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The Mahindra Reva e2o could get a power steering wheel and 4 doors

The Indian auto major Mahindra & Mahindra is very optimistic about its all green electric vehicles’ success that the company is preparing for the new future. The Indian car market is still not ready to accept the green cars no matter how convenient and practical they are becoming, but home bred car major Mahindra believes that the Indian consumers are conscious but the need of the eco-friendly cars and their attitude towards the green cars will change in the future. Mahindra & Mahindra is in fact ready with a slew of electric models of its popular cars, however the Indian carmaker is yet not ready to launch them in India owing to the dull sentiments of the Indian towards the battery electric cars. The very capable Mahindra e2o is also not selling as per the company’s expectations and the company is doing everything possible to increase the sales of the electric hatchback.

Reva e20

Mahindra Reva e20

As per the new reports, Mahindra & Mahindra is contemplating to give some changes and new features to the e2o. The company could introduce a new variant of the e2o along with a power steering wheel in the coming few months’ time.

According to the reports Mahindra is considering to endow an electric power steering wheel on the e2o, as some of e2o owners have complained to the company about the steering wheel of the battery electric vehicle to be feeling heavy when the car runs at low speeds. The new variant of the e2o will certainly feel much more convenient with the incorporation of a power steering as well as some other new features.

The reports have suggested that the Indian car major is very serious about the high quality and technical advanced aspects of the e2o and thus has taken its customers’ feedback regarding the e2o also very seriously. Depending on the customers’ feedback and their requirement of a light feel and convenient steering system in the e2o, Mahindra is ready to introduce a power steering wheel in the new e2o variant and is confident about making the customers happy.

Despite the low sales of the e2o, Mahindra is not thinking twice to update the e2o. However, the addition of the power steering wheel and other features will add to the overall value of the e2o, and this might even drive sales for the electric car.

It has come into light that Mahindra is also working on a 4-door variant of the e2o. This 4-door variant may be the one fitted with the power steering wheel and could also be because of the customers’ feedback. The 4-door e2o will make access to the rear seats easier and more comfortable as against the current model. With the added rear doors, even elderly passengers would easily access the e2o’s rear seats.

Mahindra Reva launched the e2o in March last year powered by an electric motor and 48 volt lithium-ion battery pack. The car offers a range of around 100kms and takes about 5 hours to fully charge its battery.

Scorpio facelift spied on a dark rainy day

It was just recently that car buffs caught sight of the upcoming Scorpio facelift, the vehicle was captured again. This time under different weather circumstances beneath the impact of hammering rains. It is a unique yet bizarre encounter, not always will one spot a test mule vehicle on a rainy day. Car enthusiasts say Mahindra is working on advanced technologies that enable the vehicle to withstand harsh weather. Probably just a couple of days earlier the forthcoming Scorpio facelift was snapped moving at sky-rocketing speeds on the expressway that connects Mumbai to Pune.

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx BS-IV

Mahindra Scorpio Vlx BS-IV

The new Scorpio facelift has a similar outline to the outgoing car; it is however filled with new surprises. The exteriors will have massive cosmetic modifications in the form of revamped grille, projector headlights, re-worked bumper and refreshed grille. Nothing much is changed on the side view, the uniqueness here lies in footboard; the layout is similar to its predecessor. Mahindra has used brand new tail lights packed with powerful LED lights, the company has continued with its novel Christmas tree arrangement, a boon to view the sight ahead and behind during foggy misty weather.

The insides are a modern take of the past, the sketch of instruments and dashboard is completely new. The instrument cluster is classy with a modern twist on which is a professional digital display and analog. Sources say Mahindra might bring in many more interesting surprises, a great deal of surprise is concentrated on the interiors. The modernity of the insides is inspired by the grandeur of XUV500.

The upcoming Mahindra Scorpio facelift is powered with the same robust mHawk 2.2 litre diesel power train. The engine is packed with oodles of energy; it releases peak torque and power energies of 290Nm and 120bhp. The values are expected to be bigger when Mahindra announced of its initiative to modify the engine to yield to enable greater performance. The mill is modified in a way to enhance stability and handling. The company will continue with the same six speed automatic or five speed manual transmission gearbox.

