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Mahindra introduces Bolero pick up flat bed in Rajasthan

Mahindra is a leading auto manufacturer in India, the term Mahindra is in sync with sport utility vehicles. The company has also eased the burden of industries by launching powerful pickup trucks like Bolero, Maxximo etc. The company’s new Bolero project is Bolero pick-up Flat Bed launched for a price of Rs 5.59 lakhs in Rajasthan.

Mahindra Bolero pickup

Mahindra’s pick up vehicles are not just simple models the newer Bolero cars have draped in refined interior and exterior material and the engine used is hybrid make. The latest Bolero pick-up Flat Bed’s has a 1250 kg load bearing capacity, as stated by company representative. The industrial sector has been and is in the continuous expansion process and the main aim to introduce the Bolero pick up flat bed is to cater to the needs of traders, businessmen and stand operators. The newest engine technology used is( MDI) Motor Development International power mill that churns impressive 13.86 km/liter mileage. Mahindra announced that latest Bolero flat bed model will have 3 year warranty on drive line and engine.

Bolero for years has been among the most appreciated pick trucks, it’s been over ten years since the vehicle was launched. Even today Bolero pick up is a most sought after pickup vehicle. It is equipped with a potent MDI mill that churns 195Nm torque. The vehicle is used to transport business personnel’s, and over 60,000 customers are transported.

Pick up trucks are popular all over the globe, and Mahindra pickups have revolutionized the Indian pick up industry. Majority of the Indian population are farmers, and most of the produces have to reach retail stores via various segment. Bolero pick up flat bed with its enormous 1250 kg load bearing capacity can effectively transport a major bulk of the produce.

Road transport vehicles like Bolero flat bed are a boon in India, because of the years, agricultural research has gone through a revolution with newer hybrid produce varieties have been developed where the nutrition power of the contents have risen. This has led to an increase in produce quantity, and higher figures of processing industries. Mahindra has eased the burden of farmers, middle men and retail stores with its quality pickup trucks like Bolero flat bed.

The initiative of Mahindra to launch the new Bolero flat bed in Rajasthan is a good move, since the state is a hub of various industries. The most acclaimed industries in India are situated in Rajasthan like Ambuja cements, Eicher Polaris, Honda etc. Rajasthan is also famous for its jewellery and handloom and craft industries.

The Bolero pick up flat bed has comforted millions of businessmen by transporting them to their work destinations. This has benefited working professionals where they can preserve sufficient amounts that would be wiped out on petrol. Mahindra is a major player to promote the important of pickup trucks in India, since majority of Indian population work in small and medium scale industries and most of them might not have the means to purchase a vehicle.

The company has not just introduced a grand means of transported, but also provided ample luxury in the form of abundant interior room and posh atmosphere fitted with powerful air conditioning devises.

Mahindra Group keen to invest one trillion won in Korea

Mahindra Group has a series of industries under its belt, like IT, Finance, automobiles etc. Mahindra is a leader in the Indian automobile segment, and is a pioneer in the Sport Utility vehicle segment. Mahindra has introduced a series of powerful SUV’s like XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero, etc. The managing director and chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra is keen to invest one trillion won in its Korean Ssangyong unit.

Mahindra rise new logo

The statement given by Mahindra on its aim to invest one trillion won happened recently when Park Geun hye the President visited India for four days. Ssangyong is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra; Anand Mahindra also said that Sssangyong Motors has recently gained significant momentum after going through a difficult sale period. Mahindra Group at present is keen to invest about one trillion won for coming 4 years, and the firm is keen to emphasize on more recruits and product development. The company besides its aim to increase its automobile production capacity is keen to strengthen its Korean business towards resort development, info tech and agricultural equipment.

Mahindra Group at present enjoys an impressive 69% market share in the reputed Korean firm Ssangyong Motors. The company has a major stake in the Korean firm since the year 2010, and the initial cost during the first ownership period was about 507 billion won, and later additional capital flow was about 80 billion won in 2013. At present Mahindra enjoys 72% market share in Ssangyong.

Mahindra’s strong auto network system is recognized in US, South Africa and many other countries besides South Korea. Mahindra’s engineering power is visible in overseas markets. One of the company’s major profit players XUV500 is draped in advanced monocoque chassis material. Mahindra cars are built with powerful engineering technologies that enable the cars to fight the battle on all road terrains.

