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Mahindra to offer Scorpio Automatic on order basis

The iconic Mahindra Scorpio has been one of the top selling SUV models in India, ever since it launched back in the year 2002. For about 12 years, the SUV has been winning over the SUV lovers of the country and has been gaining on popularity over the last few years. The Scorpio has even beaten some new popular SUV models to emerge as the best selling SUV. The Scorpio is offered in the domestic market in a wide range of variants with affordable pricing to suite the pockets of the varied consumers. However, though the Scorpio is very popular as a whole, its automatic variant is not so popular and the demand for the same is scarce.

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx BS-IV

According to the recent reports, the Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has ceased the production of the Scorpio’s Automatic version for the Indian car market. Mahindra has taken this decision because of the AT variant’s unsustainable demands. Nevertheless, Mahindra has assured those who really want to buy the Scorpio AT by announcing that the company will build the automatic model, if it receives the order for one. Thus, the potential Scorpio AT buyers will have to book the car in advance in order to buy it from now on.

The Mahindra Scorpio is available in India with an automatic transmission gearbox only in the top of the range VLX variant with both the two wheel drive (2WD) and four wheel drive (4WD) systems. The Scorpio VLX AT with 2WD with a price tag of Rs. 11.35 lakh and tagged at Rs. 12.33 lakh for AT 4WD variant. These two AT variants of the Scorpio are at present the most affordable automatic SUV models in India, but still they don’t find enough takers. As per the reports, the customers can book the automatic Scorpio with a token amount of Rs. 50,000.

This is not the first time that the Indian auto major has stopped manufacturing the automatic variant of the Scorpio, as the company stopped the production of the variant in the year 2012, though the production was resumed in the month of March in 2013. Earlier, the automatic gearbox for the Scorpio was sourced from an Australian company named Drivetrain Systems International; currently Mahindra sources the 6 speed automatic gearbox from Bosch.

Apart from the Indian car market, Mahindra & Mahindra offers the Scorpio for sale in several international car markets including Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, South Africa, France, Italy, Australia and Latin America. As the Indian car major has not stopped the production of the automatic variants for these countries, thus it would not have any problem making AT variants on demand for the Indian customer as well.

The Scorpio is a big volume drawer for its maker despite being a veteran model and not having received any such comprehensive overhaul. However, the facelift model of the Scorpio is soon going to be launched, while its next-generation model is expected in 2016.

Scorpio facelift expected to arrive by the end of the year

Mahindra is the king of SUV’s, and has emerged with robust and stunning models like XUV500, Xylo, Scorpio and many others. The SUV market has witnessed a sudden thrust in India with the launch of Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Ford EcoSport. There are upcoming SUV’s as well such as new Honda Jazz, and Hyundai ix 25. Mahindra has brought in the spirit of SUV’s years ago, and among its killer launches that first arrived in 2002 is Scorpio.

Mahindra Scorpio Facelift 001

Mahindra Scorpio Facelift 2015

Scorpio is Mahindra’s top selling car, from 2002 till today it is incredibly popular. The car at one point had overtaken the ruling sale charts of Renault Duster. The company is geared to launch the new Scorpio facelift sometime during the end of 2014. The car will have a more aggressive design from the front with neatly sketched out headlights and arty grille. The headlights have twin barrel frames along with inbuilt projector and daytime running lights. The new bumper will sport a bigger dimension and two extra fog lights on either side.

Mahindra will restructure the rear with new tail gate and artier tail lights, and the other interesting upgrades are LED technology. The new visual fitments are new spoiler, side molding and engine scoop for the robust turbocharged 2.2 liter CRDe engine.

The new Scorpio was in the news lately for an all new up market interior, inspired by the company’s premium SUV, XUV500. The urbane feel is contributed by new beige theme with high quality faux wooden inserts. A feature to look forward to is a fresh touch screen infotainment system fitted in the most loaded Scorpio car. The car will have a new GPS navigation, and the other cabin changes are rectangular air con vents and XUV500 derived instrument cluster.

The car will move on a potent four cylinder 2.2 liter CRDe diesel engine that will yield 290Nm and 122PS. The other engine used is 4 cylinder turbocharged 2.5 liter CRDe power train that will pump out 200Nm and 76PS, and the engine power will be the level with taxi cars. The new Scorpio facelift will be engineered with five speed NGT530R manual transmission and will be sold in four and two wheel drive options.

