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Mahindra will launch the S102, and S103 models after S101

Mahindra and Mahindra an eminent auto firm in India is an active player in Sport Utility Vehicle segment. Since inception way back in the year 1945, the company has emerged with a stunning lineup of SUV’s. Mahindra is among the first to showcase India’s pioneering SUV engineering skills. The expertise here is beyond just a basic city drive. Mahindra SUV’s are common sights in many adventurous events like Mahindra Great Escape.

IED Mahindra Bee Concept front Yellow

The SUV competition in Indian market has intensified over the past year or so, the Indian segment witnessed an influx of urbanized SUV’s like Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano. There are many more new SUV launches in 2014 like Honda Vezel, Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha, and Hyundai Intrado etc. All the current and upcoming launches will pose stiff battles with Mahindra SUV’s.

Not much is spoken about Mahindra SUV’s, over the past few months, but news about Mahindra’s new SUV project is not new. Car enthusiasts have captured test mule images of S101 several times. Mahindra will launch the car in late 2014 or early 2015. As mentioned the car has been captured several times in a camouflaged state. Sources from the spy images have made interesting discoveries, the dimension of the car is short like Ford EcoSport, but however appears to be on the taller side. Mahindra has continued with its ground breaking monocoque chassis technology for S101.

If S101 is draped with monocoque chasis used in XUV500, then the common notion would be that few design cues will be derived from the car. It’s true indeed, the company has used few style cues from XUV500 into S101, and the car will sport an aggressive and sophisticated SUV image. The insides will be luxuriously spacious. The car is fitted with potent 1.5 liter three cylinder engine that churns 89bhp. The petrol make is turbocharged three cylinder 1.2 liter engine attached to six speed manual transmission gearbox.

Apart from S101 Mahindra will launch S102 and S103 compact vehicles, the S102 will be an arch rival for Ford EcoSport, Brio SUV, Taigun, etc. The manufacturing procedure for S102 will happen at the company’s established unit in Nashik which builds Xylo and Scorpio. S102 will be built in partnership with Ssangyong. S103 will fight the battle with Honda Mobilio and Ertiga multipurpose vehicles.

The phrase Mahindra is commonly associated with SUV’s, but the company has not taken the center stage lately and not much information is in the buzz about its upcoming SUV projects. Mahindra is all out to launch its new vehicles called S101, S102 and S103 in the near future. It is difficult to beat the grand SUV image of Mahindra. Despite the sudden inflow of highly modernized SUV’s like Renault Duster, Mahindra SUV’s are still hard to beat. This is evident with the sale portfolio of Scorpio which is still higher than that of Renault Duster.

It would be interesting to observe the fierce battle of Mahindra SUV’s with the existing and new SUV launches. SUV’s seem to take the center stage in Indian car market.

Mahindra forced to shut operations for three days

Mahindra and Mahindra a highly acclaimed auto manufacturer in India will close down its production operations for three days. The Indian car market is going through a rough sale patch over the past few years, and Mahindra too has come under the dim sale radar. The company plans to shut down all its automotive units for three days.

mahindra plant

Mahindra and Mahindra is a powerful auto brand in India, the company has built an enormous line up of Sport Utility vehicles. Few quality examples are Bolero XUV500, Scorpio, etc. Mahindra and Mahindra cars are built with powerful engineering technologies, and can withstand the impact of all road terrains. The company has injected powerful technologies into the XUV500, which is the insertion of monocoque chassis.

Mahindra has built cars for a section of the Indian population who are into extreme adventures. The company has conducted several strenuous adventurous competitions with its models. One such common event is the Great Escape; participants have had a time of their life and ventured on amazing expeditions on the outskirts of Rajasthan, Goa, Nagaland and many other cities.

Mahindra for years has been a highly appreciated brand in the country, but the car market has not been too favorable over the past few years. The Indian currency has weakened to considerable levels against the dollar, and this has increased inflationary prices, where fuel and commodity prices have risen. The car market conditions is expected to improve in the coming months since the wholesale Inflation rates have reduced to 6.16%, a five month dip in 2013 December.

The Indian car market is packed with heaps of new launches this year; Mahindra will launch the Scorpio facelift this year. The publicity level for the car is steep, and was captured by car enthusiasts in its test mule form on the outskirts of Pune and Coimbatore. The car will have few exterior insertions and on the insides the car will be tailored with opulence and is inspired by the grandness of XUV500.