Ssangyong is also a globally acclaimed SUV player the launch of Korando and Rexton SUV’s have stunned auto manufactures all over the world. Mahindra is geared to work on new SUV projects which would be constructed on joint partnerships with Ssangyong. The car at present is referred to as S101, and this is the first piece to emerge from joint venture agreement between the two firms. There will be a new S102 launch as well, and the design base will be adopted from X100 model of Ssangyong, and the global launch of the model will happen sometime in the year 2015. New launches by Mahindra and Ssangyong will take place in late 2015 or early 2016. The cars will undergo production at Mahindra’s established Nashik factory.

Ssangyong has released a couple of dynamite models called Korando and Rexton SUV’s along with its other launches. It would be interesting to view a product that comes out of the joint collaboration of Mahindra and Ssangyong, called S101 and S102. Mahindra is keen to invest one trillion won in Korea and this will be beneficial for both firms to construct stylish and powerful models in the future. The battle in SUV segment has become more bottleneck than before, but it would certainly be hard to beat products derived from Mahindra and Ssangyong.

Details of instrument cluster revealed in camouflaged 2014 Mahindra Scorpio facelift

Mahindra an eminent auto figure in India is geared to launch the new Scorpio facelift. The car was captured several times by auto enthusiasts in camouflaged form on the outskirts of Pune and Coimbatore. The new Scorpio facelift will be an interesting launch and ardent Scorpio fans can have grand view of the car at 2014 auto expo.

Mahindra Scorpio instrument panel picture

Lately car buffs have captured the insides of the new Scorpio facelift, and sources have not just captured the details which is the first to catchy the eye. Interesting details have been derived such as the fitment of automatic gearbox and now the latest news is the presence of instrument cluster. Buzz about the insides of 2014 Scorpio facelift has been on the spotlight for quite a while. The insides are inspired by the grandness of XUV500.

Since the insides are adopted from XUV500, ardent car fans have gone extreme lengths to gather more details on interior fitments. The instrument cluster on new Scorpio facelift is high tech and the make is called dual zone instrument cluster. To provide further details on this instrument, on left is tachometer and on right is a speedo, which is compartmentalized by a tiny digital information apparatus. Above the digital screen there are warning lights.

Apart from interesting discoveries like the insertion of automatic gearbox and state-of-the-art dual zone instrument cluster, the air conditioner vents are molded into trendy rectangular structures. The gear shift stalk in automatic transmission gearbox will be identical to that used in present Scorpio model. The type of console used is (AT) auto car console, which will be painted with a refined aluminium polish, different from faux wooden material used in current Scorpio.

The insides of Scorpio facelift are filled with interesting elements, and the car will look equally grand on the outside with a new structured grilled garnished with artistic projector type of head lamps for most loaded model. The other versions will be tailored with refurbished head lamps.

Mahindra is a renowned player in sport utility vehicle segment and has introduced quality products like Scorpio, XUV500, Xylo etc. Scorpio has been on top of the sale charts since its first appearance more than ten years ago. The car is tailored with conventional SUV material. The competition in SUV market has become more intense with the launch of modern SUV pieces like Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport.

Besides existing launches there are several new upcoming SUV launches like Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha, Honda Vezel, Hyundai ix25 etc. The Scorpio has been a ruler in SUV kingdom for ages, and even today the preference levels for the car are on the roof top. The sale chart of Scorpio is higher than that of Duster, and now Renault has launched the facelift version of Duster.

Those who are keen to buy the 2014 Scorpio facelift, it is a worthy purchase and it would be interesting to drive a Scorpio with XUV inspired interiors. The expected launch date is late 2014 or early 2015, and Mahindra is once again all set to fight the SUV battle.

Image Source: Team-Bhp

Anand Mahindra met with South Korean president Ms Park Guen Hye to strengthen ties between India and Korea

Mahindra and Mahindra is a leading auto enterprise in India, and has lately announced of its new S101 and S102 projects with one of its divisions Ssangyong. The company also stated that it would invest one trillion won in Korea, to push this vision forward; Chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra met South Korean President Ms Park Guen Hye on the 17th of January 2014. The dignitaries accompanying him were Rajeev Dubey the member of Ssangyong Motors Group Executive Board and Pawan Goenka, the Chairman of Board and executive director of the company.

