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AWD SUV war – Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton VS Renault Duster

The Indian car industry has been always in favor of the SUVs. However, over the time more than the bulky traditional SUVs, the Indian SUV lovers have been leaning towards the more premium, styling, compact or the more powerful SUV options that have been flooding the Indian car market lately. This new trend has also given rise to the more powerful all terrain friendly All 4 Wheel versions of the SUVs. While even a couple of years ago, the All 4 Wheel Drive systems or the AWD versions of SUVs were not much popular or available in India as compared to the recent times.

Ssangyong Rexton W 60th Anniversary Special Edition

Ssangyong Rexton W 60th Anniversary Special Edition

The AWD is a term for vehicles that are driven by all its four wheels and the generated power from the engines in such vehicles are transmitted to all the four wheels of the vehicle. This also offers greater hold and performance on the rougher and uncertain terrains which is a great advantage especially for tough SUVs that are meant to tread the rougher roads.

Currently, in the car market of India there are many good SUV models that come along with AWD options. Among these come the Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton premium SUV and the Renault Duster sub-compact SUV which have especially defined the true meaning of the All Four Wheel Drive system in India.

On one hand, there is the Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton premium SUV from the South Korean subsidiary of the Indian car major Mahindra. The premium Rexton is powered by a 2696 cc 20V motor that is capable of churning out a max power output of 184 bhp at 4000 rpm. The vehicle offers a peak torque of 402 Nm at 1600 – 3000 rpm.

On the other hand, is the Duster sub-compact SUV from the French car maker Renault which is equipped with a 1461 cc 16V engine that is good enough to generate a max power output of 108.45 bhp at 4000 rpm. This capable SUV can offer a peak torque figure 245 Nm at 1750 rpm.

The real difference however lies in the transmission system of the two compared vehicles here. While the Renault Duster has been equipped with a capable 6 speed manual transmission gearbox, the Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton’s engine is paired to a 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox.

Renault Duster Facelift

Renault Duster Facelift

The Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton among these two is more premium for sure and owing to the increased power as well as the heavier powertrain, the Rexton premium SUV has been tagged at a price of Rs. 22.1 lakhs in the Indian car market. On the other hand, the comparatively smaller Renault Duster that comes without the premium tag has been priced at Rs. 13 lakhs which definitely makes it a more affordable AWD SUV option for the Indian buyers.

These two SUVs are already great options to go for whether or not the AWD versions, and offer superior quality SUV power performance to please all the adventurous SUV lovers in India.

60th Anniversary Edition of Korando and Rexton unveiled in grand style

The esteemed power of Mahindra in SUV market has enabled it to have a firm share with Ssangyong an acclaimed South Korean based firm. Ssangyong Motors is now into its 60th year, to commemorate its long tenure, the firm has introduced Anniversary Special Editions of Korando and Rexton in UK.

Ssangyong Rexton W 60th Anniversary Special Edition

Ssangyong Rexton W 60th Anniversary Special Edition

The inspiration behind the creation of Ssangyong is as inspiring as its position in global auto market. The phrase comes from the Korean word which means ‘Double Dragon’. The company was built in 1954 and was then called Ha Dong-Hwan Motor Workshop; its then area of specialization was busses and special purpose vehicles. Ssangyong engineers its vehicles using the same proficient techniques adopted by Mercedes Benz, the platform base on engine are on par with Benz. Mahindra and Mahindra has a holistic share on the company.

Ssangyong is a pioneer in luxury SUV sector; its classic wonders are Korando and Rexton. The new Korando facelift was launched last year, and the special edition vehicle is engineered on the lines of the high-end ELX4 car built with four wheel drive technology. The characteristics that define its anniversary status are rear roof mounted spoiler, electric sunroof, solid chrome treatment and 18 inch diamond cut-alloy wheels. The color choice is as royal and the nature of the ‘Anniversary’ car available in special metallic Pearl White Lily.

The Korando Anniversary car is fitted with a robust four cylinder two liter diesel mill that churns spark energies of 360Nm and 149Ps. The choice options are vast, consumers can chose from automatic and manual vehicle and both are attached to six speed gearbox. The manual car costs Rs 21.83 lakhs and the automatic model Rs 23.37 lakhs.

Rexton Special Anniversary Edition is development on pattern lines of EX car, and is packed with premium features that define the power of luxury. It has a robust DAB satellite navigation system, power adjustable passenger seat, heated back and front seats, electric sunroof and front parking sensors. The car has the majestic layering of metallic Pearl White Lily.