The new Scorpio facelift could be the game changer for the company, the Scorpio is a major profit player for Mahindra. Since launch over ten year ago the company has sold over one lakh pieces of Scorpio. The competition in SUV segment at present has become more cut-throat than before with the launch of highly modernized SUV’s like Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. The preference level for Scorpio is still greater than the two recent launches. Even now the overall profit sale churned by Scorpio is higher than Duster.

It is unfortunate that the Mahindra is adversely affected by the current dim phase scenario. The company is unable to manage its stock ratio with demand, it’s not just the turbulent sale phase caused by rise in diesel prices which has had an adverse effect on car sales, the Indian government has formulated undesirable policies on SUV’s and over the past year has increased excise duties on these vehicles.

Apart from Scorpio facelift Mahindra is keen to introduce the S101 SUV to offer stiff competition with Ford EcoSport. Although the company is forced to close its operations for three days there are interesting launches in the near future that would turn the tables for the company.

Mahindra S101 to fight the battle with Ford EcoSport post launch

Mahindra is among the first to take the Sport Utility Vehicle segment by storm with the launch of quality products like XUV500, Scorpio, Quanto etc. The company has defined the word SUV with its launches. Mahindra has conducted exciting adventurous events to showcase the inner power embedded in its SUV. One such popular event is Great Escape.

Mahindra S101 spied

Mahindra has created a world of SUV’s in India years ago; the Indian car market at present has witnessed a sudden in flow of Sport Utility Vehicles. The latest SUV’s to enter the market are Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport, and Nissan Terrano etc. The competition in SUV market has indeed intensified, and the scenario is slowly drifting from Mahindra’s SUV dominance.

Besides the new existing SUV launches, there are decent numbers of new arrivals as well. Hyundai and Honda are geared to unveil their new SUV projects like compact mini SUV and Honda Vezel. Renault is all set to showcase the Koleos facelift SUV, Volkswagen will unveil its Taigun SUV in 2014 April. The list is just too long to be true. News about Mahindra’s new launches is at present not as dominant as other firms. Mahindra has a new SUV project under its wraps called S101. The car was in the buzz in various test mule forms, but lately, it has not taken the center stage.

Mahindra will launch the S 101 sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, and its fiercest rival will be Ford EcoSport. The Indian car market is at present going through a dim phase, the buying power for cars has declined caused by the weakening of Indian currency which has led to increase in inflationary costs. Mahindra will hence offer an affordable price for S101. The car has a smaller dimension than Quanto, and is tailored with 5 seats. Sources state that the car might be sold with automatic transmission gearbox for diesel version.

The S101 is a car to look forward to, Mahindra has something new to offer in terms of fresh two highly developed small petrol power train. The two novel engines are being developed by Mahindra in partnership with Ssangyong. The two engines will have 3 and 3 cylinders respectively.

Mahindra cars are appreciated for its power packed engine performance, evident by their capacity to maneuver on harsh bumpy roads with ease. The new engines for S101 have no connection to Mahindra’s older engines. This is a reflection of the company’s continuous strive to emerge with its own engine formula.

News about the company building two petrol engines with new formulas varied from its existing ones is a hot topic of interest. The Executive director of the company, Dr Pawan Goenka has spoken on this topic, saying’’ our team is at the moment strategizing on two engines which is a 4 and 3 cylinder built on same base. There will be a series of engines for the upcoming petrol models that will operate on vehicles which are miles tinier than existing ones. The new engines are injected with our own novel theories and will hence be as powerful as the current engines.

It will be interesting to observe if Mahindra will continue to take the public eye in SUV category post the launch of S101.

New Mahindra Scorpio facelift interiors draped in modern fabric

Mahindra is among the first to play the Sport Utility Vehicle card, the company launched its first Scorpio piece over ten years ago. Today the company has churned amazing fortunes with the car with the sale of over four lakh vehicles. Scorpio fans can await exciting periods in 2014 with the launch of Scorpio facelift.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio Facelift in Pune

The car was spotted earlier in many places in a test mule form, in cities of Pune and Coimbatore. Car enthusiasts have captured the new facelift Scorpio with an emission testing unit. The car will be displayed at the auto expo event.