The new Scorpio facelift will launch by the end of the car, Scorpio not only overshadowed the power of Renault Duster, but EcoSport as well. Mahindra sold about 50,900 pieces of Scorpio higher than 46,700 units of Duster and 45,000 units of Ford EcoSport. The new Scorpio facelift will cost Rs 8 to 12.5 lakhs.

Scorpio has been a fascination symbol in India since inception, and the new Scorpio facelift is a greater delight because of the all new exterior styling and suave interiors. The Scorpio is more powerful than Duster and EcoSport, and now with new cosmetic changes imagine how the profit outlook of new Scorpio facelift. The launch date is months away, and those who are itching to own the car will have to wait for a while.

Reasons to buy Limited Edition Scorpio

Mahindra, India’s biggest utility vehicle manufacturer has introduced conventional and robust SUV’s in the past such as XUV500, Scorpio, Quanto, Xylo and so on. The competition levels in SUV market have intensified like never before, with the influx of glamorous models like Ford EcoSport, Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster, draped in modern SUV material to suit ideal city atmosphere conditions.

Scorpio Special Edition

Scorpio Special Edition

Despite the arch rivalry, age old Mahindra bottle can never be forgotten and a product that rules the charts is Scorpio. The car was first launched in 2002 and has since then been a hot seller. Scorpio has offered heaps of delight and thrill to its consumers. To commemorate the special bond, Mahindra has unveiled the Limited Edition Scorpio, and is sold in limited numbers, only 500 units are available for sale.

The latest limited edition Scorpio car moves on robust mHawk 2.2 liter diesel engine that churns 290Nm and 120bhp. The potent engine is attached to five speed manual transmission gearbox. Not much is changed on the outside; the only visible change is the presence of small graphic labels.

The insides are different from the past model, and look more lavish with tan and beige leather upholstery. There is a roof fitted 9 inch screen with DVD player. The center console is tailored with world class glass wood finish. Limited Edition Scorpio is packed with adequate safety with extra stability technology, light sensors and intelligent rain, Intellipark with sensors on back bumper; extra stability technology and anti lock brake system.

Mahindra unveiled a Special Ediiton Scorpio last year as well in October, and here too the modifications were concentrated on the interiors to bring the special facets of the car. The new Special Edition Scorpio costs Rs 11.88 lakhs.

Scorpio is among Mahindra’s classic launches, and is a threat to the current and upcoming line up of SUV’s. The car rules the SUV charts and has overshadowed exclusive models like Ford ScoSport and Renault Duster. Mahindra is geared to unveil the new Scorpio facelift sometime during the festive season in India. It is a transformation from the past with regard to interior décor, which is now more up market, inspired by the glamour of XUV500.

Mahindra is celebrating the success of Scorpio through two launches, the Special Edition car and facelift. The two cars have something unique to offer in terms of interior design. Let’s go through the newness of the interiors of Mahindra Scorpio facelift.

The steering is the same as XUV500, there are buttons which is an indication that there are audio mounted controls and cruise controls. The instrument cluster looks brand new with freshly sculpted tachometer and speedometer. The center console has artistically carved rectangular air con vent. Beneath the vents is a big display which might be the new infotainment system, and there is a satellite navigation system. The other visible modifications are twin glove box, lighter shades for dashboard panels.

Scorpio has always been an exclusive product and its specialness has churned series of sparks in the form of limited edition and facelift Scorpio.

e2o is a futuristic eco-friendly car

Auto firms all over the globe are working on eco-friendly models; Toyota and Hyundai are developing hydrogen fuel vehicles. Toyota has made a mark in eco car segment with the launch of Prius and Camry hybrids. Mahindra too has invested in eco-car market with the launch of e20 electric vehicle. The car is built by Mahindra Reva, a division of Mahindra that specializes in electric vehicles.

Mahindra e20

Mahindra E20

Mahindra Reva launched the e20 in the beginning of 2013, and was called NXR at an auto expo. The car costs Rs 4.8 to 6.4 lakhs, the e20 looks trendy from the outside, since it is an electric vehicle, the surprise factor lies in the insides. Beneath the hood is battery, and the power exhibited is more potent than alternative fuel cars. There are two variants in the offering a premium T2 and base T01 car.

