Mahindra is still considering the feasibility of Ssangyong X100 launch in India

Ssangyong has a fantastic product for Indian market called X100; it is the first of its kind for B segment crossover. The reputed South Korean firm will launch the car in its home soil sometime during the early periods of 2015; the primary attractive export destination is Europe.

2015 Ssangyong X100 Compact Crossover Concept 01

2015 Ssangyong X100 Compact Crossover Concept

Mahindra the esteemed Indian based automobile firm has acquired a fair share of Ssangyong. Mahindra views the X100 to be a profit driving model, and is keen to acquire a two fold increase in market share by 2016. The luxury SUV car market in India has flourished to the brim, and X100 would suite the ambitious Indian population. Mahindra has however not yet confirmed of its plan to unveil the launch the car in India.

Mr. Pravin Shah, the Chief Executive in the Automotive Division of Mahindra and Mahindra, gave an insight into the possible Indian launch of X100 and said, ‘’it is rather early to decide if X100 can fit into our product portfolio, if the market environment is feasible, then it is a suitable option, nothing is really decided at the moment.

Although Ssangyong models would suit the desires of Indian demographic, the only available model in India is Rexton. The car was transported into the country through the (CKD) Completely Knocked Down mode designed by Mahindra. Mahindra is working out various market possibilities to bring the Korando brand to the country. The impact of RX6 Rexton car in India is not felt to a significant level, the company is still eyeing avenues to build Ssangyong reputation in the country.

It is surprising to learn of the minimal product launch of the Mahindra-Ssangyong brand in India, and at the moment there is no logical explanation. Sources are of the view that it may obstruct the profitability of Mahindra brand, since the main area of specialization of both firms is the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment. If the Korando and X100 models launch in India, the expected price range is Rs 9 to 15 lakhs, and it will obstruct the desirability levels for XUV500 and Scorpio in the country, and also Mahindra-Ssangyong brands are more cost-effective for the high-tech technology infused into the models.

An image of the Ssangyong XIV X100 concept car showcased at the prestigious Paris Motor Show is on the web. It looks stunning and professional, with a single patch of grille and professionally styled headlights. The car shown is covered with a pristine white shade, and the lower grille sculpt is incredibly arty, to an extent that you will have to view it to believe it. The wheel arch design is inventive, true to modern twenty first century sculpting.

The inner décor is rich with vibrant combination of black and beige, and the cabin room is vastly spacious. The steering wheel too has an assortment of black and beige color. If launched in India, X100 is going to be nothing but a threat, its fierce rivals are Peugeot 2008, Nissan Juke, Hyundai ix25 and Ford EcoSport, and the expected price range in Korea is less than 15,000 GBP which in Indian currency is Rs 15 lakhs.

The new 2014 Mahindra Scorpio SUV comes with least waiting period

The Indian car major Mahindra & Mahindra has recently launched the new-gen model of the iconic Scorpio SUV in the market. The new Mahindra Scorpio is the all-time favorite of the Indian SUV lovers even after the vehicle is 11 years old. This compact SUV market leading Mahindra Scorpio has now come with comprehensive changes to recast its spell over the Indians. However, if you think that the new Scorpio is hard to get with an expected long waiting list attached to it, then you are wrong. In fact, the new Scorpio gets the least waiting period among the new car launches in India, and has a waiting period of just a couple of weeks times.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

This is definitely good news for the Indian SUV aficionados who wish to get the new avatar of the iconic Scorpio SUV. Recent reports say that the Indian SUV king has churned out enough units of the new Scorpio and successfully managed to keep its waiting period of the vehicle to a bare minimum.

According the reports of an auto portal all the variants of the new 2014 Mahindra Scorpio come only with a minimum waiting period in India, excepting for the Four Wheel Drive (4WD) option. The new Scorpio’s all 4 Wheel Drive system comes with a waiting period of up to 3 months, as this variant is produced as per order.

Even the top of the line model trim, the Mahindra Scorpio S10 which is reportedly the most favored variant of all the Scorpio variants, comes with a waiting period of less than 3 weeks. All the variants of the new Scorpio are getting good response from the Indian SUV buyers, and the waiting period for all the other variants are said to be the same that is 2 weeks.

