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Mahindra might revise ground clearance figures

Mahindra is eminent for its Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s), the XUV500 is built with inventive and world class technology. Since launch the consumer response for this car has been amazing. Mahindra has now emerged with techniques to reduce the ground clearance of XUV500 by inserting a stone protector below the mill. The main initiative of the Government is to build a more compact XUV500, this is a point of concern the cost of the car might increase by Rs 30,000.

mahindra xylo facelift

The Government has proposed a policy with respect to ground clearance stating that compact cars which measure more than 170mm will fit into the SUV category. This has enabled the company to restructure the XUV500 to enjoy more attractive tax benefits of below 27% compared to30% used for most SUV’s.

Mahindra has indeed emerged with a practical solution to reduce the ground clearance of XUV500, using a stone protector. This has lowered the ground clearance to 160mm from the earlier figure of 200mm. With this technique Mahindra can now escape additional excise duties, which is branded for vehicles which cross the required ground clearance mark of more than 170mm; cars which meet such requirements are branded SUV’s. This policy is fabricated by the Indian Government.

According to a statement by the company, the Government is analyzing vehicles which are weighed down, the ground clearance has extended the required norms, and hence the ground clearance of the car is increased by around 30 to 40mm, and this would result in higher taxes, the aim to lower stone protector might not be practical, since this would increase room for damage to the lower portion of the car when brakes are applied. If the new policy comes to force, the company might not have the resources to modify car and would have to move with the flow by accepting tax.

The new regulation proposed by Indian Government will lead to some undesirable consequences, there will be extra tax charges, the increase in ground clearance might damages the under surface of vehicles during immediate brake application and lastly the increase in price.

Those who are keen to purchase the XUV500, this might be the best time and grab the car before its value is Rs 30,000 higher when revised excise duties come to light.

The XUV500 has created an overwhelming public response; Mahindra has registered heaps of profits with this car. This car has created some cut-throat competition in Indian market; other reputed firms are even today few years after the cars launch have built models to offer stiff competition with XUV500.

The Indian government has introduced excise policies for ground clearance which might not be an attractive initiative since higher tax figures come to play which is rather unfavorable especially with the current Indian market conditions. Mahindra might be concerned with the lower buying power for the car with the increase in input costs caused by depreciating rupee value.

The XUV500 is eminent for its remarkable engine power, safety and interior comfort. This car along with other quality SUV’s of Mahindra are employed in some thrilling adventurous events.

An insight into the spectacular drive experience of Mahindra XUV5OO Borg Warner

Mahindra is a pioneer in Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment, particularly the XUV500 known for its high tech monocoque chassis. There is some exciting news for ardent XUV500 fans, Mahindra has introduced the Borg Warner XUV500 with an aggressive style quotient, and power packed features and supreme engine efficiency.

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This could be an upgraded version of XUV500, other reputed firms have developed minor upgrades of original versions with a more fashionable stance, Maruti Suzuki has launched the WagonR Stingray and Hyundai will soon unveil the Grand i10 in showrooms next month. Mahindra’s SUV’s have remarkable shock absorbing capacities and known to be amazing adventure models, the XUV500 has been used in many thrilling adventurous competitions such as Great Escape and many others.

The Borg warner all wheel drive car also has the adventure muscle, the technology used to design the car is outstanding, which can absorb impactful collisions. The engine fitments is the same as XUV500, with a potent 2.2 liter engine with advanced mHawk technology that releases shockingly impressive efficiencies of 330Nm peak torque and highest power of 140 PS matted to six speed gearbox that operates in the manual mode.

Car enthusiasts had test driven the Borg warner all wheel drive and were pretty satisfied with the performance and said that the grip and acceleration was magnificent on any road conditions. The main concern here was the gearshift was not all that smooth and was a bit jerky, the overall experience according to sources was amazing, the car maneuvered with great ease that it almost felt like flying an aircraft where one could not feel the rhythm of the rear wheel.

The Borg warner AWD system is fitted with lock button; the main purpose of this switch is it distributes torque to all 4 wheels. The technology used to design the car is world class with equal power distribution to all four wheels; the main drawback here is the tires are not tailored to attain the required grip on roads. To complete the exemplary engineering technology picture of the car, the only task remaining is the fitment of tires with superior quality.

