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Upcoming cars from the house of Mahindra

While launching XUV500, the Indian vehicle maker Mahindra & Mahindra has confirmed that another 3 new cars will be brought to market by the end of this year. Besides the three new cars, the company is also planning to launch 6 facelifts of the existing cars in the coming few months. The S101 micro SUV, U301 Bolero and the Quanto are the cars by the homegrown UV maker, which are found testing very often in last few months of interval and are very likely to be launched in this year.

2015 Mahindra Bolero Spy Shot

Mahindra U301 Bolero: The company is working to replace its Bolero by the new SUVs, and is expected to start business from the festive season onwards. It will be powered by a 1.5 liter twin-turbo diesel engine, which can produce 100PS power along with 240Nm torque. The new bolero is expected to come with a different body size associated with a sub-four meter and a 7 seater arrangement. Besides this, the other features that are available are Bluetooth based music system, USB and aux-connection setups, silver accent added with a black dashboard, 3-spoke steering wheel, chrome lined instrument cluster and a gear knob. This new model is expected to be AMT based to challenge the other manufacturers. This model’s hydroformed ladder frame chassis design makes it compact and lighter as compared to current Boleros. However, research is still going on to increase its fuel efficiency and is expected to enter the market by the next September.

Mahindra S101: The increasing demand for compact SUVs has forced the leading homegrown UV maker Mahindra & Mahindra to plan for launching a micro SUV in India’s domestic market. The sub-four meter SUV is designed on a new monologue base and will be powered by the company’s new engine both in diesel and petrol version. The petrol version is available with a 1.2-litre capacity engine. With bench type seat arrangement in the front, the vehicle will be having 3+3 seating system. Studded with features like Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), electronic brake-force distribution, anti-lock braking facility and four airbags, the new Mahindra S101 is priced in a range around Rs 4 to Rs 4.5 lakh and expects rivals like Ecosport (Ford), Tata Motors and Nissan made upcoming SUVs.

Mahindra U215: This model (expected new generation Quanto SUV) is expected to come with new designs and a more rugged looks. This is expected to hit the domestic market by the mid of this year and will be the rival of Renault’s Duster and Ecosport by Ford. It will come with a five seater option leaving behind the boxy design. This model is also expected with new 3-pot motor to provide better fuel efficiency and to provide perfect value for money product. Though any major change in design and engine is not expected yet any cosmetic and mechanical tweaks are yet to be confirmed. This will be powered by a 1.5 litre, three cylinder turbocharged engine (produces 100bhp power) associated with a five speed manual transmission system.

Mahindra is all set to launch its new compact SUV codenamed Mahindra S101

The Indian automaker, Mahindra & Mahindra is all set to launch two new additions to its product line in the Indian market by mid-2015. The first one, which Mahindra has code-named Mahindra S101 is currently in the road testing phase and has been spotted around the country. This car is all set to go on sale by mid-2015 and is all ready to make its mark on the country.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

It has already been positioned in the market below the Mahindra Quanto SUV. The segment of the market it will enter already has it against stiff competition that already has carved out a niche in the market. The competition in the market is in the form of Ford EcoSport, and upcoming compact SUV’s from cars like the Maruti XA Alpha and the Tata Nexon. This car is set to have a lot of competition as t is also being positioned against the B-segment hatchbacks. B-segment hatchbacks are vehicles that are no longer than 4.5 m in length but have engines over 1600 ccs. In India it resides in the category of A3 (based on the size of the car).

The S101 will have similarities from a fellow new car, the Mahindra XUV500. This car also has a lot of good press riding behind it. Because of the stylistic similarities between the two cars, the S101 also has another nickname, the Mahindra XUV300. Based on the new look, this Micro SUV will offer seating to 6 people with a 3+3 seating layout. The front seat will have a bench like layout to increase the seating and make it seem bigger. As it is a micro SUV and there is seating for 6 people, and to create space, the gearbox has been positioned on the dashboard. Despite the small space, it will have a number of features such as an infotainment system with a touch screen, the air-conditioning unit has been placed in a vertical sequence at the bottom, a multi-functional steering wheel which will have four spokes and will contain audio-controls, automatic climate control, multiple airbags, ABS with EBD and ESP.