As usual, the body color options of any vehicle also play a role in determining its waiting period. As per reports, the white colored Scorpio is having less waiting period than the other more attractive colors such as Red or Blue.

The refurbished Mahindra Scorpio launched as the all new model in India on 25th of September this year in the middle of this year’s festive season.  Mahindra’s new Scorpio comes powered with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder m2DiCr diesel and a 2.2 liter mHawk diesel engine. The base model of the new Scorpio gets driven by a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder m2DiCr diesel mill that delivers a power output of 75bhp and a peak torque of 195Nm, mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Other variants of the new Scorpio namely the S4, S6, S6+, S8 and S10 get powered by a 2.2 liter mHawk motor that generates 120bhp and 280nm. Recently, Mahindra has revealed the accessory list for the new SUV that includes chrome grille, chrome door handles, ORVMs, bonnet scoop, ski-rack, rain visors, rear bumper reflectors, rear registration plate and also a rear spoiler with integrated light and rally fog lamps.

U301 spy car captured in boxy style in Chennai

Mahindra earlier reported of its plan to launch a new Bolero car christened U301. It is currently in the development stage, and was spotted several times by car enthusiasts. Details on the vehicle were shielded for quite a while, mainly because the new Scorpio facelift took the limelight.

Mahindra all new Bolero 001

All New Bolero

The upcoming Mahindra U301 or next generation Bolero was captured again, recently in Chennai. The expected arrival period is sometime during the end of 2015. Like the new Scorpio, the next gen Bolero will sit on an innovative hydroformed ladder frame chassis.

The styling of U301 will be on the lines of a more professional package, the trend followed on the new Scorpio facelift. Mahindra will retain bits of the core countryside nature of next gen Bolero, with regard to the boxy design. The contemporary effect is visible on straight lines on window panes and body panels.

Mahindra has decided to power U301 with a battery load of powerful engines; the car will gather its energy from a powerful diesel and petrol engines of 1.5 or 1.6 liter capacity. The next gen Bolero is a global car, a few weeks ago, a test mule was spotted on the streets of Germany. It is a sub four meter seven seat SUV. According to recent reports, the next gen Bolero may move on a fierce 1.5 liter three cylinder engine adopted from Quanto, linked to five speed gearbox.

The current Bolero is sold in two design structures, Bolero Plus and Bolero, and the sources say the same kind of designs is expected in the forthcoming car. Like the new Scorpio, the next gen Bolero is filled with new intriguing elements, sufficient to gather massive crowd into showrooms.

What are the variant characteristics of next-gen Bolero that sets a varied benchmark from the past. The headlights are new, and the styling is similar to the impending S101. The rear lights are news as well packed with halogen bulbs, the side profile is compact, to a higher degree than Scorpio. The structure of the bonnet is flat, more than the earlier car. The styling is more modern, and the cabin room is vast enough to accommodate five occupants.

Mahindra has created a new form of excitement on next-gen Bolero; it too will come with a more modern outlook like the Scorpio. The current Bolero along with Scorpio are best sellers in multi utility vehicle and sport utility vehicle market.

Mahindra is a pioneer of multi utility and sport utility vehicle market, U301 is developed on the lines of intensified competition. So much has happened in the utility vehicle market in a short span of time, created by the grandeur and power of Volkswagen Taigun, Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. Bolero has sparked enormous public excitement; the new car will create a higher level of exhilaration. Its arch rivals are Chevrolet Tavera and Tata Sumo.

For those who are super excited by the next gen Bolero, it is a car to look forward to, to scale through incredible adventure in modern style. The expected price range is Rs 6 to 8 lakhs.

Book the 2014 Scorpio now, and own it within two weeks

There is some amazing news for ardent Mahindra Scorpio fans, the waiting period for the 2014 Scorpio facelift is very short, just a span of 2 weeks. It is certainly exciting to learn that the waiting period of new Scorpio facelift is only two weeks.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

The new Scorpio facelift is undoubtedly among the hottest new products of the year. Many would have expected a long waiting period, the car is in huge demand, but Mahindra has formed a strategy to sell an overload of cars. An important point to take note of is, customers will have to wait for three months to grab hold of the four wheel drive (4WD) car, from the time of order.

