Mahindra XUV500 Petrol variant caught spy testing

The new petrol variant of Mahindra XUV500 was caught spied testing in Chennai. However it is expected that the petrol variant is being developed keeping international markets in mind and the primary target for the sales of the UV will be the export markets. And while talking about the domestic Indian market, the thought of a 7-seater petrol only vehicle doesn’t seem to be a very good choice and Mahindra, being one of the leading Indian car manufactures, is may be aware of the fact quite well. And thus the Indian big cars specialist is developing a model for the export oriented purposes.

Mahindra XUV500 petrol variant

The XUV500 is expected to install a homegrown motor that is being developed in the country itself in partnership with AVL Austria and SsangYong for the petrol variant of the car.

Most of the world, barring some European countries where diesel cars rule the market, is attracted towards the petrol cars, including India and given the fact that Mahindra and Mahindra, Indian big shot carmaker is expecting the XUV500 to score big in the international markets, developing petrol engine seems to be quite a very logical approach. And that’s partly due to their highly efficient market research team that suggested that the perfect course of action to leave a mark on the car market internationally is lacing XUV500 with a petrol engine.

Some basic features of the car includes ample of space on the inside ( that’s quite obvious given the size of the car), comfortable seats, the sleek 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system for the GPS navigation along with audio/video functions, reverse camera that comes with a Zoom function, push button start, keyless entry, the front can be re positioned in 6 different ways, push button start, blue ambient lighting, auto up-down window besides the driver’s seat, big AC vents, charging slots, electric sunroof, black grille with chrome inserts, LED headlights, ABS (automatic brake system), stylish new 14 inch alloy wheels, a brand new rear chrome appliqué, sleek and sporty aluminum pedals, window chrome lining, integrated cluster hood with double toned dashboard. Fresh illuminated skid plates, icy blue lounge lighting, stylish light guides that comes along with the static bending projector among others.

Now let’s talk about the engine, a 2.0 litre petrol engine is what we are guessing as Mahindra has done a great job in hiding it. However, there are ample chances of the engine being turbocharged as we know Mahindra as a company that is bold about installing latest technologies in their cars and surprises us from time to time with the amazing features that comes with their cars. And about the efficiency of the motor, given the hard work Mahindra seems to be putting in the vehicle, it is quite safe to assume that the engine will provide a maximum power output of 150 PS and an effective rate of the CO2 emission will ensure a long and healthy run of the car in international markets. Both automatic and manual transmissions are expected to be provided.

New Mahindra Thar available for 8.05 lakhs

Thar, a solid member of the Mahindra and Mahindra family, the Indian car makers, has been the best choice for the Indian off-road drives for many years now. And now with the arrival of the new upgraded version of the car, the off-roading will become even easier. After getting some new mechanical and cosmetic changes, the new Thar will provide a driving experience that is better than ever. The biggest complaints Indian consumers had with the vehicle was a slight lack of finesse and comfort and the interiors were considered as pretty much basic and average for a vehicle of this standard. But now as the face-lifted version is here to serve the consumers, they can expect the desired changes both on the inside and in terms of exteriors.

New Thar

Talking about the changes incurred to the exteriors, there isn’t surprisingly much to mention. The new Thar comes with a few very minor changes in the exteriors. This vehicle comes with a fresh plastic cladding upon the wheels. The bumpers also come with a plastic form. Mahindra has also added side steps and clear lens headlamps. These changes do make the vehicle look slightly more masculine. Along with the aforementioned changes the canopy is featuring a slightly enhanced user-friendly design. However the changes aren’t ample but the vehicle is sleek as ever.

Although, what attracted our interest are the rear tyres of the facelifted Thar, with a mechanical differential lock which makes the vehicle maintain the balance in case it loses traction while driving it off-roads on the worst of the terrains. The feature will only be made available with the CRDe model and not the direct injection one.

