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Unique and exclusive upcoming products of Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra has a huge product strategy line up for the near future, the company plans to introduce nine new products. The ace Indian based automobile unit is a huge player of the utility vehicle market, and ardent Mahindra fans can await nine new products, and it certainly does sound thrilling.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

The upcoming product line up is a couple of sport utility vehicles and a light commercial vehicle, and also three new variants and three facelifts. The passenger vehicles will be the new S101 compact SUV fitted with 1.5 litre diesel and 1.2 litre petrol mill. The diesel car will have the innovative automated manual transmission (AMT) technology. It is a sub four meter SUV built with monocoque body chassis. Its fierce contender is Ford Ecosport.

Mahindra is building a new generation Bolero, an untouched segment for years, it has been christened with the nametag U301. It is powered by an efficient 1.5 litre diesel three cylinder engine equipped with the advanced ladder frame chassis technology. The company will engineer the new Bolero with a lighter body to its predecessor. It too will have AMT gearbox and pump out 70bhp power. It is a seven seat model.

Watch out for the forthcoming facelift Quanto and also upgraded Thar and XUV500, and in the variant section, there is a XUV500 automatic, Scorpio and electric Verito car to look forward to. Let’s get into the finer details of the new Mahindra Quanto AMT; it is a classic new launch.

The front portion of Quanto AMT is strikingly similar to Xylo, and the arty and flawless design cues are extracted from Xylo. The attractiveness from the front is inscribed on the imaginatively sculpted toothed radiator grille and it builds the aesthetic image of the car. The styling of front bumper is simplistic and elegant; the wide windshield accentuates the ace fashion statement of the car. It is a sub four meter car and to enhance the sporty value there is a spare wheel fitted on tail door.

The interior of Quanto AMT is vastly spacious, and it is ahead of its competition in this aspect, more so than Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport. The quality of fit and finish is first rate, the air con vents are covered with glossy chrome rings, and the structure of knobs and buttons are classy as well. The professionally styled instrument panel has trip meter, tachometer along with engine temperature and speedometer.

Quanto AMT is fitted with an efficient 1.5 litre three cylinder mCR100 engine engineered with an innovative twin stage turbo charger technology. The fierceness of the power train is acquired by the emission of 240Nm torque and 100bhp power and is linked to five speed automated manual transmission and five speed manual transmission gearbox.

There is so much of excitement to look forward to for Mahindra car enthusiasts, and all the upcoming products are great with regard to being amazingly unique and stylish. This is a great time to buy a new Mahindra car indeed.

The spied 2016 Quanto facelift will have extensive modifications

Mahindra is developing a new Quanto facelift, which is the 2016 model, and it was captured in its mysterious spy state by a group of car enthusiasts. The vehicle was heavily camouflaged and it is a below four meter car. An interesting point to note is the changes are widespread, and the spy car reveals newness on tail gate, alloy wheels and front fascia.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats topview

Quanto is a trendy sport utility vehicle and a reduced variant of Xylo and Mahindra is now working on a new 2016 model after a span of three years since 2012. It is interesting to learn of a new Quanto facelift launch, and it also has intriguing new discoveries, with a re-styled bumper, grille and headlights. The interiors too are sufficiently modified and it will have a new world class audio system with Bluetooth.

According to reports, the new Quanto facelift will have an improved suspension system from Xylo, and the new additions are rear stability bar and brushes, also inserted in the upgraded Xylo. The remaining portion of chassis is unchanged, and the car is inserted with an efficient 1.5 liter three cylinder diesel engine engineered with an innovative twin stage turbocharged technology, and coupled with five speed manual transmission. Mahindra is likely to insert an advanced automated manual transmission system into the car, also referred to as autoshift technology. The new Quanto facelift was the sight of attraction at the prestigious Delhi Auto Expo.

Along with 2016 Quanto facelift, the other new upcoming spectacle is Mahindra U301, it is a sub four meter car engineered with a novel hydroformed ladder frame chassis. The nation is awaiting Mahindra Quanto AMT, and it is a fascinating product to look forward to, to just explore splendid memories, for an expected price range of Rs 6.5 to 8 lakhs.

Summer months are soon approaching and what better way to spend the holiday season, than the 2016 Mahindra Quanto, its revamped in many areas compared to its predecessor, with re-structured headlights, that looks classier than ever before, the design of front bumper is simple yet visibly elegant, and the fog lights radiate to the hilt.

