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Mahindra S101 sub-4 meter SUV spied again

The Indian compact sub-4 meter SUV segment has been growing tremendously popular in the recent times, and it has witnessed soaring demands with the high flying success of Ford EcoSport. The highly potential compact SUV market in India is thus now attracting a whole new bunch of car makers, all of whom are eager to jump onto the compact SUV bandwagon. The segment is soon to be flooded with many new launches from various car majors such as Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, etc.

Mahindra compact suv caught testing spy shot

Being the Indian SUV leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has been having a hard time digesting the high success of many compact SUVs such as the Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport and Nissan Terrano. Needless to say, the Indian car major is incredibly busy building potential competitors to beat competition in India. The car maker is known to be developing two compact SUV models, one a sub-4 meter model to take on the EcoSport and a slightly larger compact SUV to handle the likes of the Duster and Terrano.

Among these, the upcoming compact sub-4 meter SUV model from Mahindra that is still codenamed as the S101 has been getting spied a lot of times, as it entered its road test rounds for quite some time.

Most recently, this Ford EcoSport challenger from Mahindra was spotted by the spy shutterbugs while testing on the roads of Chennai. This upcoming new Mahindra sub-4 meter SUV is now expected to make in India launch in the year 2015, most probably towards the beginning. The Mahindra S101 as usual was spotted with its heavy camouflages intact even in this time, keeping the prying lenses away from its much wanted design details.

However, it is already known that the Mahindra’s S101 is based on an entirely new platform with a monocoque layout. This platform is still being worked on by both Mahindra and its Korean subsidiary Ssangyong, as the company revealed. At present, Mahindra & Mahindra does not have any proper compact SUV, as its Quanto is actually a slashed down Xylo variant which is fast losing its popularity and is no match for the highly successful Ford EcoSport. Thus, post launch the S101 will be going head-on with the EcoSport.

It is being speculated that this new compact SUV from Mahindra will have a stylish premium visual appeal and will borrow design cues from its full-sized premium cousin, the XUV500. Being a sub-4 meter SUV, the S101 will be giving its maker the excise duty benefits that will help in its aggressive pricing to lure in more buyers.

Under the hood, the S101 will pack in both petrol and diesel engines, namely a 1.2 liter petrol mill and a 1.5 liter diesel mill, both coupled with a 5 speed manual transmission.

The Mahindra S101 is expected to be very spacious despite its compact form and is speculated to have an incredulous starting price of around 5 lakhs. If these rumors really come true then there’s no stopping the S101 from being a great hit.

Hidden images of S101 captured in Punjab

Mahindra’s has earned a grand name in sport utility vehicle segment, and has a couple of exciting upcoming SUV launches. The upcoming Scorpio facelift has been spotted several times in spy form, in Indian cities of Coimbatore and Pune. Now another upcoming Mahindra SUV is spotted by car enthusiasts, this time it is not the Scorpio, it is S101 SUV.

Mahindra S101

The car was spotted by group of people on Chandigarh highway, and there was not just one car, but many varieties, and one of them was the 2014 Scorpio prototype. The design frame of S101 is based on advanced monocoque chassis, and designed by Mahindra and Ssangyong. S101 has special aspects attached to it, the petrol car is among the first of small gasoline power train developed on joint partnership basis.

From the spy images, car enthusiasts have emerged with interesting details, S101 is a sub four meter SUV, and is built in accordance with stringent excise duty regulations. The petrol car according to sources should have a displacement capacity of 1,200 cc or lesser, and with the diesel car, the expected figure is 1,500cc.

There is another exclusive factor associated with S101, apart from the first small gasoline engine tag. The car is developed in partnership of Mahindra and Ssangyong in line with future projects. A company official revealed the tentative launch date of the car, and stated that it will happen in early 2015. The launch of the car will stiffen the brutal battle that exists in SUV segment, few among the strong contenders for S101 is Volkswagen Taigun and Ford EcoSport.