However one more thing that is quite interesting about the vehicle is the hard work put by the company when it comes to uplifting the interiors of the vehicle. The new Thar features some major changes on the inside such as the brand new dash board which is available in the classy beige tone with available slots included for a 2-din audio system. The centre console also received enough attention as it gets built-in air conditioner vents while the controls for the same are placed below the console. For a better steering experience, Thar gets a brand new steering wheel installed, promising a comfort ride. With speedo acquiring the central place the instrument console has now become a three-pod affair. Other bright features included in the new Thar are a windshield demister, a glove box which now can be locked, just in case and a 12v charging point is also here to make the interior more user friendly than ever. Also added is a floor console, offering the conveniently placed double cup holders with 4wd shifters and the gear lever. The seats have been changed quite in an upmarket fashion and they look much more elegant and top of the class this time around.

The ex-showroom price for the new Thar will be starting from Rs. 8.05 lakh for the changes made to the CRDe variant exclusively.

Mahindra to resume sale talks in September with Pininfarina

The talks regarding the sales of the Italian car designer Pininfarina, drowning in debts, to the Indian Carmaker giant company Mahindra and Mahindra will be continued after the summer. It has been a fact that the two companies failed to come together on a conclusion regarding the sales of the Italian company during the talk session held in July 2015. The sources keeping a keen eye on the matter said that the two parties failed to close the deal during the last meeting thus in order to seal the final deal they will see each later this year and hopefully, this time around, they will close the deal.

Pininfarina logo

One of the sources also mentioned that Mahindra doesn’t want to invest a ‘lot of money’ and is being very cautious regarding the sale and while on the other hand, the main investors and the credits providing banks for Pininfarina are quite desperate for the sale to take place in order to recover at least some of their finances they lost investing in the Italian car designer company. The same sources provided information earlier and said that both the companies are looking forward to have the deal finalized by the end of July.

Pininfrania, having designed biggies like Ferrari Testarosa and Dino used to be quite a successful name in the car designer segment but with time, things changed and slowly the company became heavily indebted. For the operations, the total losses occurred got doubled in comparison with last year and that too only in the first quarter of the current year. And going by the numbers the company is expecting much bigger annual loss statistics by the end of the year, hence the deal becomes much more essential and taking help from the Indian Biggie Mahindra seems to be the only logical choice at the moment.

In May, it was said that the company will struggle very hard to meet the set targets (by the creditors) for this year’s total earnings before all other factors like tax, depreciation, interest and amortization.

And during the recent developments on the case, the controlling shareholder of Pininfarina, Pincar, which is also the topmost share holder of the car designer firm, having a stake of whopping 76 percent along with the banks providing the credits are quite desperate to let the company keep running and it doesn’t matter if a new debt structure is required to do so, as reported by the sources. The complicated nature of the matter is one of the reasons for the delay in finalizing the deal with Mahindra and Mahindra.

The Italian car designer are said to be in a debt of 100 million Euros to a group of financial institutions and banks. And that too when Pininfarina already reconstructed its debts twice, in the year 2009 and three years later in 2012 and a third Reconstruction doesn’t seem to be a good idea considering the previous attempt’s failures.

Although it is expected that this time a deal will take place, Mahindra, Pininfarina were unavailable to comment.

Mahindra Scorpio automatic transmission re-launches

Hyundai launched its much awaited and highly anticipated sports utility vehicle (SUV) Creta that arrived with automatic speed transmission option, on 21st July 2015 in India. And now, just over a week later, India’s very own carmakers and the brand name which sells the most number of SUVs in India, Mahindra and Mahindra has just announced that a new uplifted automatic transmission version of its arguably the most successful SUV, Mahindra Scorpio. This move was expected as the competition between the SUVs had to intensify following the big launch of Hyundai Creta with a bang. And to take the race further Maruti Suzuki S-cross is also there to compete. And more so, Mahindra is quite desperate to leave a mark as the new Scorpio will be priced at Rs. 13.13 lakhs (ex-showroom price, New Delhi), approximately Rs. 45,000 lower than Creta. Now that’s what we call an open challenge.

new scorpio

If the claims of the Mahindra officials were to be believed, the new Scorpio is the only SUV in its particular segment offering six speed manual transmissions along with a four wheel drive. Made available with a BS-IV automatic option, the four wheeled Car is priced in Delhi at Rs. 14.33 lakhs (ex-showroom) while the two wheel drive which is available on the S10 variant with automatic transmission. Creta is priced around Rs. 13.58 lakh (New Delhi, ex-showroom) and this price range is causing a difference of a whopping Rs. 45,000 between Creta and the new Mahindra compact SUV.

