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Time for excitement the stunning XUV500 W6 automatic car launched

If you are someone who is crazy about new unexplored adventures, then a SUV car is the best model to opt for and nothing can beat the Mahindra XUV500. For years, it has been one car that is popular with the highly enthusiastic population in India. There is some excellent news for ardent XUV500 fans, Mahindra has launched the XUV500 W6 automatic car.

Mahindra XUV500 AT

You can now drive the stunning and powerful XUV500 W6 automatic and roam all over town having the time of your life. The car is sold at a price of Rs 14.29 lakhs, and it is the entry level version of automatic transmission. The vacation season is on and so is peak summer, and now is the time to dig into XUV500 AT W6 and head on a life-remembering vacation on trekking roads, inside the middle of lush green forests and hill stations.

It is a common sight to spot a XUV500 car on the street and Mahindra has now strengthened the thrill value of the car with the arrival of XUV500 AT W6. The competition power of the SUV market has now reached new heights and some of the fierce rivals of XUV500 AT W6 is Renault Duster and Hyundai Creta.

It is thrilling indeed to learn about the launch of XUV500 AT W6, and as expected it is loaded with luxury and convenience to enjoy a mind blowing drive adventure. You will be amazed by the sight of a marvelous 6-inch infotainment system with USB support and Aux-in, and the other interesting features to look forward to micro-hybrid technology, reverse parking sensors, audio fitted steering, climate control system, automatic wipers and automatic headlights.

Enjoy the thrill of fantastic power in XUV500 AT W6, the car is powered with an advanced 2.2 liter mHawk diesel engine that generates fierce energies of 330Nm torque and 140bhp power. The engine is coupled with an innovative Aisin manufactured six-speed torque converted and it moves with a fuel-efficiency power of 13.85kmpl.

For those who enjoy driving the XUV500 to the core, then there is another collection to your amazing list of vehicles XUV500 AT W6, and you can now look forward to life-remembering moments ahead. Driving the XUV500 AT W6 is going to be a heck of an adventure, and you can enjoy all the possible luxuries in a car with magnificent comfort and extravagance.

As mentioned earlier, the competition spirit of the XUV500 market has risen to new levels with Renault Duster, Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vitara, Ford EcoSport and Honda BR-V and so on. An important point to remember is Mahindra’s adventure with SUV’s dates back to many years, and many people will not forget about the phenomenal style quotient and power of XUV500 and now there is the XUV500 AT W6 car to go after.

Are you keen on buying the XUV500 W6 AT? Go ahead and make your purchase and it is going to be the best gift ever.

Mahindra launches the exclusive and stunning all-new age XUV500 in Australia

Mahindra is a highly esteemed Indian auto brand, and has produced a fantastic collection of SUV’s. On the thought of Mahindra SUV, the first car we think of is XUV500, it is one car that is extremely popular in India, particularly among people who enjoy mind-blowing adventures. It is impossible to forget the XUV500, and the company has now created a greater style and luxury value of the car with all new age XUV500. The car is launched in Australia for a price of US$31,900.

Mahindra XUV500 AT in Australia

The all-new age XUV500 is a second-generation vehicle fitted with all-wheel drive technology and 6-speed automatic transmission. Mahindra is engineered the all new age XUV500 with superior engine rhythm to enable a more fun and adventurous cruise. There are so many amazing new changes on the exterior with a redesigned front grille design covered in polished chrome, new fog lights with chrome material and new alloy wheels. There is a world class seven-inch touchscreen infotainment devise connected with GPS and the comfy seats are covered with premium upholstery.

The all new age XUV500 is like no other XUV500 car, it is an extraordinary variant of the current XUV500. It is just loaded with features, more than what we can imagine with world class seven-inch satellite navigation system, enormous 702-liter boot volume, reverse camera with dynamic assist, seven comfy leather seats, 12 Volt power charging sockets and potent air con system in all three rows, eight interior LED lights and ten interior cup holders, three Isofix child restraints in second row, wireless tire pressure and Electronic Speed Control with electronic brake force distribution, ABS, hill descent and hill hold control and rollover mitigation.

