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Mahindra First Choice Wheels opens its 400th dealership outlet

The pre-owned or used car market has been rapidly growing in India. Even during the great crisis of the new car market that lasted for over two years, the used car market in India remained pretty lively and showed healthy growth by swimming against the general dull market scenario. Taking advantage of the fast paced used car market of India, homegrown industrial giant Mahindra Group’s used car business Mahindra First Choice Wheels limited is growing robustly as well. Mahindra First Choice Wheels is the country’s first certified multi-brand used car brand and has also been the leading used car company in India.

Mahindra First Choice

Mahindra First Choice Wheels has now achieved a new landmark in its business, as the company has inaugurated its 400th authorized dealership outlet in the Delhi NCR. With the opening of this new dealership in Delhi, the company has achieved the figure of a total 137 authorized dealership outlets in North India. This new dealership is the 34th outlet in the Delhi NCR.

The new Mahindra First Choice Wheels dealership outlet has been inaugurated in the presence of the company’s CEO, Dr. Nagendra Palle; the company’s Senior VP Mr. Yatin Chadha, and the President for Group HR & the Member of the Group Executive Board at Mahindra & Mahindra Rajeev Dubey. During the inauguration ceremony of this New Delhi dealership outlet, Rajeev Dubey said that the day is a very important day for the whole Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited family, as the company has gained yet another crucial milestone. In the last seven year’s time the company has not only emerged as the country’s leading multi-brand used car company but has also helped to create a healthier, more convenient and trustworthy used car ecosystem by while also developing both physical and online used car sale infrastructure. He added by saying that perhaps the company’s greatest achievement has been the trustworthiness that the company has brought to the used car industry that was so much unorganized earlier.

While commenting on the occasion, Yatin Chadha said that Mahindra First Choice Wheels is certainly witnessing a great transformational change in the process that the company operates. The company is bringing increased use of technology which is helping to bring out absolute transparency as well as the speed to the company’s transactions. The company was started with the motto to create a great organized used car ecosystem, and the company has been able to achieve that and is further enhancing it through the company’s physical market and online presence. The company now boasts of a strengthened dealership network of 400 outlets across the country’s 225 cities. This is the backbone for the company’s operations and Mahindra First Choice Wheels is best positioned to deliver the most satisfying experience to used car customers. The company has been proactive in enhancing the used car market by introducing industry first and innovative products to offer great convenience and value for money for all the customers. The company’s strong network will pave the way for further success.

Mahindra is hoping that the NEMMP 2020 scheme is a step towards rapid electric vehicle growths

Mahindra has driven engineering innovation with the construction of e20 electric vehicle, it run on potent lithium ion battery and a conventional engine. It engine power is fierce and is packed with adequate safety technology. Every aspect of e20 sounds feasible and cutting-edge, but its feasibility is not applicable, because it does not have the infrastructure foundation.

Mahindra e20

Mahindra e20

The president and executive director of the automotive segment of Mahindra, Pawan Goenka, commented on the non feasibility of electric vehicles in India and said; that the country lacks the sufficient infrastructure needed to run the vehicles, and mentioned that a much higher degree of solid foundation needs to be created. He also said that e20 need not meet the desired profit generating mark, because of the unobtainable resources that is hindering the growth of the vehicles. At present around 250 vehicles are built and stored in showrooms, and the firm expected to witness 100 unit monthly growth.

Goenka blames the lacklustre nature of the attitude of the government for the weak sales of electric vehicles. The sluggish approach of the government has obstructed efficient infrastructure building. There are some segments that need support from policy makers to enable electric vehicles to become more visible to the public, particularly in states where the government has formed a lower VAT policy regime like Karnataka and Delhi.

E20 is a futuristic high-tech electric vehicle, and a novel approach is needed for the construction of charge stations. It requires a large investment and thought process attitude of the government to be able to witness revolutionary growth reality. Sales of the car are not at all swift, since inception in 2013 March; Mahindra has managed to roll out less than 400 units.

The Government has implemented the (NEMMP) which is National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020, and Goenka feels that it may be a step towards the needed change. The NEMMP scheme does seem promising; the mission of government is to allot a magnificent sum of Rs 14,000 crore towards electric vehicle promotion. Mahindra enjoys the highest electric vehicle enterprise in India, and it has chalked out its pioneering future developments, the firm aims to build three electric cars within the end of coming fiscal year. There is going to be a new launch shortly, the company plans to roll the electric Maximmo car within two to three weeks from now, and after that there is going to be the electric Halo and Verito cars to look forward to.