Let us browse through the engine operations of the car, which defines the eco-friendly nature of the vehicle. The e20 runs on three phase induction power, the power generated by the premium and base model are 25bhp and 19bhp. The torque powers of both models are 53Nm. The battery used is 48V lithium ion battery, which does not need any form of maintenance. It is eco-friendly and reliable. The fitment of a lithium ion battery implies that it is an automatic car and the gear shift is smooth. The lithium ion battery transmits energy to induction motor. It takes five hours for the batteries to charge and when charged the power of the battery is enormous, it powers the car at a stretch that extend to 100km. The work of engine movement is done by the battery; the e20 has no engine or fuel, which means it, is a boon to the environment with zero carbon-dioxide emissions.

Mahindra e20 is a product of modern breakthrough technology, and the equipments used are contemporary as well. There is a world class entertainment system, driver information system, infotainment system, GPS navigation, outer rear view mirrors, power windows, remote hatch release, push start engine button and Reva App store. The car is packed with safety with all passenger seatbelts, immobilizer, dual slide impact beams, reverse parking and camera and follow me home headlights.

The e20 looks trendy from the outside, and the perception is it is a small car, in reality it is, but the dimensions reveal a pretty big figure. The car is 1560mm tall, 1514mm wide, 3280mm long. The wheelbase measurement is 1198mm, the ground clearance value is 170mm, and weighs below 900kg. The exterior material ingredients used are robust, with a three crumpled zone type chassis and dent resistance body panel and hence provides full-fledged safety. The top speed attained by the car is 130kmph, and is injected with disc drum brakes to create a sturdier frame. The front of the car is engineered with McPherson Strut type suspension, at the rear is trailing link with coil spring over damper. The brakes used are regenerative brakes with helps in charging the battery when the car is in deceleration mode.

A look at the 2014 Mahindra XUV500 premium SUV

Indian utility vehicle major Mahindra & Mahindra received a lot of skepticisms when it first launched its premium XUV500 SUV in the price bracket of a Rs. 15 lakh. However, the massive success of the SUV put an end to all these doubts. Nevertheless, soon after the initial sales, customers complained about some niggling issues in the handsome SUV. Mahindra soon got to solving these issues and got busy fine-tuning the SUV in order to make it a truly pleasurable and heavy-duty premium SUV, and thus came the new 2014 XUV500.

Mahindra XUV500 Artic Blue body color

Mahindra XUV500 Artic Blue

So, is the 2014 Mahindra XUV500 free of all those things that caused wrinkles on its owners’ forehead? Let us take a look.


When it comes to the design language and exterior features, Mahindra has made no changes. The good looking and overpowering “cheetah-inspired” design language is one of the primary reasons behind the SUV’s success.


Mahindra had already made this SUV very premium, and the new 2014 model is meant only to fine tune the mechanical bits. Thus, Mahindra has not updated the interiors as well. However, Mahindra could update some of the materials to enhance its premium appeal in the new model.

Engine and Gearbox:

The XUV500 is powered by the same 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine that produces 140 PS of max power and 320 Nm of peak torque. This engine offers great power and performance and is very refined, as noise and vibration is practically non-existent. Mahindra prowess in developing refined diesel engines is clearly represented by the one powering the XUV.

The clutch on the XUV500 is very light, though Mahindra could work to reduce the clutch travel considerably. The gearbox is very average and requires more force than usual.

Ride and Handling:

The XUV500 can handle the city potholes to uneven and dusty roads very well. While its off-road capabilities are good, the primary concern still exists, which is its massive body roll. The steering wheel also feels extremely light and unable to tame this huge SUV. Thus, the XUV500 is not really safe to drive on tricky hilly roads because of its body roll problem.

The XUV also offers good comfort and space, but Mahindra could have definitely improved these factors considerably as well.

Fuel Efficiency:

The Mahindra XUV500 despite being a massive SUV is economical as well. Its great automatic engine start/stop system reduces fuel consumption on city roads and offer the mileage of about 10 km per liter, while on highway it returns 13 km per liter.


Mahindra surely did a great thing by introducing the new W4 base variant. This makes the XUV500n range start at Rs. 10.79 lakhs while the top of the range costs Rs. 14.64 lakhs (ex-Showroom, Delhi).


The XUV500 still has a huge room of improvement, especially on the ride and handling, braking and interior fronts. However, this SUV offers a long list of features, great engine, space and good looks, all of which make it a super value package.

Mahindra First Choice Services keen to strengthen its network to 450 outlets in three years

Mahindra First Choice Services an acclaimed multi brand car service division of Mahindra Group aims to establish 450 units in coming three years. The company was first established in 2009, and is today a huge market for used cars. It is the biggest multi brand segment in India that sells world class second hand cars.