In a shocking revelation, however, Mahindra announced the discontinuation of production of its 5 speed transmission Scorpio. The announcement took place in September 2014 when the first official announcement for the new Scorpio was made. Mahindra India, dealing mostly in big cars, has been quite on the top of the SUV market for some time now but arrival of Renault Duster and now Creta along with Maruti Suzuki’s up and coming masterpiece S-Cross, Mahindra’s claim to the throne is shaken as it has to bring innovations in its products to stay in the game as other SUVs are gaining popularity, as said by the Mahindra officials. They accepted quite openly that the new generation Scorpio was a move to stay in the game against other companies especially Creta. Creta is the biggest threat as it has crossed a whopping 15,000 advance bookings mark in just over 20 days when the advance bookings officially commenced in Indian Territory.

A Hyundai Motor India official said recently in an interview with a leading economic website, Economic Times that the automatic transmission version of Creta is expected to churn out at the very least 15% of the total sales of the car. And due to consumer’s growing demand for the car they had to rework their supply schedules. Hyundai has confirmed the statistics that more than 15,000 bookings have already made and the number keeps growing by each day.

Mahindra Scorpio, launched in September 2014, is being built on a brand new platform with anti-roll technologies and cushion suspension and comes along with a very aggressive design strategy.

Mahindra opens dealership in Howrah

Mahindra and Mahindra, one of the leading Indian Utility Vehicle (UV) manufacturers, launched its full fledged dealership in Howrah, West Bengal on Monday by the name Supreme and Co. Private limited. The said dealership will be providing a full range of facilities for the customers including the sales, spares and service among other facilities.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

Located at a convenient location on the Bombay road, this will be the first Mahindra dealership in the city of Howrah, taking the total number of dealership centres in the state of west Bengal to 11. Mahindra has been quite worried considering the fact that the total number of dealerships in the eastern Indian states is quite low and doesn’t do justice to company’s growing reputation in the Indian car market. Thus the recent facility which got launched recently is part of a strategy in which Mahindra has to make its retail presence felt in east India with some more retail establishments. The latest one in Howrah has a showroom area of 4800 Sq. Ft. and the state-of-the- art workshop facility is spread across 5000 sq.ft. of area. This facility will serve the customers on behalf of Mahindra and will sell all the Mahindra vehicles in both commercial and personal range.

Along with all the services related to the sales, repair, spare parts etc the facility will also be having a pretty much wide space for the state of the art facilities in order to provide the after sales services for the customers. However, considering the huge space on which the dealership is constructed it will also assist the visitors regarding the old vehicle exchange, extended warranty, finance schemes, cashless accident repair and quick repair facilities along with some others. Laced with some comfortable and satisfying environment for the customers, Mahindra hired trained professionals for the sales and the repair team and with these; the dealership is expected to provide the customers of Howrah with world class facilities and a wonderful overall experience of buying the vehicle.

Talking about the inauguration event, the senior vice president of automotive division, Mahindra and Mahindra India, Vijay Ram Nakra said that Mahindra being a customer centric organisation, customer comfort and satisfaction is, and will always be their prime concern and they are very much determined to provide West Bengal customers a world class experience while buying the vehicle. He also said that West Bengal is a very important market for the company and 11th dealership in the state is a concrete proof of that, and Opening the facility in the Howrah area will further strengthen their place in one of their favourite Indian territory. He further added, after accomplishing the big cities the next step is to open such dealerships with world class services in small towns and the rural areas. These successful retail spots are a proof that Mahindra is capable of providing customers with high quality infrastructure that provides service connectivity and sales facilities to the customers.

Mahindra’s vehicles can now also be serviced in the remotest area of the country like Kargil, Jaisalmer and Aizwal among others.

