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Mahindra AT XUV500 and Quanto launched in Algeria

Mahindra is a leading Indian originated automobile firm, and has invested a great deal in efficient and stylish Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s). Mahindra SUV’s are popular in overseas markets of US, and South Africa. The new Quanto 2.2 L and XUV500 AT have recently been launched in Algeria.

Mahindra XUV500

The Algerian spec Quanto is vastly different from the measurements used in Indian made car, it is tailored with five seats, and the rear compartment has split Yoga seat. The mechanical dimensions of the car are powerful with potent diesel turbo 2.2 liter engine that pumps out 280Nm peak torque and 120 hp power. The engine is mated to five speed manual transmission gearbox. The variant launched in Algerian markets is called C8, and costs 19,999,00 in Algerian Dinar currency and on conversion to Indian rupees it is 15.28 lakhs. The car is packed with standard fun and reliable features such as electric mirrors, audio fittings on steering, world class music system with MP3, CD and radio amenities, air conditioning, power steering, dual airbags, and ABS.

Mahindra is among the first to invest in compact SUV segment with Quanto, the new car was displayed at the 2014 Auto Expo, with novel auto shift transmission technology. The new Quanto is tailored with the breakthrough (AMT) automated manual transmission technology, built on partnership basis with Ricardo. The car is mated to five speed transmission gearbox and packed with advanced technologies such as hydraulic actuation system and electronic control.

mahindra quanto features

XUV500 is a seven seat car built with powerful 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine that pumps out 330Nm and 140hp. The engine is mated to six speed manual gearbox; the other transmission used in Algerian spec car is six speed automatic also used in Scorpio. The car is sold in 4×4 AWD W8, W8, and W6 versions with amazing features such as electronic mirrors, high-end music system with USB, MP3 and CD connectivity, air conditioner, trip computer, six airbags, ABS and ESP.

The price structure of W8 AT, W8 and W6 XUV500 variants in Indian currency are Rs 22.93 lakhs, 22.17 lakhs and 20.64 lakhs.

Mahindra SUV’s are exceedingly popular in Indian and overseas markets, Quanto and Mahindra XUV500 are built with super powerful engines that maneuver on harshest of harsh terrains with ease. The new Quanto is tailored with advanced AMT technology and has all the exciting features to enjoy a stress free drive and listen to quality music. XUV500 is draped with innovative monocoque chassis material, and is an extremely reliable model on rough terrains. The design structure of XUV500 is inspired by the swift movement of Cheetah.

It is interesting to learn that the new 2.2 liter Quanto and XUV500 AT are launched in Algeria, and the two cars are attractive mediums to get a taste of pioneering engineering skills of Indian established auto firms. As mentioned earlier Mahindra is among the first to experiment on top quality SUV’s tailored with advanced engineering theories, which has churned tremendous competitive, which has intensified to a greater level during the current strained economy. Years from now a Mahindra car will be present in every corner of the globe.

Mahindra Quanto versus Ford Ecosport – Two fun SUV’s to own

The SUV market in India is huge, and Mahindra is the first to penetrate into this segment. Mahindra is an established automobile division of Mahindra Group, and has launched a series of amazing SUV’s such as XUV500, Scorpio, Quanto etc. Mahindra and Tata Motors are Indian auto firms that have launched conventional power packed SUV’s. There have been modernized SUV launches in the past few years and Ford Ecosport is one of them.

2012 Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra has showcased its new Quanto model at 2014 Auto expo, let us observe how it fares with Ford Ecosport. The car is equipped with a potent diesel mHawk engine, and is impressively more aerodynamic than the previous model. The car moves with mCR100 1493cc engine that yields super efficient engine outputs of 100bhp peak power and 240Nm highest torque. The car is pretty fuel economical and moves with a mileage of 13.8kmpl, and its highway mileage of 17.2kmpl. The average mileage is 15.5kmpl, sufficient to travel kilometers on a daily basis. The engine is mated to 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.

