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Mahindra & Mahindra ties up with Canara Bank for attractive car loans

India’s leading utility vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra has collaborated with Canara Bank for Preferred Financier. The Indian auto major has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Canara Bank that will facilitate the Mahindra car customers to take the advantage of getting car loans from the extensive network of more than 4,600 branches of the Canara bank. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mahindra & Mahindra’s Chief Sales & Customer Care Officer of the Automotive Division, Mr. Arun Malhotra and the Chief General Manager of Canara Bank, Mr. R. R. Sharma, while Mahindra’s Deputy General Manager of Sales in Karnataka, Mr. Rahul Vaidya and the Deputy General Manager of Retail Assets of Canara Bank, Mr. M. Nagaraju were also present.

Mahindra rise new logo

This financial partnership between Mahindra & Mahindra and the Canara Bank will enable both to take the fullest benefits of their extensive network present all across the country that consists of the automaker’s 250 dealership outlets and the bank’s over 4600 branches.

While commenting on this very beneficial partnership, the Chief General Manager of Canara Bank Mr. R. R. Sharma said that the Canara Bank is venturing in the expansion of its operations in financing for the passenger vehicles.  The bank has been offering great benefits to its customers and the tie up with Mahindra & Mahindra is a part of this special initiative.  While the Mahindra customers can avail loans from the Bank, the customers of the Canara Bank will also benefit from this partnership, as they will be able to take the advantage of honorary access to the special services of Mahindra & Mahindra.

While speaking on this important partnership, the Chief Sales & Customer Care Officer at the Automotive Division of Mahindra & Mahindra, Mr. Arun Malhotra said that the company is constantly searching for various options in order to be able to offer the best financing schemes to the company’s valued customers as well as also provide them multiple choices. This considered tie-up with the Canara Bank is a result of the company’s commitment to this aspect and is a step forward. The Canara Bank is known for its innovative products and great services at very affordable rates. This tie-up will result in highly competitive schemes for car loans at attractive rates, and the company is hopeful that this in turn will garner good responses from the company’s dealers as well as the customers.

Mahindra & Mahindra is working on an extensive range of new products, technology and new engines in both petrol and diesel. The company has major plans to expand its product range in both the Indian car market as well as the international ones. In this huge task, the company’s South Korean subsidiary, SsangYong Motor is helping it.

Mahindra is also increasingly focusing on the development of new electric and hybrid vehicles, and is currently displaying the world’s first diesel hybrid XUV500 SUV and the electric variant of the Verito sedan at the 2014 Auto Expo.

Mahindra S101 five-seater SUV launch soon in India

Mahindra &Mahindra is surely a pioneer in the release of SUV cars and luxury segment. The company has something great in its shed for the SUV fanatics in the coming year. Being a pioneer in the production of SUV and MPV, the company is planning to release more of it in the preceding year.

mahindra s101 rendering

The next big release from Mahindra& Mahindra will be a sub-4m five occupant car which compacted with a petrol mill and will be positioned under the Scorpio segment. At present, three platforms are under development and the car will be launched commencing from 2015, stated the Executive Director of Mahindra & Mahindra, Dr. Pawan Goenka.

Similar to the XUV 500 and Scorpio, Dr. Goenka stated, the new product will serve as a market SUV range.

As per the sources, the very first of the series can be the amazing S101, as captured by the spyshots. The spyshots have so far revealed that Mahindra is yet to finalise the body parts of the yet to release vehicle. This can be stated by the fact that tail lamps, rear bumper and few bod panels weren’t seen when the test mule was seen on the road. Thus, the engineers suggest that they were running the car more as a powertrain mule more than anything else.

M&M has already made a confirmation in the previous year that it will be working on a series of petrol motors which will be inventively new. These 3 and 4 cylinder engines will work as ground ups and will be crafted and developed under the name of M&M.

The second release out of the three platforms will likely be christened as S102 as confirmed by Mr. Goenka. M&M is working to produce this 2nd platform which is bound to release in the year 2015 depending on the Ssangyong X100 basis. There are few pictures released of the practicing mules displayed online. One can surely check out all of these.