Mahindra unveiling new U301 on 30th

Facing the immense competition that has been put forward by Hyundai with the launch of its SUV Creta in the Indian market, the Indian big shot carmaker Mahindra and Mahindra is now gearing up to launch an array of compact SUV’s for Indian territory. It is expected that Mahindra is going to launch the new face lifted Thar SUV, and to make the competition much more interesting than it already is, Mahindra will soon be launching a new compact Bolero U301for the Indian consumers. However in order to compete with Hyundai Creta Mahindra has also presented the new Scorpio with automatic speed transmission option. With these steps, it’s quite obvious that Mahindra will leave no stone unturned to claim its name in the Indian SUV-compact market segment.

Mahindra TUV300

Mahindra has announced that it will very soon be announcing the official name of the new Bolero facelift version of the famous Sports Utility vehicle which is, as of now, being called the U301. The fans can expect to get the name of the SUV on 30th July, 2015. Mahindra is acting very fast to change the face of Indian SUV market with an array of new or facelifted versions of its successful vehicles. Although only time will tell how much this bold move helps Mahindra to regain its spot at the top of the SUV manufacturers in the south Asian country.

The new Bolero U301 can be expected to take its power from a 1.5 litre, 3 cylindered diesel engine which is currently providing power to another Mahindra biggie, Quanto and serving it quite efficiently as the engine churns out a maximum power of 100 bhp. It is also expected to have a 5 speed manual transmission. However consumers were expecting an automatic speed transmission but it looks like that they have to satisfy themselves with the manual one, at least for now. Although, reports also suggests that the new U301 is nothing but a compact slightly uplifted version of Bolero but as we are talking about the biggest Indian SUV maker company they will never hesitate to surprise us. And what also is expected to arrive before the current calendar year ends, is an Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) and an All Wheel Drive (AWD) version of the compact SUV. But the ardent fans have their fingers crossed never the less.

Mahindra has already launched the uplifted XUV500 which is doing quite good. Its sales performance is quite surprising as the pundits believed that Creta will eat up Mahindra’s sales stats like a giant but Mahindra proved once again that it knows about Indian markets more than the Japanese carmaker, Hyundai.

The specs of Bolero U301 are not confirmed yet as the car will only unveil itself officially on the 30th July 2015. Only after the day will we get to know everything about the car but the spy shots revealed that the SUV will be based on a fresh ladder-on-frame chassis. The spy shots also revealed that the vehicle is going to have a boxy design with a spare wheel mounted on the tail gate.

Pay Rs. 13.13 Lakh Onwards to Own Automatic Variants of Scorpio

The upgraded version of Scorpio, the very popular SUV from M&M was launched in September. There have been rumors doing rounds since then that the company is planning to introduce the automatic transmission variant of this SUV very soon. Now the reports have started to pour in that this automatic transmission variant has already been sent to dealerships across India. In Delhi, this variant of Scorpio has been priced at Rs. 13.13 lakhs for the 2WD variant while the price for the 4WD has been pegged at Rs. 14.33 lakhs. M&M has made its move just in time to get advantage of being first as 21 July is the date on which Hyundai Creta is going to be launched. Though there is no direct comparison between these two cars, M&M seems to be a bit nervous about the impact Creta will have on the sale of its most popular SUV.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

With the introduction of automatic variants, the total number of variants of Scorpio has gone up to 11. There is also a choice between two engines for the consumers. These are called mHawk 2.2liter and M2DICR 2.5 liter. The top most variant of Scorpio is the one with an automatic gearbox which is being planned for a release in the early part of 2016.

S10 AT, which is one of the variants fitted with mHawk diesel engine, produces a power of 120BHP and a peak torque of 280Nm. It is not just power and torque in this variant that make it top of the line as it is also loaded with many other attractive features. These include both the safety as well as comfort features that include ABS, EBD, and dual airbags.

It is really surprising that although the automatic variant has already reached the dealerships, no official comment or notice has been released for the press by the company. The details regarding power and other specifications given in this article have been sourced from the dealerships spread all over Delhi.