A super exciting feature to watch out for in new Quanto is yoga seats, tailored in 5+2 configuration. Mahindra has used the phrase ‘flexible yoga seats, which can move 36 different ways according to convenience of consumers. On the launch of new Quanto with yoga seats, the chief marketing officer in automobile division of Mahindra and Mahindra commented, ‘’with new movable yoga seats consumers can acquire a homely atmosphere on highways and cities and also off-roads. There is abundant storage space to fit in all kinds of items from small bags to suitcases.

ford ecosport

Ford EcoSport is an epitome of modern SUV styling, and has all the desirable characteristics to match the requirements of a modern car fanatic. The car is fuel efficient, reliable, power performer and stunner. EcoSport is inserted with potent 1 and 1.5 liter petrol engine that pumps out 170Nm and 125Ps, and 140Nm and 112Ps respectively. The diesel car moves on 1.5 liter capacity and churns 204Nm and 91Ps. It is the best feeling ever to own a car as posh and stylish as EcoSport, and driving the car is equally exhilarating. The car has coil spring fitted Independent McPherson strut apparatus for a smooth drive experience and for optimum safety there are oil filled shock absorbers, twin gas mounted Semi-independent twist beam and in front there is an anti-roll bar. The mileage offered by EcoSport is 15kmpl.

Quanto and EcoSport are equally enviable in terms of mileage, engine efficiency and comfort. There is a special characteristic attached to Quanto which is flexible yoga seats. The competition levels in SUV segment is at its peak, Quanto was launched much before EcoSport, and Mahindra has introduced an amazing yoga seat feature to fight the stiff battle in this segment. It’s certainly fun to encounter a breathtaking drive in Quanto filled with yoga seats. The thrill factor will be more fun on highways where consumers can adjust their seats based on steep turns, the feel is surely identical to a roller coaster ride.

Quanto is a valuable purchase to have fun with yoga seats and is reliable with respect to mileage, comfort and engine efficiency. The same follows with Ecosport, and the car has more to offer than Quanto in terms of urbane design.

Mahindra Quanto versus Maruti Suzuki SX4 S Cross – Compact SUV’s with their own unique identities

Sport utility vehicles are sources of fun and excitement in India, the thought of many occupants tucking in makes these models super delight pieces. On the thought of compact SUV’s Mahindra’s brand image is unmatched, many other auto firms are bringing in new pieces to fight the fierce battle with Mahindra SUV’s and few examples are Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Ford Ecosport.

mahindra quanto features

Mahindra Quanto belongs to the compact SUV strata, and is equipped with a potent diesel mHawk engine attached to five speed manual transmission gearbox. The engine offers an aerodynamic movement to the car. The potent mCR100 1493xx mHawk diesel engine pumps out 100bhp and 240Nm. The mileage offered by the car is pretty impressive which is 13.8kmpl on ideal city conditions and 17.2 kmpl on highways. The average mileage is 15.5kmpl, sufficient to cover kilometers on a daily basis.

Quanto has been on the scene for years, and Mahindra has injected interesting features into the car to cater to the modifying needs of the modern demographic. The new Quanto offers greater comfort than previous model, and has introduced a new novel comfort concept into its seats. The seating arrangement is 5 and 2, to increase the convenience and comfort value. The newly designed cushions are called Yoga seats, and here consumers can make use of 36 varied seating configurations. On the introduction of Yoga seats, ‘’the Chief Marketing Officer in the Automotive Division of Mahindra, Vivek Nayer stated, ‘’the launch of new movable seats into the car, will render an amazing homely feel, on highways and cities, and occupants can tuck in more luggage, and enjoy a life-remembering vacation.’’

Suzuki SX4 Cross SUV

The Indian car market is incredibly diverse, and the diversity has filled with Crossover launches. Maruti Suzuki has displayed the Sx4S Cross at 2014 Auto Expo. The car will move with potent petrol 1.6 liter engine that churns 156Nm highest torque and 120PS peak power. The diesel car will move on Multijet 1.6 liter diesel engine. The car will surely bring back memories and from a certain angle it looks like Suzuki Grand Vitara. The car revealed at 2014 Auto expo is similar to the model showcased at Geneva Motor show.

The Sx4S Cross will launch in all four wheel drive model attached to six speed gearbox. The insides are abundantly spacious, with ample head and leg room, the car on display at 2014 auto expo has been given a five star safety rating from reputed (Euro NCAP) European New Car Assessment Program. The price structure of the car has not yet been disclosed, and is expected to happen at a later period.

Quanto and Suzuki Sx4 S Cross are both amazing new launches, Sx4 S Cross is a worthier purchase in terms of engine efficiency. Quanto has more to offer in terms of interior comfort with its Yoga seats which can be adjusted 36 ways. There is nothing like experiencing an amazing drive encounter in Quanto where seats can be moved in any direction according to consumer convenience. The feel can be linked to an in house roller coaster.