Apart from just a myriad of features the all new age XUV500 is engineered with revolutionary technology that makes driving a highly convenient and pleasurable experience. Some of the new technological advancements are

Fully Automatic Gearbox:

The all new age XUV500 automatic is equipped with a completely refreshed second generation transmission fitted with planetary gear train and torque converter and such a system facilitates easy and effective gear change. The brain-wave technology behind the easy and convenient shifting of gears is quick and efficient receptiveness of manual transmission and relatively easy handling of automatic. For those who are keen on driving the car, it is a breeze, the new age XUV500 with automatic transmission creates smoother gear shifting and a breezier ride.

Intelligent adaptation to terrains and altitudes:

With the Intelligent adaptation to terrains and altitudes, driving becomes effective in any terrain that comes your way. The technology enables a smooth drive on challenging high and mid altitude terrains and the car can easily maneuver on upward terrains.

The other high-end technologies fitted into the car are all wheel drive, optimized gear ratio and manual mode.

There is a fantastic range of colors offered with all new XUV500 like volcano black, dolphin grey, Tuscan red, moondust silver, sunset orange and pearl white.

If you are all set to explore an exhilarating adventure, then the all new XUV500 is the car for you.

Mahindra XUV500’s lower variants get feature update

India’s utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra has updated the base models of the very popular XUV500 premium SUV model for the year 2016, in order to beat the market competition. The 2016 Mahindra XUV500’s base variants have received a feature list update with an added feature. As per Mahindra & Mahindra official website, the XUV500’s base level W4 variant as well as the W6 variant will be available for sale in the Indian car market with added new features. The updated Mahindra XUV500 W4 and W6 model trims will come endowed with a new 6 inch monochrome infotainment system that is similar to the one that is found in the newly launched Mahindra KUV100 micro-SUV model.

2015 Mahindra XUV500 Exteriors

The Indian car market is definitely getting highly competitive with each passing day, and in order to keep one’s position intact in the fast changing market of India, all car makers have to keep their products updated. Mahindra & Mahindra is also trying to beat the growing market competition by keeping its vehicles updated. As the XUV500 is its flagship model, Mahindra has introduced new added features in the lower end variants of the SUV model in order to heighten their appeal to the prospective customers.

The Indian SUV master is also known for resorting to this particular feature update strategy quite often, which has become more obvious in the recent past. Very recently, Mahindra & Mahindra introduced the safety features of ABS as well as airbags in the base variants of its new TUV300, it has also made the feature of ABS along with EBD across all models in the KUV100, and now the company is offering an infotainment system on the base models of its XUV500.

With the addition of these new features, Mahindra& Mahindra wishes to make the statement clear that the Mahindra customers will get added value apart from the brand’s patent reliability and robust product qualities. The older models of the XUV500 W4 and XUV500 W6 variants got a single LCD unit, while now they get a new 6 inch monochrome infotainment system along with Bluetooth, USB, CD, iPod connectivity and hands-free calling functionalities.

Apart from this infotainment system addition, all the rest of the features in the base variant remain the same. The feature list includes micro hybrid technology, airbags, and powerful projector headlights along with light guides and ABS along with EBD. The higher models of the XUV500 – W8 and W10 models variants will also retain the same 7 inch color touchscreen display integrated infotainment system along with GPS, Bluetooth, USB, iPod connectivity, hands-free calling, configurable wallpaper and picture viewer.

The Mahindra XUV500 remains the same under its hood and gets powered by the same 2.2 liter mHawk diesel motor that delivers a top power of 140 bhp along with the max torque of 330 Nm. The W4 and W6 models are equipped with a 6 speed manual gearbox. The Mahindra XUV500 W4 is tagged at Rs. 11.50 lakh, while the XUV500 W6 variant is priced at Rs. 12.70 lakh (prices ex-showroom, Mumbai).

Mahindra Launches the Performance Centric under 2000 cc XUV 500 and Scorpio Variants

Mahindra and Mahindra is one of those companies which focuses on realist and futuristic plans. The recent extension of ban on diesel vehicles exceeding the engine power output threshold has resulted in a catastrophic downfall in the demand for SUVs in Delhi. However, Mahindra has an exit plan ready and in fact has already implemented it by introducing the 1.99 litre XUV and Scorpio variant.