Scorpio was launched in 2002 and even today its mighty power is everlasting, so much of excitement is centred on the forthcoming facelift. The expected launch period is sometime during the festive season.

The upcoming Scorpio facelift is a gift for adventure car buffs, images on the web show the car moving joyfully through torrential rains in dark evening scenario. It just gets darker and darker as the vehicles glides further, it is certainly a fun and memorable experience to drive the 2014 Scorpio facelift on a dark rainy evening. Driving a car under such circumstances can be terrifying, but with the new Scorpio facelift there is no room for worry, Mahindra has engineered the vehicles with potent head and tail lights to render spectacular visibility.

For those who are keen on the new Scorpio facelift, it is a car worth buying, the fascination lies with the thrill of riding a metamorphosed Scorpio infused with cosmetic exteriors and modern interiors.

Grab hold of the stunning monsoon discounts on Scorpio

The monsoon season is on which calls for pleasant weather, what better way to enjoy monsoons than an endless drive in Mahindra Scorpio. Mahindra is a power house utility vehicle manufacturer. Scorpio has been on the scene for mighty twelve years. The public is so obsessed with the vehicle to an extent that it is difficult to let go of.

2014 mahindra scorpio

2014 mahindra scorpio

The monsoon weather is pleasurable, so much more than extreme summers and winters. The most though of vehicle among thousands of sport utility vehicles that exist is Scorpio. It is the most profitable vehicle, the excitement does not end here, and Mahindra is geared to launch the facelift variant of the car during the festive season. It will come in a greater surprise package which consumers have not witnessed at all in all the twelve years of the Scorpio’s presence.

The upcoming Scorpio facelift is splashed with cosmetic modifications; the insides too are modern version of the past draped in modernity. The grandeur of the interiors is inspired by the lavishness of XUV500. For those who want to immerse in moments of splendor can bank on Scorpio, there are amazing monsoon discounts on offer that stretch to Rs 60,000. Grab the amazing freebie offer now till it closed on the 31st of July.

Scorpio moves on a potent mHawk 2.2 liter engine with phenomenal 2179cc displacement power. The engine is par excellence built with the cutting-edge Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) fuel supply system technology. The car maneuvers smoothly, the four valves in each cylinder adds additional efficiency punch and aid proper fuel movement. The power train is coupled with five speed manual transmission gearbox. There is an intercooler engine that enables consumers to drive endlessly without a hassle. The dynamically robust engine belts out 290Nm and 120bhp.

Monsoon is the season when people plan a pleasurable weekend getaway to just soak in the pleasantness of the serene weather. What better way to do it than to drive Scorpio through layers of greenery through hill stations or forests. Consumers can sit back and not bother too much about the power of the engine. It is a glide through the storm, Mahindra has double delight offer this monsoon, first the comfort value and potency of Scorpio and next the delightful mega discount offer.

Scorpio is among the safest cars in the market, it will guard you from the any harsh encounter that comes your way. It has passive and active safety elements, the anti lock brake system prevents sudden wheel locks when the car loses control. The SRS dual airbag is essential safety equipment; it acts as a cushion and minimizes the level of collision to a vast extent. Scorpio can take in harsh bangs contributed by the crash protection crumple zone it is an ace shock absorber and just imbibes collision waves. The speed alert alerts drivers when the speed value crosses required boundaries and the voice system signals owners if doors are not shut properly and if you haven’t worn your seat belt.

The characteristic feature that makes Scorpio a perfect vehicle for the monsoon is the blue vision headlights. The clarity levels of the headlights is mind blowing, the demister offers supreme visibility when the road ahead is filled with fog, mist or pouring rains.

For those who are interested in a rare yet blissful experience of travelling through the rains the discounted Scorpio is the best bet.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels is expanding its big enterprise into a bigger unit

The used car market in India is just expanding like never before, it is now equally prestigious to opt for a second hand car. Many years ago, the phrase second hand car was unheard of, now there are tons of such firms. Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited is among the esteemed of the lot.