The Rexton anniversary car maneuvers on a forceful diesel e-XDi200 engine that yields peak energies of 360Nm and 155PS. The power train is matted to five speed T-Tronic automatic transmission adopted from Mercedes and 6 speed manual gearbox. The price of manual and automatic car is Rs 25.9 and Rs 26.1 lakhs respectively.

Mahindra Ssangyong Korando and Rexton Special Edition car are amazing products to look forward to. The two are considered world class lavish model, imagine the power luxury effect when more plush attributes are dipped into the vehicles. The engine rhythm of both vehicles is superbly impactful, sufficient to travel on a breathtakingly long journey. The Anniversary edition of both cars is well suited for UK markets where the family bonding system is robust and the scenic view is heavenly.

Indian’s will be thrilled by the sight of Rexton and Korando anniversary editions, let’s hope Mahindra decides to launch the vehicles in India. The cars have the sight, comfort and technology to attract a massive crowd.

Mahindra Rexton RX6

Mahindra is a power house enterprise in SUV sector; its models are just unbeatable in terms of rugged style and power. The huge market share has enabled Mahindra to collaborate with the prestigious South Korean based firm Ssangyong and the upcoming product to look forward to Rexton RX6. It is built for the luxurious market and will sell at a starting price of Rs 19.96 lakhs.

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

The manufacture process will happen at the established Chakan unit situated close to Pune. The style layout of RX6 is fascinating, and is an assortment of elegance and sophistication. The outline of front is simple yet elegant, characterised by minimal flow of lines. The headlights look trendy and the grille arrangement is professional in a simplified manner.

Customers can expect overflowing power, luxury and comfort from RX6; it will gather its energy from an efficient 2.7 litre engine attached to five speed manual transmission gearbox. RX6 is a threat to current and upcoming SUV’s, its lavish and powerful nature has enabled it to move like wildfire. It was a top seller in 2013-2014 fiscal year. The colour choices are great in tune with the pioneering engineering and architecture of the vehicle. Customers can choose from splendid Volcano Black, Opulant Purple, Satin White and Moondust Silver shades.

The new RX6 is just packed with glory and excitement; consumers can grab hold of all the luxuries a car has to offer. The features that will blow one away are rain sensing wipers, automatic headlights, electrically adjustable driver’s seat (8 positions) with memory function and electrical sunroof. RX6 will protect you to the core, contributed by ABS and hill decent control.

The upcoming RX6 is stuffed with desirable customer centric attributes and source of inspiration for luxury car buffs. Mahindra is constantly improving its vehicles; its source of power comes from customer feedback. During the launch event, the chief marketing officer in automotive division of Mahindra and Mahindra, Vivek Nayer said, ‘’we are an organization that focuses on customer needs and aspirations to achieve this we constantly gather customer inputs and update our vehicles accordingly. Customers did request for high-end vehicles in one of the feedbacks coupled with manual transmission. RX6is a product of customer desires and is a pathway to offer new levels of engineering by offering a 4×4 manual transmission car packed with heightened luxury.’’

Mahindra has introduced a stunning new Rx6, stuffed with greater level of luxuries. It is a huge threat to current and upcoming SUV’s, its most though of rival is the new Santa Fe. The new Santa Fe has a sporty and professional body, but the sophistication quotient is not on par with new RX6. The competition variation is vast taking price into consideration. The new Santa Fe costs Rs 25 to 27.9 lakhs. Customers will surely look at RX6 which has same level of lavishness, because of the value for money factor is upholds. It does seem more practical under the current depressed economy status.

The other fierce rival is new Toyota Fortuner priced at Rs 21.8 to 23.4 lakhs, it too does not have the luxury polish RX6 has.

The Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton RX6 is an able new addition to the luxury SUV in India

The Indian utility vehicle major, Mahindra & Mahindra has made a great move by introducing its South Korean subsidiary, SsangYong in India. The one and only vehicle from the SsangYong stable in India is the Rexton luxury SUV, which launched towards the end of 2012 and has been a good success in the country ever since its launch.

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

The Mahindra SsangYong Rexton has won over many Indian SUV lovers with its rugged and stylishly luxurious aspects. While the SUV has been warmly appreciated in India, the stark difference between the base model and the higher variant was always felt. Till recently, the Mahindra SsangYong Rexton was available in India in only two model variants, the base RX5 and the higher RX7 model trims. The two models were far apart in terms of features and comfort levels, as well as the pricing. This made the Indian car buyers requested the Indian SUV major to bridge the gap by introducing a new middle range variant for a balanced convenience and pricing option for the potential buyers. Mahindra & Mahindra has just done that by recently launching the mid-range model of the Rexton, named the obvious RX6.