Mahindra has thrilled the public with its incredible line up of sport utility vehicles, like XUV500, Scorpio and many others. The company’s SUV’s are strong sources of arch rivalry among other auto firms in the country. There has been an influx of SUV’s lately with the launch of Renault Duster, new Tata Safari Storm and Ford EcoSport.  The new SUV’s are built with modern SUV material different from that used in Mahindra Scorpio, and XUV500. Mahindra has still managed to churn amazing profits with Scorpio and at one time the sale portfolio of Scorpio was higher than Renault Duster.  The S101 might spin amazing profit stories just like the Scorpio.

Earlier news of spy images of Scorpio was the talk of the town, now there is a sudden appearance of test mule image of S101, and maybe a few months from now just like spy Scorpio facelift, the S101 might take the center stage. S101 has been in the spotlight for quite a while, and since the launch date is not anywhere close, and is developed on joint partnership basis with Ssangyong, the features have to be special and grand.

Mahindra S101 will have to battle it out with other upcoming SUV’s which is Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha and Hyundai ix 25 or Intrado. It will be interesting to observe the harsh battle of S101 with its contenders, and wonder how the S101 looks on the inside, and is in line with Mahindra’s conventional SUV creations.

Image Source: IAB

Mahindra S101 will be rolled out next year

One of the country’s top utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra, in association with Sang Yong motors, has decided to develop a compact Utility Sports Vehicle which will be kept under the present day Quanto. This latest sports utility vehicle is being condemned as a S101. It may be priced at a cost of rupees five point five lakh. The extremely aggressive prices will be making a note of the cheapest SUV in India. Also, it is not just a revamped design of the existing automobile like the Quanto but is a new car all together. Along with Quanto and the small Verito will also be becoming the member of the sub four meter vehicle club’s members.

mahindra s101 rendering

The experts of the industry are of the belief that the S101 will be prepared on the platform which will be similar to XUV 500 as well as its chass shall be of the monologue built design exclusively to be used in the compact Suv. The over-all look of this SUV will be very much similar to hatchback. Although the bulk of its nose will be an additional feature. Additionally, it has also been given a rear mount wheel which will give this vehicle a very distinct appearance. S101 will be having sufficient space for six to seven passengers.

S101 is to be fabricated on a platform similar to the XUV500

Industry specialists think that S101 is to be fabricated on a stage like the XUV500 and its shape will be of monologue structure made particularly for utilization in compact sport utility vehicles. The complete look of the sport utility vehicle is quite like the hatchback, whilst bulk has been appended to the front side. In addition, it has a back mounted wheel, which offers the car a different look. The vehicle is supposed to have sufficient space volume for six riders, though there are also discussions on producing space for one or two additional occupants in the coming time. As per reports, the SangYong in addition to M&M are making plans to set up the engines boasting a capacitance of 1.2 ltr to 1.6 ltr in petrol in addition to the diesel edition. But the specialists of the business are of the faith that it could possess the related 1.5-liter Turbo diesel that is presently allowed in Quanto.

Mahindra’s S101 will be having a 2 seater space

From inside, Mahindra’s S101 will be having a 2 seater space in the front. Also, the driver seat would not be having a typical passenger seat bucket, for the passengers sitting in the model, sufficient leg space will be created in the frontage by deducting the console at the centre and then moving the knob gear ahead. However it some additional passengers, it will be interesting to watch the way the seat belts will be organized.

If we talk about the fuel capacity of the car, it is yet to be testes how it performs. However the Comport from Ford will be setting the benchmark for the SUV domain in the market. Ecosport might get a tough competition once the Maruti Suzuki’s xA Alpha is out on the roads. The domain leader Duster from Renault diesel trims will deliver the ARAI licensed fuel consumption rate of twenty point four kilometers. On the other hand the diesel model of the premier Rio compact car SUV will offer seventeen point five kilometers per hour.

Mahindra is working on a number of vehicles to challenge the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Ford EcoSport

Indian leading utility vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra is contemplating a number of new soft-roader models as well a new range of MPVs (multipurpose vehicles) in order to reinstate its leading position in the utility vehicle market in the country.

mahindra s101 rendering

Mahindra has confirmed the fact that the company is busy working on at least 3 to 4 soft roaders and a whole host of MPVs to cater the rising demands of the market and to beat competition from its rival companies. At present, the compact utility vehicle market gets very popular models from the house of Maruti Suzuki, Ford and Renault in the form of the Ertiga MPV, EcoSport compact SUV and Duster compact SUV respectively. And this is where; Mahindra is planning to attack with its new family of vehicles.