The news about arrival of the automatic variant of Scorpio comes close on the heels of the announcement from Hyundai that it’s much talked about compact SUV Creta will be launched on 21 July. Reports about great response that this new SUV has generated from the critics as well as common consumers have reached M&M as well. This is perhaps the reason why the company is such a great hurry to in traduce new variants of its most popular SUV Scorpio. According to a press release issued by HMIL, there have been more than 28000 enquiries about this SUV from the consumers. The number of advance bookings ahs also crossed the magic figure of 10000. Creta is a compact SUV whereas Scorpio is a fully fledged SUV. It will be available in a price tag of Rs. 8-12 lakhs whereas Scorpio is more expensive with a price tag of Rs. 10-11 lakhs. But the fact that Creta has been packed with advance features available in Scorpio has made M&M fearful.

Mahindra S101 to hit the automobile market soon

Mahindra & Mahindra is planning to come up with its new SUV that will be named Mahindra S101. The company is developing this sports utility vehicle in partnership with SsangYong Motors. The car is speculated to be priced above 5.5 lakh. Mahindra is one of the best utility car manufacturers of India and with this pricing scheme, their new venture is expected to be the most affordable SUV’s in India. The manufacturers have been inspired by the Quanto and Verito and are all set to make a good combination of both the car’s features.

Mahindra S101 Spy front mid seat

Mahindra S101 Spy front mid seat

The SUV will have three seats in the front row instead of regular driver seat and a passenger seat. There will be enough leg space in the middle row with seat belts for all as well. The look will be more or less similar to the hatchback. Additionally its features include a rear mounted wheel, enough space for six passengers; the engine is speculated to be 1.2 up to 1.6 liter. It will be made available in both petrol and diesel variants. There could be room for 1 or 2 more passenger seats and also they could use the same 1.5 liter turbo diesel engine that fuels the Quanto. It will come with a six speed manual gearbox.

If we talk about fuel efficiency, it could be only experienced once the car will be launched. Upon its launch, the Maruti S101 is most likely to compete with Ford EcoSport, Renault Diesel which gives a mileage of 20.4 kmpl, Premium Rio which runs 17.5 kmpl and also not to forget the yet to be launched Maruti XA-Alpha. It is also speculated by industry experts, that the diesel variant of the SUV will be more popular than the petrol variant, even though the petrol version will be useful in adding to the sales volume of the automotive company. Also the mileage of the petrol version is expected to be very low than the diesel version.

The distinct pricing will make it much affordable than the Mahindra Quanto. Mahindra is also said to be working on a premium version of S101 SUV that will be named S102. Another entrant that is expected in the automobile market soon is the Chevrolet Trax SUV which will be a MPV (multi purpose vehicle). If we consider the pricing as compared to its competitors in the market, the Maruti S101 will be the cheapest of all and could be easily affordable by SUV lovers. Where all its competitors are priced between Rs 6 to 11 lakh, the Premium Rio is somewhat near in pricing. However due to service and feature differences, Premium Rio will be less opted than the Maruti S101. The exterior body designing of the car is not that appealing but still it is likely to become one of the most purchased SUV’s with its low pricing and quality.

More than 100 automobile developers are said to be working on designing the new Maruti S101 and the company executives say that it will be more of a mini Gypsy kind of a car.

Mahindra Xylo and enforcer Philippines launch

Mahindra, Indian biggie, gets itself introduced to Philippines’s car market with the launch of Enforcer pickup and Xylo this week. Mahindra, operating in more than 100 countries across the globe is expecting a warm welcome in the Asian country. World’s one of the top UV manufacturer grabbed the contract from PNP (Philippines National police) some time ago for supplying 1,470 units of its monster, Enforcer (Bolero Pickup), and now the general public of Philippines are getting a reason to rejoice as it is also available now to be purchased for private purposes.  And based on the response it received in the country, Mahindra is eyeing to assemble its products in the country too. It seems that Mahindra is really eager to turn Philippines into one of its prime markets.

Mahindra Enforcer

Mahindra, the biggest UV (utility vehicle) producer in India and the biggest supplier of tractors across the globe was founded by J.C and K.C Mahindra and Malik Ghulam Mohammad in 1945 and was originally known as Mahindra and Mohammad. After the partition Mohammad moved to Pakistan and the company was renamed as Mahindra and Mahindra. Following the success of its utility vehicles in India and neighbouring countries, the brand eventually expanded and presently they are operating in more than 100 countries all over the world. And as a result of the success in foreign markets, Mahindra started to expand their business in smaller markets. Hence, Philippines gets a launch of Enforcer (been selling as Bolero in India and some other markets).