The inner space volume of 2016 Quanto AMT is vast, compared to many others in its class, it’s had an edge over its stiff competitor Nissan Terrano, Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster, by being taller than all of these. The quality of plastic and equipment is greater than Xylo as well, and the air con vents are surrounded by sparkling chrome rings. The structure of knobs and buttons is the same as Xylo.

The professionally styled instrument cluster has tachometer with trip meter and engine temperature and speedometer. The power of the digital drive system is greater than Xylo, and there is a small screen that displays essential information on current speed, average fuel consumption and distance covered.

The 2016 Quanto is an exciting new product to look forward to, and perfect to indulge in breezy summer travel. Buyers who are keen on the car can start their holiday planning schedule, and await endless delight and comfort.

Quanto AMT a high-tech car to look forward to in early 2015

Mahindra is a renowned Indian based auto enterprise and its main area of specialization is the sport utility vehicle (SUV) market. Some of the best sellers in this segment are Scorpio, XUV500, Xylo and Quanto. There is an exciting bit of information for ardent Quanto fans; the firm is geared to introduce the new Quanto, equipped with the advanced automated manual transmission (AMT) technology.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats topview

The upcoming Quato measures less than four meters, and the vision behind the launch is to fight the harsh battle with Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport. Quanto is a compact widely spacious SUV fitted with seven seats. The new Quanto AMT will retain majority of its identity like its predecessor and the only change is in the transmission box system. The car was displayed in grand style at the prestigious 2014 Auto Expo held in Delhi.


The front portion of Quanto AMT is strikingly similar to Xylo, and the architecture is inspired by the bigger car. The new Quanto AMT sports a typical family stance and is fitted with an imaginatively sculpted radiator grille with an arty toothed design. The raised headlights look classy and flow freely towards the hood, thereby building the aesthetic value of the car. The architecture of the front bumper is minimalistic and filled with arty fog lights.


The interior of Quanto AMT is abundantly spacious which puts it ahead of its competition in its class such as Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. Mahindra has retained the nature of interiors, the posh air vents are covered with shiny chrome rings, and the knobs and buttons are the same as the older model. On the professionally built instrument panel is trip meter, tachometer with engine temperature and speedometer.


Mahindra Quanto AMT is fitted with a potent mCR100, 1.5 liter three cylinder engine engineered with twin stage turbo charger technology. The potent engine churns peak power and torque efficiencies of 100bhp and 240Nm. The engine is coupled with five speed manual transmission and the automatic car has five speed AMT transmission gearbox.

Quanto is among the most popular sport utility vehicles in the market, and there is now so much excitement surrounding the car, because of the insertion of an innovative automated manual transmission system. The concept of AMT technology is not exactly new, but the popularity and efficiency of it is just booming in recent times. It all started with the trendy Celerio hatchback car.

It will surely be fun to drive the Quanto AMT car, and the sources of attraction are the big nature of the vehicle and state-of-the art technology. The principle behind the operation of AMT cars is a clutch less mode of drive, all drivers’ have to do is change geared and the function of the clutch is taken care of by the technology inserted into the car. Buyers who are keen on the vehicle should just go for it, and the expected arrival period is early 2015 and the likely price range is Rs 6.5 to 8 lakhs.

The upcoming Quanto AMT will provide occupants with top class comfort and drive pleasure

Quanto is among the most sought after SUV’s in India, engineered by the renowned Indian based auto enterprise Mahindra. The company is designing a new Quanto model with the innovative automated manual transmission (AMT) technology. The design structure of the car is retained, and the only change is the fitment of AMT gearbox.

2012 Mahindra Quanto Price

The car was a sight of attraction at 2014 Delhi Auto Expo, and the upgrades are concentrated on elevated levels of technology such as regenerative braking, which converts kinetic energy into potential energy. The impact of regenerative braking is increased mileage consumption; about 40 litre of fuel is conserved.  The new Quanto AMT is a hot upcoming launch, the whole country is waiting for it, it got its share of exclusiveness, let’s go over some intriguing details of the car.


One look at the front of Quanto AMT and the resemblance is strikingly similar to Xylo. Mahindra has thrown Xylo inspiration on Quanto AMT. The car will have a fresh radiator grille that will highlight the homely nature of the vehicle. The raided headlights bring out the trendy nature of the vehicle and there is a piece of sharp lines that flows to the hood, elevating the impactful design. The styling of front bumper is minimalistic, the dimension of the front windshield is wide and the view from inside is great.