Mahindra is working from a long time and endeavouring its best to release the best from its shed in the coming years. After the XUV nothing more impeccable has been released from the sheds of the Mahindra. However, with so much planning and strategies, it will soon release S101 and S102 and the yet to be named car in the year 2015. They will all be released in the petrol versions and will be smaller than Scorpio.

Mahindra is also planning to release the face-lifted version of Scorpio. The Auto Expo will also prove to be a turning point for the company with so many releases lined up. Another statement made by the company of investing 500 crore in the commercial vehicle segment is also causing a lot of buzz. Thus, Mahindra is all full for the year 201 and 2015.

All we need to do is to wait for the releases and check out the new inventions made by the company for the coming years.

Mahindra introduces its Quanto with AMT gearbox at the Auto Expo

The Indian SUV leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has unveiled its Quanto MPV empowered with the automated gearshift at the 2014 Auto Expo. Mahindra is the first car manufacturer in the country who had introduced an automatic SUV model and it is now, also the first company to unveil a compact MPV with the new transmission technology of the automated manual gearbox.  The new automated Quanto gets the company’s new 5-speed autoSHIFT transmission that offers the benefits of both the automatic and manual transmissions that has been incorporated for the first time in a small SUV model in India.

Mahindra Quanto C6 front white colour

This special automated manual transmission (AMT) has been designed to offer enhanced easier driving experience as well as enhanced fuel economy in the city roads, and incorporates the crucial benefits of fuel efficiency of a regular manual transmission, while also offering the advantage of a smooth and convenient driving experience of an automatic model. On top of that the autoSHIFT transmission also involves some very advanced technologies as well. It includes an advanced electronic control along with a hydraulic actuation system which together can sense the driver’s driving demands according to the road conditions and can initiate the gear shifts automatically that depends on a exceedingly optimized shift map. This apart from offering a superior driving convenience also delivers the best fuel economy that can even exceed that of a manual transmission model.

More interestingly, the Indian auto major has also developed an innovative regenerative braking system which is capable of generating kinetic energy obtained through the process of braking and is then stored in the car’s battery. This can further help to reduce the need of the generation during the next driving, and this in turn translates into decreased fuel consumption as well as lower emission rates. Thus, the automated manual transmission is greatly convenient and efficient in every way possible.

Apart from the automated Quanto, Mahindra & Mahindra has also unveiled and showcased a great many more advanced car variants including the XUV500 hybrid version and the electric variant of the Verito at the ongoing Auto Expo.

The Mahindra XUV500 Hybrid is the world’s first diesel electric hybrid SUV. This hybrid version of the fast selling XUV500 premium SUV is an efficient and powerful model that incorporates all the advantage and fuel efficiency of a full hybrid car along with the aggressive power of a conventional SUV. The new XUV500 Hybrid is Mahindra’s new vehicle variant that showcases the company’s latest technological prowess and advancements. At the Expo, this car model variant is displayed with a transparent bonnet in order to display its technical advancements to the audience.

Mahindra & Mahindra has also showcased the electric variant of its popular Verito sedan. The company has also revealed that the Verito Electric version is quite ready and could be launched towards the end of this current year.

Mahindra & Mahindra is thus showing off its innovative technological prowess, taking advantage of the current Auto Expo.

Mahindra Scorpio facelift unveiled

The homegrown automakers Mahindra and Mahindra, has witnessed a huge success with the launch of its XUV models, 500 and Scorpio, SUV, reports now are coming that this Indian carmaker has all its hands filled with the mass market SUVs. It has also been reported that it tends to bring down the latest SUV as a low price car belonging to this segment in particular.

Mahindra Scorpio Facelift 001

The car maker is also working now on the two or three platforms for the SUVs in the pipeline. It will be launching its latest mass market car in 2015. The price will be even more less than Scorpio. This has been confirmed by Pawan Goenkka who is a Sr executive at this giant. Pawan is also the president and the Executive Director of the automotive and farm equipment’s at Mahindra. He gave this statement ate world economic forum’s annual meet. Mahindra’s brand has been calculated as a seventeen billion dollar brand which has given employment to more than one lakh eighty five thousand people in over hundred countries. It’s a leading player in the business of vehicles with the flagship center. Also, it owns a very strong and effective presence in different domains, including defense, hospitality, and technology. Aerospace, real estate, financial services, retail, etc.