The most preferred new Mahindra Scorpio car is S10, the most loaded variant, apart from four wheel drive car, the waiting period of all other variants is less than three weeks. The waiting period is not just determined by variants, but body colors as well, for those who desire a white Scorpio; it will reach you sooner than the Blue and Red car.

The 2014 Scorpio facelift has created a new Scorpio spark; the car has undergone an extensive makeover inside out. It is a contemporary modification of the past, Mahindra has however not meddled with the mechanical properties, the entry level car will move on the same 2.2 liter mHawk and 2.5 liter four cylinder m2DiCr diesel engine that generates 195Nm and 75bhp and is attached to five speed manual transmission system.

Apart from the excitement of dwelling into an urbanized Scorpio, consumers can choose from a range of variants such as S10, S8, S6+, S6 and S4, all these will run on a potent 2.2 liter car engineered with the innovative mHawk technology that yields 280Nm and 120bhp. There is also an amazing accessory package to choose, an overloaded enclosure rarely offered before, such as rally fog lights, rain visor, ski-rack and rear spoiler with integrated light.

The new Scorpio facelift will transform you into a new Scorpio land created by an elevated level of modernity. The car will have re-furnished alloy wheels, fog lights, chrome grille, and projector headlights. The most loaded S10 car has LED tail lights, chrome grille, headlights with projector lights and daytime running lights, and new fog lights on new bumper.

There is so much of newness on the interiors as well; the top spec car has 6 inch touch screen infotainment system, new upholstery, instrument cluster, dual tone blue and grey décor. The driver seas is height adjustable, the car is packed with adequate security with EBD, ABS and dual airbags. There is a new Panic Braking feature as well, that switches on during emergencies.

The new Scorpio facelift is a dream come true package for many, the festive season is on, and what better car to opt for, to just enjoy new luxurious in a grand package. It is the perfect car to venture on a life-remembering extreme adventure, and all this for a waiting period of two weeks. The price range is Rs 7.98 to11.46 lakhs.

The new Mahindra Xylo is a great MPV with stylish design and new features

The Indian utility vehicle leader Mahindra & Mahindra has many great offerings in its product range. Among the many great UVs, the Xylo MPV is one of the best vehicles that Mahindra has offered in the market. The stylish and sturdy Mahindra Xylo has been in the Indian car market for quite some time, and from the moment of its first launch the vehicle has not looked back when popularity is concerned.

2012 mahindra xylo front grille

The new Mahindra Xylo is has launched this time around along with the BSIII as well as the BSIV engine options. The new refreshed Mahindra Xylo is now available in the market in the model trims of H8, D2, H9, H4 and D4. Among the two offered engine options of the new Xylo MPV, Mahindra is offering the BSIII motor option only for the 3 Tier Cities in the country and is not available in the major cities. The 2.2 Liter mHawk diesel engine which is capable of churning out the max power output of about 118 Bhp is used to power the model variants of H4, H8 and H9. The D2 and D4 model trims are driven by a bigger and more powerful 2.5 liter diesel motor.

All the model trims of the Mahindra Xylo MPV now come packed with many interesting and practical features on board. While the Indian car major has launched the D2 BS IV trim of the new Xylo tagged at Rs. 7.86 lakh, the D2 BS-III model has been priced at Rs. 7.72 lakh. Meant primarily for the rural markets and sub urban cities of India, where the Mahindra vehicles are all the more popular the D4 BS III version of the new Xylo has been priced at Rs. 8.13 lakhs for the interested buyers. The D4 BS IV version of the MPV is available for sale in the market Rs 8.27 lakh, whereas the H4 ABS BS IV version has been tagged at Rs. 8.76 lakh, and the H8 ABS BS IV is being offered priced at Rs. 9.75 lakh. Mahindra has priced the new Xylo’s H8 ABS Airbag BS IV variant at Rs. 10.12 Lakhs, while the top of the line model trim H9 BS IV has been priced at Rs. 10.93 lakh (all prices ex-showroom Delhi).

The new Mahindra Xylo has also received some nice and attractive cosmetic changes as far as design is concerned. The new refreshed model comes with a new sharper and bolder style language making it more aggressive looking than before. On the inside also it gets some good updates in the form of the very useful and flexible 60:40 Third row split seats, and new double-DIN audio system with Bluetooth capabilities and voice commands. The new refreshed Mahindra Xylo also packs in a new instrument cluster, cruise control and steering wheel mounted audio controls on the higher variants. For safety measures, a particular variant is available for sale which comes with dual front airbags as well as ABS.