The Borg Warner all wheel drive XUV500 is an interesting new upgrade of Mahindra, the car is built with power packed features to attract majority of Indian population. The XUV500 has always been a fascination symbol with Indians the car has all the desirable features to experience a luxurious drive; the interiors have world class music system, premium upholstery, ample storage areas and so on.

The Borg Warner all wheel drive XUV500 is an ideal car to enjoy an exciting drive with a group of family and friends. For adventure buffs, the car is the best bet, to enjoy an exciting vacation in forest areas or camps, since this car has the capacity to cruise on rugged roads. This car is amazing to even venture on an exciting road cruise to explore historic and enriched Indian cities, the car is also best suited for a spectacular drive on ideal city road conditions. For those interested, this is a noteworthy purchase and offers everything a customer can ask for from exclusive styling, marvelous interior equipments and power packed performance.

Mahindra announces that it has no plans of introducing new models until 2016 fiscal

Mahindra & Mahindra, the Indian Utility Vehicle Leader had been pretty busy launching new car models in the Indian car market right from the year 2011. Mahindra started with the introduction of some of its patent quality SUVs in the form of the premium XUV500 and the compact Quanto. Later, the Indian car major moved on to something completely different and green in the form of the first 4-seater EV from the company named the E2O. And the recent launch came in the form of the Verito Vibe, which is also Mahindra’s first venture into the compact hatchback segment of India. All these new products were unveiled by the company in swift succession.

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While Mahindra’s big launch E2O did not make it really big among the non-EV inclined Indian populace, Mahindra’s other vehicles are doing fairly well. However, the Indian car giant did get hit by the market slowdown especially after the Indian Government announced in its Union Budget that the SUVs beyond certain specifications will have to pay an additional excise duty of 3%. Ever since, Mahindra is trying hard to find ways to evade the hiked excise duty by incorporating techniques such as stone guard fixtures to reduce the ground clearance of certain models.

Mahindra is also busy is developing several new cars as well as a new engine family for future use and does not want to hurry in any new launches right now. The boss of Mahindra’s automotive division, Dr. Pawan Goenka has revealed that Mahindra will be taking its time to reorganize itself and prepare for new launches and that there will be no fresh launches till the financial year of 2016. Till then, the SUV master of India will channel its energy to update and enhance its current product portfolio for India.

Earlier it was expected that Mahindra will soon bring its S101 compact SUV into the market to compete with the newly launched rivals. Other cars such as the next-gen Scorpio and the all new Bolero were also expected soon enough. However, this announcement reveals that Mahindra will not be launching these cars until 2016 fiscal. Mahindra’s refreshing strategy is already revealed in its updated XUV500 with a bundle of new features. Going with the official announcement, other such refreshed Mahindra vehicles are also expected to immerge soon.

As per reports, Mahindra has also shelved the Verito Electric sedan launch, as the Indian car market is yet not ready to accept full fledged Electric Vehicles (EVs) and did not respond very well to the potential all electric passenger car E2O. The company is waiting for the Indian government to offer subsidy to the electric vehicles which will make the price tag of such vehicles more practical for the Indian car consumers.

The same fate is probably meant for the other Mahindra electric vehicles such as the electric variants of Gio and Maxximo. In the meanwhile, Mahindra is trying its best to push the Mahindra Reva E2O to the consumers in the non-EV friendly environment of India.

Mahindra Reva is developing high performance e2o to be sold in Europe

After lukewarm response from the Indian car consumers for the e2o, Mahindra has become rather disappointed as the Indian car major had real high hopes from the car. The lack of interest of the Indian car consumers for Electric Vehicles (EVs) coupled with the unsupportive nature of the Indian government to spread the usage of green cars, ensured that the quality e2o does not get the amount of success that it deserves. Following the low booking rates for the e2o in the country, Mahindra had made its plans clear to introduce the car to the international markets where the EVs are very much accepted as modern and eco-friendly vehicles. Since then, Mahindra started concentrating on the exports of the e2o, apart from trying hard to sell the car in India by convincing the populace about the necessity of such cars as well as its economic value.