2013 Mahindra First Choice Wheels to build

Mahindra First Choice Wheels have a vast dealership network of 368 units, and it is keen to achieve massive capacity of 500 in the near future. Consumers will have loads and loads of vehicles to choose from in the years to come. The company’s outlets stretches to 210 cities, Mahindra First Choice Wheels has recently opened its first authorised outlet in Tirupur surrounding a vast acreage area of 4,000 sq feet. In the state of Tamil Nadu itself there are 22 outlets, the establishment of new dealerships that will touch the 500 mark will increase the convenience factor for customers who can access dealerships, shops and so on.

The production capacity of second hand car market is massive, it is true, and every month about 400 vehicles are released. The company is keen to increase the potential value of the segment. The auto market in India was constrained for the past two years when the effect of recession was harsher than ever before. Customer buying power and sentiment dipped, auto companies did not meet the desired profit market. The figures just dwindled from the corresponding period, it is only in the month of May that some signs of revival were witnessed and the trend spilt over to June.

During the troubled times, the used car market seems an attractive option to push sales. Second hand cars have the same level of sheen as new ones, and the vehicles are sold at probably the same or lesser rates than new cars. The dependence factor with cars has increased, mainly because of new attractive employment opportunities and salary packages. Some of the industries are situated far away from regular city areas, owning a car comes as a great source of convenience.

The establishment of many units of Mahindra First Choice Wheels is a boon; consumers will have the liberty to barge into a second hand car unit as easily as a new vehicle dealership outlet. Cars today are viewed as something that is stylish and dependable at the same time.

For those who are keen to buy a second hand vehicle from Mahindra First Choice Wheels, it is a great place to head to. The company conducts rigorous fifty point checks for all its vehicles. Consumers can avail free drop and pick up within 5km radius. There is an excellent Super Service Combo order to look forward to with 31% discount. The benefits are tire rotation, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and paid service labour. On the website there is an Ask Now option, just hit the button and a page will pop up where you can post your query and get immediate answers.

The Mahindra S101 test prototype model gets spied once again

The upcoming highly awaited Mahindra S101 compact SUV has been already spied a number of times before, with the more recent ones revealing some of its interior features. The S101 has again been caught by the spy shutterbugs and this time around, the spy pictures reveal some more interesting bits of details on the upcoming vehicle.

Mahindra S101 spy pic caught

Mahindra S101 spy pic caught

On several occasions, it has been observed that the Mahindra S101 test mules are testing along with dummy headlamps. The dummy headlights are often simply bolted on and look scruffy. However in the recent spy pictures, one can notice the S101 is testing with an unusual bob that is perched much higher above where the vehicle’s headlamps should actually be.

An experienced eye can figure out that the Mahindra S101’s test prototype model looks as if it has been inspired by the Range Rover Evoque. The test mule’s headlight assembly seems to be strangely similar to the upswept, slim and tapering headlight enclosures of the Evoque. Are the Mahindra’s designers actually thinking to create something drawing inspiration from the Evoque? Moreover, even when the S101 always gets spotted with full heavy camouflaged, it does appear that the compact vehicle’s overall profile somehow bears some sort of similarity to the Range Rover Evoque. For instance, the vehicle’s slopping roofline and the prominent window line that rises up a bit upwards all seem to be similar to that of the Evoque.

However, while the front and the side profiles of the upcoming Mahindra S101 seem to be really stylish and premium, the vehicle’s rear profile looks like it has been worked on in a real jiffy. The rather chubby and non proportionate rear part seems to be a misfit with the rest of the car. While the front end of Mahindra S101’s test mule from even under the heavy veils appears to be very aggressive and menacing, the rear end seems to be pretty boring and bulky. Moreover, the tail lights also seem to be equally boring and do nothing to salvage the rear styling. Will the Mahindra’s engineers continue with this rear design or will it get fine tuned further? This remains a big question still now.

Even though the much talked about Mahindra S101 compact SUV has been getting constantly spied for quite a long time now, the vehicle never revealed any definite design language. However, recently it seems to be getting closer to the final production ready model. We surely hope that Mahindra certainly does a better job at the rear side of the S101, as it is the expected primary upcoming rival of the very successful and stylish Ford EcoSport.

Mahindra is hoped to roll out an aggressively styled monocoque compact SUV. The rumor mills are spinning about saying that the Mahindra S101 might be christened as the XUV300, thus it will be a placed under the larger XUV500. The Mahindra S101 is speculated to be powered by a newly developed 1.2 liter petrol mill as well as diesel engine.