The Mahindra S101 readying up to challenge great hatchbacks – Spied next to Maruti Swift

The Mahindra S101 is certainly one of the most spied upcoming vehicles in India, as the compact SUV keeps on getting spied regularly while going about its test rounds that has been going on for around two years now. The compact SUV from the house of Mahindra & Mahindra has been recently caught doing its test rounds on the Indian roads while a Maruti Swift happened to be driving next to it in the traffic. This image certainly offers a very early accurate idea of what the Mahindra S101 is actually going to look like next to the Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Mahindra S101 spied

Mahindra S101 spied

Wondering why the Mahindra S101 compact SUV is being compared to the Maruti Swift hatchback? This is because the Mahindra S101 is not only going to give a tough fight to the likes of the Ford Ecosport, but also to some of the top compact hatchbacks in the country, as the S101 is going to be a under-4 meter vehicle.

The Mahindra S101 is slotted to launch next year, post which it is expected to give tough competition to the models such as the Swift, as the S101’s design is also going to be more like hatchbacks and it is going to be affordably priced as well in the range of around Rs. 5 lakhs.

The Mahindra S101 being a sub-4 meter compact SUV will feature a slopping roofline and come with more hatchback like styling and not look like a boxy conventional SUV. It is going to be great city car with its compact proportions, while it is also going to offer the tough off-road capabilities and high seating position of a SUV. Thus, the S101 is going to offer the benefits of both a compact hatchback and a quality SUV.

Moreover, the Mahindra S101 is also going offer the seating arrangement to accommodate 6 people including the driver, despite its compact proportions. It features a bench type front seat accommodating three people at the front of the vehicle’s cabin, while the gear lever is placed on the dashboard to offer ample amount of legroom at the front.

Under the hood, Mahindra S101 will debut Mahindra’s newly developed 1.2 liter petrol and a 1.2 liter diesel engine. The compact SUV will offer an extensive range of great equipments and safety features. It is going to be sturdy SUV as it is going be based on an entirely new monocoque platform offering great performance and body strength and stability.

Nothing much is yet known about the upcoming S101’s exterior design language, but it is speculated to take inspiration from the Mahindra XUV500 premium SUV. The still codenamed S101 is also speculated to be called the XUV300. It is said to be offering great style and premium feel to compete with the very popular hatchbacks like the Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10. The S101’s direct market competitors will be the Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Taigun and Tata Nexon compact SUVs.

The competitive and adventurous 2016-17 season of FIA Formula E Championship Race likely to happen in India

The whole world is thrilled about car racing; the sport has progressed with technology. The latest on the bustling racing activity is Formula E race that employs electric cars. The first Formula E race was held in September 2014 in Beijing. Fuelled by the inspiring of bringing an electric car to the race circuit, Mahindra Racing is considering the possibility of using its electric vehicles for the 2016-2017 batch of FIA Formula E Championship.

mahindra formula-e

mahindra formula-e

The event of 2014-2015 Formula E Championship Race is organized, but an ePrix event in 2015-16 is unlikely to happen in India. Dilbagh Gill the Mahindra Racing team principle is weighing options to bring the race to the country in third season. Dilbagh gave an insight into the possibilities of launching a Formula E Championship Race in India and said, ‘’at the moment nothing is certain, the team is measuring possibilities of having the car in India during the 2016-2017 season. The best part of ePrix in India is the race can happen in any city, unlike most of foreign, where it is permitted on restricted grounds.

Dilbagh said, the team has not zeroed in on any favored city, and the immediate preferred choice is metro ones such as Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. The first ever Formula E race was held in Beijing on the 13 of September, the race is called ePrix. India’s proficient racers participated in the tournament, ace race, Karun Chandhok came fifth. Karun has done well for himself, despite the hurdles, there were technical issues with the car, but his is nevertheless satisfied with the outcome.

Mahindra Racing passed the electric car testing phase, with impressive figures, to an extent that the expectations were pretty big. The end result was not too commendable, on the first race. The team is looking to reap the podium on the second time opportunity to participate in Putrajaya Malaysia on the 22nd of November. The team has done their homework and have analyzed every inch of race tracks, and have scaled through the plus and minuses.