2013 Mahindra First Choice Wheels to build

Customers can choose from a range of posh used cars, which emit an original shine. Mahindra First Choice Wheels has about 118 check points, and its cars are sold with best in class warranty. The warranty schemes issued by the company are Certfirst and WarrantyFirst Certfirst .

Mahindra First Choice Services has for years provided quality service and vehicles. The company is now keen to expand its highly profitable business into 450 units. The Chief Executive Officer of Mahindra First Choice Services YVS Vijay Kumar said, ‘’we are keen to expand our dealership portfolio, three years from now we aim to set up over 400 dealerships. By the end of financial year we are keen to establish more than 100 outlets. ‘’

The company has strategized its dealership enterprise prospect and will segment the units into franchise and company owned networks. Out of the proposed 450 units, about 400 will fall into franchise model category and the remaining 50 will be company owned.

The used car market has blossomed all over India, and is today a Rs 14,000 crore industry. Mahindra First Choice Services is keen to achieve a 10% market share. To strengthen its franchise portfolio the company aims to build 20 clusters, which will have spare components in the form of warehouses to be distributed to outlets. The revenue outcome of Mahindra First Choice Services is Rs 30 crore, and it aims to reach Rs 100 crore in current fiscal.

Mahindra First Choice Services sells used cars from top notch auto brands such as Hyundai, Skoda, Tata, Fiat Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, and Honda. Customers can grab premium used cars like BMW 5 series, Audi A4, Honda City, Honda Civic, Hyundai Santro Xing, Ford Figo and many others.

Mahindra First Choice Services offers the best of second hand cars; it is like walking into a lavish showroom stacked with all kinds of models. The brand has uplifted the used car economy in India, and customers can avail exquisite second hand cars with best warranties. Few years from now there will be many more new models stacked into the firm. There will be many more delightful moments with the establishment of 450 outlets few years from now.

The car market in India has expanded over the past years; the launch of Mahindra First Choice Services has paved way for more choices in the form of new and used car markets. Customers can sell their pre-owned cars at best rates, and attract a better offering. Those keen on a practical mode of life can make use of the best services offered by Mahindra First Choice Services.

Mahindra launches the new RX6 variant of the SsangYong Rexton in Kolkata

Indian SUV leader, Mahindra & Mahindra a part of the 16.7 billion dollar Mahindra Group, has launched the new RX6 variant of the premium SsangYong Rexton on 7th of May in Kolkata. The new SsangYong Rexton RX6 model boasts of a new manual transmission gearbox as well as an array of new features. The new Rexton RX6 has been launched at Rs. 20.51 lakhs (ex-showroom, Kolkata).

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

The new RX6 model has expanded the premium SUV SsangYong Rexton’s existing lineup. The RX6 variant has been launched to successful bridge the gap between the already available variants of the Rexton, namely RX5 and RX7 which received a very good response in India. The new SsangYong Rexton RX6 is not only an able model offering balanced features placed between the RX5 and RX7, but it also offers more flexibility to the SUV buyers who have appreciated the Rexton. Mahindra & Mahindra introduced its South Korean subsidiary SsangYong in India in 2012 by launching the Rexton luxury SUV from its stable.

The new Rexton RX6 variant’s engine is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox along with a host of new premium and high tech features. Under the hood, the new RX6 variant packs in the same 2.7 liter RX270 XDi engine that powers the rest of the range.

The Rexton RX6 boasts of several new features including premium leather upholstery, 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat along with memory function, electrical sunroof, automatic headlights and rain sensing automatic wipers among others. It is also empowered the smart 4×4 torque on demand system. Mahindra says that the RX6 is aimed that those customers who wish to enjoy high end premium features and also want to experience the pure SUV performance with an efficient manual transmission system.

During the launch of the new ‘RX6′ variant of the SsangYong Rexton in Kolkata, Mahindra & Mahindra’s head of sales and customer care officer of the automotive division, Mr. Arun Malhotra told the present media personals that Mahindra being a customer centric company continuously works based on the customer feedback and updates the products as per their evolving requirements. With the launch of the SsangYong Rexton RX6, Mahindra has catered to one such need based on the feedback of the customers that revealed the requirement for a high end and luxurious feature-rich SUV with a manual transmission.