It seems that given the obvious difference between the models RX5 and RX7, there was always a name difference as well (number 5 and 7 with a missing 6), and there was an intentional vacant space left for the RX6, which was launched in the country very recently. Mahindra might have decided to launch this variant after the Rexton received ample amount of sales in India. The RX6 variant has been also launched at an attractive price of Rs. 19.96 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). This variant is manufactured along with the other variants of the Rexton at the company’s plat at Mahindra’s Chakan, near Pune.

During the launch of the new Rexton RX6, Mahindra’s chief marketing officer of the automotive division, Vivek Nayer said that Mahindra being a customer centric company works continuously based on the feedback from the customers to cater to their changing requirements and preference. One such customer feedback included the requirement for a high-end luxurious, feature-rich SUV with a manual transmission. The Rexton RX6 is the result of the company’s effort to work based on consumers’ requirement. This variant will offer the driving enthusiasts the full control of a manual transmission gearbox along with the 4×4 drive capabilities as well as high-end features.

The Rexton RX6 packs in a 2.7 liter engine mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The SUV is offered in 4 alluring body color options of Opulant Purple, Volcano Black, Satin White and Moondust silver.

The new Rexton RX6 variant is also loaded with features such as power sunroof, 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat with memory function, automatic headlights, rain sensing wipers and safety features including ABS with EBD and hill decent control. The RX6 variant is thus, a very able and attractive option in the Rexton SUV range.

Ssangyong Rexton RX6 a classic SUV launch

The power of Mahindra is visible all over the world; its great revenue impact has enabled a joint partnership with Ssangyong an acclaimed Korean based firm. Mahindra Ssangyong has lately launched Rexton R6 sold at price of Rs 19.96 lakhs. It is a big launch built at the company’s established Chakan unit in Pune.

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

At the launch ceremony the chief marketing officer in automotive segment of Mahindra and Mahindra, Vivek Nayer said, ‘’we are driven towards the direction of customer’s aspirations, and constantly seek their comments and update our products accordingly. Rexton RX6 is a reflection of our commitment to bring in consumer value and quality. The car will be sold with manual transmission gearbox in 4×4 drive mode.’’

Rexton RX6 moves on a potent 2.7 litre engine attached to five speed manual transmission gearbox. The specialty of Mahindra Ssangyong is premium SUV vehicles and found itself in the top space during the 2013-14 fiscal. The car is sold in interesting shades such as Volcano Black, Opulant Purple, Satin White and Moondust silver.

A product from Mahindra Ssangyong has to be packed with features, the few unique and attention-grabbing features of the car are rain sensing wipers, automatic headlights, electrically adjustable driver’s seat with memory function. Consumers can feel the sense of safety with the fitment of anti-lock brake system and hill decent control.

The exteriors of Rexton RX6 looks classic, so does the insides, the cabin room is massive layered with fine beige and black décor. There is too much of excitement to look into with top class leather upholstery, and refined steering leather. The driver’s seat can be adjusted eight ways; there are rear view mirrors and memory seats a feature that was not there in RX5. There is world class touchscreen infotainment equipment with inbuilt GPS, the standard feature. Sources say the touchscreen unit is simple to use. There is an electronic sunroof with open and tilt functions.

The car looks stylish and sophisticated, what is attractive are the innovatively designed swept back head light design and neat grille arrangement. Sources say it looks macho to the core with generous usage of chrome. The tail lights looks arty molded into neat wrap around structures.

RX6 is a threat too many it is longer than its arch rival Toyota Fortuner, its other ace rivals are Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Taigun, Nissan Terrano, Hyundai ix25 and Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha. It is a car to look forward to enjoy the width and breadth of luxury it has to offer. The vast interior room makes it well suited for amazing city rides and also perfect for a life-remembering vacation adventure.

Mahindra Ssangyong has another interesting upcoming launch called S101; the car was spied many times at various stages of evolution. It too will come in a grand package and interiors are lush to the core inspired by the lavishness of XUV500. Some say the car might be called XUV300.