Mahindra SsangYong Rexton

The Korean President Ms Park, spoke of her forethought to strengthen the economic relations between Korea and India. She delivered a vote of thanks to Mahindra for investing majorly in Ssangyong, and acquiring a grand portion of the company. Mahindra acquired Ssangyong in the year 2009, when the company has considered a court led debt restructuring program. The president Ms Park was appreciative of Ssangyong’s aim to reconsider about 450 employees who were given unpaid holidays. The employees were asked to take off due to the financial constraints that had a huge impact on normal operations, and the rehiring of the 450 employees according to Ssangyong was a symbol of effective labor ethics and management.

Anand Mahindra was pleased with how the meeting took off with President and political dignitaries. He said that the response was positive and warm, and he was firm with the notion of strengthened ties between Indian and Korea. The strong tie between India and Korea is a pathway to heighten the economic potential of Asian countries. Anand Mahindra also went on to say that Mahindra’s experience with partnering with Ssangyong has been an encouraging one and the near future looks extremely promising.

Mahindra took over Ssangyong in the year 2011, and three years since the first partnership agreement, the Korean firm has recorded profits. Mahindra turned the tables around for the company, since during the earlier periods before partnership agreement Ssangyong was facing sale uncertainties.

Pawan Goenka announced that Ssangyong’s dedicated engineering and management team is the trigger for the company to encounter admirable profits. He also appreciated the dedicated team of Mahindra to work towards strengthening the financial output of Ssangyong Motors.

Mahindra’s goal to increase partnership bond with Korea is not limited to automobiles. Anand Mahindra spoke to the Korean President stating that Mahindra Group has a series of divisions under its belt, and hence the opportunities are endless. Mahindra Finance the biggest non banking division of Mahindra is keen to enter into joint agreement with Woori Bank in Korea to push the supply of automobile funding to Ssangyong Motors.

Mahindra and Ssangyong are powerful auto firms; the two companies have manufactured supremely stylish and efficient products. The merge of the two industries has worked incredibly well for both firms. Anand Mahindra is now keen to enhance the bond between India and Korea in automobile and finance sectors. The establishment of a tighter bond between both nations will benefit the economic prospects of Indian and Korea.

Pawan Goenka now in charge of majority of Mahindra & Mahindra Group’s revenues

Mahindra and Mahindra group’s new power behind the throne is Pawan Goenka who joined the firm nearly 20 years ago. His years in Mahindra started after a long stint with General Motors and he shifted from Detroit to Nashik to develop Mahindra’s fledging automotive operations. The business has since grown from mere Rs.400 crores to Rs.55700 crores and this revenue contributes to nearly three fourths of Mahindra Group’s total revenue. Pawan Goenka, is research oriented engineer who has built a strong research team and has been in charge of its automotive group’s operations since long time.

pawan goenka

Mahindra and Mahindra’s automotive division is divided into six product groups namely passenger cars, tractors, Mahindra Reva, Ssangyong, trucks and buses and recent foray into two wheelers. The firm’s automotive business was accumulating losses and after advent of Pawan Goenka it diversified into several new areas and became a mainstream player in Indian automobile industry and managed to compete against top brands and beat even Tata Motors. Goenka was first employee with automobile division of Mahindra and was also the first employee to be appointed into Board of Directors within twenty years of service. Recent downfall in truck and commercial vehicles demand has hit this division hard leading to losses.

The present chairman and managing director of Mahindra Group Mr.Anand Mahindra is planning to make a gradual retreat from regular operations of all its division and is entrusting Goenka with these responsibilities on a step by step basis. Industry leaders are appreciating this move of Anand Mahindra as they feel Goenka is the right person to take on this form of multifaceted operations. He is considered as a man of multiple capabilities with a disciplined way of carrying out operations who can contribute in a positive manner to every project he undertakes. Though he has carried out tasks outside his expertise successfully in the past, his ability to carry forward varied businesses of Mahindra will be tested in future.

Goenka was unsure about his decision after joining M&M group in 1993 but his family supported him and he moved to Mumbai after four years of working at the group’s Nashik’s plant. He was instrumental in developing the Scorpio through spearheading R&D business which changed the automotive division’s fortunes. His vision developed award winning products like Scorpio and Bolero within years of each of each other by building teams of engineers and researchers who worked on several prototypes on shoestring budgets of 20 – 100 crores. The reason behind success of Goenka with Mahindra Group was faith of its Chairman in his abilities who gave him freedom to develop its research wing from scratch.

The firm has several challenges in future from new entrants in SUV sector and also reducing mounting losses in truck and two wheeler business. Though its business tie-ups with SsangYong and Reva are slowing turning around there are still several roadblocks to be cleared. While SsangYong products have an established market in China, Korea and other regions in South East Asia, Reva’s products are limited to India and a market has to be created for them in international arena too. Since its business in trucks and two wheelers is not making much headway the firm also needs to take a decision to continue it forward or not. Therefore Pawan Goenka has several challenges in taking over the mantle of Mahindra Group from Anand Mahindra.