The Mahindra S101/XUV300 will be getting a new 1.2 litre diesel engine, but some rumors suggest that it will be getting a 1.5 litre turbocharged engine, the same one that currently powers the Mahindra Quanto. The 1.2 litre, 3 cylinder engine which has been made in conjunction with the company’s Korean subsidiary named SsangYong. The engine is basically meant to be a stripped down version the engine that is currently outfitted in most of the Mahindra cars. It is interesting to note that the micro SUV will have both a manual and an automatic transmission which is rare for this type of car. This car has been rumored to be extremely fuel efficient as reports suggest that it gets approximately 23 kmpl. This car is also rumored to be the second car of Mahindra to have a monocoque chassis and traversal engine packaging.

If all these great features aren’t getting you excited for this car, then nothing will. Mahindra & Mahindra has put a lot of time and effort into making this car a success and they hope that it will o\do well in the market.

The new Mahindra’s S101 SUV is tipped to have 1.2L petrol and diesel engines

While performing test runs, Mahindra’s approaching new compact utility motor vehicle namely S101 has been caught on camera. This vehicle is going to be made available in 1.2L petrol as well as diesel engines in the market.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

There have been rumors in the industry about the probable power-trains of S101 in the recent past. We have worked on the report which says that a completely new petrol engine is under process for this particular vehicle. However, as per the current status, few sources confirm that Mahindra is likely to incorporate a new 1.2 liter, diesel engine and 3-cylinder petrol engine to its S101. These motors are considered to generate a peak power of 80 BHP and are specifically derived from a 1.6 Liter, 4-cylinder SsangYong units, powering the Tivoli. Besides, it is also mentioned in the report that the diesel unit will be combined with automated manual transmission as well as with a 5-speed manual.

In our previous report, it was stated that this compact utility vehicle will be having a seating configuration of 3+3 along with a dash mounted gear lever, amongst other features.

The failure of Quanto has urged the Mahindra to bring forth a more serious and feasible option to compete with Ford EcoSport and other running ‘cross’ vehicles including the Maruti’s new upcoming YBA.

Mahindra, the Indian automaker, is planning to reveal the new S101 compact SUV variant in the Indian car market in the coming year. With its new S101, Mahindra plans to choose the B-segment’s hatchback cars. The all new S101 SUV will be available in both turbo diesel fuel and petrol engine options according to the media reports.

It is also believed that the gasoline version of this SUV would be provided with a completely new 1.2-liter unit, developed by the joint venture, Mahindra-SsangYong. As per the current trends, it is understood that there is a considerable rise in the demand of the petrol cars. This is all because of the difference in prices between diesel and petrol fuels. Bringing forth more and more petrol driven vehicles in the market with the growing demands will enable the company to make more profits.

The turbo diesel engine would technically be the 1.5 liter 3 cylinder motor that is the source of power even in the Quanto compact vehicle. This engine possesses the capacity to generate, maximum power of 98.6 BHP and 240 Nm torque. However, it is possible that the company might adjust the engine to ensure more efficiency and better performance. The feature of front wheel drive layout along with five speed manual transmission will likely be fixed and standard in both the diesel and petrol engine. The S101 SUV will have body on frame or monocoque body construction alike other SUVs in the Indian market. This will, according to the company, will enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

S101 spied again and enthusiasts have discovered some more fascinating details

A fantastic new offering of Mahindra is S101, it is an exclusive new car, and was a sight of attraction for months in the form of spy shots. Car enthusiasts have captured the vehicle again, and this time many more intriguing details are revealed. From the nature of development, sources say the vehicle is ready to enter the production stage.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

The spotted new S101 is heavily camouflaged, and it had radiating LED tail lights, it is the biggest threat to Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. Mahindra is developing the car on a high-tech scale and it will be engineered on an advanced monocoque platform. Mahindra has for years been a pioneer of the utility vehicle market and its products are packed with style and efficiency. The popular ones are Scorpio, XUV500, Bolero, Xylo and Thar.