Two stunning plush SUV’s Ssangyong Mahindra Rexton RX7 versus Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Sport utility vehicles are thrill factors in India; Mahindra is a forerunner in this segment. The SUV market has surged to the core in the past few years with influx of modern pieces like Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Taigun, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano. Now the in-thing is plush SUV’s, there is no better feeling than owning an off-terrain SUV filled with sporty and fashionable characteristics. Those who are keen on posh SUV’s, the two ideal products are Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Ssangyong Mahindra Rexton RX7. Pajero SUV won the prestigious 2012 Off-roader of the year trophy from BBC Top Gear. Mitsubishi, the acclaimed Japanese auto manufacturer recently launched the automatic variant of Pajero Sports. RX7 is a premium car, and the latest model is a vast improvement from the past with series of new upgrades.

Mahindra SsangYong Rexton

The present Pajero Sport is fitted with robust four cylinder 2.5 litre diesel engine coupled with five speed manual gearbox. The intercooled 16 valve engine generates exorbitant power and torque outputs of 178PS and 400Nm. Pajero Sport looks amazingly sporty and stylish. The projector headlight looks dynamic. The chrome filled grille too looks pretty attractive; the elegance is accentuated by the presence of silver skid plate in front. The interiors are vastly spacious packed with heavenly comfort and luxury.

Mitsubishi Pajero has rigid handling and robust safety fittings; the exterior framework is made up of bits of powerful steel, which enables firm rigidity. There are support pillars surrounding the cabin, there are EBD, ABS, dual front SRS airbags that offers immense protection to front passenger and driver. The three point ELR seat belts renders the required security to protect occupants from gave injuries. The car costs Rs 23.82 lakhs.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

RX7is equipped with potent diesel RX270 XVT five cylinder 2696cc engine, the power train is loaded with power and emits 402Nm and 184bhp. The engine is attached to five speed electronic transmission built with all wheel drivetrain technology. The insides are enormously spacious, sprinkled with grandeur and luxury. The car looks impressively sporty from the outside, and portrays a vibrant macho stance. The headlights are molded into attractive ‘eagle eye’ structures, and offers mind blowing illumination under various road light conditions. The grille looks classic so does the bumper and fog lights, on the sides are glossy chrome fitments, that render immense protection from scratches.

Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton RX7 is loaded with safety with rear and front parking sensors, door fitted side impact beams, rigid ladder frame chassis, rear seat anchorage point for kids along with three point lap sash seat belts, hill descent control, active roll over protection, traction control system, SRS airbags, speed sensitive activation and central locking. The car costs Rs 21.3 lakhs.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton RX7 are both amazing cars to own. Rexton RX7 is packed with greater style statement and safety, and is a more reasonably priced cars. It is fun to drive a lavish and sporty SUV car, and the two models offer an experience of a lifetime, perfect for life remembering getaways into pristine resort or forest environments.

Mahindra launches the new RX6 variant of the SsangYong Rexton in Kolkata

Indian SUV leader, Mahindra & Mahindra a part of the 16.7 billion dollar Mahindra Group, has launched the new RX6 variant of the premium SsangYong Rexton on 7th of May in Kolkata. The new SsangYong Rexton RX6 model boasts of a new manual transmission gearbox as well as an array of new features. The new Rexton RX6 has been launched at Rs. 20.51 lakhs (ex-showroom, Kolkata).

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

The new RX6 model has expanded the premium SUV SsangYong Rexton’s existing lineup. The RX6 variant has been launched to successful bridge the gap between the already available variants of the Rexton, namely RX5 and RX7 which received a very good response in India. The new SsangYong Rexton RX6 is not only an able model offering balanced features placed between the RX5 and RX7, but it also offers more flexibility to the SUV buyers who have appreciated the Rexton. Mahindra & Mahindra introduced its South Korean subsidiary SsangYong in India in 2012 by launching the Rexton luxury SUV from its stable.

The new Rexton RX6 variant’s engine is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox along with a host of new premium and high tech features. Under the hood, the new RX6 variant packs in the same 2.7 liter RX270 XDi engine that powers the rest of the range.

The Rexton RX6 boasts of several new features including premium leather upholstery, 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat along with memory function, electrical sunroof, automatic headlights and rain sensing automatic wipers among others. It is also empowered the smart 4×4 torque on demand system. Mahindra says that the RX6 is aimed that those customers who wish to enjoy high end premium features and also want to experience the pure SUV performance with an efficient manual transmission system.