Let’s immerse into the exciting features of new Scorpio facelift, the excitement is tucked into the insides of the car. Those who have encountered a heavenly atmosphere in XUV500 can hope for the same in Scorpio facelift. The color theme is a royal beige, the material used are glossy wood fitments, and air con vents have a neat rectangular design. Scorpio was launched over ten years ago and for the 2014 facelift car; the company has injected modern features to flow with the modifying demands. There is a touch screen system and the center console fabric has been upgraded to elevate the luxurious atmosphere. The seats are arranged in 2+3-2 format.

Mahindra has not meddled with the engine mechanisms of the car, the facelift Scorpio will be inserted with a potent mHawk diesel turbo 2.2 liter engine. This fiery engine pumps out 330Nm and 140 bhp. The new Scorpio facelift will move with greater ground clearance motion.

The basic version of the car will have a back wheel drive apparatus and is expected to have the ‘shift on the fly all wheel drive technology. This advanced engineering technology set up is designed by a reputed engineer Borg Warner. The 2014 Scorpio facelift will be a highly reliable piece in safety compartment with electronic brake distribution, couple of airbags and ABS. The engine will be mated to six speed automatic transmission gearbox.

Mahindra Scorpio since launch is one of the leading players in SUV segment; the car has all the attributes of a desirable model, especially in the engine capacity department. The overflowing success of the car has enabled Mahindra to launch the 2014 Scorpio facelift, packed with exciting interiors.

Mahindra has tailored the insides of new Scorpio facelift with XUV500 derived features. The car is tailored with polished black and beige fabric, and the wood inserts add tints of opulence and aesthetics to the car.

Scorpio is a strong player in the SUV race, and even today the car enjoy greater dominance compared to Renault Duster an up market SUV. Scorpio has an identity of its own and even today with modernized SUV’s taking the limelight and competition intensifying like never before, customers opt for Scorpio garnished with conventional SUV fabric.

The 2014 Scorpio is packed with refined new material on the inside and the exterior body is retained to the likes of its original structure. With new interior fitments and material incorporated into the car, the battle in SUV segment is going to be more cut-throat than before.

Mahindra First Choice to take advantage of the used car market that is expected to grow double than new car market

India is going through a rough economic patch. With an instable economy, general inflation and a plummeting rupee, the Indian auto market has been witnessing a long slump. However, this story is not same across all the markets. While the new car market is down with the slump, the used car market is much more stable and very potential. In fact, it is expected to grow almost double the size of the Indian new car market in a time of 5 years.

mahindra first choice logo

Indian utility vehicle maker Mahindra & Mahindra’s used car business wing, Mahindra First Choice Wheels is going to utilize this growing market and is targeting to sell 60,000 pre-owned vehicles in this fiscal, which will mark a growth of 30 percent of the company as compared to the last year’s sales.

The total size of the used car market is around 3 million units, but the organized sector’s share in it stands at just 15 percent.
Mahindra First Choice Wheels’ CEO Nagendra Palle revealed to the media that the used car market at present is already larger as compared against the new car market and it is growing at a very fast pace as well. He said that Mahindra First Choice Wheels is aiming to sell 60,000 used vehicles by the month of March this year.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels is the country’s leading and the first certified multi-brand pre-owned car company. The company has been growing at a healthy pace 35 percent by sales volumes in the past 5 years. Palle also said that the used cars market has always been popular. The ratio of the new cars versus used car in the developed car markets such as the US is 3:1, which in India was 1.2:1 and was very low. However, the scenario is slowly but steadily changing.

Currently, the basic lifestyle and social dishonor of purchasing a used car is no longer existent and thus, the demand for the used cars is also increasing, he added. Mahindra First Choice Wheels has recently opened its 19th dealership showroom called the Focuz Car Mart in the state of Kerala, which is the company’s 66th outlet is Southern India.

The company’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Yatin Chadha said that the size of the pre-owned car market in the state of Kerala is 8000 units per month. Palle also added that the company contemplates to increase its footprint in Kerala by taking the number of dealership outlets to 25 in this fiscal. As the leader in multi-brand used car industry in India, Mahindra First Choice Wheels is also constantly investing in innovative used car retail experience, with the introduction of great products, evaluation methods and attractive pricing. Some of the company’s innovative products are the WarrantyFirst, CertiFirst, Autoinspekt and the Indian Blue Book.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels contemplates to increase its dealership network to 500 outlets in the coming 3 years from its present 350-dealership outlets.