Mahindra is ambitious with its e20 car, there are going to be three different variants of the model before the end of coming financial year. The high-tech features infused into the car are reverse parking assist and camera, driver infotainment system and infotainment system. The NEMMP scheme sounds promising for future electric vehicle development, and it signifies that the government is aiding full-fledged development of electric vehicles that will be highly beneficial to the health of pedestrians and the planet.

It will be interesting to witness a wave of Mahindra electric vehicles in the near future.

Mahindra is banking on Western Europe as sale enhancement strategy for its electric vehicles

Mahindra is a powerful Indian auto enterprise, and its main area of development is the sport utility vehicle market, and it has also invested a fair amount in sedan and hatchback segment with the creation of Verito and Verito Vibe respectively. The firm has empowered the eco-friendly electric segment as well, and the whole country is familiar with e20 electric car, it is a rather common sight on the roads, and frequently spotted in some compact spaces.

Reva e20

Mahindra Reva e20

The e20 is a trendy small compact electric vehicle and sports the appearance of a typical high-tech car. The creativity in design is engraved in the solid chunky architecture, and it actually looks like a solved complicated puzzle, as customers gaze the side view, it too is a novel design surprise in equal measure, with dynamic curves, it is a chic two door car.

Mahindra has incorporated a powerful electric engine devise into e20; it is fitted with an advanced three phase induction engine and 48V lithium ion battery that requires no maintenance at all. The charging process is convenient and it happens via a potent 220V 15A socket and generates fierce energies of 53Nm and 19Kw, and is connected to an automatic transmission system. With an hour of charge the vehicle can move sufficient lengths of maximum 20kms and on a full charge it can drive up to an enormous 120 kilometres. It takes four hours to charge the entry level car and five for the top end model.

With an overload of innovative developments inscribed on e20, it failed to attract a considerably large crowd. According to the latest buzz, Mahindra made a statement stating that it is targeting Western Europe to be a favourable export destination. The initiative of the company to export the car to desired European destinations such as France, UK and Norway is a good move, e20 is a convenient and efficient vehicle to own, and the mentioned countries have the infrastructure resources to support a full and flexible movement of the vehicle.

Mahindra launched e20 in 2013, and till now it has not attracted a mass crowd, the company commented on the sale outcome of the car and said the scope of vast scale of e20 is not too satisfactory, the sale output of the car throughout India is 250 units, and we desire to achieve a 100 unit sale outcome every month. E20 is a handy car to own, all it needs is an hour of charge and the lithium ion battery does not require any form of up keep, still it’s presence in the market is not felt, the company blames the  non-cooperative nature of the Government at state levels. There has been some aid from the administration of Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal and despite the incentives; the infrastructure capacity to support electric cars is poor.

Mahindra has stated that it will actively participate in exporting e20 to the targeted West European nations by next year and the goal is to achieve 100 units sale in international and 100 units on home soil. E20 is manufactured by the established Mahindra Reva Electric car firm, Reva Electric firm was some time ago acquired by Mahindra.

The idea of Mahindra to export e20 to West Europe may work in favour of exports; it will be interesting to observe the popularity of the electric vehicle on international soil in the coming years.

Mahindra banks big on new crossovers to regain lost market share

Indian homegrown car majors have been always the experts of utility vehicles. Indian car giants Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra have been thus engaged in great rivalry for years, and over two years ago Tata Motors was greatly grieved over the fact that its Indian fellow auto maker Mahindra is the leader of the utility vehicle industry of India riding on its great SUV range.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

However, things changed a lot after the advent of the Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. The runaway success and the rising preference for the new compact SUV segment made Mahindra & Mahindra struggle with its low sales.

Mahindra got another hard hit when the diesel got deregulated, as it is a diesel centric car maker. As the wave turned back on the petrol cars, Mahindra’s worries got worse.

Nevertheless, Indian utility vehicle major has started work with double enthusiasm despite its troublesome time and is busy to set things right with its new market strategy to regain its lost glory and market share. Mahindra is readying a slew of new vehicle including many compact SUV models along with their petrol counterparts.