The soft-roader models or the utility vehicles that are primarily meant for the city roads are increasingly growing in demands, in which the models Maruti Ertiga, Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster are the current rulers. Mahindra & Mahindra being the UV leader does not actually have a strong contender in the compact UV segment; while a lot other car makers such as Hyundai, Honda, Nissan and Fiat are all planning to roll out more new models in this segment pretty soon.

Now it has come into light that Mahindra is not only working on many such vehicles but is also working on an absolutely new design language for the MPVs to catch the attention of the young consumers. Mahindra is expected to make a new MPV based on the SsangYong X100’s platform to compete with the Ertiga, while an all new Xylo and a new MPV based on the W201’s platform are also on its cards. Mahindra & Mahindra is expected to unveil all these new vehicles after the financial year of 2015-16.

On the sidelines of the just concluded Auto Expo Mahindra’s ED & president of the automotive sector, Pawan Goenka said that the utility vehicle segment’s changing demands have led to the company’s new approach.

Goenka reveals that the company is now segregating the UV segment into UV-1 and UV-2. While UV-1 is the traditional form of UV’s with rugged strength and off-road capabilities and includes models such Scorpio, Sumo, Safari etc, the UV-2 is the soft-roader variety with plush interiors, vehicles that offer high comfort but looks like utility vehicles and this includes the models of Ertiga, EcoSport and Duster. He added that Mahindra is getting hurt in today’s market place as its strength lies in the UV-1 segment, while people are increasingly preferring the UV-2 models.

For the first time ever Mahindra is working on an all new design language which will rather be flamboyant to please the modern Indian customers who now prefer greatly styled vehicles.

Mahindra can’t possibly overlook the quality part and has started an initiative that is termed ‘Crusade’ by the company which focuses on high quality of each product ensuring wonderful customer experience.

Mahindra S101 five-seater SUV launch soon in India

Mahindra &Mahindra is surely a pioneer in the release of SUV cars and luxury segment. The company has something great in its shed for the SUV fanatics in the coming year. Being a pioneer in the production of SUV and MPV, the company is planning to release more of it in the preceding year.

mahindra s101 rendering

The next big release from Mahindra& Mahindra will be a sub-4m five occupant car which compacted with a petrol mill and will be positioned under the Scorpio segment. At present, three platforms are under development and the car will be launched commencing from 2015, stated the Executive Director of Mahindra & Mahindra, Dr. Pawan Goenka.

Similar to the XUV 500 and Scorpio, Dr. Goenka stated, the new product will serve as a market SUV range.

As per the sources, the very first of the series can be the amazing S101, as captured by the spyshots. The spyshots have so far revealed that Mahindra is yet to finalise the body parts of the yet to release vehicle. This can be stated by the fact that tail lamps, rear bumper and few bod panels weren’t seen when the test mule was seen on the road. Thus, the engineers suggest that they were running the car more as a powertrain mule more than anything else.

M&M has already made a confirmation in the previous year that it will be working on a series of petrol motors which will be inventively new. These 3 and 4 cylinder engines will work as ground ups and will be crafted and developed under the name of M&M.

The second release out of the three platforms will likely be christened as S102 as confirmed by Mr. Goenka. M&M is working to produce this 2nd platform which is bound to release in the year 2015 depending on the Ssangyong X100 basis. There are few pictures released of the practicing mules displayed online. One can surely check out all of these.

Mahindra is working from a long time and endeavouring its best to release the best from its shed in the coming years. After the XUV nothing more impeccable has been released from the sheds of the Mahindra. However, with so much planning and strategies, it will soon release S101 and S102 and the yet to be named car in the year 2015. They will all be released in the petrol versions and will be smaller than Scorpio.

Mahindra is also planning to release the face-lifted version of Scorpio. The Auto Expo will also prove to be a turning point for the company with so many releases lined up. Another statement made by the company of investing 500 crore in the commercial vehicle segment is also causing a lot of buzz. Thus, Mahindra is all full for the year 201 and 2015.