Mahindra & Mahindra vehicles to watch out for at the upcoming Indian Auto Expo

All the auto makers in India are gearing up with their best offerings to be showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Show, next month. This bi-yearly auto show is a very important platform for the car makers and they all try to create the most buzz utilizing it. Indian utility vehicle major Mahindra & Mahindra is no exception, and will showcase some of its best offerings to attract the audience.

Mahindra Scorpio Facelift 001

Let us take a look at what Mahindra is expected to showcase at this Auto Expo.

The first most important Mahindra vehicle that is expected to be unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo is new refreshed 2014 Mahindra Scorpio. After the unveiling it is soon expected to launch in the market.

The Scorpio is an iconic SUV from Mahindra, which is increasing in its popularity over the years. The refreshed model of this 11 year old SUV is thus surely a thing to watch out for.

The refreshed 2014 Scorpio is one of the most spied cars in India recently. It is expected to become more aggressive looking and offer more premium look and feel as well. The new Scorpio will get a redesigned front fascia with new headlights, fog lights, front grille and redesigned bumper. The headlight enclosures will also sport new LED lights. The SUV’s hood and the front fenders and tail lights will also get design refresh.

On the inside, the new Scorpio will get a redesigned dashboard along with a new infotainment screen. There will be some changes in the instrument panel also. It is said that in order to become more premium, the new Scorpio will get some parts including the steering wheel from its sibling XUV500.

The new 2014 Scorpio will be retaining its tried and tested 2.2 liter 4 cylinder mHawk turbo diesel engine, though this also expected to get some tweaks.

Mahindra is also speculated to unveil a special edition XUV500 at the auto expo, which will flaunt the red color throughout.

The XUV500 special edition model will sport fiery red body graphics on its sides, while the wheel rims and spokes will get red streaks. The model will flaunt a red theme on both its front and rear bumpers, while its tail gate will get a special edition logo.

The XUV500 special edition will offer more red in its cabin. The interior will have a red theme and sport red seats. Mahindra is said to have chosen the ‘Cherry Red’ shade for the XUV500 special edition model, and it will not get any powertrain changes.

Mahindra is also expected to showcase the much talked S101 compact SUV at the expo that has been spotted testing a lot of times and is expected to launch towards the end of this year.

The new stylish and competent S101 compact SUV will be Mahindra’s answer to the likes of Ford EcoSport in India. Mahindra is expected to debut one of its newly developed compact diesel and petrol engines under the S101’s hood.

Ssangyong pronounces its new scheme called Promise 2016 with a view to increase its sale output

Ssangyong Motor is a fully owned subsidiary of Mahindra; the company has introduced a new scheme to increase its sale portfolio by two folds within the coming three years. The new plan can be referred to as ‘Promise 2016.’

Mahindra to Invest $73 Million on Ssangyong

The company has recorded phenomenal sales in the year 2013, with the sale of 145,649 pieces on a yearly basis. This is the highest sale output attained by the company since the year 2002. Mahindra Ssangyong has noted a gush in sales in 2013 compared to the corresponding period which is an increase of 20.7%. The sale portfolio of Mahindra Ssangyong in the domestic segment is pretty impressive; the company is a robust auto player in the global market as well. Its profit sale output in international segment is almost 75%, with the flow of 107,706 vehicles.

Ssangyong in domestic segment has managed to roll out about 63,970 pieces; the company has noted stunning sale figures in export segment as well with 81,679 vehicles. Ssangyong vehicles are in huge demand in reputed international markets; the swift movement of about 81,679 pieces has enabled the company to cross spectacular sale figures of 80,000 vehicles. Mahindra Ssangyong has chalked out its desirable profit sale achievement for the year 2016 and plans to deliver about 300,000 vehicles.

Ssangyong has announced of its big aim for the near future, but how it plans to achieve the milestone sale mark is a wonder factor. The company is working on a new project in compact crossover entry level segment called X100. The car will be showcased at the prestigious Geneva Motor event scheduled for 2014 March. The launch of the car will surely tighten the competition among various globally recognized brands. Its fiercest competitors will be Peugeot 2008 and Nissan Juke. The X100 will be injected with a brand new engine for Indian markets, and it would be interesting to have a grand view of the Ssangyong’s new project which will certainly be interesting and one of a kind.