Over 75,000 Mahindra XUV500 delivered to its customer in 2 years

Automaker Mahindra and Mahindra has received great response for its multi utility vehicle the XUV 500 which it introduced a couple of years ago both within India and overseas. Built after careful research based on collection of customer feedback from sales of its Scorpio and Bolero the XUV500 has topped TNS Automotive India’s 2012 study about customer satisfaction of SUVs’ in India. This popular SUV has won nearly 25 awards for performance, speed, comfort features, maneuverability etc, and gives touch competition to other vehicles in this category. The car is a product of Mahindra’s research facility located in Chennai called (Mahindra Research Valley) which has worked on various prototypes before finalizing this model and testing it for suitability.

Mahindra XUV500 Artic Blue body color

While announcing the success of this model in first week of Jan 2014, the firm’s CEO Pravin Shah stated that its attractive design and passenger friendly interior facilities have helped it sell around 75000 units in two years since launch. More than commercial advertisements and favorable press about this model word of mouth publicity from satisfied customers has increased its salability in the stiffly contested market. Being a customer centric firm Mahindra during its public announcement about success of this model thanked its loyal customers for continued support their brand since it also has 1.5 million fans on its Facebook page and nearly 7.5 million visitors have viewed its YouTube video showcasing the model’s features.

The XUV500 has received phenomenal response for this sports utility vehicle in India and also international markets in Australia and South Africa therefore its makers are planning to expand its reach across markets in Europe, South America and beyond. While the model has won several awards in various categories from customer groups, experts and automobile bodies it has also topped list of most searched cars on Google India.  Its launch and publicity blitzkrieg has also helped in earning for its makers titles like 2nd most reputed brand in India followed by path breaker among car launches in 2013. Some of its awards received since launch are “Car of the Year, SUV of the year, V             iewers Choicest car of the year, Best value of money etc., which helps  in maintaining reputation of the car.

The XUV 500 has received several accolades from online portals and bloggers about its mechanical prowess and performance like “SUV of the year” since year of launch. Besides these XUV 500 has participated and won in rallies like INRC, Desert Storm, Dakshin Dare and Desert Dash in Extreme level. This win in Dakshin Dare has been helpful in this diesel SUV gain accolades and importance in history of Indian rallying. The Mahindra XUV500’s mileage and pickup is enabling people gain mobility and reduce time wastage through slow moving traffic. To retain excitement around this popular variant Mahindra is planning to launch a new compact model of XUV500 at an attractive price range of INR 10.95 lakhs.  This entry level compact SUV is powered by existing mHawk diesel engine with power of 140 bhp with latest safety and comfort features. Its racy body structure is inspired by the fast moving Cheetah therefore front façade has shapely radiator grille and muscular wheel arches.

Mahindra to organize “With You Hamesha” Service Camp for commercial vehicles’ customers

In current competitive scenario wherein almost every automaker is striving hard to retain its existing customer base Mahindra is carrying out a similar exercise with its “With You Hamesha” campaign. Under this campaign Mahindra is organizing a nationwide health camp for its commercial vehicles in three wheeler and four wheeler category like Maxximo Van, Alfa Romeo and Gio which are will be given several facilities by the automaker. Under the aegis of this camp which is meant for vehicles Mahindra will also conduct free health camp for its buyers and their families. Through this heath camp and its slogan “With you Hamesha” Mahindra signifies that it will stay forever with its customers.

Mahindra rise new logo

The customers during this camp will be offered free checkup of their vehicles and servicing will be carried out by trained technicians. If extra service is required nearly 10 percent discount will be offered on labor rates while 5 percent will be offered on spare parts. A new initiative called Uday has been launched to which all participants will be given free membership. This program will offer accident insurance, mobile recharge and other benefits to customers who register themselves for them. This initiative for the first time was launched in Jammu and Kashmir and later at other locations at various dealership locations which invited customer who owned Mahindra’s vehicles Alfa, Maxximo and Gio.

The service camp conveys to Mahindra’s customers that it will always take care of them and their feedback will always be considered. According to the firm’s customer care division this camp is its way of thanking customers for placing their trust in the brand. This customer engagement program called Uday, will assist customers in increasing their prosperity and progress by providing them assistance to increase business. This camp therefore is planned only for commercial vehicles since they are bought for business purpose and this form of assistance will enable them to study business models of others and learn from experience of others.