S101 is high on engine power, and the engines are newly developed ones, the potent engine line up consists of a 1.6 litre petrol and diesel engine, 1.5 litre petrol, 1.5 litre diesel, 1.0 litre petrol and 1.2 litre petrol and diesel power trains. As mentioned earlier, reports state the captured spy S101 is ready to enter the production stage, the earlier spied car revealed feature richness, and it has electronic stability programme, four airbags, electronic brake-force distribution and anti-lock braking system.

The design architecture of S101 draws inspiration from the all new Scorpio and XUV500, and the level of satisfaction and luxury is parallel to other Mahindra SUV products. The design of LCD Multi Function Display and instrument cluster of S101 is parallel to Scorpio VLX, and the design of steering wheel is similar to XUV500. The dashboard is professionally styled, but has minimal design cues, the gear level is fitted in centre console and the front compartment has an additional bench seat, which means it can accommodate not two but three occupants, inclusive of driver.

Mahindra aims to introduce a cost-effective pricing for S101, and according to reports, the company is targeting an initial rate that is somewhere less than Rs 4 lakh to fit the legalities of the increase in excise duty rates, and expect an average price range of Rs 4.10 lakhs. For months there have been extensive reports on S101, and it is a highly desirable new Mahindra sport utility vehicle to go after.

The known details of S1010 up till now are intriguing and the fascinating elements are inscribed on the fitment of front bench seat. The other interesting feature is the monocoque chassis engineering platform. As mentioned earlier Mahindra is a forerunner of the utility vehicle market, but its presence has diminished in recent times, the customer sentiment value is drifted towards Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport.

The whole country is mesmerized by the details of S101, and it is among the hottest new products of 2015. Analyzing the fact that the vehicle is production ready, the launch is likely to happen soon. For those keen to buy the car, it is a worthy purchase to explore a new never seen before SUV atmosphere.

The mystical and innovative S101 will have 2WD and new 1.2 litre petrol engine

Mahindra has a stunning new surprise for 2015, S101, for months there has been extensive reports on the car. It is a car that millions in India is waiting for, mainly because of the high-tech nature of development; it is built on an advanced monocoque body frame. The body frame will make it impressively aerodynamic. According to the latest reports about the vehicle, it is going to have a 1.2 litre petrol engine and also two wheel drive technology. It is a sub four meter SUV.

Mahindra S101 spied

Mahindra S101 spied

The car will be offered with a couple of engine options, a 1.5 litre diesel and 1.2 litre petrol mill. The power trains are coupled with five speed manual transmission gearbox, according to the latest news, Mahindra has finished working on the efficient 1.2 litre engine and it is a signature development, first incorporated into S101. The power transmission output is likely to be near the 90bhp range.

Mahindra is engineering S101 with signature elements; the structure of the dashboard is completely new, and different from the ones used in earlier vehicles. The inner room is going to be vastly spacious with five seats, different from the earlier model that had six seats. The ground clearance power of the car is 200mm. An important point to note about the 1.2 litre petrol engine is it is a newly developed mill.

S101 is a signature product of Mahindra, built on a joint partnership basis with the highly established South Korean firm Ssangyong. It is as exciting as it is new, and the magic is concentrated on the interiors. There are a couple of bench seats in front, along with a driver’s seat, how exhilarating and mystical does it sound. The middle compartment is spacious as well, and additional room can be gathered, by just lifting the central console and pushing the gear knob in front. The company has accommodated more seat belts to cater to the increased number of seats.

Many of us would believe that Mahindra is all set to beat the competition heat with S101, because of its unique and innovative developments. The 1.2 litre petrol engine and two wheel drive technology (2WD) will surely do the trick.  Mahindra has for years been a forerunner of the sport utility vehicle market, and it is its main area of specialization. The market share volume in this segment has expanded greatly over the past few years; Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster have elevated the buying spirit of ardent sport utility vehicle enthusiasts.

The public attention is now drifted towards Duster and EcoSport, and Mahindra is now set to create a bang with S101. It is going to be a hard one to beat, and the expected arrival period is sometime in mid 2015 and it is among the most reasonable purchases in the market priced at Rs 5.5 lakhs.

So much of exhilaration is concentrated on S101, in the months to come, many more new discoveries will be known along with the new 1.2 litre petrol engine and advanced two wheel drive technology. Car enthusiasts who are super excited by S101, it is going to be one of the most intriguing and luxurious new cars in the market.