The all-new 2016 Mahindra Bolero gets spotted again

The Indian utility space ruler, the Mahindra Bolero’s next-gen version is testing at full swing, implying that the vehicle could launch in India sooner than what was though earlier. The all new Bolero was earlier expected to launch sometime in the year 2016. However, now given the high frequency of the vehicle’s test on the roads, it is though that the 2016 Bolero could launch in India by the end of next year.

mahindra bolero special edition

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition

The new Bolero is codenamed as the project U301 and would be launching this time around in two length versions, namely the regular full-sized body length and a new sub 4 meter version. Recently, the smaller sub 4 meter version of the Bolero has been getting spotted several times. Mahindra is working on a sub-4 meter compact version of the popular Bolero in order to tap the very lucrative segment of the compact utility vehicles, and also to avail the excise duty benefits that the Indian government offers for the sub-4 meter vehicles.

The most recent spy shots of the all new 2016 Bolero point out that the next-gen model of the MUV will be following Mahindra’s patent front face styling with a toothy grille. The spare wheel of the vehicle will also continue to be mounted on its tail gate as usual. The new Mahindra Bolero compact MUV is tall and wide and should also have great street presence when compared against the other compact vehicles such as hatchbacks as well compact sedans.

The under 4 meter baby Bolero will be aiming to lure in the personal car consumers as a lifestyle utility vehicle that will be a better choice for those who wish to upgrade to a larger vehicles from the hatchback as well as compact sedans. On the other hand, the U301 Bolero which is a full sized version will have a longer than 4 meters body style and will continue to attract the current Bolero lovers, including the taxi and tour operators.

It is being speculated that the compact Bolero may borrow the Quanto’s engine that is a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder diesel engine with twin turbochargers. This compact engine on the U301 Bolero compact will also help mark the MUV totally classified as a compact vehicle and enable its tax benefits.

The all new Bolero will be using a hydroformed strengthened body chassis which will make it lighter and more performance oriented. Moreover, the excise duty benefits will enable Mahindra to price the U301 Bolero very aggressively making it a more attractive choice for the Indian utility vehicle buyers.

The Mahindra Bolero has been an iconic vehicle for the Indian utility vehicle leader. The Bolero has been present in the Indian market for around 14 years and it remains to be the top selling utility vehicle in the country with its all time popularity intact. The all new Mahindra Bolero with its new design and features updates is expected to take the vehicle’s popularity to a new high.

Get ready to jump into Scorpio facelift in the fun filled festive season

Mahindra is all geared to launch its classic new Scorpio facelift, the due arrival date is the fun-filled festive season. So much is written about the car; car enthusiasts have tracked every stage of its development from completely disguised to guised state.

2014 mahindra scorpio

2014 mahindra scorpio

The public is obsessed with Scorpio; Mahindra has not meddled with the car too much. The forthcoming car is the first modification project since 2009, Scorpio is a rugged vehicle and it continues to stand out in a crowd amidst an array of plush SUV’s. Mahindra has filled the upcoming Scorpio with a new surprise package. The exteriors are different with heavy cosmetic modification seen in bonnet scoop, bumper, front grille, head lights and front fascia. Nothing has really changed on the side, there are surprised to look into, inscribed on the rear and alloy wheels. The back portion has restructured LED type of tail lights.

The interiors too are a modern leap from the past, with revamped instrument cluster, steering wheel and dashboard. Mahindra has not changed the engine power. The forthcoming Scorpio facelift will continue to run on the same mHawk 2.2 liter engine that generates peak efficiencies of 290Nm and 120 hp. The power train is attached to five speed manual transmission gearbox and the company might use a six speed transmission operating system.

The past two years or so has not been fruitful for the Indian auto market; the country faced the helm of recession. There were very few buyers for cars, the obvious practical choice was to save lump some money caused by undesirable triggers like increase in commodity and fuel prices. Like other segments the competition levels in SUV segment rose to new heights. The strong recent contenders are Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Taigun and Nissan Terrano.

Mahindra is all set to fight the fierce battle with current and forthcoming SUV’s. There are tons of reviews on the new Scorpio facelift, car buffs were amazed with the car since early testing stages. It just has something new to offer, more excitement is concentrated on the interiors. It is a modern take of the past inspired by the grandeur of XUV500.