Pawan also told that the journey of Mahindra right from the introduction of its Scorpio in the industry has inspired it throughout. He told that Mahindra has also extended, its threshold for the expansion of its presence in the mass-markets keeping the price point into consideration. Pawan is generally known as the developer of the concept of Scorpio. Scorpio is the most famous SUV by a domestic automobile giant. When asked about the next introduction of the company, he said that Mahindra started selling Scorpio at six lakh and that time there were no mass market SUVs sold at this price.

Pawan told that the company is giving repeated attempts for a somewhat similar, feat while the introduction of the XUV in the industry at a price of twelve lakh. Even that time there wasn’t a single mass Market automobile, which was being sold at this price. However Pawan claims that it’s not at all likely to cross the twelve lakh mark in the domestic markets. He said that there’s been a dramatic change in the division of the business of SUVs. The sub 4 meters small segment of cars could be dominated by the cars run on petrol. He said that the next big step for this car maker will not just move to a car bigger than an SUV or a Scorpio.

Pawan added that the Mahindra giant has gained robust growth in the international market. It has also maintained its rate of growth in the domestic market. Mahindra is already a big name in the domestic market. It will very soon become a big name in the international market as well. Not only has this Mahindra automobile also taken Sports utility vehicle industry by a storm. One of the main points of its creation if Scorpio. It was introduced more than ten years ago and is still a popular name in the industry.

Mahindra S101 five-seater SUV to launch next year

Indian carmaker Mahindra and Mahindra which is a market leader in making sports utility vehicles in India, is now developing a new compact sports utility vehicle which will be ready for production by 2016. The firm has announced that its research engineers are developing three platforms on which future products will be constructed with varied body types. A compact SUV codenamed S101 is being tested which is a sub-4 meter compact passenger SUV smaller in size and price than its Scorpio. Sources within the firm have stated that this new compact car will be designed on the lines of its popular XUV500 and will be a mass market product.

mahindra s101 rendering

Though several spy shots of the S101’s test model have appeared on automobile sites, Mahindra has not finalized on launch design therefore is not making a formal announcement about launch of this product. This S101 will be placed between Scorpio and XUV500 and will compete against Ford’s Ecosport which is most popular car in this segment. If one looks carefully at the spyshots appearing on websites it is obvious that important body parts like taillights and rear bumper were missing on this test vehicle so Mahindra is likely to take time in finalizing complete model before release. It appears as if the upper body is just for test purpose and its engineers were trying actually testing its engine power, suspension and chassis strength.

Mahindra has recently stated that like its compatriot Tata Motors, its engineers are also working on developing a new range of petrol engines which will be used on its future products. This family of petrol engines will be in the range of three and four cylinder with 1.2 – 3 liter capacities. Besides the S101, Mahindra’s engineers are also working on a new platform based on SsangYong’s X100 so that it can develop a compact version of that car which will be codenamed S102. Since this new car will be slotted below Scorpio it could be priced in range of 5 – 6 lakhs similar to most mid range vehicles in this range. The S101 will be built on monocoque frame which is being regularly used for developing compact models of sedans and SUV’s due to better stability and balance.

From the outline of S101 spotted testing on Indian roads it is obvious that its frame is sleek with backward sweeping roof and prominent nose. Its rear door mounted spare tyre gives it an adventure car appearance and sources inside Mahindra have stated that though it is a compact vehicle the S101 will be able to seat 5 – 6 passengers. Since the firm is developing a new family of petrol engines the Mahindra 101 is likely to be presented with both diesel and petrol engine options. To increase performance and speed Mahindra will be empowering both diesel and petrol engines with six speed automatic gearbox and turbochargers. To create sufficient leg space for 5 – 6 passengers the designers are likely to remove central console and move gear controls ahead. Since there is fierce competition in this segment for fuel efficiency with Renault Duster showing highest at 20 kmpl, it will be interesting to see performance of Mahindra’s S101 model.

Mahindra to introduce 3 new platforms by 2017

Indian automaker Mahindra which like its counterparts Tata Motors and Force One has had a rough time during past couple of years with local demand and also exports. To increase its portfolio of products which can also help them extend customer base Mahindra and Mahindra has decided to develop three new vehicle platforms which will be used to develop vehicles in the next few years.  These three platforms which will be finalized within next three to four years are being developed at Mahindra’s research and development division in Chennai. These platforms will comprise of one for sports utility vehicle another for light commercial vehicles and a third for compact sports utility vehicles.