2015 Mahindra XUV500 Exteriors

The Supreme Court rejected a plea initiated by major automobile companies including Mahindra and Mahindra which requested the elimination of the ban on diesel vehicles above 2000 cc. The Supreme Court also warned these companies that they would be in trouble if it finds out that the new age diesel vehicles cars that is sold in the Indian automobile market produces more pollution than the petrol cars.

Well, Mahindra has figured it out and has drawn conclusions regarding this dark cloud that hovers over it and might as well be there in the future. The decision of introducing below 2000 cc diesel variants of the XUV 500 and the Scorpio is the first of its kind among all major car manufacturers in India. Nevertheless, by doing so Mahindra seems to have leaped a step forward than its competitors. It’s definitely a ‘’Brave New World’’ out there and Mahindra seems to have accepted the fact that the ban on diesel vehicles might be taken to the next level and will be introduced in other cities as well. However, this is just a mere speculation which might turn over both ways. Needless to say Mahindra does want to be on the safer side.

Now getting into the engine specs, Mahindra claims that the new mhawk 1.99 litre engine will be a game changer as it is tested to perform as good as the 2.2 litre variant. Now that seems to be a show stopper figure that Mahindra projects with regards to the all-new 1.99 litre engine that it has incorporated in its XUV and Scorpio models as a variant. This new Scorpio variant has the capability to churn upto 120 PS and the XUV variant delivers a stunning 140 PS power output.

There is a catch to this new launch of XUV and Scorpio model. It seems that these variants will only be available in the Delhi NCR areas and will not be offered in other cities. Mahindra claims that the launch of the 1.99 litre mHawk engine is not a new creation from its stable rather it was at its pre-production stages much before than the Supreme Court ban. According to media sources the 1.99 mHawk engine was under development since 2014 which is doesn’t seem to be the truth.

Both the flagship models of the utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra is expected to be available with all the comforts, accessories and not to forget the widely appreciated infotainment system. So what one can expect is an evenly balanced SUV vehicle which provides the same pleasurable experience and more importantly less pollutes the environment.

New automatic variants of the Mahindra XUV500 launched in India

Country’s leading utility vehicle maker, Mahindra & Mahindra has launched new automatic models of its popular XUV500 premium SUV starting at Rs 15.53 (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

2015 Mahindra XUV500 Exteriors

The new automatic transmission models of the Mahindra XUV500 will be available across the country from 5th of December 2015. The automatic transmission unit option from Aisin AW will be available on the XUV500 W8 front wheel drive version model and the XUV500 W10 front and all 4 wheel drive versions, which are tagged at Rs. 15.53 lakhs and Rs. 17.37 lakhs, respectively (prices, ex-showroom Delhi).

The development of the new automatic transmission gearbox required an investment of Rs. 58 crore. The gearbox unit is a 2nd generation transmission from Aisin and is a product that has emerged from the Mahindra-Ssangyong collaboration.

Ssangyong, the South Korean subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra uses this transmission for its popular Tivoli and Korando C models. Mahindra could also employ the same transmission for the Scorpio SUV later.

While speaking during the launch of the new automatic variants of the Mahindra XUV500 on Wednesday, the company’s president and chief executive (automotive division), Pravin Shah, said that the preference for the automatic vehicle variant has been increasing due to rising congestion. The company is expecting at least 20 to 25 percent of the SUV models in the future will have automatic transmission options. As Mahindra is a customer centric company, the XUV500 automatic variants are its answer to the current consumer demands. The company had the option of introducing the 1st generation transmission, but the company decided to go for the new Gen2 transmission to offer better results.

The new 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox of the XUV500 will offer 330 NM of torque and 13.85 km per liter fuel efficiency, which is merely 10 to 12 percent lower than that of the manual version, as per Mahindra.

Shah added by saying that with the enhancement of technology along with reducing cost, the company is able to offer better running costs to its valued consumers.

The massive Indian SUV market has grown just 2 percent in the period between April and October. However, the popular Mahindra XUV500 has posted a growth of 10 percent in this same period with around 3500 units of average monthly sales. The sales of the XUV500 is currently more than all the vehicles in India put together that cost in the range of Rs. 14 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs.

Mahindra has been down with plummeting sales for many months until it finally posted good positive sales growth in the last month. While the XUV500 is continuing in its growth, there is good market response to the new TUV300 and the S101 micro-SUV is also coming soon. All these together are thought to bring in Mahindra & Mahindra great positive sales growth pretty soon.