The Uday service program guides customers in professional ways to handle their businesses to avoid regular pitfalls and also provide them benefits of accident insurance along with discounts on servicing their vehicles. Under this service camp loyal customers are provided an opportunity to exchange their old vehicles and buy new ones at attractive discounts.  During this session customers who bring in friends and relatives to these camps can also win service coupons which can be used for their own vehicles.  In this service camp even passenger vehicles like Bolero Camper, Pickup, Maxi Truck Plus, Alfa Passenger and Gio Cab are being invited.

Through this engagement Mahindra will be able to forge closer relations with its customers and they also learn more about the organization and its various products. It also conducts Alfa Guru workshop which is first automobile camp for commercial vehicles in India which provides (Do-It-Yourself) training to owners of Alfa vehicles teaching them ways to maintain their vehicles better. The service camp also helps customers to understand business opportunities available and with expert assistance of Mahindra grows in a more balanced manner.

Mahindra and SsangYong jointly working on a crossover for India

A look at the current range of vehicles which are going to be presented at Indian AutoExpo of 2014 in Delhi is sure to signify that recent slowdown in demand for passenger cars has not been able to diminish enthusiasm of automakers in India. Nearly 70 new models are going to be presented at this event which will see top and mid segment players vying for attention of customers. Among these multitude of small and large cars of every size and shape will be the stunning compact sports utility vehicles from Mahindra and Mahindra which is presently codenamed S102. The car is being developed as a joint effort of Mahindra and its Korean partner SsangYong’s engineers.

2015 Ssangyong X100 Compact Crossover Concept 01

The S102 will be presented as first joint product of Mahindra and SsangYong’s combined effort. The S102 is based on SsangYong’s earlier model X100 and will be ready for global launch in 2015 and production will be carried out at Mahindra’s production unit in Nashik. Since this compact is being designed with sole motive of competing against Ford Ecosport, a turbo charged petrol engine equivalent in power to Ford’s Ecoboost engine is being developed jointly by Mahindra SsangYong which will deliver better fuel efficiency and power. Though presently both are jointly developing a range of six different engines which will have varied power levels, the largest one destined for S102 will have variable valve timing along with direct injection fuel technology for better distribution of fuel.

The current president of Mahindra’s automotive division has stated that parts of this advanced engine will be built in India and Korea to have better synergies. Since last year revenues of Mahindra were badly hit in domestic markets with dwindling sales of both commercial and passenger vehicles the firm is trying its best to improve existing portfolio. SsangYong’s performance was exceptional during 2013 wherein it saw increase in domestic sales by nearly 30 percent and significant growth in exports to new markets. Therefore Mahindra is planning to combine efforts, engineering acumen and financial resources of both firms to develop a winning portfolio of products that can be sold in local markets and also exported abroad as the case may be.

The powertrain of crossover model from Mahindra and SsangYong is likely to be similar to Ford Ecosport if not more going by their ability to deliver powerful engines in the past for the Rexton and Bolero. This joint exercise is likely to save both of them several thousand dollars’ worth of funds on research and promotion since both will benefit by this combined effort of its development team. They have already singled out a new automatic transmission mechanism which can be implemented in both Mahindra and SsangYong’s products and improve their performance which has saved them 5-7 percent of actual material cost.

Both partners have still not decided upon actual body type for the compact SUV therefore it can be both a crossover and a multi-utility vehicle based on X100 platform which will enable it to compete against Maruti’s Ertiga and models from Hyundai and Honda too. The challenge lies in melding thought process of Mahindra and SsangYong’s development teams as both cater to different market perceptions but could help in reducing over cost of production. While Mahindra builds products based on cost consideration rather than quality, SsangYong caters to a market with high expectations therefore this partnership is expected to raise value of Mahindra’s products while assisting SsangYong to position itself as niche player.

Mahindra introduces new ‘Yoga seats’ in Quanto as standard enhanced seating arrangement

Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has announced in a press release on 21st of January, that it is introducing the ‘Yoga Seats’ in its compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Quanto.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats topview

The Quanto is the first ever compact SUV model from the house of Mahindra which is quite popular in India. This sub-4 meter SUV model is a slashed version of Mahindra’s popular Xylo SUV. The Quanto was launched in India in order to provide more option for the consumers, who are looking for a compact SUV model. The Quanto became very popular right after its launch, however because of cramped up seating arrangement at its rear it is termed as a poor chop shop version of the Xylo. The rear uncomfortable bench and an almost useless third row are the biggest drawbacks of the Quanto, which is pushing the consumers away from it. With the launch of the newer compact SUVs such as the Renault Duster and the Ford EcoSport with great looks and features, the Quanto’s demands have taken a further hit.