Quanto AMT is a sub four meter car, and there is a spare wheel fitted on the tail door. Reports state that the inner space is going to be abundant and the quality of materials are superior to Xylo, the nature of materials stuffed into the car is parallel to the current model, the air con vents are covered with sparkling chrome, and the shape of knobs and buttons is the same as its predecessor. The architecture of instrument panel is simple yet elegant. Mahindra has decided to use a digital drive system and the driveability power is better than Xylo and the handling effect is easier as well. There is a small screen that provides relevant information that eases driving burden such as current speed in relation to exterior temperature, distance covered and average fuel consumption.


Mahindra will incorporate the forthcoming Quanto AMT with the same engine as the standard vehicle. It will run on an efficient 1.5 litre 3 cylinder mCR100 power train fitted with twin stage turbo charger. The mill generates 240Nm and 100bhp. The new transmission fitting is five speed AMT and the other system is five speed manual transmission. The insertion of AMT gearbox is a pioneering technology that is gaining popularity lately. The easiness of this system stems from the incorporation of two pedals, a recipe of an ideal automatic transmission car. The electronic shifting of gears happens with the aid of hydraulic accentuators, that calibrates accurate shift gear ratios and engine speed.

Quanto has been a desirable car for years; the introduction of AMT car will make it all the more enviable. It is the new car of the season that will provide occupants with first rate comfort and drive encounter. It costs Rs 6.5 to 8 lakhs.

The trendy and powerful Quanto AMT will launch soon

Mahindra excited the crowd to bits with its new Scorpio facelift; the company is now all geared to launch Quanto AMT. It was a sight of attraction at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo. Quanto is among the powerful utility vehicles of Mahindra, and a high-seller in India.

mahindra quanto features

Mahindra Quanto Red

The distinctive characteristic of the new Quanto AMT SUV is the fitment of the innovative automated manual transmission (AMT) technology. Mahindra has used an interesting name tag for the car, called Quanto Autoshift, fitted with a five speed automatic gearbox system built on a joint partnership basis with Ricardo an eminent UK based firm.

The principle behind the engineering of AMT is a clutch less mode of drive, and certainly an easier drive mechanism, where driver’s can focus on gearshift, acceleration and brakes. Maruti Suzuki introduced the concept of AMT in its trendy Celerio hatch, and it is since then an instant blockbuster, a similar pattern can be expected on a bigger and spacious Quanto AMT.

There is not only a Quanto AMT in the making; Mahindra is also working on facelift Quanto christened U215. The upcoming Quanto AMT is going to be a pleasurable car to drive in, filled with a battery load of power. It will have an efficient 1.5 litre 3-cylinder diesel engine that generates 100bhp.

Mahindra is a leading Indian based auto enterprise, and its main area of specialization is utility vehicles. Although powerful, the company has to be wary of the current and upcoming competition, the market share volume of sport utility vehicle market rose considerably with the launch of Ford EcoSport, Fiat Avventura and Renault Duster. Maruti Suzuki is working on its rare SUV venture called XA Alpha and Hyundai is building an ix25 compact SUV.

The scheduled arrival date of Quanto AMT is early 2015, which means the launch period is round the corner. Quanto has excited millions of utility and adventurous vehicle fanatics for years, and news of AMT car poses greater exhilaration, and the convenience of traversing through lengthy lanes is even more enjoyable.

As mentioned earlier Mahindra is among the first to conquer the depths of utility vehicle market share, but there has been a drift in consumer preference levels towards Mahindra utility vehicles, there has been an overwhelming response surrounding the EcoSport, Duster, Avventura and Volkswagen Taigun. To combat the cut-throat competition that persists in utility vehicle market, Mahindra aims to quicken its refreshes and has built the new Scorpio facelift and is constructing a refreshed Bolero car as well, and there is also a S101 car in the making, built on joint partnership basis with Ssangyong.

The arrival of a new Quanto AMT is thrilling, and will surely be a treat of the New Year. It is just too perfect to dwell into fun moments with families and friends, and driving it is now all the more easier, with the engineering of AMT technology.

So buy the new Quanto AMT and it is going to be a fun, smooth and pleasurable encounter.