It is a nerve-wrecking and exciting adventure to participate in ePrix, and on the thought of winning, the team says it is too early to measure the potential of winning. They are of the view of being on top of the league, well suited enough to be among the top three to four teams. Gill is keen to uplift the spirit of India on the race track; the driver Karun is of Indian origin, so is he.

Apart from the team the engineers of electric cars are Indian, if the participants rock the event, then India gets the credit of being the brainwave behind the powerfully designed cars. The e Prix race is going to be exhilarating to the core; the fun segment is riding on an electric car. The introduction of FIA Formula E Championship is a good move to not only create new adventure, but also highlight the positive impact of electric cars on the environment. The race is a step towards the promotion and knowledge impartation of electric vehicle technology.

What we know about the Mahindra S101 compact SUV – launch details, new petrol mill, expected price

The Mahindra S101 compact SUV has been in the news for long, as this is a proper baby SUV contender from the Indian SUV leader and has been getting spied regularly while doing test rounds. Till now we know quite a few details about this new baby SUV from the house of Mahindra & Mahindra which is still codenamed as the S101. Though the SUV has always been spotted with full body camouflages, the eagle eyes of the spy photographers have already revealed many details about this upcoming vehicle.

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

Mahindra S101 Spied rear camouflaged

To begin with, the Mahindra S101 will be a sub-4 meter SUV in order to compete in the highly popular and emerging mini SUV segment in India and will fight directly with the very successful Ford Ecosport. The sub-4 meter length of the S101 will also allow Mahindra to avail the tax benefits and thus, offer the vehicle in an aggressive price range of Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 lakh.

Mahindra S101 is expected to launch in the Indian car market in the first half of 2015. The SUV is based on an entirely new monocoque platform that has been developed from ground up. Though an affordably priced mini SUV, the S101 is expected to offer premium look and feel with great features such as steering wheel mounted controls for the infotainment system, auto climate-control and plush interior materials. The S101 is also going to get impressive safety measures including four airbags, ABS, EBD and electronic stability programme.

It has also been confirmed by the latest spy pictures of the vehicle that the previously speculated 3+3 seating arrangement is indeed going to be offered by the Mahindra S101. The vehicle has been recently spied with a bench type front seat that will accommodate 3 adults in the front seat including the driver. The vehicle also has a dashboard mounted gear lever to accommodate the bench type front seat and to offer ample amount of front legroom.

When under the hood specifications are concerned, the speculations have now been confirmed by Mahindra & Mahindra itself. The S101 compact SUV will get a newly developed 1.2 liter petrol motor under its hood from Mahindra’s new family of engines. Besides the new 1.2 liter petrol engine, the SUV is also expected to get a 1.5 liter diesel mill. Mahindra’s president of auto business, Pawan Goenka confirmed to the media that the new petrol engine will debut under the bonnet of the SUV that is going to launch next year, which is none other than the S101. The new 1.2 liter which is essentially the slashed down version of the 1.6 liter mill is expected to generate 80bhp of power.

When the exterior design of the compact SUV is concerned, nothing much is still known, but it is speculated to get design inspiration from the premium Mahindra XUV500, and is also going to get a slopping roofline to look more like a hatchback than a boxy SUV.

Mahindra is developing a series of revolutionary engines

So many new discoveries are taking place in auto market; there have been so many new design innovations such as Exciting H Design technology, Furia design technique and Authentics Concept on the new Honda City, eleventh gen Corolla Altis and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz respectively.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

The car market in India has become rigorously competitive in recent times, to beat the competition heat, Mahindra and Mahindra an established Indian based firm is working on a new range of potent petrol engines. The power trains are developed on a joint collaboration basis with Ssangyong, and the mills will power Ssangyong and Mahindra cars. A common suspension will hold the engines will carry painstaking diesel and petrol fuels.

News of Mahindra’s new engine project was confirmed by the President of Mahindra and Mahindra, Pawan Goenka, he addressed the media while his team was performing a drive stint on Bloomberg TV, ‘’ he expressed his happiness on the venture, and said, ‘’I am satisfied with the progress of engine development, we have established a series of power trains with 1.5 liter diesel, 1.6 liter diesel and 1.2 liter petrol and diesel engine. The total outcome is seven engines that will stand on a new platform. ‘’

As mentioned earlier the engines will be shared by Ssangyong and Mahindra and Mahindra. Now the public will be curious about how the mills will be shared, some engines will be designed with the brainwave put forth by Ssangyong and some Mahindra, the engines are however equally distributed.