All we need to do is to wait for the releases and check out the new inventions made by the company for the coming years.

Mahindra S101 five-seater SUV to launch next year

Indian carmaker Mahindra and Mahindra which is a market leader in making sports utility vehicles in India, is now developing a new compact sports utility vehicle which will be ready for production by 2016. The firm has announced that its research engineers are developing three platforms on which future products will be constructed with varied body types. A compact SUV codenamed S101 is being tested which is a sub-4 meter compact passenger SUV smaller in size and price than its Scorpio. Sources within the firm have stated that this new compact car will be designed on the lines of its popular XUV500 and will be a mass market product.

mahindra s101 rendering

Though several spy shots of the S101’s test model have appeared on automobile sites, Mahindra has not finalized on launch design therefore is not making a formal announcement about launch of this product. This S101 will be placed between Scorpio and XUV500 and will compete against Ford’s Ecosport which is most popular car in this segment. If one looks carefully at the spyshots appearing on websites it is obvious that important body parts like taillights and rear bumper were missing on this test vehicle so Mahindra is likely to take time in finalizing complete model before release. It appears as if the upper body is just for test purpose and its engineers were trying actually testing its engine power, suspension and chassis strength.

Mahindra has recently stated that like its compatriot Tata Motors, its engineers are also working on developing a new range of petrol engines which will be used on its future products. This family of petrol engines will be in the range of three and four cylinder with 1.2 – 3 liter capacities. Besides the S101, Mahindra’s engineers are also working on a new platform based on SsangYong’s X100 so that it can develop a compact version of that car which will be codenamed S102. Since this new car will be slotted below Scorpio it could be priced in range of 5 – 6 lakhs similar to most mid range vehicles in this range. The S101 will be built on monocoque frame which is being regularly used for developing compact models of sedans and SUV’s due to better stability and balance.

From the outline of S101 spotted testing on Indian roads it is obvious that its frame is sleek with backward sweeping roof and prominent nose. Its rear door mounted spare tyre gives it an adventure car appearance and sources inside Mahindra have stated that though it is a compact vehicle the S101 will be able to seat 5 – 6 passengers. Since the firm is developing a new family of petrol engines the Mahindra 101 is likely to be presented with both diesel and petrol engine options. To increase performance and speed Mahindra will be empowering both diesel and petrol engines with six speed automatic gearbox and turbochargers. To create sufficient leg space for 5 – 6 passengers the designers are likely to remove central console and move gear controls ahead. Since there is fierce competition in this segment for fuel efficiency with Renault Duster showing highest at 20 kmpl, it will be interesting to see performance of Mahindra’s S101 model.

Mahindra & Mahindra gearing for fresh assault on Indian auto industry with a range of new vehicles

The Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has been facing low sales rates for some time now, and as the Indian auto market is staying under the effect of slowdown, the company’s situation is not expected to turn any soon. However, Mahindra is not sitting quietly for the market situation to change and is preparing for a major attack on the Indian car market in the coming years with a slew of brand new cars.

mahindra classic 4x4 jeep

While for the time being Mahindra is making do with the refreshed 2014 Scorpio that is expected to boost its sales, the Indian auto major is busy developing new global models. In this year Mahindra is expected to offer only refreshed models of its existing product portfolio, but in the coming years a slew of new cars that are meant to take the Indian car market by storm. These new cars are going to be global vehicles, as Mahindra wishes to expand in the international auto industry.

For this huge expansion plans, Mahindra is working in collaboration with its South Korean subsidiary Ssangyong Motors. The Indo-Korean auto companies are together developing many new platforms. As per reports, Mahindra is developing 6 new car platforms along with Ssangyong to produce a line of brand new vehicles. Moreover, the company is also developing a family of new engines that comprises of both diesel and petrol engines. Mahindra says that it can’t remain a diesel centric car company and needs to have many petrol models also in order to make a mark in the international car markets that are primarily petrol centric.

Mahindra has confirmed the developments and says that its petrol engines are not any sort of derivatives of its diesel engines and are being built from scratch. On the other hand, the new platforms that are going to debut with new models are expected to come out in the market by 2016.