The AMC (Asiabrands Motor Corporation) will be taking the charge for the distribution of Mahindra in the country. Already providing their services to famous brands like BMW, Peugeot and Kia, AMC will also be handling the sales and after sales processes of Mahindra in Philippines.

Philippines’s most populated and the biggest island, Luzon already is having three Mahindra dealerships and many more dealerships are in the planning stages for islands Butuan, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

Coming to the car, the Enforcer is presented in single and double cab variants. A 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine generates 100 horsepower with a maximum torque 240 Nm. For Mahindra Enforcer he price is ranging from 6,50,000 Php ( INR 9.11 lakh) to 8,95,000 Php (INR 12.55 lakhs). It comes with 4*2 and 4*4 options.

On the other hand, Mahindra Xylo is having a 2.2 litre mHawk diesel engine that provides 280 Nm of torque and the power of 120 hp. Priced around 8,50,000 Php (INR 11.92 lakhs ), the car is presented in seat configurations seven to nine.

Imported from India as CBU’s, Mahindra is expecting to leave a mark on Philippines market introducing two of its most successful products. As mentioned above, the distributer has shown a keen interest in assembling the products in Philippines itself, if the demand keeps rising. And keeping in consideration, the warm reception Mahindra got in the country it looks like the Indian giant, headquartered in Mumbai, is here to stay for a very long time.

Image Source: TopGear

Mahindra U301 spied during testing, launch nears

U301 (codenamed), Mahindra’s latest compact SUV was spotted spied testing in Chennai, Tamilnadu, where the company’s product development facility and the research and development operations takes place. Been considered as the spiritual successor of Mahindra’s best selling SUV Bolero, customers are expecting the launch of U301 by the end of the current financial year.

Mahindra U301 side

The spotted car interestingly has alternated wheels, alloy wheels at the rear and steel wheels at front. The Mahindra U301 will be having a brand new 1.5 litre diesel engine also powering the Quanto. The engine is designed with an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) and a manual gearbox enabling the SUV to give out a maximum power 100 bhp with 240 Nm of torque. Reports also suggest that the compact SUV will be a bit more frugal than Quanto which is offering 17.21 kmpl.

Mahindra SUVs are widely popular among the customers due to their intimidating stance and the design and it seems that things will remain the same with the latest compact SUV. By having a good look at it, it seems that the car will have an imposing front fascia and this next generation Bolero’s a rather aggressive stance is ready to amaze many customers once it gets launched. It looks like the front of U301 is going to have a front grille identical to XUV, a chunky front bumper and a unique and sharply designed headlamp.

On a closer inspection, car’s interior was observed as well. Based on that it looks like that the car is going to have a full black steering wheel, the rotary controls for HVAC AMT, double dim audio system HU, black colour scheme along with dual toned beige, dashboard has faux silver trim and twin pod-chrome ringed instrument console. The interiors has been revived as it is getting new AC vents, a music system with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, the gear lever is borrowed from the Scorpio, centre located power window switches identical to old Scorpio. The area in between the driver and the co driver is also the same as the Scorpio.

For higher fuel efficiency, Mahindra is going to tweak the ECU (engine control unit), gear ratios, turbo and the intercooler of the compact SUV. Also caters the new Scorpio, hydro formed ladder framed chasses; the new Mahindra U301 is also based on the same.  Although compared to Scorpio it will be shorter in length this time around. The U301 is offering a very generous cabin space along with a longer wheelbase (around 2500 mm, maybe more). The spy photographs are also suggesting that the top end variant, ZLX, of Mahindra U301 is going to be devoted to 4WD switchgear and ACC (automatic climate control).

Mahindra has been working really hard in developing the fresh products for its most prominent Indian market which is quite visible from the restless testing from time to time. Mahindra U301 will be presented in two versions a cheaper 4 metre version with a smaller engine and a standard normal length SUV with the estimated price ranging between INR 6-8 lakhs.