Mahindra & Mahindra is expected to launch the new upcoming S101 compact SUV model in India in January 2016 to compete better in the popular compact SUV segment.

Mahindra XUV500 crosses the sales milestone of 1.5 lakh units

Indian utility vehicle leader, Mahindra & Mahindra is best known for its rough and tough vehicles that exudes power and offers enough reliability to take on the bad roads efficiently. In the Indian passenger car market, the Mahindra vehicles are highly referred when it comes to the sports utility vehicles (SUV). Thus, it is no wonder that Mahindra has some of the best SUV models under its belt which keep on achieving great sales milestones proving the love that they are receiving from the Indian SUV enthusiasts.

2015 Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra & Mahindra has now announced that its premium SUV model – the Mahindra XUV500 has achieved the sales milestone of 1.5 lakh units. The massive 1,50,000 units sales is really great in the premium SUV segment of India. This sales milestone of 1.5 lakh units of the Mahindra XUV500 is a cumulative figure that includes domestic sales as well as exports.

The homegrown car major, Mahindra & Mahindra first launched the XUV500 premium SUV model in the car market of India back in September 2011. Thus, in just 4 years after its launch, the Mahindra XUV500 has crossed the sales milestone of a huge 1.5 lakh units.

The Mahindra XUV500 has drawn its style inspiration from the Cheetah, which represents the wild spirit of power and speed. Being a premium SUV model, the Mahindra XUV500 is not only a great off-road strider, but also a massive stunning vehicle with an intimidating road presence. In fact, the XUV500 created a huge wave of interest and appreciation among the SUV buyers of India, immediately after its launch owing to its lavish exterior design. The bling loving style conscious Indian car buyers instantly got impressed with the Mahindra XUV500’s extravagant visual appeal, though some critics think that the design is a bit over the top. Moreover, despite its lavish design and an array of premium features, the XUV500 comes with much affordable pricing as compared to its market rivals, which ensures greater sales.

The Mahindra XUV500 is a cent percent India made SUV model that was fully developed at the world class research and development facility of the company that is called the Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) located in Chennai. Ever since its market launch, the vehicle has added a new glam factor to the entire Mahindra range of vehicles with its premium and exuberant styling, whole range of advanced features and strong performance.

While commenting on the achievement of this great feat, the delighted President and Chief Executive at Mahindra & Mahindra, Pravin Shah said that this is indeed a very proud moment for the company as the XUV500 achieves this sales mark. The company would like to thank the valued customers for their great support which has helped the company to grow to this current position. This great achievement confirms that the Mahindra XUV500 continues to be immensely popular among the customers and is still setting new standards in its own category.

This great sales achievement of the Mahindra XUV500 comes right after the achievement of the 5 lakh sales milestone by the Mahindra Scorpio.

Exploring the new refreshed 2015 Mahindra XUV500

Homegrown auto major, Mahindra & Mahindra created a sensation with the launch of the premium XUV500 in 2011. The XUV500 is Mahindra’s first monocoque SUV model which offered a luxurious yet affordable package to the price conscious Indian buyers. After generating ecstatic sells volumes initially which made Mahindra allocating the XUV500 units on lottery basis, the massive SUV’s monthly sales have eventually shrunk down to around 2,000-3,000 units. Now, Mahindra has offered the mid-life refreshed model of the XUV500 to boost its sales.

2015 Mahindra XUV500 Exteriors

Let us take a look at the new refreshed 2015 Mahindra XUV500:


The flamboyant exterior design is one of the key reasons behind the massive popularity that the XUV500 received. While a bit over the top, the XUV500 design appeals greatly to the bling loving Indian audience and it certainly grabs attention on the road. The new 2015 XUV500 flaunts a more matured face featuring a refreshed bonnet, added design elements o the headlights along with LED DRLs, restyled radiator grille with slender chrome plated vertical slats, retouched secondary air dam and new bumper design with bold chrome ornamentation on the fog light housings taken the bling factor one step ahead.

The SUV also gets new multi-spoke alloy wheels and added new chrome décor on the license plate area to slightly tweak the side rear profiles respectively.

Besides these, the Mahindra XUV500 facelift also gets a new Sunset Orange body color option.