Mahindra rise new logo

Besides developing a taste for luxury vehicles, Indian markets are also witnessing an emerging demand trend for compact vehicles and both local and international manufacturers are rushing to meet this demand with a slew of new vehicles. Besides announcement of this platform Mahindra will also showcase a hybrid version of its popular utility vehicle XUV500 which is presently under development and will be ready for delivery towards end of 2015. During announcement of this hybrid the firm’s executive director cum president stated that since Mahindra’s product expertise is strongest in large utility vehicles it will not concentrate its energies in making compact utility vehicles now.

The demand for compact vehicles both in sedan and sports utility segment has increased rapidly in past 18 months prompting small and large manufactures to venture into it.  Mahindra has already developed a compact model of its XUV500 which was displayed in Auto Expo 2014 and will concentrate on making varied designs in compact category in future. After finalizing its SUV platform Mahindra will develop a new product over it which will be launched by early part of 2015. To meet rapidly changing demands of customers and technological upgrades which are being implemented in vehicles of today, Mahindra is setting up a modern research center in Detroit with a team of 25 engineers to develop two of the four platforms.

A permanent platform will help the firm’s engineers develop products with varied body structures on one platform which will save costs in future. The firm’s spokesperson also announced that Mahindra will be investing around 1000 crores in development of each platform therefore its research and development wing will require around 10000 crores during next three years to create new platforms and manufacture concepts over them. Its hybrid concept which is being developed for XUV500 is with combined partnership of Mahindra with Bosch and Samsung and has completed around two years of research therefore will be released by 2015 to meet growing demand for pollution free vehicles.

Mahindra and Mahindra is depicting itself as a progressive automaker during the latest Auto Expo by showcasing a wide spectrum of products from passenger vehicles using conventional fuel like petrol and diesel along with concept battery powered cars and hybrid cars. In keeping with this trend Mahindra is also displaying Formula E racing car which will be held in India next year along with electrical plugin variant of its Verito sedan car.

Mahindra plans new mass-market SUV; eyes lowest-price slot

Homegrown automaker Mahindra & Mahindra has tasted immense success with its models like XUV 500 and the Scorpio SUV. Now, reports have leaked that the carmaker has its hands full with a mass-market SUV and it intends to slot this new SUV  as the lowest ever priced car in this particular segment.

2014 scorpio image

The automobile major is working presently on 2 or 3 different platforms for this upcoming SUV and it will be likely be launching this new mass-market SUV by the year 2015 and price it even lesser than the Scorpio SUV and this was confirmed by Pawan Goenka, a senior executive at Mahindra & Mahindra. Pawan Goenka is the President and executive director 0 Automotive and Farm Equipment at Mahindra and Mahindra. He made the statement at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. The Mahindra brand is a 17 billion dollars worth multinational major that employs more than 185,000 people in more than 100 countries. It is one of the leading players in vehicle business with its flagship venture, Mahindra and Mahindra. Additionally, it also has a strong presence in different sectors which include defence, aerospace, technology, hospitality, financial services, real estate and retail industry.

Goenka added that Mahindra’s journey right from when it introduced Scorpio in the market has been an inspiring one. He added that the carmaker has extended its threshold to expand its presence in mass market with respect to price points. Goenka is popularly called as the founder of Scorpio, an immensely popular SUV by the domestic auto major. When enquired about what next can be expected from Mahindra and Mahindra in the fast-growing Sports Utility Vehicle segment, Goenka added that the company started to sell Scorpio at a price of Rs. 6 lakhs and during that time, there was no other mass market SUV sold at a price of Rs 6 lakhs.

Goenka added that they repeated a similar feat when they introduced the XUV in the market at a price of Rs. 12 lakhs. Even during that time, there was no single mass market vehicle being sold at Rs. 12 lakhs in this segment. However, Goenka claimed that it is highly unlikely to go beyond a Rs 12 lakhs price point in the Indian market. He added that there has been a drastic change in division of SUV business. The sub-four meter smaller car segment may be dominated by petrol cars but SUVs have suddenly become a lot more popular. Goenka was of the opinion that the next major step for the carmaker would not ideally be to move to  something bigger than XUV or Scorpio which is something more premium or bigger, but to reinvent their offerings to take full advantage of this new and fast-growing division of sub –four meter cars, essentially five-seater passenger cars.