Rexton is among the top selling models of Mahindra Ssangyong, the car was unveiled during the thrilling festival period in India in the year 2012. The festival season usually falls during the end of every year. The transmission options used will be five speed automatic and manual gearboxes, and the car will arrive with four and two wheel drive options. The demand for Rexton is pretty decent in India, on a monthly basis from 2013 January to November the company has made profit earnings of 251 pieces.

Mahindra Ssangyong is an eminent global brand; headquartered in Korea the company has introduced an amazing range of exotic brand like Rexton and Korando to name a few. The company has now formulated a new business strategy to acquire marvelous growth curves within 2016 with the sale of 81,679 pieces. Its new venture is X100. Ssangyong is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra, a pioneer in the Sport Utility Vehicle segment infused with advanced innovative technologies.

Ssangyong cars are among the most appreciated lavish brands in the world, and it would be interesting if many more Ssangyong brands are launched in India.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels believes that used car segment will record admirable growths

The second hand car market has expanded, and the phrase used car is no longer associated with the phrase mundane. Consumers can upgrade their cars, and second hand cars today enjoy the same shine and features as brand new ones. The main trigger for this is improvement in service facilities, and technicians will service cars in a way that it retains the sparkling effect for life. There have been new inventions in car care products, manufactured with more powerful ingredients.

mahindra first choice logo

Mahindra an eminent Indian auto firm has an established second hand car business called Mahindra First Choice Wheels. The CEO of the company Nagendra Palle is of the view that the notion of a second hand vehicle is no longer on the lines of being old and boring. ‘’The main reason for a drastic change of views is the modified ways of thinking and lifestyle that has transformed over the years. Vehicles today are constantly upgraded, and car service procedures have become more affordable than before. Mahindra First Choice Wheels follows all these principles to the core.’’

Mahindra First Choice Wheels feels that the used car market has yet to gain the required momentum to match the dominant status of new car segment. At present the ratio of old to new vehicle market is 1:2:1. In developed US markets the old to new car ratio is 3:1.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels has a strong dealership network, and Palle has recently opened the nineteenth dealership in the state of Kerala. He hopes for the used car market to expand to a greater level, and strongly believes in the advancement of software technology which has led to the development of ‘digital marketing to do the trick.

The second hand car market is growing at a drastic pace, and today used car market is sold at 3 million pieces, higher than fresh products. Even though the market is growing, organized sectors have contributed just 15% of market shares. The Indian car market is going through what is possibly called the worst dim phase, recession has hit the country harder than before. Hence there are not many buyers for new cars. Petrol and commodity prices have shot up and this has led to a 3 to 4% decline in new car sales.

Customers would now prefer to opt for used cars, since all is not lost because these cars emit equal radiance as observed in new vehicles. When the new car market is going through a dull profit phase, customers would certainly opt for old cars. Mahindra First Choice Wheels has encountered grand profit turnovers of 40% during the current financial period.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels is also keen to expand its dealership network to an increase of hundred dealerships. At present the dealership capacity is about 328 and the company aims to hit the 350 dealership mark during the terminal period of Financial Year 14. The company at present has rolled out about 60,000 vehicles, Mahindra First Choice Wheels has most of its enterprise units in Kerala, and in the city of Kochi the company has sold about 500 pieces on a monthly basis, and across the state the profit sale turnover is 8,000. In Kerala in Financial Year 14 the company is keen to strengthen the dealership output to 25.

Mahindra Auto Steel keen to build a robust 150 crore factory

Mahindra Group has a string of firms under its belt that specialize in IT, finance, automobiles etc. The Group has formed a new division called Mahindra Auto Steel Private Limited. The main initiative is to introduce a new wave of glossy and powerful steel fabric for the auto segment in India. Mahindra Auto Steel aims to invest Rs 150 crore for the set of new unit at the established factory in Chakan. The company will manufacture robust steel fabrics like profiles, trapezoids, blanks and steel.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra is not just an eminent figure in India, but is also a highly acclaimed global brand. Mahindra Auto Steel is a partnership unit with Mitsu and Co based in Singapore and Taiwan based China Steel Global Trading Corp. Mahindra has a strong share of base of 50% in Mahindra Auto Steel, the remaining two global units each account for 24.5% shares.