The XUV500 facelift’s interior has received subtle changes as well. The dual-tone dashboard gets a new color scheme of dark grey and beige. There’s a restyled centre console featuring an added storage compartment, the Touchscreen infotainment receives a larger screen and gives a miss to the CD slot. The W10 top trim model also gets a pushbutton start/stop.

While the layout and design of the new Mahindra XUV500 is more appealing, the built quality and plastic materials are still disappointing. The overall fit and finish are not yet improved as one would have expected.

Comfort & Safety Features

Another buy point of the Mahindra XUV500 is its feature-rich aspect. Though the SUV has a premium price tag, it offers a lengthy equipments list making it highly value for money. The new range-topping and fully loaded W10 model surely adds to its value for money prospect.

The new Mahindra XUV500 W10 trim comes packed to the brim with projector static bending headlamps, puddle lamps on the wing mirrors that project ‘XUV500′ on the ground, power panoramic sunroof,  power adjustable driver’s seat, smart key with pushbutton start, 7 inch touchscreen integrated infotainment system with GPS, micro Hybrid technology, reverse parking camera, regenerative braking system, voice alerts for seat belts, door ajar and hand brake warnings, front armrest cooled storage box, tyre pressure monitoring system, automatic headlights and rain sensing wipers. Safety features include 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, ESP, hill hold and hill descent control and many more.

Engine & Transmission

The new XUV500 facelift retains the 2.2 liter mHawk turbocharged diesel motor offering 140bhp and 330Nm and is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. The powerful engine still has NVH level issues though.

Mahindra gears up expectation with launch of new variants

A recent press conference by the Mahindra and Mahindra’s automotive division vice president Mr. Ashish Mallik (during the launch of XUV500, a refreshed version of SUV in Hyderabad) confirms that the Indian car maker plans to revive its market condition after being on back foot for several months due to the downfall in sales. In the current financial year, the company plans to bring a total of nine new commercial vehicles as well as passenger car models to gear up its sales and thereby aims to revive its market status.

2015 Mahindra XUV500 Exteriors

Mr. Mallik also confirms that among the nine new variants of the Indian car maker, three passenger cars will be brand new models which will be launched in the coming months. However, the market’s growing inclination for sports utility vehicles (SUV) and Mahindra’s absence in this sector have hurt its sales in the last few months. Now the automobile company tries to fill that lacunae through a new compact SUV, however, details are yet to be confirmed by the homegrown automaker. With this, the company expects a hike in sales volumes during this financial year as stated by Mr. Mallik, the company vice-president.

In the last few years, Mahindra and Mahindra have been leading the market in the utility vehicle space owing to a good demand for Mahindra Scorpio and Bolero. However, the increased competitions from the foreign car makers like Ford and Renault has pulled its market share down to 37 percent only within a few months.

Mahindra SUV (launched in September, 2011 and was the 1st SUV developed with a monocoque body and built by Indian automaker) had brought a revolution in Indian automobile market with a sale of 1 lakh units in just three years of span. However, with the entry of foreign car makers the model was not able to compete with their compact SUVs and the sales fall to around 3 thousand units a month. However, the new variant XUV500 is expected to hike the sale to a greater extent. Despite a cosmetic updation and a better-equipped cabin, yet the model has no mechanical change from its old model. New chrome grille, chrome bezels added with LED strips, projector based headlamps and alloy wheels give the exterior a more luxurious appearance. Similarly, aluminum pedals, multifunction steering wheels, illuminated scuff plates and ambient lighting are the features added to the interior portion of the new XUV500.

However, no upgradation has been imparted in the engine or gear box which confirms that it will continue the journey with its past engine model. This variant will come in six variants and seven paint schemes and the price range is kept Rs 11.12 lakh to Rs 15.85 lakh which is affordable in the current market status. Being equipped with stylish exterior and luxurious interior, the model is expected to win youngster’s driving interest thanks to its cutting-edge features and thereby it will strengthen the company’s sale.

Automatic variant of Mahindra XUV500 to be unveiled soon in India

Soon after the successful launch of the modified version of XUV500 in India, the company has prepared to bring forth the automatic variant of the same car in India. The company has already started with the work to introduce hybrid and automatic version of the SUV in the Indian market and this automatic model of the car is expected to arrive soon in the showrooms.