The executive director of the company, Pawan Goenka said that Mahindra had lost market share because it does not have compact SUVs in its product range. Mahindra’s market share reached to 58 percent in the SUV segments in the financial year of 2013 before the compact SUVs were introduced to India. In 2014 till November, the company’s current market share it is down to around 35 percent. The company hopes to gain back 40 percent of market share after its new launches added Goenka while talking to the media.

He further revealed that the company will soon launch three new vehicle based on completely new platforms. These will comprise of two compact SUV models and one LCV. Next year will also witness of around 3 to 4 refreshed models of the company’s products, while deferring from revealing the names of the models.

Goenka also revealed that Mahindra & Mahindra is all set to fill up the void of petrol vehicles in its range.

He stressed on the fact that the company does need to offer petrol vehicles. He added that currently the company offers nothing other than diesel vehicle in the car market of India. However, Mahindra will make it a point to offer equal numbers of petrol and diesel variants for its future products in the Indian passenger segment. Clarifying more, he said that in future all crossover models will have both petrol and diesel options while, the full-sized conventional SUVs will continue being diesel centric.

Goenka also revealed that the company is going to put its e2o electric car in the taxi segment in order to push its stagnant sales. The same thing is being planned for the upcoming Verito electric that is slated to be launched in India in mid 2015.

He further added that the company is targeting the export markets of Europe, especially UK, Norway and France which are fast growing electric vehicle markets.

Mahindra fails to make a profit impact despite improvements in market environment

Mahindra failed to generate profit in 2014 November, despite an improvement in the automobile market environment. Its arch domestic rival Tata Motors recorded a surge in profits during the period with 2% gains. Mahindra hindered profit outcome was caused by stagnant markets as well as high interest rates.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

Maruti Suzuki recorded an impressive 19.5% gain, in 2014 November, its domestic sale outcome is 1, 10,147 units against 1, 00,024 pieces rolled out in the corresponding year, citing a 16.9% growth. The company managed to attract sufficient buyers in the passenger vehicle market as well, contributed by the flow of 82,306 pieces; higher than 71,649 units rolled out a year ago which is a 14.6% increase.

Tata Motors recorded 2.1% overall sales, and its passenger vehicle market witnessed a 30% surge. Mahindra and Mahindra during the period of 2014 November sold 34,292 pieces lower to 39,254 units observed in the corresponding year. The company could not elevate customer sentiment level in the domestic circuit as well, and noted a steep 11.5% loss with the sale of 32,100 units against 36,261 pieces rolled out a year ago. Mahindra failed to gain sufficient momentum with its passenger vehicle segment and recorded a 17.9% loss.

It has been a difficult month for Mahindra, especially since some of its auto counterparts have recorded profits. Although the automobile market has shown signs of improvement, it is still a long route to recovery. Mahindra has commented on the possibility of future improvement of the automobile market and said, the growth trend does look optimistic, and lowering of fuel costs and international crude prices should have a positive impact on consumer demand.

Mahindra is a pioneer of the sport utility vehicle market, and some of the best sellers in this segment are Bolero, Xylo, XUV500 and Scorpio and all these fall under the passenger vehicle segment and the firm could not gather sufficient buyers. The segment recorded an 18% decline with the sale of 13,765 units against 16,771 pieces rolled out in the corresponding year. The company’s popular sedan car is Verito, and it is a popular sight on the roads and failed to impress a sufficient load of buyers.

The four wheel commercial vehicle segment is also a strong profit driving sector of Mahindra, and the market has noted a 3% decline, and the company managed to sell 12,748 units remarkably higher than 13,186 units yielded a year ago. The export market too failed to generate an impact, with 27% decline, contributed by the sale of 2,192 units against 2,993 pieces sold in the previous year.

Although Mahindra has not generated profits, it has impacted the crowd with its new generation Scorpio. It is a new Scorpio with modern exterior architecture and it looks amazingly stunning and urbane, different from the aggressive yet trendy exterior used on its predecessors. There is also a new Bolero car christened U301 to look forward to, and it too sports contemporary exteriors, and there is a S101 car in the pipeline as well developed on a joint partnership basis with Ssangyong.