Mahindra e20

Now, according to sources, Mahindra Reva is all set to make the all electric passenger car e2o even more powerful to ensure its success in the car market of Europe. This more efficient e2o with higher specifications is meant primarily for the European car market. However, after its launch in Europe, this more potent e2o may also make its appearance in the Indian car market. Though Mahindra has already made it very clear that the company will study the market carefully before launching another electric vehicle, and it will be ready to launch a slew of electric powered vehicles once the Indian government introduces subsidies for the green cars to make them more affordable for the consumers.

Reva had first showcased the e2o at the Frankfurt Motor Show back at 2009, known as the Reva NXR following which the company also took a pre-booking amount of 500 Euros from certain customers, which was refunded to them later. Mahindra & Mahindra took over Reva in the year 2010, and the company came to be known as Mahindra Reva, which launched the e2o in India, while its earlier European launch plan was shelved. However, owing to the low success in India, the European launch of the e2o has again come into Mahindra’s focus.

As per the reports, some high performance electric motor options are also going through the development process. These powertrain options range from the medium powers of 67 to 81bhp to the high power delivery of more than 107bhp categories. Some of these electric motors are said to be jointly developed by the engineers of both Mahindra and Reva. The company is developing high performance motors to be fitted in bigger vehicles such as the SUVs and mini trucks. Till date, the biggest Mahindra vehicle that is fully battery operated is the Maxximo, which was showcased at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo.

Meanwhile, Mahindra in incorporating various marketing strategies to boost the sales rates of the e2o in India. Mahindra is inviting the prospective buyers of the e2o to use the car prior to purchase in order to fully understand its true value, efficiency and convenience.

Mahindra gets fresh competition from Nissan Terrano compact SUV today

The Indian car market is really hard hit by a massive slowdown, which has taken its toll on most of the auto makers operating in India. Thus, be it the auto market leader Maruti or the Indian SUV master Mahindra, all are anxious to find out the ways to handle this harsh situation. What makes it worse for the leading auto makers in India is the fact that the other global auto makers are lining up fresh and exciting models against the bestselling rival cars in order to snatch away customers.

Mahindra S101 Interior caught during testing

In such a situation, the Indian leader of utility vehicles is having a very hard time as it is hard pressed from three sides. Firstly, the Indian economical instability, the falling rupee coupled with rising diesel costs and interest rates are ensuring poor consumers sentiments resulting into low demands. Secondly, the Indian government has levied an additional 3 percent of excise duty on the SUVs that is doing further damage to the demands for Mahindra’s massive vehicles. Lastly, the Indian compact SUV segment is really booming, which is making all the rival companies churn out loads of new cars that is intensifying competition for the Mahindra SUVs.

At present, Mahindra has got yet another compact SUV rival today in the form of the Nissan Terrano compact SUV. Mahindra’s demands have been said to be considerably dampened by the arrival of the new Ford EcoSport compact SUV and now, Nissan has launched its Renault Duster based Terrano mini SUV on 20th August, 2013 in Mumbai.

The Renault Duster is an extremely popular compact SUV itself, and thus the Terrano which is based on its platform is expected to be equally successful. Nissan in alliance with Renault has thus launched a yet another potent mini SUV in the highly competitive SUV segment of India.

Nissan Terrano Official Sketch Out

The Nissan Terrano is essentially a badge engineered product but is considerably different that the Renault Duster with a lot of exterior alterations. The car really looks stunning and looks prepared to attract the new age car consumers. Under its hood, the car gets the same set of mills as the Duster that is the 1.6 liter petrol as well as two diesel motor options.

With the launch of the Terrano, Nissan today marked its entry into the compact SUV segment of India which is highly is highly potential and most popular at present. Nissan is also confident about this car’s success in the Indian car market.

Nissan Terrano will lock horns with the Mahindra XUV500, newly launched Ford EcoSport and Force One SX apart from its own counterpart the Renault Duster.

The car is to go on sale in India from October and is priced below the Rs 10 lakh slab. Thus, all together it is supposed to intensify the market competition for Mahindra even further. Moreover, Mahindra & Mahindra does not have many proper compact SUV models apart from the Quanto which is also losing its charm. However, the Indian auto giant is readying itself to launch a baby SUV, S101 soon.