Mahindra Quanto auto SHIFT now offered with upgraded interior and a new colour

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, the leading manufacturers of SUVs in the country, have unveiled their widest and the most diversified portfolio of an accessible technique solution at the auto expo in New Delhi. The products pipelines include the wide range of the Mahindra as well as the Sang Yong and also the mobility-solutions from Reva from Mahindra. Being proud of its place, The Mahindra and Mahindra pavilion at the auto expo were the three state of the art products from the company which were premiered in the country for the first time.

2012 Mahindra Quanto Price

The special attractions also included the next generation of Reva from Mahindra having a two door future-ready sports SUV concept, and XUV 500 hybrid with cut sections and transparent body made of acrylic for showcasing the hybrid technology efficiency of the group. They also featured their formula E car which will be participating in FIA sponsored formula e championship which will start from Sept 2014. A Prototype race car, the Mahindra’s Formula E offers a wonderful global premier for the electric vehicles technology from Mahindra. Both these two doors sports vehicles concept and also the XUV 500 hybrid are in a way a manifestation of the vision of Mahindra of the future of mobility. This encompasses the 5cs framework of a clean, connected, convenient, clever and cost efficient vehicle technique.

Mr.Anand Mahindra the spokesperson for Mahindra and Mahindra spoke at the opening ceremony. He said they are very much aware about the rising pressure on the urban transportation infrastructure and their display at the auto expo will be showcasing the advanced mobility solutions which have been designed for addressing these restrictions. They will also reflect their vision of the future of mobility and will contribute towards the development of sustainability in the near future.

Talking about the display of the Mahindra and Mahindra, Dr. Pawana Goenka, the Executive director and the president of the automotive and farm equipment sectors, Mahindra and Mahindra limited said that the New Delhi expo 2014 is a very important junction for the group as they are showcasing their comprehensive range of products here.

Their automotive domain will be putting up all its premiere products on display. The Accessible technology of Mahindra and Mahindra showcases for the automotive enthusiasts

Speaking about the accessibly able technology of Mahindra and Mahindra at the auto expo in New Delhi, Mr.Pawana Goenka said that they are championing as well as offering affordable technology, which would enhance the quality of the lives of people, depending on their customers, safety and other such features.

These will be including the popular GPS based Safe Eye technology, for their school bus for ensuring safe transport solutions for the school going kids and the hybrid technology and the regenerative braking systems in the existent as well as the new models coming up in the market every day. The company is quite excited about its latest venture and looking forward to people’s support for its success.

Mahindra introduces its Quanto with AMT gearbox at the Auto Expo

The Indian SUV leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has unveiled its Quanto MPV empowered with the automated gearshift at the 2014 Auto Expo. Mahindra is the first car manufacturer in the country who had introduced an automatic SUV model and it is now, also the first company to unveil a compact MPV with the new transmission technology of the automated manual gearbox.  The new automated Quanto gets the company’s new 5-speed autoSHIFT transmission that offers the benefits of both the automatic and manual transmissions that has been incorporated for the first time in a small SUV model in India.

Mahindra Quanto C6 front white colour

This special automated manual transmission (AMT) has been designed to offer enhanced easier driving experience as well as enhanced fuel economy in the city roads, and incorporates the crucial benefits of fuel efficiency of a regular manual transmission, while also offering the advantage of a smooth and convenient driving experience of an automatic model. On top of that the autoSHIFT transmission also involves some very advanced technologies as well. It includes an advanced electronic control along with a hydraulic actuation system which together can sense the driver’s driving demands according to the road conditions and can initiate the gear shifts automatically that depends on a exceedingly optimized shift map. This apart from offering a superior driving convenience also delivers the best fuel economy that can even exceed that of a manual transmission model.

More interestingly, the Indian auto major has also developed an innovative regenerative braking system which is capable of generating kinetic energy obtained through the process of braking and is then stored in the car’s battery. This can further help to reduce the need of the generation during the next driving, and this in turn translates into decreased fuel consumption as well as lower emission rates. Thus, the automated manual transmission is greatly convenient and efficient in every way possible.

Apart from the automated Quanto, Mahindra & Mahindra has also unveiled and showcased a great many more advanced car variants including the XUV500 hybrid version and the electric variant of the Verito at the ongoing Auto Expo.

The Mahindra XUV500 Hybrid is the world’s first diesel electric hybrid SUV. This hybrid version of the fast selling XUV500 premium SUV is an efficient and powerful model that incorporates all the advantage and fuel efficiency of a full hybrid car along with the aggressive power of a conventional SUV. The new XUV500 Hybrid is Mahindra’s new vehicle variant that showcases the company’s latest technological prowess and advancements. At the Expo, this car model variant is displayed with a transparent bonnet in order to display its technical advancements to the audience.