The mysterious and fascinating S101 captured again in Chennai

Mahindra’s huge launch for 2015 is S101; the vehicle was captured several times by car enthusiasts, and was sighted again in Chennai outskirts, in an interesting location close to Chengalpet.  It was a sight of attraction for months, as soon as the first disguised vehicle was captured, and the expected arrival period is March.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra and Mahindra an established Indian based firm is a power house of the utility vehicle market. S101 is built on a joint collaboration basis with Ssangyong, and it is a representation of new design development, built on an advanced monocoque structure, also incorporated into XUV500.  It is a crossover vehicle and according to sources some of its developments are parallel to Quanto.

S101 is a one of a kind forthcoming SUV car, for months the vehicle was captured in a heavily disguised state, and the trend has been carried on for months. Passer by’s have not been able to predict the deep characteristics of the model, and from the little pieces available, car enthusiasts have discovered the make shift tail and head light features, which indicates that the car is still in initial testing stages.

The interior is expected to be as magical as the exteriors, and customers will be alarmed by the inner space. S101 will sport a tall stance which means sufficient headroom space, and what is even more exciting is the bench type of front seat, and it will have professionally designed centre console fitted gear stick.

Customers will have the liberty to choose from diesel and petrol engines, expected to move on 1.2 litre capacity. According to the buzz, Mahindra is building a range of engines for S101, on a joint collaboration basis with esteemed Korean firm SsangYong. The power trains will be linked to six speed and five speed gearboxes and the power will flow to front wheels.

The market share volume of the compact sport utility vehicle market in India has flourished rapidly over the past years. A considerable amount of growth has taken place mainly on the back of two products from Renault and Ford such as Duster and EcoSport respectively. Although Mahindra is a pro of the sport utility vehicle market, it has to be concerned about the current and upcoming competition. The forthcoming grand SUV developments are Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha, Hyundai ix25, Honda CR-V facelift and new Ford Endeavour.

S101 is surely among the hottest upcoming cars in the market, and every aspect about it is intriguing, from the signature exterior architecture, unique interior development and a series of potent engines. For months, Mahindra captivated the crowd with the known characteristics of S101, and it is a mysterious and fascinating new car. It is just a few months wait to the actual launch, and it will be exciting to view the vehicle in showrooms. It would be equally thrilling to test drive the car, particularly with the fitment of front bench seats. Let’s await many more exhilarating details of the car, and get totally awe-inspired.

The one of a kind and desirable S101 captured again

For months there have been tremendous reports on S101, a unique and big development of Mahindra, designed on a joint collaboration basis with Ssangyong. It’s a sight of amazement for car enthusiasts and was captured several times, at the moment it is codenamed S101, and the manufacturing is taking place at Mahindra’s renowned research and development (R and D) unit in Chennai.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

It is a below four meter model, and sits on a novel monocoque platform base, S101 is an exciting and one of a kind piece of development, and according to reports, it is going to be the second most attractive car in the market after Scorpio. The car was captured yet again, in completely camouflaged state, and the intriguing piece of discovered information is, it is a big source of XUV500 inspiration.

S101 was spotted camouflaged for months, and will be positioned between Quanto MPV and Scorpio SUV. There are diesel and petrol engines to choose from, the diesel car will run on 1.5 litre capacity and the petrol model will move on 1.2 litre engine and the two engines will be linked to five speed manual gearbox.

Mahindra is incorporating a new theory of design development into S101; it is a differently designed compact SUV. It will sport a clamshell type of bonnet, and the design on the whole is pretty futuristic. The layout of the hood is pretty fascinating as well, and a replication of Scorpio, packed with higher level of styling density. The exterior fascination lies in the two box design, which means parts of the inner space is compromised.

An important point to take note of with S101 is, the newness with regard to design, the roofline is aggressively sporty, and freely moves downwards, and it will not affect the headroom space. The shoulder line looks amazingly trendy and will be stuffed with a couple of horizontal creased, to create a bigger mirage than its actual dimension. Mahindra has confirmed that it is going to be a six to seven seat vehicle. The wheels and tires are small, compared to the measurement of the car. Inside there will be six to seven seats, and Mahindra’s vision with the car is to offer an impressive ride quality.