Mahindra & Mahindra’s planned upcoming vehicles for India

India’s leading utility vehicle maker, Mahindra & Mahindra is facing tough competition, as all the other car majors seem to be interested in the UV segments. India has been always a tough vehicle loving market, and it is very natural on the context of the very bad road conditions of the country. The roads in India pose as big challenges for the vehicles, as they are mostly rough, unpredictable and badly maintained. Roads on the remote parts of India are even more hostile making it necessary to travel in rough and tough and reliable vehicles. Nowadays, even the city dwellers are leaning towards the SUVs, and to cater to these demands the car majors are pouring in compact SUV models that offer the convenience of both city cars as well as SUVs. Thus, the market competition is really spiraling.  Moreover, Mahindra does not currently have any able compact SUV model in the market and its only compact offering the Quanto has lost its initial charm.

Mahindra S101 Spy front mid seat

Mahindra S101 Spy front mid seat

Mahindra & Mahindra being the SUV leader of its home market certainly does not wish to fall behind in the increasing competition and thus it is ready with a slew of new models to be launched in the Indian market in the next few years. Mahindra certainly has huge plans and has many UV models in its schedule, as the Indian car major itself says that it has got car launches planned for as far as the year 2020. The car major is also building many new platforms and a new family of petrol and diesel engine. However, we only know of few very important upcoming vehicles from Mahindra that are expected to come in the next year.

First in line comes the Mahindra S101, which has been long in news. This one is going to be the primary compact SUV contender from Mahindra & Mahindra that will go against the likes of the very popular Ford Ecosport. This still codenamed upcoming SUV from Mahindra is going to be a sub-4 meter compact SUV that will get excise duty benefits and thus is expected to come with great aggressive price tag. It is going to come with a seating capacity of 6 occupants thanks to its front bench type seat. It is also going to be a feature-rich SUV and is expected to get an up-market style inspired from the XUV500. The S101 is expected to launch towards the beginning of next year.

Followed by the S101, the next-gen Mahindra Bolero is expected to hit the Indian market. The all new Bolero is internally codenamed as project U301. The all new Bolero MUV is expected to be greatly improved vehicle similar to that of the new-gen Scorpio. It is going to come in two sizes this time around, one full-sized and the other a compact sub-4 meter variant.

Mahindra & Mahindra is also said to be working on a next-gen Quanto or a Quanto replacement that will be based on the new Scorpio’s platform. It is also expected to get new engines to fight better in the market.

Mahindra speculated to take over NEVS and gain rights of Saab

The owner of Saab, the National Electric Vehicle of Sweden (NEVS) seems to be trying hard to save the existence of the company. The company which has been considered to be dwindling off into certain oblivion is said to be putting its final efforts to pull itself together. The company is reportedly going to get a new owner which can save the company’s existence with the help of great financing backup. This intended new owner of the company thus, surely is the owner of deeper pockets.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

This news has been revealed by the company’s declaration which comes in the form of the organization’s latest request to let it prolong its reorganization and its claims that it is in talks with a company who intends to take over it. According to the reports, NEVS has already signed a letter of acquisition intention from an undeclared Asian car manufacturing major. This unspecified Asian auto maker is supposedly showing interest in buying the majority ownership of the struggling company.

NEVS in its declaration has been very careful in keeping the name of its anticipated new owner, a secret. However, while the Saab owner does not reveal the exact name of this potential majority stake holder of the future, an international automotive news journal has gone ahead revealing fresh news on this development, and declared that the potential new owner of NEVS is none other than the Indian auto major Mahindra & Mahindra. This news surely fires up the rumors that have been going around for months, regarding Mahindra’s planned new acquisition.

The Swedish car company has reportedly already finalized its talks with Mahindra & Mahindra and is simply waiting for the actual majority investment to happen before it goes ahead announcing about the development officially. The entire take over process could be completed by the month of February in 2015. However, NEVS has also claimed that it is still negotiating with another, again unspecified Asian car maker over a potential partnership to co-manufacture new vehicles.

If the acquisition deal gets finalized, the new owner of NEVS could also gain the Saab brand’s rights as well. According to the reports, NEVS is also negotiating with the Saab AB aerospace company in order to be able to regain the trademark. It is good to mention here that NEVS lost the rights to Saab when the company filed for reorganization.