The recent reports say that Mahindra and Ssangyong are currently working on a new compact SUV model that is going to challenge the likes of the Ford EcoSport. This new compact SUV model is codenamed as the S102 and is expected to be come into the Indian car market by the end of next year.

Mahindra has is already known to be working on the compact SUV model codenamed S101 that has gone into the testing phase already. The much speculated S101 is expected to be unveiled towards the end of this year or in the starting of 2015. This was previously expected to the primary upcoming rival of the EcoSport.

Moreover, now it has come into light that Mahindra and Ssangyong are working on another utility vehicle based on the new platforms named as S103 apart from the S102. Thus, Mahindra is bringing a whole lot of new vehicles to take the Indian car market by storm.

It is also likely that Mahindra is going to come up with more than one compact SUV models.

Mahindra & Mahindra gearing for fresh assault on Indian auto industry with a range of new vehicles

Mahindra S101 to fight the battle with Ford EcoSport post launch

Mahindra is among the first to take the Sport Utility Vehicle segment by storm with the launch of quality products like XUV500, Scorpio, Quanto etc. The company has defined the word SUV with its launches. Mahindra has conducted exciting adventurous events to showcase the inner power embedded in its SUV. One such popular event is Great Escape.

Mahindra S101 spied

Mahindra has created a world of SUV’s in India years ago; the Indian car market at present has witnessed a sudden in flow of Sport Utility Vehicles. The latest SUV’s to enter the market are Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport, and Nissan Terrano etc. The competition in SUV market has indeed intensified, and the scenario is slowly drifting from Mahindra’s SUV dominance.

Besides the new existing SUV launches, there are decent numbers of new arrivals as well. Hyundai and Honda are geared to unveil their new SUV projects like compact mini SUV and Honda Vezel. Renault is all set to showcase the Koleos facelift SUV, Volkswagen will unveil its Taigun SUV in 2014 April. The list is just too long to be true. News about Mahindra’s new launches is at present not as dominant as other firms. Mahindra has a new SUV project under its wraps called S101. The car was in the buzz in various test mule forms, but lately, it has not taken the center stage.

Mahindra will launch the S 101 sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, and its fiercest rival will be Ford EcoSport. The Indian car market is at present going through a dim phase, the buying power for cars has declined caused by the weakening of Indian currency which has led to increase in inflationary costs. Mahindra will hence offer an affordable price for S101. The car has a smaller dimension than Quanto, and is tailored with 5 seats. Sources state that the car might be sold with automatic transmission gearbox for diesel version.

The S101 is a car to look forward to, Mahindra has something new to offer in terms of fresh two highly developed small petrol power train. The two novel engines are being developed by Mahindra in partnership with Ssangyong. The two engines will have 3 and 3 cylinders respectively.

Mahindra cars are appreciated for its power packed engine performance, evident by their capacity to maneuver on harsh bumpy roads with ease. The new engines for S101 have no connection to Mahindra’s older engines. This is a reflection of the company’s continuous strive to emerge with its own engine formula.

News about the company building two petrol engines with new formulas varied from its existing ones is a hot topic of interest. The Executive director of the company, Dr Pawan Goenka has spoken on this topic, saying’’ our team is at the moment strategizing on two engines which is a 4 and 3 cylinder built on same base. There will be a series of engines for the upcoming petrol models that will operate on vehicles which are miles tinier than existing ones. The new engines are injected with our own novel theories and will hence be as powerful as the current engines.

It will be interesting to observe if Mahindra will continue to take the public eye in SUV category post the launch of S101.

Upcoming Mahindra cars in India 2014

Mahindra has been determined to launch at least seven of its new variants by the next two years and the short comprehensive list of the cars has been listed here. The list would include updates on its existing SUVs and also launch of new cars and SUVs from Mahindra. It has to be noted that Mahindra has had a fair name and fame on all its launches in India before.

mahindra s101 rendering

New launches in India, by the year 2014:

Mahindra Scorpio:

The all new Mahindra Scorpio is likely to experience a complete makeover right from its scrap. Mahindra hopes to sort out some of the issues with its current Scorpio variant and its new Scorpio project is in the pipeline. Though there is no information about the changes that it would undergo, Mahindra hopes to sort out problems with uncertain handling at a higher speed and problems with its ride comfort. The vehicle would retain its ladder frame chassis and would have a longer wheelbase and enhance its legroom. It might shed its body weight to enhance fuel economy and would comprise a 2.2 liter M Hawk engine.