According to reports the vehicle appears to be more of a hatchback than SUV, and also expect an admirable mileage output. The pricing of S101 is in accordance with customer desirability, the initial price is Rs 6.5 lakhs, more affordable than Ford EcoSport, and the most loaded model costs Rs 8.5 lakhs.

Mahindra is a forerunner of the utility vehicle market, and for years it has had a competitive edge over its automobile counterparts. Despite its supremacy in the segment, the firm is concerned about the present and upcoming competition, mainly because of the increased cut-throat competition over the past years, a consequence of the harshness of macro-economic downturn. S101 is a car to look forward to, it is packed with an overload of SUV newness, the best way to start the car, and the expected arrival period is 2015 March.

Mahindra & Mahindra’s planned upcoming vehicles for India

India’s leading utility vehicle maker, Mahindra & Mahindra is facing tough competition, as all the other car majors seem to be interested in the UV segments. India has been always a tough vehicle loving market, and it is very natural on the context of the very bad road conditions of the country. The roads in India pose as big challenges for the vehicles, as they are mostly rough, unpredictable and badly maintained. Roads on the remote parts of India are even more hostile making it necessary to travel in rough and tough and reliable vehicles. Nowadays, even the city dwellers are leaning towards the SUVs, and to cater to these demands the car majors are pouring in compact SUV models that offer the convenience of both city cars as well as SUVs. Thus, the market competition is really spiraling.  Moreover, Mahindra does not currently have any able compact SUV model in the market and its only compact offering the Quanto has lost its initial charm.

Mahindra S101 Spy front mid seat

Mahindra S101 Spy front mid seat

Mahindra & Mahindra being the SUV leader of its home market certainly does not wish to fall behind in the increasing competition and thus it is ready with a slew of new models to be launched in the Indian market in the next few years. Mahindra certainly has huge plans and has many UV models in its schedule, as the Indian car major itself says that it has got car launches planned for as far as the year 2020. The car major is also building many new platforms and a new family of petrol and diesel engine. However, we only know of few very important upcoming vehicles from Mahindra that are expected to come in the next year.

First in line comes the Mahindra S101, which has been long in news. This one is going to be the primary compact SUV contender from Mahindra & Mahindra that will go against the likes of the very popular Ford Ecosport. This still codenamed upcoming SUV from Mahindra is going to be a sub-4 meter compact SUV that will get excise duty benefits and thus is expected to come with great aggressive price tag. It is going to come with a seating capacity of 6 occupants thanks to its front bench type seat. It is also going to be a feature-rich SUV and is expected to get an up-market style inspired from the XUV500. The S101 is expected to launch towards the beginning of next year.

Followed by the S101, the next-gen Mahindra Bolero is expected to hit the Indian market. The all new Bolero is internally codenamed as project U301. The all new Bolero MUV is expected to be greatly improved vehicle similar to that of the new-gen Scorpio. It is going to come in two sizes this time around, one full-sized and the other a compact sub-4 meter variant.

Mahindra & Mahindra is also said to be working on a next-gen Quanto or a Quanto replacement that will be based on the new Scorpio’s platform. It is also expected to get new engines to fight better in the market.

Cost of S101 revealed at Rs 3.99 lakhs

Mahindra is working on a new S101 SUV; it is among the most sought after upcoming cars, built on a joint partnership basis with Ssangyong. So much is written about the car, and the unanswered question was the price, news of the average price of the car has been exposed and it is expected to cost Rs 3.99 lakhs.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

S101 is an exclusive car which has a design structure that is varied from many of its kind. The styling is modern with clam shell bonnet architecture; it is a two box vehicle which means the interior space is going to be constrained. There is not much of a compromise on the headroom area, the roofline will slope downwards towards the rear, the shoulder line will be sharp and the doors will have slight horizontal creases which make add a bigger length dimension to the vehicle compared to the current measurement. The size of tires and wheel is smaller against the capacity of the car. The exciting element of S101 is the design, it is a SUV, but has the visuals of a hatchback, which implies an impressive mileage power.

