space offered by interiors is enormous with sufficient leg, head and knee room.

The i20 is built with a powerful 1.4 liter engine with the advanced common rail direct engine technology inserted with sixteen valves that churns impressive efficiencies of 22Nm peak torque and highest power of 89 bhp.  The mileage offered is 16.2 km and priced at Rs 4.8 to 7.8 lakhs.

In terms of design the i20 is a more interesting product especially for those who are into car designs. In terms of interiors both cars are on par, Vibe over powers the i20 in terms of mileage which makes a more value for money product compared to i20. The Vibe is a more worthy purchase in terms of engine efficiency as well.

The i20 is a good buy for ideal city drive conditions and Vibe is more reliable for frequent long distance travels.

A look at the Mahindra Verito Vibe D6

Mahindra & Mahindra ventured into the passenger car market with the launch of the new Verito Vibe. This sub 4 meter hatchback was developed on the platform of the very popular sedan Verito. The Vibe has been speculated a lot being a chop-shop job, as the car features the basic design and shares a lot of common body panels with the Verito sedan along with a slashed boot.

mahindra verito vibe

It has been also talked about a lot that the Mahindra Vibe does not look like a conventional hatchback and it has a rather odd design language especially at its rear end. So does the car really look that bad or odd?

The answer is that the car looks practical enough. In fact, when we took it out for the road test we found a lot of people interested in the new car and even appreciating its unique looks. Thus, people of this new age actually seem to be appealed by this car’s unique looks as was marketed by Mahindra.

This new Mahindra hatch features smoked lens on its headlights that looks rather classy. It also features champagne colored alloy wheels, which is again rather off beat.

The Vibe have unique stylish taillights that feature LED lights, however you get to show them off only when the headlights are on, as they don’t work like brake lights. The front fascia of the car is conventional and its rear design is little different that the others. Its oven like boot will also become acceptable once to drive this car and spend some time with it.

As for the interiors, it is already a known fact that the Vibe has borrowed the exact cabin of the Verito. The Vibe’s steering wheel seems to be very large, and the power steering assistance is also not up to the mark. Its 2 DIN music system is also really unimpressive. However, the overall appearance of the Vibe’s interior gives to a very functional feel.

Under the hood, the Vibe is run by the same Renault 1.5 K9k diesel engine that runs the Verito sedan. The competent engine produces 65 Bhp, and is very well appreciated an urban motor though with its slight turbo lag. The motor is very responsive and is one of the most functional diesel engines that you can get in a hatch.

The Mahindra Verito Vibe also features a good boot space of 330 liters. However, the boot is located very high and the boot lid mechanism also feels rather fragile.

During our road test of the Vibe, the car showed the fuel efficiency of more than 13 kilometer per liter of diesel on an extensive traffic stricken city road drive. Thus, the car’s fuel economy is rather good.

The Verito Vibe also has competent price tags, with Rs. 5.63 lakhs for the base D2 model, and Rs. 5.89 lakhs for D4, while our test drive top trim model costs Rs. 6.49 lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai). However, if you are in Delhi, you will have to shed quite a bit more.