The Rexton is a premium and high end SUV from the Korean car maker SsangYong’s stable that was taken over by Mahindra & Mahindra in 2010. The Rexton is a global luxury SUV that has been on offer in more than 120 countries since the year 2001. The third generation model of the Rexton was launched in India in the month of October 2012, which is available at all Mahindra dealerships across the country. The Rexton SUV is fully manufactured and assembled in the country at Mahindra’s Chakan facility near Pune. The SsangYong Rexton has been receiving good response in India since its launch.

Mahindra developing 6 new powertrains with Ssangyong

The Indian utility vehicle leader Mahindra & Mahindra is already known to be working on massive things including new cars, platforms and a family of new engines. This mammoth task is really hard to handle by any single car maker in a given point of time. However, Mahindra has the full support and collaboration of Ssangyong Motor, which will definitely help the car maker finish projects on time and more smoothly too.

2015 Ssangyong X100 Compact Crossover Concept 01

2015 Ssangyong X100 Compact Crossover Concept

The decision of the Indian car major’s taking over the South Korean car maker Ssangyong has really turned out to be profitable. Mahindra & Mahindra is known for its ambition of making it big in the global markets, and in this too the Korean subsidiary can help it a great deal. Moreover, the joint research & development as well as designing strategy is really working in favor of Mahindra, not only in a time saving manner but also in a better recourse manner. Mahindra is thus now on a mission to charm both the Indian as well as the international car markets with an array of all new products that it is busy developing with its Korean subordinate.

As per sources Mahindra is now busy developing a range of 6 new engines in both petrol and diesel. Mahindra does not want to remain as a petrol centric manufacturer and thus wishes to launch many petrol cars to grow in the international markets.

This latest revelation was done by the Chief Sales & Customer Care Officer of the Automotive Division at Mahindra, Arun Malhotra on the launching ceremony of the Ssangyong Rexton’s new RX6 variant. He said that Mahindra and SsangYong will be having joint R7D for 6 new engines.

Though now the exact numbers of new engines are out, Malhotra refrained from revealing how many among these new engines will be petrol and diesel. He did not reveal where will these be produced either.

It is not that only Mahindra is benefitting from this association, as Ssangyong is also turning out great profits ever since its finances got backed up by Mahindra. Ssangyong is also assisting Mahindra to research on new advanced technologies for both Mahindra and Ssangyong vehicles. The two car manufacturers are collaborating to develop the 6 new powertrains, which will also go under the hoods of both Ssangyong and Mahindra vehicles for the Indian as well as global markets.

Mahindra & Mahindra successfully launched the Ssangyong brand in India in 2013 with the launch of the Rexton premium SUV, which is drawing good sales figures. Mahindra plans to bring in other Ssangyong products in India such as the Rodius in future.

Currently Mahindra and SsangYong are busy working on several compact SUV and MPVs to beat the competition in India.

Mahindra is also likely to develop a compact SUV model based on the Ssangyong X100 platform. Malhotra has confirmed on this as well. He also said that both the car makers will use common platforms for their vehicles in the future.

Mahindra Xylo Vs Chevrolet Tavera – Which is your choice?

Both Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra and Chevrolet are leaders in their home turf and also have a substantial presence in international markets. While Mahindra is recognized for making sports utility vehicles, Chevrolet which is a subsidiary of American legendary carmaker General Motors, makes varied from small to large categories of cars. While the Mahindra Xylo was launched as a multi-utility vehicle in 2009, while Chevrolet Tavera was launched in 2004 therefore has a longer reputation. The Xylo and Tavera start with price range of 7.33 lakhs for base variant and end at around 10 lakhs for high end variants with latest features. The only common factor between both utility vehicles is that both are available only with diesel fuel option and are great performers in their respective segments.

mahindra xylo facelift

Mahindra Xylo Facelift

Interior Features – Xylo has spacious interiors with ample legroom to allow even 6 foot plus passengers to sit comfortably as it measures 1850mm breadthwise and 4520mm lengthwise. Spacious cabin has comfortable fabric seats with theater effect interior lighting and storage consoles for cups and glasses besides arm rests and foldable snack trays. The Mahindra Xylo can 7 to 8 passengers and has foldable seats to increase luggage space. The car has built in audio system with latest compatibility features and air-conditioner which can both be controlled by remote system.

The Chevrolet Tavera provides option of premium cashmere fabric or perforated leather on seats along with floor carpets. Tavera’s power steering, glove box with lock system, remote fuel lid and boot lid opener along with front and rear cabin lamps offer adequate comfort and control to driver and passengers. Besides air conditioning enjoyable through rear vents and powerful audio system, the car can easily accommodate a minimum of 7 and maximum of 10 passengers.