2015 Mahindra XUV500

The company’s hybrid XUV500, which was spotted at the Auto Expo for the first time in 2014 would also be available in the market soon. The automatic variant of XUV500 which is also going to be sold in Australia will be equipped with a mHawk diesel engine of 2.2 litres mated with a 6 speed automatic gear box. This diesel mill possess the capacity to generate a peak power of 140 BHP at 3,750 rpm and 330 NM peak torque at 1,600-2,800 rpm. It is expected that the fuel efficiency of the new SUV is going to be around 16 kmpl.

Mahindra launched its new generation XUV 500 on May 25th in India at a price range of INR 11.21 Lakhs (ex-showroom in Delhi). However, the upcoming XUV500 is fitted with sunroof which is electrically automated along with many other features. Besides, it will also get a new variant W10.

Coming to the styling of the new gen car, it seems stylish with new front grille accompanied with chrome inserts along with black accents around the fog lamps. The side fascia of the car has a 10 spoke alloy wheel of 17 inches. While the windows are revamped with chrome lining, an illuminated scuff plate is also to be added on the XUV500.

In the interior of the vehicle, it has been adorned with high class interior including a new double tone theme with silver and beige colors. In addition, it also has new upholstery with beige colored leather seats, tilt power steering and a completely automatic temperature control system.

As far as the safety is concerned, the new SUV will be available with six airbags including the side, front and the curtain, Hill descent with Hill Hold control, Electronic stability feature, ABS with EBD and many more. While some other highlights of the new gen XUV500 encompasses logo projection lamps, reverse parking, an adjustable six-way driver seat, key less entry, push button stop/start along with a large infotainment system display of over 7 inches.

The upcoming model of Mahindra XUV500 will be available in seven body colours with an addition of two new colours, pearl white and orange. At the launching event of the modified XUV500, the company also disclosed that it is going to introduce nine new models in India in this year.

2015 Mahindra XUV500 vs 2015 Honda CR-V

Mahindra launched its ‘New Age XUV’, a revamped version of its XUV 500 called the W8. It was launched after a carefully executed marketing campaign where the look of the vehicle was closely guarded from the public eye. The buzz for the car is such that the look was leaked after photos appeared on the internet that showed different profiles of the car. The New age XUV also has a top end version called the W10. The W8 is priced at 11.21 lakh rupees while the W10 is priced at 15.99 lakh rupees.

2015 Mahindra XUV500 Exteriors

The Mahindra XUV 500 is fitted with astonishing S- shaped daytime running lights, great chrome grille and chrome finished L-shaped fog light covers. The car looks just as well from the rear after having undergone the necessary adjustments. There’s a new rear door and some more chrome on the number plate enclosure. The cabin’s colour is a shade or two lighter than its predecessor.

The ‘new age’ XUV 500 is fitted with some great assisting systems and gizmos like aluminium finished pedals, electrically adjustable driver seat, a revised infotainment system and reverse parking camera amongst other things. The car does better around turns because of an updated E.S.P (Electronic Stability Program).

2015 Honda CR-V

Honda CR- V was the bestselling SUV for the decade and it new updated version for 2015 looks just as likely to sell as many units. For this year the styling of the car is amazing as is its technology. The new 2.4 litre engine is also efficient and keeps the fuel economy in check. . It is available in multiple trim levels and with front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD). Its safety features are top of the line, there’s a new Touring upper trim level. This car is aimed at young families. For people who like more stand-out-in-the-crowd styling, look at the Nissan Rogue. Ford Escape will be handling slight sportier. There are other choices. There’s a new audio display, upgrades to some trim and textures, an added centre console, and rear A/C vents. The front seats are supportive and properly adjustable, while the rear seats offer plenty of room for adults and easily fold down to sort-of flat for hauling the bigger things of contemporary family life. Honda always maintains good standards when it comes to windows and so the new CR-V is no exception. The CR-V provides a less-obstructed view of the world, which makes it safer on the road and more easily manoeuvrable in tighter spots. The exterior of the car has undergone a makeover for 2015 with a lot more chrome being added this time.  So it seems to me that both these cars are suitable for their respective target audiences. The Honda CR- V has a larger market share, but this time even the Mahindra XUV-500 has created quite the buzz.