Mahindra XUV:

The car is expected to get launched by the end of December 2013, and its expected cost would be between 9 and 11 lakhs INR. The W6 and W8 variants of the same are currently been sold in the market with a lot of value added features to make the XUV500 a real value for money. A lot of people prefer to buy these variants owing to their aggressive styling. Mahindra would launch its new XUV w2 and w4 with the same exterior appearance and would complete it with LED and bling.

Mahindra XUV 500 Automatic:

The car would be launched at the cost of Rs 14-16 lakhs in India and the variant is expected to be launched by the first quarter of the year 2014. With the launch of the XUV 500, Mahindra has indeed entered into the premium car segment. A lot of anticipation is been around the car from its buyers. This XUV 500 is expected to feature an automatic gearbox and Mahindra is rumored to release this automatic variant by the year 2014. Official news reveals that the car would feature the same mechanicals, except the gearbox that would not feature a 5 speed automatic unit.

Mahindra S 101:

Buyers could not expect the launch of the vehicle until the months of June or August 2015, and the price of the vehicle is expected to be around Rs 6 and 8 lakhs. It has been expected that this launch by Mahindra will be a direct rival to Ford Eco Sport. The work has started on the Mahindra facilities right from scratch and we could expect a better product his time. The Compact SUV space is the most talked segment at the current time of soaring up fuel prices, and Mahindra is not leaving a stone in return. It might take much longer time, as the production process of the SUV has just been started.

Mahindra XUV 300 price in India

Mahindra has come a long way since it started production of SUV cars. The company is a leading producer of a top notch SUV in India- Scorpio, XUV 500 and Xylo. Recently, the company launched the very happening Mahindra Quanto, though the car couldn’t get the success like its predecessor, yet it engrossed a decent amount of sales. But finally, Mahindra is all- set to launch a new model in comparison to Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. The car will be known as XUV 300.

mahindra s101 rendering

The car has been code named as Mahindra S101, the car is being designed on the same chassis like the giant XUV 500 and will precisely be launched in the 4 meter segment to achieve the benefit of government tax subsidy. The diesel mill of the vehicle is likely to provide an average mileage of 14kmpl which will undoubtedly add to the flair advantage of the deregulated petrol hike. The XUV 300 will be a five seat car with a beautifully designed interior that offers amazing legroom and spacious headroom. The body colored bumpers and muscular front grille is well enhanced with 15 inch alloy wheels. The car will be launched in petrol and diesel variants. While the petrol car will come compacted 1.2l turbocharger similar to the other Mahindra cars, the diesel version will be powered by 3- cylinder 1.5l engine. Both the engine are said to come mated with 5 speed manual transmission gearbox.

Spy picture of Mahindra XUV 300 reveals more about the exterior and built of the car. the body boasts of similar features and style like that of other 300 series from the sheds of Mahindra. The Mahindra S 101 is a car of dynamic specs and robust engine which has been released in the market to replace the Scorpio, till it gets it modified release.  XUV 300 will come compacted with rain sensing wipers, keyless entry, all- 4 door power windows, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connection, Touchscreen amusement, auto weather control and more. The safety features comprise of parking sensors, double airbags, air brake system, fog lamps, hill hold driving support and ESP.

The car features a hatchback look like with its magnificent body structure and beautiful side lines. The back is beautiful cloaked by the rear mounted spare wheel which gives the car more of an SUV look. With its beautiful design and amazingly huge front part, the car can easily accommodate two occupants next to the driver’s seat. Though an entry level SUV, but the car is being released in the Indian market to provide the budgeted traveller with a cost efficient SUV. Speaking about the Mahindra XUV 300 price in India, the car is said to be priced from INR 5 to the 7 lakh (higher level variant) to serve as a Multi Utility Vehicle for the Indian roads

The car will make its debut at the Auto Expo 2014 and could make a March release in India. However, as of now, the Mahindra fanatics are impatiently waiting for the release of this amazing ravishing new SUV model