Driving the Scorpio is a fun experience; it offers a different kind of thrill, perfect to head on an amazing off-road vacation. There is so much more tucked into the new car, and imagine the fun of driving the modernized Scorpio facelift inside dark terrains. Mahindra has chosen the best period to launch the car, the festive season.

The festive season is the start of a new beginning, the same is tucked into 2014 Scorpio facelift. Even after twelve years of glory Scorpio is still a dormant factor in auto market. Its profit status is higher than recent best seller Renault Duster.

It will be interesting to view the competition level of Scorpio facelift in the years to come. There are also other new Mahindra cars to consider which are S101 and 2016 Bolero. The company recently confirmed of its plan to launch a product every year till 2019. Ardent Mahindra buffs have a lot to look forward to in the future.

New facelift Mahindra Scorpio spied with new smocked projector headlight clusters

The new refreshed 2014 Mahindra Scorpio is one of the highly awaited vehicle launches this year. As its market launch nears, the facelift Scorpio is getting spied more often as it embarks on a vigorous testing session. The new 2014 Mahindra Scorpio SUV is also one of the most spied vehicles in India at present, as innumerable sets of spy pictures have been flooding on the internet every now and then. So far, it is confirmed that the new refreshed Scorpio is going to come with a comprehensive design makeover, a new front face as well as some mechanical tweaks.

Mahindra Scorpio Facelift 001

Mahindra Scorpio Facelift 2015

The upcoming Mahindra Scorpio facelift has by caught by the spy shutterbugs again, this time around catching its dark headlight clusters. The smocked headlights also have been caught projector headlamps. The shape and styling of the new headlights are also very contemporary and edgy and its tinted finish adds to the appeal. The refreshed version of the iconic Indian SUV has also been spied sporting dual barrel headlamps which comprises of one projector and one halogen unit. The headlights also come with integrated turn indicators at the bottom. However, the test prototype model did not show off any LED daytime running lights which were expected to come in the package.

The totally reworked front fascia of the 2014 refreshed Scorpio is said to have drawn inspiration from the larger XUV500 premium SUV. The new facelift Scorpio’s rear design has been also improved with a mild redesign that includes revised rear bumper, and new LED lamps from the tail lights, while the arrangement remains the same.

On the inside also, the Mahindra Scorpio facelift is going to come with a new dashboard design, new upholstery and some added features along with a large infotainment screen and A.C vents in new shape. The new refreshed version of the Scorpio is also said to be more premium than the current model and come with up-market materials and better fit and finish. The new Scorpio has also borrowed the new steering wheel straight from the XUV500 SUV.

The upcoming 2014 Mahindra Scorpio facelift is a refreshed model and is thus expected to retain the same 2.2 liter mHawk turbocharged diesel engine without any major changes. However, Mahindra & Mahindra is expected to tweak the Scorpio’s engine to offer better power and road performance. It is also speculated that the Indian car major also might introduce a new transmission gearbox on the refreshed Scorpio.

The stylish and powerful Mahindra Scorpio has been ruling the SUV space of India for over a decade now, and its popularity seems to be on the rise recently. The next-gen Scorpio is due to launch sometime in the year 2016, while for the time being Mahindra is going to excite the Scorpio lovers with the all improved more stunning Scorpio facelift.

The new refreshed 2014 Mahindra Scorpio is expected to launch in India in this year’s festive season. The Scorpio’s primary market rivals in India are the Renault Duster, Tata Safari Storme and the Nissan Terrano.

Top 2 SUVs that never failed Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra is a company who needs no introduction. It has established itself firmly on the Indian grounds in all these years. Each and every part of an automobile company is responsible for its successful career in any automobile market. And when they work together they produce reliable, durable, consistent and mind blowing vehicles, for example Mahindra. It is well known to have all these qualities in its products. Every vehicle that Mahindra has ever manufactured has helped it to move higher in the Indian market. But there are two SUVs which have never let Mahindra down- the Mahindra Bolero and the Mahindra Scorpio.