The lack of proper seating arrangements in the rear rows of the Quanto, made it impossible to travel with passengers on a long off road journey. The rear passengers of the SUV can bear only short journeys in the vehicle. Thus, it made the vehicle less of an off-roader with passengers. The comfort issue has been a major concern of the Quanto customers and the Indian auto major has been looking to resolve this issue. Mahindra has been also very desperate to boost the Quanto’s demands and refrain its sales rates from dwindling further at the face of strong competition with the ruling compact SUVs EcoSport and Duster.

Mahindra has come up with the introduction of the Yoga Seats in the Quanto in way to resolve this nagging seating issue at the rear of the vehicle. The newly designed Yoga Seats will enable 60 by 40 split second row seating arrangement. These seats also come with enhanced cushioning for better comfort. Moreover, these Yoga seats also offer an armrest and allow the seatback to be reclined for an overall comfortable and convenient journey. Moreover, these split seats can be double-dumped and the third row can be folded down as well. This will allow an outstanding 36 possible seating adjustments, and thus allow a lot better flexibility when it comes to seating passengers and also enhance the baggage storage space when required.

As Mahindra is presently concentrating on improving its existing products in the market, this new seating arrangement in the Quanto can be considered as a part of this program. Apart from the seating enhancements, the company has not given the Quanto any other feature or mechanical changes. The prices of the Quanto are also the same and have not been revised.

Considering Mahindra’s product improvement initiative, the Quanto’s very crude and noisy 1.5 liter mCR100 diesel mill is surely hoped as the next update for the vehicle.

2014 refreshed Mahindra Scorpio gets spied with an AT transmission

The new refreshed 2014 Mahindra Scorpio has been spied while testing all over again. This iconic Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) has really created a record for being spied during road tests. However, this time around there’s more fresh news. The facelift Scorpio has now been spied with an automatic gearbox.

2014 mahindra scorpio facelift Automatic Spypicture

The new Scorpio has been caught with lots of exterior as well as interior changes. The SUV has been spied previously with intended dashboard changes along with a new display screen as well. The new spy shots reveal that the refreshed Scorpio’s new dashboard is darker in color as compared to the outgoing model. The car’s AC vents have donned a rectangular shape and have become more attractive with silver accents. The new model has also borrowed its premium SUV cousin XUV500’s steering wheel, but in a different color and also includes buttons for audio system control on its left, while the right side houses the cruise control function keys. A rotating knob is also spotted below the steering wheel that is probably meant to control the exterior mirrors of the car. The 2014 Scorpio has been also spied this time along with a blue and grey color scheme for the upholstery.

Though the interior of the new refreshed Scorpio has been spied many times previously revealing many of the dashboard details including the XUV500’s steering wheel, this is the very first time that it was caught with an AT transmission. The new set of spy shots reveals that the facelift SUV also has an automatic gearbox. As per the reports, the test prototype was caught with a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox.

Under the hood, the 2014 Scorpio is going to retain the same 2.2 liter mHawk turbocharged diesel motor that delivers maximum power output of 120bhp and a peak torque of 290Nm. The engine was previously only mated to a 6 speed manual transmission, and now will also have the transmission option of an automatic gearbox. Mahindra might tweak the powertrain for enhanced power as well.

Over the innumerable times that the 2014 Mahindra Scorpio has been spied, a whole lot of details have surfaced. It is already known that the SUV will have a more aggressive front fascia with a redesigned front grille, projector headlights along with smoked glass and an integrated redesigned bonnet. The rear end of the vehicle will get redesigned tail lights in a rectangular shape.

On the inside, the new model gets beige color scheme with wooden inserts. It also gets a new advanced infotainment system, and a touch screen is expected to be included. The new Scorpio will continue to be a 7 seater SUV like the current model.

Mahindra & Mahindra is almost certainly going to unveil the 2014 Scorpio facelift at the Indian Auto Expo in February. As the Indian SUV segment has become highly competitive, the 2014 refreshed Mahindra Scorpio seems to be braced up pretty well to get some new first time achievements for its maker.

Image Source: Team-Bhp