Goenka also added that Mahindra group has registered robust grown in international markets as well and at the same time, maintained its growth rate in India and this also was affirmed by Indian leaders at the WEF summit held at Davos in Switzerland.

Mahindra Verito 1.6 – An upgrade version is expected at 2014 Auto Expo

One more amazing product by Mahindra is its Verito 1.6 Petrol, which is best known for its better fuel economy and a cosmetic upgrade. Mahindra Verito is a sedan with an affordable price and innovative technology and loaded with set of advanced features. The Verito is available in two types of engines 1.4L and 1.5L. Both the diesel and petrol version of Mahindra Verito are mated with 5 speed manual transmission. The 1.4L of petrol engine is so powerful that it delivers the mileage of 11.3kmpl inside the city and 15.7kmpl on the highways.

Mahindra Verito compact sedan new images

With decent power delivering capacity, the drivability of the car is appreciated. The power of the car doesn’t look great but it actually performs well when on roads. The Mahindra Verito is available in Mist silver, Rocky Beige, Blue, Fiery Black, Brown, Red, Grey and White.

The Mahindra Verito has got attractive exteriors; the new upgrades given to the car are standard. The chrome plated grille has the prominent Mahindra logo on it which looks attractive and gives a premium look. The headlamps are huge and radiant and eyebrow shaped and looks pretty. The front bumper is of body color and is fixed with few fog lamps to enhance the visibility for the driver. The side profile of the car is impressive with ten spoke alloy wheels which add more style to the looks. The tubeless tyres offer more grip on the roads. The rear view mirrors are body colored makes it look lively. The handles are body colored too and adds life to it. The indicators, reverse lights and high mounted stop lamps are properly fitted. The dimensions of the Verito are 4277 x 1740 x 1540 mm and wheel base is of 2630mm. The boot space offered in the car is of 510 liters which can take quite a few bags and fuel tank capacity is of 50 liters. The liberal space provided inside the Verito comforts passengers very well.

The interiors of the Verito has been improved and made classy with few remarkable changes. The two toned smart dashboard is brilliant and amazing instrument panel looks great. The seating arrangement of the car is very spacious and comfortable for 5 passengers. The fabric used for seats is of premium leather and comes with several options. The wide rear seats offer too much comfort to the passengers so that they can travel for long hours. The instrument panel has got sufficient storage space which comes in centre console. The sun visors, mobile holder, silver colored outer rings and air conditioning system with ergonomic controls are also given. The luggage compartment given in the car is very convenient and spacious. Also, there are other storage places such as bottle holders, ashtrays and much more in high end models to offer comfort to the passengers. The music system, speakers, CD player, USB connectivity and FM radio is given inside for entertainment.

The Mahindra Verito’s braking system is effective and advanced with ABS along with EBD to get a control over car on higher speeds. The disc and drum brakes being standard ones helps very well in handling.

Scorpio Facelift decorated with pride with rear LED tail lights

Mahindra has taken the sport utility vehicle by storm, and one of the highlights of its premium creations is the Scorpio. The car was launched over ten years ago, and Mahindra has sold over four lakh pieces of the car. News of Mahindra launching its new Scorpio facelift project is red hot. The facelift Scorpio has been spotted several times by car enthusiasts in spy form, and the car will be on display at the prestigious 2014 Auto expo scheduled for Feb.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio Facelift in Pune

The Scorpio Facelift has been in the limelight for quite a while and the car was captured several times in camouflaged state. The car has done the appearing and disappearing act several times, first in Pune and then Coimbatore. The car has been captured again by car buffs, and this time an interesting feature has been spotted. The undiscovered characteristic is closely linked to how the car would appear during pitch dark periods. Images of the LED tail light cluster have been spotted and the car will cost Rs 8.3 to 13 lakhs.

Mahindra has engineered the Scorpio facelift with unique identities, which would make the model stand out from its predecessors. The car will have newly structured head lights and front grille. Mahindra has used a brand new bumper design for the front, and this bumper will have huge air inlets.