Mahindra & Mahindra has also showcased the electric variant of its popular Verito sedan. The company has also revealed that the Verito Electric version is quite ready and could be launched towards the end of this current year.

Mahindra & Mahindra is thus showing off its innovative technological prowess, taking advantage of the current Auto Expo.

Xylo mini suv interior pictures

Mahindra and Mahindra, one of the leading automobile manufacturers in India, launched the Xylo Mini in India few years back. The Xylo Mini, also known as Mahindra Quanto, is Mahindra’s offering in the highly competitive B+ hatchback segment as well as the entry level sedan segment. Mahindra Quanto is also the first MPV in India that fits into the sub-four meter segment in India. The key design of the Xylo Mini is much the same as that of the Mahindra Xylo.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats topview

Engine and performance

The Mahindra Quanto is a smaller version of the much popular MPV from Mahindra, Xylo. Under its hood, it gets a  1.5-litre turbo-charged CRDi diesel oil burner which is called as Mcr100. The diesel mill generates a maximum power output of 100 bhp and churns a maximum torque of 240 Nm. The diesel mill comes mated with a five-speed manual transmission that helps the car to deliver an impressive fuel economy of 17.2 kmpl. This makes the car low on maintenance and makes this compact SUV from Mahindra a great value for money. The diesel engine found in Mahindra Quanto is essentially a scrapped down edition of the mHawk diesel engine which is relatively light in weight.  The diesel mill and the five speed manual transmission deliver impressive on-road performance.

Mahindra Quanto Interior

Mahindra has impressively designed the interiors of the mini Xylo. Being a compact SUV, the Quanto does not disappoint with space and is quite roomy on the inside. The whistles and the bells as well as the plastic quality of materials used inside is pretty decent. The seating arrangement inside the Quanto is comfortably done and there is immense headroom.

The Quanto is a 5-seater compact SUV and with respect to its interiors, it is just a shortened version of the present Xylo. Mahindra Auto also planned to bring the Quanto’s price down to almost Rs. 5 lakhs. This means that the stripped down Quanto does not get some of the high-end features. It is also important to mention that the Mahindra Quanto gets some stylish and chic features like chrome lined inner door handles, door pads with premium leather interiors, leather encased gear, sporty cockpit, parking brake levers and drive selection, multimeter, wood print panels as well as plush leather, dual tone upholstery.


Much like any other multi utility vehicle (MUV), the exteriors of the Mahindra Xylo Mini are quite appealing and attract on-lookers at the first glance. Though the Quanto is a mini version of Xylo, it is crafted with an ethereal blend of sophistication, comfort and style. The Mahindra mini Xylo exhibits energetic and valiant look and delivers immense power.

The rear section of the mini Xylo gets a sturdy appearance and the straight lines move brilliantly through the car’s tail lights and the rounded shape looks quite elegant. The exhaust nozzle also features an attractive ski rack. The Mahindra Mini Xylo also gets stunning alloy wheels, that renders an aggressive and robust look to the vehicle.

Mahindra introduces new ‘Yoga seats’ in Quanto as standard enhanced seating arrangement

Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has announced in a press release on 21st of January, that it is introducing the ‘Yoga Seats’ in its compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Quanto.

Mahindra Quanto Yoga seats topview

The Quanto is the first ever compact SUV model from the house of Mahindra which is quite popular in India. This sub-4 meter SUV model is a slashed version of Mahindra’s popular Xylo SUV. The Quanto was launched in India in order to provide more option for the consumers, who are looking for a compact SUV model. The Quanto became very popular right after its launch, however because of cramped up seating arrangement at its rear it is termed as a poor chop shop version of the Xylo. The rear uncomfortable bench and an almost useless third row are the biggest drawbacks of the Quanto, which is pushing the consumers away from it. With the launch of the newer compact SUVs such as the Renault Duster and the Ford EcoSport with great looks and features, the Quanto’s demands have taken a further hit.

The lack of proper seating arrangements in the rear rows of the Quanto, made it impossible to travel with passengers on a long off road journey. The rear passengers of the SUV can bear only short journeys in the vehicle. Thus, it made the vehicle less of an off-roader with passengers. The comfort issue has been a major concern of the Quanto customers and the Indian auto major has been looking to resolve this issue. Mahindra has been also very desperate to boost the Quanto’s demands and refrain its sales rates from dwindling further at the face of strong competition with the ruling compact SUVs EcoSport and Duster.