Mahindra Quanto vs Ford Ecosport vs Toyota Rush vs Hyundai ix25 vs Renault Duster

Mahindra is a mighty old and powerful utility vehicle enterprise; Quanto is among the most desirable cars along with XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero and Xylo. Over the last few years so many SUV’s have popped up from nowhere, the classic ones are Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster, and it does not end here, Hyundai too is working on a new ix25SUV. Together with Quanto, Toyota Rush rules the SUV kingdom, but its brand value is not on par with Quanto. Let’s compare the vehicles and analyse the unbeatable effect of Quanto.

2012 Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Quanto


Quanto is a chopped variant of Xylo, the design outline is developed using body on ladder chassis technology. It is a mini sub four meter SUV; it looks aggressive and professional at a glance. The aggression comes from toothy smiley grille and the sophistication stems from V shaped bonnet.

Ford EcoSport is a modern take on true definition of SUV, on the front is wide radiator grille surrounded by dense chrome treatment. The design creativity is visible in huge three layer air dam.

The design layout of Rush is an assortment of terror and professionalism, the swept back headlights look trendy filled with powerful lamps that offer spectacular vision at night.

Hyundai ix25 looks stunning, the stand out features are super powerful LED daytime lights, huge bumper. The design of headlight is one of a kind and on the edges is a shiny strip of white material.

Renault Duster is an aesthetic twist from traditional SUV layout; the characteristic features are super stylish grille surrounded by glossy chrome slabs. The fashionable twin barrel headlights offer bright view during dim weather circumstances. The signature feature to watch out for is roof rails.


Quanto is a seven seat vehicle, the décor is pleasing and the cabin room is pretty vast for its sub four meter size. There is a world classy music system, robust air con unit. Consumers can enjoy waves of comfort characterised by the presence of cup holders, mobile charging points, five bottle holders, magazine pockets, and arm rest. The quality of equipment is first class.

The inner décor of EcoSport is lavishness redefined; there is just so much space contrary to its actual size. The seats looks superbly posh, there are tints of grey or silver on dashboard. Customers can look forward to a super comfy heavenly ride with the fitment of 20 large and small storage spots scattered around front seat map pockets, under passenger seat and sunglass holder. The 346 litre boot volume makes it a fantastic vacation car.

The interiors of Rush is a transformation from the past, it is a seven seat vehicle; the seats are covered with top class upholstery. The air con apparatus is world class. The steering has auto switches on all variants; there is a best-in-class 2 Din Tuner music system with MP3 or CD facility.

Hyundai ix25 will have a premium inner layout; it is true to the level of Santa Fe. The outline of music system and centre console is filled with vertical vents and silver accent borders. The automatic climate control system controls are fitted below centre console.

The inner décor is Duster is inspiring to the core, there is ample room the second row compartment is foldable. There is a high-end music system with Aux-in, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, the fit and finish is on the whole incredibly posh.

Quanto is the best buy out of the lot; it has everything for a valuable price of Rs 6.4 to 7.9 lakhs.

Mahindra Quanto AT – An awesome SUV

The Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has many capable and bestselling SUVs in its portfolio. The company however, has no proper compact SUV models under its banner except the Quanto compact SUV. The Indian SUV market is highly popular and increasingly growing, and the compact SUV market is even more profitable and very potential.

mahindra quanto features

Mahindra Quanto Red

The Mahindra Quanto though once a very popular model is constantly losing on its popularity, due to intense market competition and the launch of new compact SUVs in the market. The current ruler of compact sub-4 meter SUV segment is the new Ford Ecosport.

The Mahindra Quanto sub-4 meter compact SUV, is actually the slashed down version of the popular Mahindra Xylo SUV. Though stylish and efficient the Quanto loses out on the comfort factor at the rear row and feels pretty cramped up. Add to this the rather unrefined and noisy diesel mill. Mahindra & Mahindra is currently working on a number of new upcoming compact SUVs to tap this lucrative segment, but until then the Indian car major is trying its best to revive the popularity and sales volumes of the overall capable Quanto SUV.

Mahindra had introduced new ‘Arctic Blue’ body color and flexible foldable back seat called the ‘Yoga Seats’ onto the Quanto in order to make the compact SUV more convenient and comfortable. Apart from the new features Mahindra has also introduced a new automatic transmission on the Quanto quite recently in order to boost its appeal to the public and to increase its sales volumes.