Chevrolet Tavera Front

Chevrolet Tavera Front

Exterior Features – Designed typically like an MPV the Mahindra Xylo has muscular structure with large vertical grille radiator above body colored bumper. This attractive five door multi-utility vehicle is available in six attractive colors of beige, black, red, brown, silver and gold with body colored ORVM’s and door handles. Underbody cladding, muscular wheel arches projector headlamps and freshly designed rear taillights extending from bottom to roof on either side of rear door enhance its overall attractiveness. External attachments include automatic wipers on front and rear with 15 inch alloy wheels.

Chevrolet Tavera has a more hefty appearance with sleek outline and prominent radiator grille above air dam with honeycomb grille and stylish headlights cluster comprising halogen headlamps with side indicators. This car is quite expansive with length of 4435mm and width of 1620mm which is mounted on wheelbase of 2685 mm.

Engine and Safety Features – The Mahindra Xylo has 2.5 liter mDI CRDe diesel engine providing 95 bhp of power and torque output of 220 Nm. Its diesel engine is partnered with five speed manual transmission to help it maintain powerful mileage of 11 – 14 kmpl. Suspension technology has double wishbone type with independent suspension and multi-link coil spring while braking system comprises of disk and drum brakes. Safety features comprise of anti-lock braking system, seat belts along with power door locks and engine immobilizer.

Chevrolet Tavera has twin diesel engine options among which one is 2.0 liter turbo diesel power mill and 2.5 liter diesel engine in which the first has power capacity of 105 bhp and torque yield of 263.7 Nm.

Why Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero retains top position among Indian SUV’s

The Mahindra Bolero and Scorpio were launched as its early attempts to create a reputation for itself as a maker of multi-utility vehicles with latest features in India. Now after more than a decade of existence in local markets and exports to markets as far off as Africa, South East Asia and South America, both these models still have a loyal following. The popularity of both these models is such that even if Mahindra wants to retire both of them it cannot. As per latest reports from its sales division Bolero sold more than one lakh units while Scorpio sold more than 50000 units within financial year 2013-14. Though several new sports utility vehicles in compact and normal size have been launched by local and international manufacturers none have been able to recreate magic of these two models.

mahindra bolero special edition

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition

General Features of Bolero –The first Bolero model was powered by CRDe engine, and has been improved with better tuning and turbochargers to provided better pickup and power. The nearly 20 percent growth in sales of Bolero has been due to implementation of automatic transmission and recent changes made to its exterior profile. Its chrome covered grille with body colored bumpers accentuates front appearance with bold hawk shaped headlights and prominent fog lights around honeycomb grille covered airdam. Wrap around tail lights give Bolero’s rear a prominent appearance while spacious cabin can seat seven people in relative comfort with while recently extended wheelbase provides sufficient legroom for passengers.

It was hailed as India’s first international level SUV with modern safety features of brake assist, engine immobilizer and braking system on wheels consists of disk and drum brakes. Bolero’s suspension system consists of anti-roll bars and wheel locks that prevent slippage on wet roads and enable stability. Other safety equipment comprises of child safety locks side impact beams along with robust front and rear bumpers. Anti-theft mechanism which recognizes only authentic manufacturer’s key and heavily padded headrest both protect passengers from untoward incidents.

mahindra scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

General Features of Scorpio: The Scorpio is Mahindra’s largest selling car which will be supplemented with a better version soon. While its base variant costs around 7.5 lakhs, its highest variant are in the range of 10 lakhs and above which even consists of a bullet proof model. The Scorpio SUV is available only with diesel fuel engines in varied power ranges like 1.5 liter and 2.2 liter and complies with strict BSIV emission standards. While the 2.2 liter mHawk engine has output of 120 bhp, the 1.5 liter engine is less powerful. The Scorpio protects passenger with safety equipment of ABS, dual airbags and brake assist and also gives them comfort of leather seats and powerful air conditioner.

Advantages of both these models over others

The Bolero has been able to handle competition from big-weights due to availability in various color hues and engine combination. Its good quality manufacturing quality is supplemented by 3 year service warranty provided by Mahindra. Scorpio’s great off-roading capabilities and ability to move through roughest terrains makes it a frontrunner among all-terrain cars in India.