The exteriors of Mahindra has a different demeanor of its own, the insides will have its own originality as well. The interior style theme is inspired by the grandness of Mahindra’s world class creation XUV500. Some of the unique interior characteristics are a best-in-class infotainment devise, premium glossy dashboard, neatly sculpted rectangular shaped air con vents, and the up market effect is transformed to steering wheel and center console as well.

Mahindra is a pioneer in auto engine technology evident by the power of its SUV’s to maneuver on super rough terrains with ease. The Scorpio is a common product in some of the strenuous adventurous events conducted by Mahindra like Great Escape. Customers can expect to encounter a powerful drive in Scorpio facelift which will run on a potent diesel turbo 2.2 liter engine that will pump out 290Nm and 120 bhp. The engine will be mated to six speed automatic transmission gearbox.

The Scorpio facelift is in the most awaited new launch list, the publicity levels for the car months before launch are knee deep. Car enthusiasts have emerged with interesting details like the fitment of LED tail light clusters, and the arrangement can be compared to the crib decoration of Christmas tree.

Mahindra has injected the new Scorpio facelift with interesting details, the basic design of the car is retained, but there will be new exteriors and posh XUV500 inspired interiors. Ardent Scorpio fans can look forward to the Scorpio facelift, which will sport the Scorpio SUV in a different style, it is like the car is draped with a new style statement, with the old structure kept like the original.

Scorpio has been a stiff competitor for the current lineup of SUV’s; the car is garnished with a traditional SUV material. SUV fans have not forgotten about conventional SUV makes despite the constant influx of highly modernized SUV’s over the past two years.

Mahindra‘s electric launches for 2014 Auto expo with Formula E car, XUV500 electric, new e20, Verito electric and Reva

Mahindra has some interesting products on display at the 2014 auto expo, and the most moving part is all the upcoming models are electric. Mahindra car fans can view a list of innovative models at the upcoming auto expo. The company has explored depths of new eco-friendly vehicle technologies; the launch of Reva has stunned auto makers all over the world.

Mahindra XUV500 Artic Blue body color

Electric and hybrid vehicles are the latest hot research topics, many auto companies and labs are working day and night to emerge with newer eco –friendly car techniques. The pollution levels all over the world have risen to undesirable levels, and the health of pedestrians is at stake. The vehicular traffic scenario in India is hectic and there are vehicles which emit huge amounts of smoke. Mahindra’s aim to showcase its electric line is a trigger to educate the public on the importance of eco-friendly cars.

The main cause for increase in pollution is the rapid industrialization that has taken place over the years. Deforestation has become a common phenomenon has global warming has set in. The effect is pretty visible today where winter temperatures in some nations have dipped to peak negatives. If Mahindra’s electric lineup is pushed in Indian and international markets, it will have positive consequences on rapidly changing environment.

Mahindra’s electrical series for 2014 Auto expo goes like this, the Formula racing E car, the Verito electric, Maxximo electric truck and Verito electric. The Formula E race car will be driven in FIA race scheduled for 2014 September. The new e20 is an updated version of the car launched sometime in March 2013, but the response till today has not been all that powerful. The new car will have lithium batteries which are more powerful and the charge time will be reduced, and this might be a trigger to push the sales of e20. Those who are curious about the new e20 the launch date is post the auto expo.

Another interesting launch to look forward to is Verito electric sedan, the scheduled launch date is end of 2014. The design and marketing structure of electric Verito will be similar to the existing model, but the engine costs will be more reasonable than the current version. The reason for the car to launch end of 2014 is because of the decision of Indian government to introduce subsidies on electric models.

News about the new launches at 2014 Auto expo has excited the public to no end; the products on display are different and unique. Most auto firms have emerged with unique products for 2014. Some of the variations from the usual are Honda Mobilio MPV, Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha SUV and Maruti Suzuki Celerio hatch. Not much was written about Mahindra’s new products earlier, but out of the blue the company has arrived with innovative pieces, a line of electric makes of Formula E car, XUV500, e20 and Verito electric.

It would be interesting to observe a bulk of Mahindra’s electric vehicles, and may be in the near future every second vehicle would be an electric make.