Mahindra will incorporate S101 with a robust engine structure, the company is developing a seven power train family, all of it engineered on the same platform, and the variables are fuel, and displacement powers. The variants will have 1.2 liter petrol and diesel engines, a 1.5 liter diesel mill and 1.6 liter diesel engine. There will also be an additional 1.0 liter and 1.5 liter petrol engine. The average energy efficiencies churned by the engines are 240Nm and 100bhp.

The interiors of S101 is as distinctive as the exteriors, the front compartment has three bench seats, which is going to excite the crowd to no end. There is also a three spoke steering wheel fitted with audio controls, a polished instrument cluster that is likely to have a dial-inside-dial theme adopted from XUV500, there is also a multi-information display that showcases relevant information on mileage, tripmeter and so on. The air con vents are rectangular in shape, and the gearlever merged with dashboard to accommodate the bench seats. There is a world class music system and the most loaded car will have an automatic climate control unit.

Mahindra is a forerunner of the SUV market, for years the firm has developed class performing models such as XUV500, Bolero, Scorpio and Quanto. Although the company has the SUV supremacy engraved in it, it has to be wary of the current and upcoming competition, when launched, it’s one of a kind design structure is going to make it a threat to Tata Nixon, Volkswagen Taigun and Ford Ecosport. The car will also compete with the forthcoming Hyundai ix25 and Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha cars.

For months, so much of excitement is centered on S101; it’s got a new design twist, and certainly a potential threat to its competition. The description of the car is mysterious and inspiring, and what is even more exciting is the price of Rs 3.99 lakhs.

The upcoming Mahindra S101 gets spied again – rear design details

The new upcoming Mahindra S101 has surely created a record for getting spied innumerable times for a long time now. The new upcoming sub-4 meter SUV from the house of the Indian car major Mahindra & Mahindra is still known by its codename S101 and is continuing its tests on the Indian roads. The upcoming Mahindra baby SUV is expected to finally have its long awaited market launch in early 2015.

Mahindra S101 spied

Mahindra S101 spied

The Mahindra S101 has yet again got spied which it was religiously following its tests schedule prior to its official market launch. The compact SUV has now caught from the rear side. Though the SUV maintains its thick veil of camouflages, it can be easily ascertained that Mahindra is not going to make this baby SUV look like the traditional full-fledged SUV models. It has already been reported earlier that the S101 is going to look more like the modern hatchbacks considering its small size and its urban vehicle status. The S101 is going to be primarily an urban vehicle along with raised ground clearance and great rough road handling capabilities like any good SUV. However, on the whole it is going to look more like a hatchback, and its rear part indicates towards the same. The veiled rear part of the spied S101 surely points that it is going to come with city car stance rather than that of a tough SUV.

The upcoming Mahindra S101 being a sub-4 meter vehicle is also going to get excise duty benefits from the Indian government and thus, is going to be priced highly competitively. According to the sources, Mahindra is trying hard to offer the vehicle with the lowest possible price tag that should completely awe-struck the Indian SUV buyers. It is being speculated that the S101 could be tagged as low as a starting Rs. 3.99 lakhs. Moreover, despite this incredible low price tag, the S101 is expected to be an up-market vehicle loaded with a plethora of alluring premium features.

If the Indian car major can really make the S101 a superbly packed premium baby SUV with an unbelievable low price tag, then it will surely simply kill the competition from its market rivals. Mahindra’s S101 is primarily an answer to the very popular Ford EcoSport. The compact SUV segment of India is soon going to get many more upcoming models including, Maruti XA Alpha, Volkswagen Taigun, Tata Nexon and many more.

The new upcoming Mahindra S101 compact SUV is speculated to offer great many features including, rear A.C vents, cruise control, electrically adjustable OVRMs, pushbutton start/stop system, up-market upholstery and more. It is also expected to be designed attractively taking styling cues from the much larger premium Mahindra XUV500. Another great USP of the upcoming S101 will be its seating capability. While the SUV will be a sub-4 meter compact vehicle, it will have the capacity to accommodate 6 people in its cabin, thanks to its bench type front seat resulting in 3+3 seating arrangement.