Mahindra Truck and Bus division to operate as a separate entity

Mahindra & Mahindra, India’s leading utility vehicle manufacturer had confirmed its decision to give separate entity to its truck and bus division by renaming the former Mahindra Navistar Automotive Ltd. as the Mahindra Trucks and Buses Ltd. which is a fully owned subsidiary of the Mahindra Group. Mahindra also wishes to demerge the trucks and buses operations from Mahindra Trucks and Buses Ltd into Mahindra & Mahindra in order to utilize its resources in a better way. Mahindra has further announced its contemplations to put Rs 200 crores investment towards strengthening its product portfolio and to explore and develop new product ranges that will eventually make the company attain a bigger stature in future.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Trucks and Buses Ltd. has also revealed its intentions to introduce new names for the heavy commercial automobile range. According to the company multi-axle trucks will be known as the Mahindra TRUXO 25 and TRUXO 31; the Tractor Trailers will be known as the Mahindra TRACO 35 and TRACO 40; and the tippers will be named as the Mahindra TORRO 25 and TORRO 31.

While commenting on this, the President of Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors at Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Dr. Pawan Goenka said that the company is entirely committed to its commercial vehicle business and wishes to focus on operating the LCV, Truck and Bus business as a different division after the company’s proposed demerger, with the aim of expanding the company’s presence in the country’s commercial automobile industry. Mahindra plans to invest considerable amount of resources in the coming few years to strengthen the company’s current product range and revamp the current LCV portfolio. The research and development work has also commenced in order to introduce new product offerings that will represent the ICV and MCV segments.

Commenting on this development, the Managing Director and CEO of Mahindra Trucks and Buses Limited, Nalin Mehta said that this new arrangement and rebranding is a result of the company’s long term commitment to its commercial vehicle segment which has all the support from Mahindra Group. While the name has changed, the determination to cater to the customer’s ever changing needs stays unchanged. The company with its powerful products portfolio of HCVs, LCVs and buses, apart from a constant concentration on advanced innovations will persistently deliver superb performance and improved products for the Indian transportation sector.

The company at present has over 1,00,000 LCV trucks and buses and more than 8,000 HCV trucks running on the Indian roads. Moreover, the company diligently provides superior service to its customers with round the clock service centres with its extensive network including 57, 3S dealerships, 271 authorized service outlets and around 1,263 roadside assistance centres that are laid out on the chief trucking routes. Mahindra & Mahindra also intends to further strengthen this network after the demerger of its operations.

With a reinforced product portfolio, new products range, new branding strategy, expanding service network and dealerships and a separate entity, the Mahindra Truck and Bus business is all set to boom.

Mahindra and Mahindra note 6.99% net sale increase

Mahindra and Mahindra an esteemed auto manufacturer in India has noted on increase in its net sales at 6.99% during the Q1 period of Financial Year 14. The increase in net income was contributed mainly by the farm sector, which recorded increased profit revenues at Rs 3900 crore which is significantly higher compared to the same period last quarter at Rs 3078 crore.

Mahindra SsangYong Korando Turismo MPV

Mahindra could not generate admirable auto sales due to the present challenging market conditions. The auto category noted a 2% reduction and released around 56,969 products in the utility vehicle segment.

The success of the utility vehicle segment in India has enabled Mahindra to strengthen its utility portfolio in the international segment and aims to construct a vehicle in the capital city of Ghana called Accra. Mahindra rolled out over 3,500 pieces of commercial trucks in Ghana along with utility auto segments during the initial seven months of 2013. The most interesting part is the new unit will be located in 9.5 hectare area in the city of Accra which belongs to the company’s distributor.

Mahindra for the July period recorded a 29% decline in utility vehicle sales compared to the sales acquired same period last year. The overall profit sale figure in this segment was 15,531 pieces which is considerably on a lower level compared to 22,011 pieces in 2012.  The tractor segment however noted a 15% increase at 17,771 pieces compared to last year’s sales.

The XUV 500 is one of the best selling cars in the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. The car is built with the advanced monocoque engine, which is a pretty interesting theme and is built with a single unit; this is contrary compared to the traditional body on frame. Mahindra has incorporated an excellent strategy by using a monocoque structure which guarantees heightened safety due to the incredible ability to absorb shocks. On the front the car is designed with a creative cheetah theme, and this logo suits the car to the hilt since its can maneuver at supersonic speeds on rough terrains.