Mahindra & Mahindra unveiled the automatic version of the Quanto compact SUV at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo that was held in February this year. The new Quanto is now available in the market in its new AT avatar as well braced with its new 5 speed autoSHIFT transmission gearbox. This new 5 speed autoSHIFT automatic gearbox is being used for the first time ever in a baby SUV. Mahindra has made this possible as a result of its collaboration with Ricardo, UK.

The new 5 speed autoSHIFT transmission gearbox represents a significant importance and technological advancement for the Indian auto company. The new autoSHIFT transmission is specially designed to enhance the driving experience as well as fuel economy in the urban driving environment. The gearbox incorporates an effective amalgamation of the advantages of a manual transmission when mileage is concerned, while also offering the convenience of an automatic transmission.

The advanced technology of the autoSHIFT transmission uses an advanced ECU as well as hydraulic actuation system which efficiently senses the fuel consumption demands according to different driving conditions and changes gears accordingly on a highly optimized shift map which is results in higher fuel economy.

Moreover, the autoSHIFT gearbox also uses regenerative braking technology, in which the vehicle is able to store the kinetic energy that is created through braking in the vehicle’s battery which also reduces the requirement of generation during the following travel, and this also results in fuel saving of up to 40 liters in a year.

Mahindra Quanto AT Vs rivals

The Mahindra Quanto is a capable and efficient compact SUV which has recently become even more fuel efficient and convenient owing to the great 5 speed autoSHIFT transmission gearbox that the company introduced at the 2014 Auto Expo.

mahindra quanto features

Mahindra Quanto Red

The efficient Mahindra Quanto AT however has many very competent market rivals which are more popular than the Quanto. The primary Quanto rival and the ruler of compact SUV market of India is the Ford EcoSport. The larger Renault Duster is also responsible for the Quanto’s demand graph fall. Let us consider the Mahindra Quanto and its very successful rivals to find out why the Quanto is so anguished.


When it comes to looks, the new Ford EcoSport is a clear winner among the three SUVs being compared here. Ford has endowed a brilliant, contemporary and stylish design on the EcoSport which makes it truly an urban car. The Ecosport in an under 4m mini SUV and is smaller than the stylish but conservative looking Renault Duster. The EcoSport is also much funkier looking than the rather plain Mahindra Quanto.

The Renault Duster of course looks more aggressive than both the Quanto and the Ecosport as it is a more mainstream SUV and has bigger dimensions. It is more muscular with the rugged SUV appeal and a bold face.

The Mahindra Quanto comes last in terms of looks and design, as its visual appeal is nowhere closer to the trendy Ecosport or the muscular Duster. The Quanto is slashed down version of the Xylo and looks much similar to it. The sub-4 meter Quanto looks compact and nice, but has an abrupt ending, as the Xylo’s boot was cut short to make the Quanto without much refinement.


On the inside the Ford Ecosport again scores high with a sporty cabin draped in black, and overall stylish and classy design. The Ecosport has a better cabin than the Duster’s in terms of design and comfort, while it is far more superior to the Quanto. It is also very feature-rich with an array of world-class equipments.

The Renault Duster has simple, but well designed interiors with a feel good factor. Moreover, when it comes to space, it is the winner among all three.

The Mahindra Quanto lacks the contemporary design on the inside as well, but it has a practical cabin. The Quanto also offers a good features list and comfort, but those at the rear jump seats get really cramped up.


The EcoSport has the boon of the EcoBoost engine which is very powerful. Its 1 liter petrol engine generates 125PS and the bigger 1.5 liter offers 110bhp and is mated to an AT transmission. The EcoSport diesel is driven by a 1.5 mill generating 90bhp. The Duster has a 1.6 liter petrol mill delivering 102bhp, while diesel engine is offered in tunes of 84bhp and 109bhp. The Quanto only has the 1.5 liter mCR100 turbo motor offering 100bhp.


It is crystal clear that the Mahindra Quanto lacks in everything compared to its rivals, and Mahindra is rightly busy making more stylish and competent compact SUVs.

Mahindra Quanto – Get all the info you need

Mahindra launched the Quanta in 2012 and that time the compact SUV segment in India had just begun to heat up. Mahindra realized the potential of the market and did not wait to manufacture a compact SUV for the Indian roads. Although, Mahindra was in so much hurry that it did not quite think about what they are doing. It just assembled parts borrowed from its other products and built up the Mahindra Quanto- a sub 4 metre compact SUV.