Mahindra has come up with the introduction of the Yoga Seats in the Quanto in way to resolve this nagging seating issue at the rear of the vehicle. The newly designed Yoga Seats will enable 60 by 40 split second row seating arrangement. These seats also come with enhanced cushioning for better comfort. Moreover, these Yoga seats also offer an armrest and allow the seatback to be reclined for an overall comfortable and convenient journey. Moreover, these split seats can be double-dumped and the third row can be folded down as well. This will allow an outstanding 36 possible seating adjustments, and thus allow a lot better flexibility when it comes to seating passengers and also enhance the baggage storage space when required.

As Mahindra is presently concentrating on improving its existing products in the market, this new seating arrangement in the Quanto can be considered as a part of this program. Apart from the seating enhancements, the company has not given the Quanto any other feature or mechanical changes. The prices of the Quanto are also the same and have not been revised.

Considering Mahindra’s product improvement initiative, the Quanto’s very crude and noisy 1.5 liter mCR100 diesel mill is surely hoped as the next update for the vehicle.

Mahindra launches Quanto compact SUV in South Africa

Indian utility vehicle leader Mahindra & Mahindra is really getting more and more popular in the South African car market. In a very short span of time, Mahindra & Mahindra has already become very successful in the SA auto market. The Indian auto major has been able to win over the car consumers of SA with its tough and quality vehicle range.

mahindra quanto features

In order to expand its product portfolio and to offer more vehicle options to the South African car buyers, Mahindra & Mahindra launches yet another very potent SUV offering in the form of the Quanto compact.

The Quanto is actually a more compact variant of the stylish and tough Xylo SUV. The Quanto has a sub 4 meter length, but provides ample amount of space and comfortable seating for 5 adult passengers. The Quanto is quite a popular vehicle in the Indian car market and offers good style, performance as well as good handling.

Under the hood of the Mahindra Quanto compact SUV comes the so compact powerful engine, a 2.2 liter mHawk turbocharged diesel unit that has the capability to produce a max power output of 98kW and a peak torque of 290Nm. Mahindra & Mahindra says that its very capable Quanto offers a good fuel efficiency as well with an average fuel consumption of 7.6 liter of diesel per 100 kilometers.

The Mahindra Quanto compact SUV will be initially offered for sale in the rear wheel drive system only. However the company is also contemplating to launch a 4×4 drive option at a latter point of time. Nevertheless, the 4×2 drive system is also very much capable of offering good amount of off-road performance. The Mahindra Quanto comes with a 200mm ground clearance that offers a good high driving experience and is perfect for treading rough and uneven road conditions.

The Mahindra Quanto has a starting price tag of R199 900 in the SA market and come equipped with a plethora of convenience features. The compact SUV model includes everything from keyless entry, climate control, central locking, a 2 DIN MP3 and CD audio system, stylish 15 inch alloy wheels as well as twin airbags for the occupants of the front passengers.

Mahindra already has a good local network in the SA car market with of 60 dealership showrooms, which will be utilized to offer the newly launched Quanto to the South African car buyers.

Meanwhile, for the Indian car market, Mahindra & Mahindra is busy preparing a brand new sub-4 meter compact SUV model. As the Quanto is more of a mini Xylo and shares a lot of things common with the Xylo, Mahindra is set to bring a new compact SUV built on an entirely new platform to fight it out in the extremely popular compact SUV segment in India. The new compact SUV that is still codenamed as the S101 has been caught several times by the spy cameras while testing on the Indian roads. The Mahindra S101 is going to be pitched against Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport.

Mahindra 5 seat Quanto – A breather of the past

Mahindra has startled Indian’s with its pioneering range of SUV’s, the Scorpio still stands tall, despite the current fierce competition in this segment and has overpowered the Sale portfolio of highly urbanized Renault Duster. The company is now upgrading its posh five seat Mahindra Quanto.

mahindra quanto features

On the topic of launching a five seat version of Quanto, Dr Pawan Goenka, President in Automotive and Farm Equipment sector of Mahindra, ‘’we are keen to launch a five seat Quanto, which would include a couple of jump seats, voluminous boot and increased leg room in second row compartment.’’

The main reason for Mahindra to build a five seat Quanto is to push its sale outflow which is slightly more than 700 pieces in the current fiscal year and around 4,279 pieces of the car was rolled out in September. The earlier Quanto had seven seats, and the upcoming five seat car will have greater interior volume.