The inauguration procedure of the new steel unit was conducted recently; Mahindra Auto Steel has invested a lot in the new plant. The factory will have a large steel production spectrum of about 130,000 tones, which will come to force in a year from now. The new unit will have a strong network of engineers engaged in various activities to enable a robust production network. The team will work on forex risk management, warehousing, and sourcing steel activities. Harsh Kumar the Managing Director of Mahindra Intertrade stated, ‘’our team is working on bringing out a new phase of powerful steel quality into the system. ‘’

Mahindra Group will utilize 50% of steel capacity from new unit, and the rest of it will arrive from eminent auto firms for fitment in Chakan Telegaon factory. Mahindra Intertrade has a series of established steel units in its venture present all over India. It operates in 3 categories like auto, home appliance and power. More than 80% of the company’s auto enterprise venture is from supply of processed steel devises to the highly acclaimed Mahindra Group enterprise and the companies that fall under its operations.

The competition in Indian car market scene has stiffened over the past years; the main trigger for this is the invention of new inventive design, material and engine technologies. Vehicles today appear glossier than before and lots of Research and Development is conducted on auto vehicle fabrics and tools. Mahindra and other car companies are now fitting cars with sturdy steel material. Mahindra Auto Steel now has a new factory that will manufacture 130,000 tons of steel. The rigidity of steel material is an important safety factor as well. The Indian road scenario has witnessed a drastic increase in vehicular traffic and rash driving scenes are now common. The insertion of a rigid steel material will increase the durability of the vehicle.

Mahindra vehicles are known to be rigid and packed with powerful materials to an extent that the cars can maneuver on harsh and bumpy road terrain with ease. With the new steel plant in the wraps, customers can expect to avail Mahindra vehicles with greater power and efficiencies.

New 2014 Ssangyong Turismo is a praise worthy MPV

Ssangyong Motor owned by the Indian auto major Mahindra & Mahindra, is witnessing record sales rates for quite some time now. The reason behind this is definitely the new Turismo MPV that the Korean automaker has launched last year. This new model has come as the savior to one of the most criticized vehicles in the world, when looks and features are concerned. The Ssangyong Rodius or Turismo has come as an entirely new avatar and has erased all of its previous bad names of being unrefined, uncomfortable and particularly hideous. The new 2014 Ssangyong Turismo has become more comfortable, plush, convenient and most importantly, impressive looking.

Mahindra SsangYong Korando Turismo MPV

It is difficult for any MPV to be very stunning and gorgeous looking, as the sheer bulk poses as a big hindrance in the design front. Thus, the massive Turismo can’t be termed as a stunner, but good looking enough to suite every MPV buyer. The mammoth sized vehicle has many nice details added to it, but cannot be ascertained at a first glance, because of its huge size.

The MPV also comes with a gargantuan interior space where you can not only fit a big family but also get lost inside it. It is huge in all the aspects of length, breath and height and thus offers more space than can be asked for.

With all the good exterior features and the mammoth size, one might think it is difficult to drive the SsangYong Turismo. However, this MPV is quite easily maneuvered owing to its conventional and convenience drive dynamics. Obviously the heavy bulk does make it a little slow paced car, but then, who wants to rush with a mini bus sized vehicle in traffic? Thus, the Turismo is one mammoth of a car that offers good drivability as well.

The Turismo also has an enormous steering wheel, that might remind one of a ships wheel, but then this also helps in steering the massive car more effectively. The MPV also has constrained body roll, making a ride inside its voluminous interior a true luxury. Your kids could feel as if they are in their own room and get a comfortable sleep as well in the Turismo.

The most important thing is the new Ssangyong Turismo pricing that starts at £17,995 in the UK market. This makes the Turismo a great value for money car, as such a huge 7 seater MPV with an all wheel drive system, incredibly huge sized boot size and good features is being offered for such an affordable price.

The Turismo still has some shortcomings, in terms of premium styling, quality interior trimmings and drive dynamics, but nothing better than this is surely available in the market at its price point. And thus the 2014 model has emerged as a great popular choice of the car consumers in the international markets.

Mahindra & Mahindra is studying the market conditions and feasibility to launch the SsangYong Turismo in the Indian auto market.