The front portion of the bumper is built with an artistically designed honey comb grill structure. The head lamps are inserted in the form of a creative barrel. The XUV500 would excite those who are passionate about unique and creative car designs, for those who are into wild life and cars; the XUV500 is an interesting buy since the front is designed with the theme of swift cheetah movement.

The interiors are designed with the spirit of a luxurious and comfortable drive experience. The cushions are built with quality fabric; an interesting feature of the car is there are lights that emphasize the structure of door handle. There is a large console on dash which is an attention grabbing feature. A feature that would thrill the modern demographic is the six inch touch screen.

The XUV500 is constructed with world class safety features; there are two airbags in the passenger and driver compartment. There are curtain and side airbags as well, a crumple zone is present with crash protection features. The other beneficial safety features are EBD, ABS and disk brakes.

The XUV500 has been a boon to the company in terms of sales, and is one of the reasons for Mahindra’s 6.99% net sale increase.

Mahindra reaches an amazing milestone of 12 lakh small commercial vehicles

Mahindra and Mahindra has generated remarkable sale output profits with its small commercial vehicles and has released around 12 lakhs models in all the possible segments. The small vehicle segments stretches from pickups to even three wheelers, Mahindra has designed its commercial cars with features to offer enhanced convenience and carry heavy goods to cater to consumer demands in rural and urban India. This segment comprises of small vans, school vans, rickshaws and so on. Small commercial vehicles are built to cater to diverse consumer requirements particularly in town and rural areas.

Mahindra rise new logo

On achieving this grand sale output, Pravin Shah, the Chief Executive in Automotive sector of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited stated ‘’that the entire team is thrilled with the sale output of 12 lakh in commercial vehicle segment and is grateful to consumers who have trusted the quality of vehicles. The company, at present offers an amazing range of small commercial cars to satisfy herds of consumers, we have achieved this outcome through customer feedback. We have a strong dealership figure of 250 with more than thousand service stations to cater to optimum consumer satisfaction even in rural areas. ‘’

Mahindra has manufactured its commercial models with high tech technology, with aggressive exterior stance and potent engine capacities to maneuver with ease on all terrains. Mahindra cars are known to deliver amazing mileage, and are used for ideal city and adventure purposes; the company has manufactured cars to enable people to venture into diverse road conditions.

Mahindra has acquired impressive share markets in pick up category at 58%, this figure is for more than ten years. The company has noted exponential sale growth at more than 15,000 pieces on a monthly basis; in the pickup segment around 102,885 cars are released in Financial Year 2013 when compared to the figures in Financial Year 2012 at 73,134 products with a growth of 41%. For some interesting information, this is known to be the highest sales achieved by the company.

Mahindra is a pioneer, not only with its potent assembly line of cars, but also with the state-of-the art technology used to develop these cars. Some of the cars constructed with world class technology in commercial category is Micro hybrid pick up, CNG pick up, Gio compact cab and truck, Maxximo mini van VX, Scorpio pick up and so on. The Maxximo plus is tailored with advanced fuel smart technology along with dynamic CRDe mill.

Mahindra has conquered the international segment as well and rolls out products in more than forty countries.  The company has built its cars with admirable technology, besides commercial models, Mahindra has targeted all the possible car design genres, from hatch and has explored the depths of electric cars as well with the e20 manufactured with powerful lithium ion batteries.

Mahindra has delivered remarkable results in overseas markets and has showcased some of the incredible and cutting edge technology used to design Indian cars which move beyond boundaries and restraints. It would be interesting to observe many more models with novel and advanced technology. Mahindra has done India proud with its marvelous assembly line of cars.

Market conditions and Government policies have hurt passenger vehicles sales

The passenger auto segment in India has not noted impressive sales; the results have shocked the public and auto industries.  The sales have been on a lower scale since a decade. The Government has imposed taxes on diesel and utility cars this has led to an increase in costs.

Mahindra Verito Vibe launched in india

The Government has introduced policies to remove restrictions on diesel car prices; this came to effect last December. This would perplex those who are keen on diesel cars since excise duties have been introduced for utility models, and most cars in this segment run on diesel. The policies adopted by Union Budget is targeted to utility and diesel models, the passenger segment was however undisturbed and delivered positive results in Financial Year 13.