During the launch of the new ‘RX6’ variant of the SsangYong Rexton in Kolkata, Mahindra & Mahindra’s head of sales and customer care officer of the automotive division, Mr. Arun Malhotra told the present media personals that Mahindra being a customer centric company continuously works based on the customer feedback and updates the products as per their evolving requirements. With the launch of the SsangYong Rexton RX6, Mahindra has catered to one such need based on the feedback of the customers that revealed the requirement for a high end and luxurious feature-rich SUV with a manual transmission.

The Rexton is a premium and high end SUV from the Korean car maker SsangYong’s stable that was taken over by Mahindra & Mahindra in 2010. The Rexton is a global luxury SUV that has been on offer in more than 120 countries since the year 2001. The third generation model of the Rexton was launched in India in the month of October 2012, which is available at all Mahindra dealerships across the country. The Rexton SUV is fully manufactured and assembled in the country at Mahindra’s Chakan facility near Pune. The SsangYong Rexton has been receiving good response in India since its launch.

Mahindra Rexton RX6 first drive

Mahindra had recently unveiled a classic luxury SUV model called Rexton RX6 and its fiercest rival is Toyota Fortuner. The earlier Rexton car was introduced in two variants, a base model and high-end model with auto box. The new car will run on manual gearbox, and is packed with features.

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

The new Rexton RX6 has all the possible comforts a luxury car buff can wish for with an amazing touch screen display, auto wipers and lamps, premium leather upholstery, and electrically adjustable driver seat. The cabin room is enormously spacious, and is a seven seat model that can effectively accommodate seven occupants.

The car moves on powerful five cylinder 2.7 liter engine that also powers Mercedes ML Class. The engine pumps out 340Nm and 162bhp, sources who have driven the car found the engine to be extremely refined and smooth, and an important point to note here is the engine used is the old engine that was used in Mercedes models launched in early 2000s.

The initial engine thrust is lethargic, but once the engine is in full swing motion the 162PS power is apparent to the core. The other concern was a noisy engine, and the vibrations are so strong that it can be felt inside the cabin. Sources were happy with the way the five speed manual gearbox functioned, and the shift quality is pretty impressive as well.

Rexton RX6is a bulky SUV that weighs 2.7 tonne, in spite of its heavy weight the car can easily scurry through 100kph in just 12.33 secs. The engine is not too robust which makes it not very fuel efficiency. On ideal city conditions the mileage offered is 9.1kmpl and on open roads it is 11.8kpl.

The handling encounter of RX6 was phenomenal; the main drawback was the weight. The steering is light and can be hard around the corners at times, at low speeds the ride can get a little bumpy, but is heavenly at high speeds. The car offers great stability at high speeds, and occupants feel safe even if the car manoeuvres at 180kph.

RX6 is engineered with four wheel system and low range transfer case, sources were extremely pleased with the driveability factor in terms of steering and changing gears. The only drawback was the weight.

Rexton RX6 was built on joint partnership basis with Mahindra and Ssangyong, and costs Rs 20.11 lakhs. The fact that the car moves on manual transmission gearbox is an indication that it is working on new models and engines.

A company official stated, ‘’Rexton is the second best selling brand in premium sport vehicle segment in 2013 to 2014 financial period. We hope to launch many more models with five speed manual transmission on 2.7 liter engine and incorporate a series of high-tech features. ‘’

On the impressive outcome of the efficacy of SUV vehicles in the country, Mahindra said, ‘’despite the intense competition that exists in SUV market today Mahindra has managed to retain 45% market volumes in the past three months.

Those who are keen on the new Rexton R6 is a worthy purchase, because it offers a mind blowing luxury feel.

Mahindra launches Rexton with RX6 trim

Mahindra and Mahindra in collaboration with its Korean subsidiary Ssangyong was developing a new variant of its powerful SUV Rexton named Rx6, along with existing RX5 and RX7. This luxury variant of Rexton SUV which was also presented at Auto Expo in Delhi is still under production and will have latest technological features. The existing Rexton variants in India have sold around 3600 units and it was launched with both 5 seater and 7 seater options in domestic markets. This will be a middle variant between Rx5 and Rx7 therefore most of its features will be carried forward into RX7 like interior and exterior features which was launched yesterday. The existing Rexton variants have not received enthusiastic demand in India therefore a new variant is being introduced with aerodynamic body which gives it a lean muscular stance to compete with Fortuner, Pajero Sports etc.