Quanto has not been too impressive in terms of sale outputs compared to XUV500, Scorpio and Bolero. The Quanto is a trendy piece and sports a simple yet elegant SUV design. The car is equipped with a powerful 2.2 liter mHawk diesel mill, compatible with stringent BS IV and BS V emission norms. There is a fiery MDiCRDe mill as well that releases impressive energy outputs of 240Nm torque and 100 bhp power attached to 5 speed manual transmission gear box.

The car is rolled out in interesting and vibrant shades of Diamond White, Toreador Red, Fiery Black, Java brown, Mist Silver and Rocky Beige. Quanto is a reliable product taking its mileage into account which is 17.2 kmpl.

Although the Quanto is a condensed SUV, it is abundantly roomy inside, the interior material is of world class quality, and the seats and luxuriously comfortable with ample head room space.

The infotainment system fitted in Quanto is best-in-class with an in dash audio devise, and audio mounted steering. The music system has FM/ AM, USB interface and CD player facilities.

In terms of safety, the Quanto is highly reliable, and is garnished with hoarse of passive and active features. There are twin air bags and ABS; the airbags are supreme protection agents for passenger and driver’s compartment. There are front fog lamps for enhanced visibility, and to get a better view during misty road conditions. There are crumple zones which protects occupants during the event of undesirable accidents. There are seat belts in all rows, along with back and front head rests.

The Quanto scores well in all departments, taking into account its appearance, safety, mileage, engine capacity and color options. Mahindra’s initiative to manufacture a five seat Quanto is an attractive medium for customers to revisit the grand characteristics of the car.

This is a suitable platform for Mahindra to record greater sale outputs with the car, and the fact that the company is emerging with a five seat Quanto is thrilling. This is a dream car for many particularly with its lush interior room, and amazing to enjoy few blissful moments with family and friends.

Let’s wait for the launch of the five seat Quanto and have a blast from the past.

Mahindra might refresh the Xylo and Quanto models to boost market performance

Mahindra & Mahindra, the leading utility vehicle maker in India had earlier announced that it is concentrating on the improvement of its existing models, following which the enhancements of the XUV500 came in. The same can be expected for many more models coming from this Indian auto major. According to reports, now Mahindra is planning to bring in the new refreshed models of its popular MUVs Xylo and Quanto.

mahindra xylo facelift

The stylish Xylo and its compact sub-4 meter counterpart, Quanto are not drawing much sales numbers lately probably due to the market and diesel car demands slowdown. Thus, following the trend of facelifted models, Mahindra is all set to revamp the Xylo and Quanto to equip them better to fight it out in the market.

The Mahindra Xylo, and Quanto, both have become slow sellers as compared against the robust sellers like the Scorpio and XUV500. Quanto is managing an average sales rate of 700 units per month which is considerably low, compared against its sales of 4,279 units during September and October in 2012. On the other hand, the Xylo managed to sell only 9,302 units in the period between April and October in 2013, as compared against the 14,472 units sale during the corresponding period in the year 2012. This massive drop in sales numbers of the Xylo and Quanto has made Mahindra concerned and thus it is set to put things right to boost the sales numbers of these two MUVs.

The Executive Director and President of Automotive & Farm Equipment sectors at Mahindra & Mahindra, Dr. Pawan Goenka said, that the company’s teams also don’t have a common view on the Xylo’s low market performance. The marketing and the manufacturing teams of Mahindra have different views on this. But as a whole the company has a good idea as to why the Xylo is not performing in the market as well as the Scorpio, Bolero, XUV500 or pick-up vehicles.

Mahindra has no plans to discontinue these models but will certainly improve and upgrade these models to revive them. The Xylo is about to complete 5 years in the month of January 2014, and could get an extensive overhaul.  The Quanto is also expected to be refreshed. It is also said that the rather cramped up 7 seat Quanto might be updated to a more comfortable 5 seat version. Its facelift model is expected to get a whole host of new features and exterior design changes.

The extensive road tests of the upcoming Mahindra S101 compact SUV implies that this brand new model could launch sometime in 2014. Nevertheless, there are no details regarding whether it will be replacing the Quanto or sell alongside it.

When asked whether Mahindra plans to discontinue any product, Goenka said that the company does not work depending on a strict vehicle life cycle but on the basis of Internal Rate of Return which is 5 to 7 years. The company cannot discontinue a product really soon due to the high investments in the development procedure.