Indian car major, Mahindra & Mahindra has been showing interest in the ownership of the Saab brand for quite long. The car maker was also reportedly one of the final three bidders for Saab back in 2012. Reports also say that Mahindra & Mahindra has been eyeing a majority stake in NEVS since June. It is also a well-known fact that Mahindra & Mahindra is interested in taking over a number of international car brands in order to expand its global presence and to strengthen its global product range. It will soon be known whether or not Mahindra is really the new owner of NEVS.

All new Mahindra Scorpio – How it scores over its predecessor

Mahindra’s old star performer, the Scorpio SUV has been always popular and the segment leader. Well over a decade old, the Mahindra Scorpio has certainly not grown old and is on the contrary becoming more popular recently. Nevertheless, in order to hold on to the great popularity of the Scorpio and to beat the rising competition, the Indian SUV master Mahindra needed to launch a refreshed and better Scorpio model. The Indian car major went a step further and launched the all new Scorpio. So, in its third generation what has changed in this SUV? The answer is pretty much everything, excepting its patent style and power appeal, which is expected to charm the Indian consumers for a pretty long time to come.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

The one issue with the very capable Mahindra Scorpio’s previous generation model was the way it rode over the speed breakers at a considerable speed. The vehicle used to jump so much that its occupants would feel they are on a trampoline. Of course, you are not supposed to cross a speed breaker at a high speed, and the Scorpio is a quality off-roader not a speed specialist. But the point is that the stability of the vehicle did seem to be a question whenever it hit a bumper.  So, does this improve on the new-gen Scorpio? And how is it better than its predecessor? Let’s take a look.

Mahindra has built the new Scorpio on an entirely new platform. The new chassis comprises of stronger materials, which makes the new Scorpio a better, safer and sturdier vehicle all together. Mahindra has also thoughtfully endowed crumple zones in the vehicle for improved safety. The Mahindra engineers say that everything in the new Scorpio is actually all new, and the doors are the only parts that have been carried over from the preceding model.

The now stronger and safer new Scorpio has become more stylish on the outside as well. The new Scorpio seems to have been inspired by its bigger, premium cousin the XUV500. The aggressively styled grille, bumper, cool tail lights and beefed up wheel arches all point to that direction. The SUV gets a new face and refreshed rear with an international appeal, while the side profile remains almost the same.

The new Mahindra Scorpio is available in both 2WD and 4WD versions. The range topping S10 Scorpio variant comes packed with great premium features such as LED lining over the dual projector headlamps, extra dose of chrome garnish, a bonnet scoop, start-stop pushbutton, tyre pressure monitor, ABS, airbags, 6-inch infotainment system, climate control and many more.

While the base Scorpio S2 variant is equipped with the 2.5 liter m2DICR diesel mill generating 75bhp and 200Nm, the other variants get the 2,179cc turbocharged motor delivering 120bhp and 280Nm.

The new Scorpio is slightly bigger and Mahindra claims that it has also become more fuel efficient as well. The new SUV model along with its new chassis and improved drive dynamics does feel more planted on the road and can handle bumps better now.

Mahindra records 13% loss in 2014 November

Mahindra an esteemed Indian auto enterprise has noted a 13% sale decline in November. It managed to sell 34,292 pieces against 39,254 units sold in the corresponding year. The domestic sale outcome noted a dip of 11% with the sale of 32,100 units against 36,261 units sold a year ago.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

The company’s main area of specialization is the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment, it however could not sustain the weakened market environment, its best sellers Bolero, Xylo, XUV500 and Scorpio failed to attract a large crowd and so did Verito sedan. The passenger vehicle market on the whole recorded a sale loss of 18%.

The profit outcome of the commercial vehicle segment has witnessed a loss of 3%, with the sale of 12,748 units against 13,168 units sold a year ago. Mahindra could not gain significant profit momentum in export market as well and recorded a 27% decline, contributed by the sale of 2,192 units, lower to 2,993 pieces sold in the corresponding period.

The chief executive of the international operations and automotive division of Mahindra and Mahindra, Pravin Shah commented stating, ‘’there hasn’t been a momentous improvement in the auto industry, and the demand continues to remain listless contributed by factors such as high interest rates and weakened customer sentiment levels.’’