Mahindra Bolero Facelift Rear

Mahindra Bolero was launched around 13 years ago in the domestic market. It was targeted mostly for the rural areas of the country but who knew that it would become a hit in the urban market as well. Mahindra Bolero was even used by the Govt. Officials. It had that presence and sheer power. The Bolero when launched, just like any other vehicle, had flaws which Mahindra got rid of when it launched a new variant of it which included some really striking cosmetic changes with new colour combinations and also the interiors of the Bolero were taken to the next level. Another major change in the new variant of the Bolero was the engine. Mahindra installed a new in-house mill in the Bolero which was a 2.5L turbocharged diesel engine which produces 72 bhp of max power mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. Mahindra Bolero is still selling in good numbers across the country and we hope that it will continue to do so.

2014 mahindra scorpio

2014 mahindra scorpio

The other SUV which we were talking about is the Mahindra Scorpio. This vehicle completely turned the market upside down when it first came here. The looks of the Scorpio was refreshing and so was the size. The huge tyres and the mighty powerful engine were toppings to the dish. It didn’t take long for the Indians to start craving for this SUV and soon we could see numerous Scorpios ruling the Indian roads. Mahindra has evolved the Scorpio in all these years. Now, it is powered by a 2.2 litre mHawk turbocharged diesel engine which produces around 120 hp. The Scorpio is not just a SUV, it has now become a status symbol. When it comes out on the roads it demands attention and other cars have to give way to it, respectfully.

Mahindra Scorpio and Mahindra Bolero, both of them are still being sold in good numbers. Although, there are new competitors in the market but the trust and faith of the people which Mahindra has earned in all its years in our country is not a joke. No matter how many years would go by and how many new SUVs would enter the market, the Scorpio and Bolero have already reserved their safe place in the hearts and minds of the people. The will always remain the game changer of their segment in the Indian car market and also for Mahindra.

Mahindra Verito Vibe vs Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Hyundai Grand i10

In order to dominate the Indian car market, an automobile maker has to have a good compact car for the people. Many companies like Maruti Suzuki- made Swift, Hyundai- produced Grand i10, and etc opted for this method and benefited from it. While others did try but couldn’t achieve the same (Mahindra produced the Verito Vibe).

Mahindra Verito Vibe launched in india

Mahindra Verito Vibe

Mahindra is well known for its reliable, durable and strong SUVs and MPVs. The company has achieved success with its Scorpio and Bolero. A few years ago, Mahindra tried their hand in the compact cars and produced the Mahindra Verito Vibe. This car was exactly the same as the Mahindra Verito sedan expect it had been cut down to fit into the compact car segment. The Vibe wasn’t a looker and neither was the Verito. It didn’t has a symmetrical design and it felt like it was designed by two different people. The cabin of the Vibe was simple with nothing which would take away your breath. The space was good for a compact car. Mahindra provided a boot lid which open up separately such that the rear windshield remains intact, which makes you do a lot of work in order to load up your luggage. The boot space is decent. The Vibe was powered only by a 1.5L diesel engine which performed pretty well in the city and gave some good mileage numbers. Mahindra tried to make a practical product but it failed at many factors. It still had much more to learn about compact cars.

Maruti Suzuki Swift is in the market for many years now and it shares a good part of it even today. Swift proved to be one of the top selling cars of Maruti. In fact, it became one of the top selling cars of India. It is available in two engine options, a petrol and a diesel. Both the engines performs very well in city as well as on the open roads. The Swift looks modern, dynamic and confident. Although, the latest model has big headlights which could take you while to digest. The interiors of the Swift are very comfortable and posh. The rear passengers does not have enough space and would be cramped. There is a decent boot space and overall the car is a nice package. We do not need to talk much about the Swift, it speaks for itself.

Hyundai came into the compact segment with its i10 years ago and a while back it launched a new avatar of i10 with some major changes and named it the Grand i10. As the name suggests, this car is really something. It not only looks a lot better than its predecessor it has tonnes of features which you wouldn’t find in any other car of this segment. Hyundai has done a great job here. Hyundai Grand i10 has got three engine options now, a diesel, and a petrol and recently, Hyundai launched a LPG variant too. Hyundai is also planning to launch an automatic model. The Grand i10 is a great car available in different variants to choose from depending up on your budget.