The market ratio of passenger car segment has dropped considerably at 1.86 lakh pieces in 2012 January against 2.4 lakh pieces in 2013 January. Since March, passenger vehicles sales have been on a decline on a monthly basis, the scene was positive in March where there were sufficient stocks to built vehicles. The cumulative sales in utility car segment reduced by 1% , this occurred during the initial periods of Financial Year 14. In Financial Year 13 there was a growth of 50% in cumulative vehicle sales.  The diesel segment noted a 14% decline at 4,25,000 pieces in Financial Year 14, this is contrary to the results obtained in Financial Year 13 where the diesel segment posted a massive 23% sale increase.

A top company official of Mahindra stated that ‘’one of the reasons for the sale reduction is the additional tax duties on Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s), the increase in diesel costs has caused certain amount of pressure in Utility Vehicle (UV) segment. It would be tough to determine if UV segment will register impressive profits, the main factor that would change the fortunes in this segment is if the Government reconsiders the excise duties imposed on UV vehicles. ‘’

During the January to March quarterly period of Financial year 13, the utility vehicle segment noted an increase of 40,000 to 50,000 pieces, and during the April to June period of 2013, the figures dropped at 40,000 to 41,000. The main cause for the reduced figures is the increase in tax duties in the UV segment. In July, the sales in UV segment were not very positive at 37,000 pieces. Some of Mahindra’s best sellers in UV segment registered a decline such as XUV500 and Scorpio.

There are certain economic factors and chain of events which has hurt the auto segment in India, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth had reduced to an all time low of 5 to 5.5% since previous decade, this has resulted in lower buying powers, the situation according to sources is expected to remain till 2014 elections. The increase fuel rates along with increases interest figures have dampened car purchasing powers which is now 22% from 33%.

Mahindra is a dominant figure in the Utility Vehicle segment; the XUV 500 and Scorpio are among the top sellers in this category. Let’s hope the market conditions improve and Government introduces attractive excise schemes on vehicles.

Mahindra Vehicles to go for a marginal price increase

Due to the increase in the price of materials, this year, everything has become a little more expensive than it was. Just like all other commodities, vehicles are also becoming expensive. Mahindra, which is a very prestigious automobile vehicle, has also decided to increase the price of its vehicle. This increase in prices has been decided due to rise in price of its inputs.

Mahindra XUV500 wins the title Star of Nasik at 2013 Maharashtra Rally

The prices of all the materials have increased which has made the prices of the cars to increase. But the buyers do not have to get disappointed because this price rise is only going to be marginal so there will not be a lot of price difference. The commodity pressure is not very high which is why the price hike is only going to be marginal.

The prices of the company’s vehicles had already been increased by 2.5 percent in the previous year, and this year they have also increased the prices by 0.5 percent in July. But there is no fixed news as of yet considering the increased prices of the vehicles, from the company. It will be disclosed somewhere by the next month.

Although even after this marginal price rise of the company, the sales of the company haven’t suffered much.  The company has a strong customer base which is not at all going to be affected by the price hike only because it is only marginal and you will not see a major difference in prices.

The prices have been increased of all the car models that have been launched by the company. This year has also seen some of the best cars being launched by the company in the Indian markets. Pawan Goenka who is the automotive and farm equipment manager has also confirmed this news of price hike, but he also says that since the cost pressure is also less, the price hike will not be a major issue.

The company is going to retain its customer base because of the quality of products that are being launched by the company is amazing. The cars of Mahindra have been the most preferred cars in India and most people prefer it. Although a lot of international companies have also been selling cars in India, but despite that competition, Mahindra has been able to sustain its position as the number one automobile seller of the company.

This reputation of the company can also be a major reason why the price hike will not have a major disadvantage for the sales of the company. However, the company shouldn’t increase the prices any further because that will not go unnoticed by the buyers.

According to the statement that has been provided by Mr Goenka, the input costs have increased but since there is very less commodity pressure so the prices have not raised much. In the near future too, the prices are not expected to rise which can prove to be good news for the potential buyers as well as for the company.