The Government of India had earlier announced of its plan to extent the excise reduction policy till the end of December, and going by the weakened customer sentiment caused by the slow moving improvement in market environment, Shah is betting on the Government’s decision to extent the excise lowering policy beyond the month of December.

Despite the company not make profits, there are creditable outcomes and there has been a considerable demand for the new generation Scorpio and the four wheel commercial vehicle segment has attracted better sales. It has been a turbulent month for Mahindra; the company is faced with a higher level of competition. So many launches have happened in the year 2014, across all genres such as hatchbacks, sedans, compact sedans, sport utility vehicles and multipurpose vehicles.

Mahindra has not been in the limelight of new launches, not to the level of its competitors. The company has however strategized the design and machine power of its new launches effectively, a few months ago, the firm launched the next generation Scorpio, which sports contemporary exterior architecture, different from the rugged fashion statement of its predecessor. The new generation Scorpio has done fairly well in 2014 November.

There is also a new Bolero car to watch out for christened U301, like the new generation Scorpio, it too comes with a more contemporary fashion statement, and Mahindra is developing a S101 SUV car as well, and the manufacturing process is taking place on a joint partnership basis with Ssangyong.

The future does look promising for Mahindra, with S101, U301 and new generation Scorpio. The market condition seems to move towards the stabilization point. In October the value of wholesale price index inflation dipped to 1.77% which is the lowest in five years, a major reduction leap from 2.38% encountered during the previous month which is a 5.52% fall.

The sixth season of the challenging and significant Auto Quotient quiz begins

Mahindra a reputed Indian based auto enterprise is a pioneer in producing high-quality utility vehicles. Some of the top sellers in the country are XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero, Thar and Xylo. The vehicles are amazingly powerful on the harshest of harsh terrains and perfect to go extreme.

Mahindra Auto Quotient

Mahindra Auto Quotient

Aspiring automobile engineers will surely want to enter the factory of Mahindra and hold prestigious positions. Getting into the Mahindra automobile industry is tediously competitive because of the esteemed nature of the firm, for those who are passionate about the automobile industry and would like to explore the world of vehicle design and construction, Mahindra has launched an interesting quiz called Auto Quotient, and the quiz is now into the 6th season.

It is an interesting and fascinating process to learn about the various Mahindra cars, which are differently build and well suited for the off-road adventure enthusiast. If the rugged nature of Mahindra vehicles intrigues you, then it is worth the effort to participate in the 6th season of Mahindra Auto Quotient.

The 6th season of Mahindra Auto Quotient is a mega event, where automobile enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds in India will have a chance to participate, and winning the completion is certainly a feeling of being on top of the world. The contest is open to students from management and engineering background, and it has been voted as the biggest automotive quiz that enables students to showcase their deepest liking for automobiles.

The initial segment is the City Finals that is held in 16 institutions in India with over 1 lakh participants. The final round will be showcased on NDTV Profit and NDTV 24×7, the show has gained significant popularity over the years and the viewership outcome is 25 lakh. Auto Quotient has been conferred with the esteemed Television award for top quiz in 2010.

Auto Quotient is the best platform for participants to deliver their highest knowledge of the automobile industry. To display the power of the show, Mahindra has entered into a partnership with NDTV to highlight the finale and regional episodes, auto enthusiasts who are fanatical about every segment of the automobile industry can display every ounce of knowledge stored inside.

It takes great amount of talent and proficiency for contenders to be ready for the challenging questions exhibited ahead of them. A vigorous challenge does require bonuses and winners can take home delightful prizes which they will remember all through their life time, and it will also give them the confidence to tackle the oncoming tasks of the automobile industry and even emerge with novel successful theories.

The winner of the Auto Quotient season 6 will receive a jumbo trophy, which is a fully paid expense trip to visit the prestigious Seoul Motor Show. It is a fantastic platform to meet the pioneers of automobile industry, and also have the chance to have a view of the marvellous cutting-edge auto creations. The first best team will have the chance to explore a fully paid trip to Qatar moto GP. The second best will have the opportunity to view a splendid multiday voyage with the highly acclaimed Mahindra Adventure Group and the third runners up will get a chance to cruise along the exhilarating Mahindra Great Escape journey, which is the most preferred 4×4 rally in India.