2012 Mahindra Quanto Price

Mahindra did not do anything when it comes to the design of the Quanto because you’d find that it looks very much similar to its elder sibling, the Xylo. Everything seems to be borrowed from the Xylo and assembled together without any alterations. The front end of the Quanto has got the same design philosophy as of the Xylo’s and even the side profile looks the same. The only difference is at the rear end of the Quanto which looks like a chopped off Mahindra Xylo. The placement of the tail lights is up top near the roof of the vehicle. The spare wheel has been placed on the trunk gate itself in order to provide a SUV-ish look to the Quanto. The overall structure of the Quanto feels a toned down variant of the Xylo and is a bit boxy.

Mahindra kept the Xylo alive even in the interiors of the Quanto. Everything is inspired from the Xylo except from the steering wheel which is borrowed from the Mahindra Scorpio. The cabin of the Quanto is very spacious, especially for the front and middle rows occupants. There is ample legroom and headroom for people in the middle row. The windows of the Quanto are big and wide which makes the inside of the vehicle feel even more spacious than it actually is. The last row of the Quanto has jump seats which are made only for small children.

Powering the Quanto is a 1.5 litre, 3 cylinder mCR100 diesel engine which is a toned down version of the one found in the Xylo. The engine produces a max power of 100 PS and a peak torque of 240 Nm. And it is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Although, the figures sounds pretty decent but the enormous weight of the Quanto puts limits to them. Quanto will take a while to do 0-100 kph. It takes 17 long seconds. Quanto, just like the Xylo, has too much body roll in the corners, something which we expected Mahindra would have taken care of.

Mahindra Quanto is a compact SUV, priced in the range of Rs 7-10 lakhs (Ex showroom), which will fulfil the basic needs of someone who is looking for a spacious and feature-rich vehicle (top end variant) which could prove to be reliable and durable, something which Mahindra is known for. When it comes to practicality Quanto will not let you down. A spacious vehicle with decent looks and a good fuel economy, what more could you ask from it?

Should we expect a Quanto facelift?

Mahindra made an attempt at a sub 4 meter MUV with the Mahindra Quanto. To do this, they took the design inspiration from Xylo and that wasn’t really a good idea. The Xylo was already an unattractive car and the resulting Quanto was even uglier. They are coming up with a new sub 4 meter vehicle which is the S101. It is based on an entirely new platform and will borrow design cues from the attractive Mahindra flagship SUV XUV 500. So we are expecting it to be an attractive car and now the question here is that if they should facelift the Quanto as well.

mahindra quanto road test

Mahindra Quanto

The Quanto currently being sold is a decent car if you can live with the looks. It is spacious on the inside and has got decent interiors. It is powered by an impressive 1.5 liter three cylinder turbocharged engine which develops a peak power of 100 bhp. It transmits its power via a five speed manual gearbox. During the Auto Expo 2014 earlier this year, they showcased a new variant of the Mahindra Quanto among other vehicles. This new variant is the automatic version of the Quanto.

The AutoShift gearbox that they have used in this new variant is developed with Ricardo. This is similar to the AMT system we recently saw on the Maruti Suzuki Celerio. It would provide the convenience of an automatic gearbox without adding the hassles. It would also provide performance and efficiency similar to manual transmission. The design is very much similar to the model already available in the market. It still has that bland face and abruptly ending tailgate which looks awkward. It gets the spare wheel on the boot which looks decent but doesn’t suit the small dimension of the vehicle.

The MUV, as we already said is spacious on the inside. The doors are large providing easy entrance and exit. The large cabin also gives you plenty of legroom. The interiors on this AT version are very much similar to the standard car except for the center console. Here the manual stick shifter has been replaced by the AutoShift stick. The lever sits in the right slot which gives the option of N and R. moving it to right will put it in M mode. Then you can push it towards + or – to toggle gears.

You also get a decent level of equipment on the car. You get features like power windows, airbags, ABS, AirCon and alloy wheels. The five speed AutoShift system is controlled by the ECU on this car. It operates on the shift map and senses when the gear ratio needs to be changed. The ratios are shifted by a hydraulic actuator. It hasn’t got a torque convertor which cuts down on weight and simplifies the system. This system can be used as an automatic or manual which gives the user more freedom. This vehicle not only brings this AMT gearbox but also comes with regenerative braking. They will have to market this product right to ensure that it doesn’t face the fate of current Quanto.