The advancement of new series of Mahindra engines is a huge venture with Rs 700 crore capital. The first of the new engines is 1.6 liter four cylinder petrol and diesel engine scheduled to arrive in early 2015, and will run Ssangyong most wanted compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) X100 model. The car is designed for overseas segments, and sources say an Indian launch is not going to happen. Goenka says the Indian market will have a 1.2 liter diesel and petrol engines on cars planned to launch in 2015.

From the description of developments, it looks like Mahindra is using the bigger engine for international markets. It is not the case, the twist lies in the engine power itself. The new 1.2 liter engine is actually a three cylinder variant of 1.6 liter mill of X100. The same engine is tweaked to offer a below 1200cc displacement, to fit into the regulations put forth by Indian government. According to excise duty policy, engines that move on higher than 1.5 liter engine capacity will attract higher levy and also lower excise duty is imposed on sub four meter cars.

Mahindra’s main area of focus over the years is diesel engine, and there have been very little acquirement in petrol power train development. Goenka is of the view that the new petrol engine project will be a hallmark to new stream of Mahindra progress. The engines will not have the innovatory direct engine technology.

The direct engine technology will however come to force in the long run and according to Goenka, the progressive technology of the future is direct-injection with turbocharging.

Mahindra’s new range of engines is parallel with its future vision to develop cutting-edge technology.

The sale driving factors of new Scorpio facelift

The new Mahindra Scorpio facelift is among the hottest launches of 2014, the car launched three weeks ago, in new design attire never seen before. The company has not altered the mechanical properties of the car, it will move on the same four cylinder 2.5 liter, m2DiCr turbocharged common rail diesel engine that emits 200Nm and 75bhp.

New Mahindra Scorpio

New Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra is a pioneer of the sport utility vehicle segment, and Scorpio is a top selling car. The demand for the vehicle is enormous to an extent that the company rolls of 50,000 pieces a year. The new Scorpio facelift with its superior sheen is expected to outdo these numbers.

The new Scorpio facelift has a decent measurement; it is 1,995mm tall, 1820mm wide and 4,456mm long. The cabin room has improved from its predecessor and the impressive 60 liter fuel tank capacity strengthens the drive momentum of the vehicle. Consumers can expect to fell an overload of comfort in the car, packed with anti-roll bar suspension at the back and double wishbone type of independent coil spring in front. The sturdiness of the front is contributed by ventilated disc brakes and the rear segment has drum brakes.

The 2014 Scorpio is the perfect car to drive kilometers on end, created by an amazing six inch touchscreen infotainment system with Aux-in, USB, DVD and Bluetooth connectivity. The steering has audio controls, and the other sources of convenience are electrically adjustable wing mirrors, automatic climate control, light and rain sensors and GPS.

Mahindra has incorporated high-end safety into the new Scorpio with dual airbags in driver and passenger compartment, rear parking sensors, tire pressure monitoring system and ABS. The nation was waiting for the new Scorpio facelift months before launch; let’s browse through the exclusive characteristics of the car that gives it an edge over its competition.


The new Scorpio is a groomed version of its predecessor, the old body colored material is now substituted for a new matte black fabric. The styling of the grille is more creative, molded into an arty slim tooth like structure covered with solid chrome treatment. The safeguarded feature is the eight vertical slats on the grille.


The design of headlight is more pronounced, and is filled with dual barrel lights.

Front Bumper-

Mahindra has used an all black sculpting for the bottom bumper segment, with the vision to make the front portion look more condensed.

Bonnet-The layout of the bonnet is buried in, to render a more professional appearance.

The new Mahindra Scorpio facelift is a stunner of the past, it looks exclusive, and it has the potential to be a game changer. Its fierce rivals are Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano, Volkswagen Taigun and Ford EcoSport. There is upcoming competition to bear as well such as Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha and Hyundai ix25.

It will be interesting to view the competition position of 2014 Scorpio facelift in the coming months. It costs Rs 8.4 to 13 lakhs.