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

New SsangYong Rexton RX6 trim

Engine Specifications – The latest Rexton Rx6 variant will be offered in both diesel and petrol fuel option with 2.7 liter diesel engine with displacement capacity of 2696cc and partnered with five cylinder mechanism. This will help the diesel variant to churn out powerful output of 162 bhp and torque of 340 Nm with manual transmission technology. Ssangyong will provide Rexton Rx6 variant with both automatic and manual gearbox options along with more powerful engine like Rx7 which will have output capacity of 184 bhp and torque of 340 Nm.

Exterior and Interior Specifications – Since the Rexton range is in expensive price bracket above 18 lakhs with top end Rx7 costing 21 lakhs this Rx6 variant will be fitted in mid range with 19 – 20 lakhs. Rumors suggest that Mahindra will be fixing this variant with latest features to increase appeal among youngsters and adventure loving middle aged people alike. It will be styled similar like existing Rexton variants with flamboyance and classic curves around headlights and bumper sections. While exterior features comprising roof rails, underbody cladding and glass roof will remain along with 17 inch alloy wheels its headlights cluster will have projector lamp with LED lights on rim. Prominent rectangular radiator grille has an attractive chrome outline along with vertical chrome slats across it.

The new variant of SsangYong Rexton christened as Rx6 will have expensive leather seats to keep up with its luxury image which will be carried forward on its steering wheel and also on central console. Other interior comfort features of this international level sports utility car will include climate control technology to manage heater and air-conditioner along with electronically adjustable driver’s seat and glove box chiller etc. Its 2Din audio system has AM/FM and Mp3 Bluetooth connectivity features along with adjustable seats in last row that are foldable and can load extra luggage.

Safety and Suspension – Latest security features will be provided like its contemporary variants comprising of ABS, EBD, electronic stability program, traction control, and crash sensors. Besides disc and drum brakes the Rexton Rx6 will have airbags and seat belts for all passengers along with strong suspension system made of double wishbone coil spring and rigid axle 5 link coil spring for better control.

SsangYong Rexton W RX6 – Review and Price

Indian SUV major Mahindra & Mahindra introduced its Korean subsidiary SsangYong in India with the launch of the much anticipated Rexton premium SUV that was pitch against the giant likes of the Toyota Fortuner. When the SsangYong Rexton was first launched in India about 1 and half years back, it was offered in just two model trims of the RX5 and the RX7. The base model SsangYong Rexton RX5 is available only with manual transmission and the high-end RX7 sold only with an Automatic gearbox, and both the models have quite some distance amongst each other in terms of price and standard equipments. SsangYong will soon launch the Rexton RX6 model trim to fill in the big gap in between these two models.

SsangYong Rexton W RX6 Side View

SsangYong Rexton W RX6 Side View

In terms of design, the SsangYong Rexton RX6 has the same masculine looks and appeal as the other two variants. The Rexton’s stylish premium appeal with its wide chrome grille, sweptback headlight clusters and LED daytime running lights will be as impressive as ever. The good looks of this SUV are further enhanced with its LED-studded tail lights and wrap-around rear windscreen. The Rexton being a huge SUV which is also a bit larger than its segment leading rival Toyota Fortuner, the 16-inch alloy wheels feel a bit tiny compared to the rest of its body and could definitely offer an upgrade.

The new Rexton RX6 will offer a great balance between the RX5 and the RX7 models and offers a range of high-end features borrowed from the RX7 automatic at a more affordable price. It will get high-end luxurious and spacious cabin with all-new leather upholstery, leather wrapped steering wheel and 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat. It will also get a new touchscreen infotainment system with inbuilt GPS and power sunroof.

The new SsangYong Rexton RX6 will be powered by the same 2.7 liter turbocharged ‘RX270 XDi’ diesel engine that churns out 164PS of max power and 340Nm of peak torque. The current high-end automatic version offers a fixed all wheel drive system, while the manual version gets a 4 wheel drive with a ‘Torque on Demand’ system, which passes on the generated power to the front wheels only when the driving condition needs it. The manual version offers great drive and the optional power delivery also feels very smooth and convenient. It impressive 340Nm of peak torque surely speaks of its power. However, the 5-speed transmission is a tad outdated and is not up to the mark to the rest of the vehicle.

The Rexton RX6 also pack in an array of safety features including, ESP, Active Rollover protection, Anti Slip Regulation and Hill Decent control, making it a potent off-road vehicle. However, the premium Rexton customers are hardly expected to taste the dust with their Rexton.

The SsangYong Rexton RX6 is estimated to have a price of Rs. 21 lakh. It will definitely be an ideal choice for the customers on the lookout for a comfortable and premium SUV with a lot of attitude.