Should we expect a Quanto facelift?

Mahindra made an attempt at a sub 4 meter MUV with the Mahindra Quanto. To do this, they took the design inspiration from Xylo and that wasn’t really a good idea. The Xylo was already an unattractive car and the resulting Quanto was even uglier. They are coming up with a new sub 4 meter vehicle which is the S101. It is based on an entirely new platform and will borrow design cues from the attractive Mahindra flagship SUV XUV 500. So we are expecting it to be an attractive car and now the question here is that if they should facelift the Quanto as well.

mahindra quanto road test

Mahindra Quanto

The Quanto currently being sold is a decent car if you can live with the looks. It is spacious on the inside and has got decent interiors. It is powered by an impressive 1.5 liter three cylinder turbocharged engine which develops a peak power of 100 bhp. It transmits its power via a five speed manual gearbox. During the Auto Expo 2014 earlier this year, they showcased a new variant of the Mahindra Quanto among other vehicles. This new variant is the automatic version of the Quanto.

The AutoShift gearbox that they have used in this new variant is developed with Ricardo. This is similar to the AMT system we recently saw on the Maruti Suzuki Celerio. It would provide the convenience of an automatic gearbox without adding the hassles. It would also provide performance and efficiency similar to manual transmission. The design is very much similar to the model already available in the market. It still has that bland face and abruptly ending tailgate which looks awkward. It gets the spare wheel on the boot which looks decent but doesn’t suit the small dimension of the vehicle.

The MUV, as we already said is spacious on the inside. The doors are large providing easy entrance and exit. The large cabin also gives you plenty of legroom. The interiors on this AT version are very much similar to the standard car except for the center console. Here the manual stick shifter has been replaced by the AutoShift stick. The lever sits in the right slot which gives the option of N and R. moving it to right will put it in M mode. Then you can push it towards + or – to toggle gears.

You also get a decent level of equipment on the car. You get features like power windows, airbags, ABS, AirCon and alloy wheels. The five speed AutoShift system is controlled by the ECU on this car. It operates on the shift map and senses when the gear ratio needs to be changed. The ratios are shifted by a hydraulic actuator. It hasn’t got a torque convertor which cuts down on weight and simplifies the system. This system can be used as an automatic or manual which gives the user more freedom. This vehicle not only brings this AMT gearbox but also comes with regenerative braking. They will have to market this product right to ensure that it doesn’t face the fate of current Quanto.

Mahindra S101 captured again

Mahindra S101 was spotted again, by a car enthusiast in Chennai; the car was captured several times in the outskirts of Chennai where the company’s R&D unit is located. Mahindra is a leading utility vehicle enterprise in India; some classic products are XUV500, Scorpio, Xylo and Quanto.

mahindra s101 rendering

Mahindra S101 Rendering

So much is written about S101, the enthusiasm levels with the car is sky high, the expected launch date is early 2015, and already about hundred spy images are shot. The competition in SUV segment has become more intense with the launch of Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster, Volkswagen Taigun and Nissan Terrano. Mahindra will introduce S101 a below four meter car to fight the arch battle with Ford EcoSport.

Mahindra will design the car on a new monocoque platform; the spy model is the pre-production car. Car buffs have cracked the stage of production and discovered interesting features like body panels and tail lights fitted with bulbs. S101 is expected to offer plenty of occupant room with its 3+3 seating arrangement also seen in Datsun Go. Customers can look forward to unexplored thrill chills with the fitment of bench type seat in front. This type of arrangement is possible since the gear lever is on center console.

The upcoming S101 will be equipped with a potent petrol 1.2 liter three cylinder engine. The engine is designed on a joint collaboration basis with Ssangyong Motor. The diesel vehicle gathers its energy from a robust 1.5 liter three cylinder mCR 100 engine also stuffed in Quanto.

Mahindra has for years produced quality SUV’s built for highly adventurous terrains. The power of the vehicles is visible on rigorous motor racing events conducted by the firm like Great Escape. The past couple of years have been gloomy for the auto segment in India. The sale outcome was lower than the corresponding year, inflation shot up like never before that led to increased fuel and commodity prices.

Amidst the gloomy atmosphere, many launches have happened, Ford decided to storm the SUV segment with EcoSport, and Renault with Duster. Both are one time wonders launched with the aim to tide away from dreary sales. Mahindra is the strong target for new SUV launches. Duster and EcoSport are draped in modern SUV material different from XUV500 and Scorpio.

Mahindra will bring in S101, and car buffs will surely be curious about the position of Mahindra vehicles post launch. Even with the threats the power of Scorpio is still unharmed. The sale output of the car is higher than Duster and EcoSport. S101 will be packed with luxury to the level of XUV500, and sources say the car might be called XUV300. Mahindra is working around the cut-throat competition that exists in the segment. Its forthcoming new Scorpio facelift is different from the earlier models. The exteriors are refurnished and interiors are completely new with modern outlook inspired by XUV500. The company is also working on next gen Bolero. Those who can’t wait to have a glimpse of S101 will have to wait till next year.

Too many harsh competitors for S101

Mahindra is working on a big launch along with Ssangyong, the car on store is S101. The due arrival date is early 2015, and is the company’s first attempt in compact utility vehicle segment. The build platform is similar to XUV500 and the expected price is under Rs 5 lakhs. The car is a stiff competitor to Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster.

mahindra s101 rendering

Mahindra S101 Rendering

S101 is fitted with diesel and petrol engine, the petrol car moves on 1.2 liter petrol and 1.5 liter diesel engine. The engines are attached to six speed manual transmission gearbox and the most loaded car runs on automatic gearbox. The diesel engine generates 200Nm and 100 PS, the vehicle is engineered with innovative front wheel drive system, and sources say the car move with impressive mileage of 20kmpl.

From a glance S101 will remind anyone of XUV500, it is a below four meter vehicle. It is a compact vehicle from the outside and has traits of a hatchback; it portrays an aggressive sporty and masculine stance. It does not look as macho as XUV500; it however portrays an elegant stance. The car moves with an impressive 200mm ground clearance potent enough to tackle all kinds of terrains from smooth to roughly off-road. Rain sensing wipers along with 15 to 16 inch alloy wheels and projector head lights accentuate the fashionable stance of the car.

The cabin room is luxuriously spacious, it has about 6 to 7 seats, and there is a bench seat in front row to accommodate two occupants. There is so much room at the rear to fit in thousands of luggage. The creativity behind the vast interiors lies in the sporty roof lines that bends forwards and merges with the rear. The music system will be derived from XUV500; the steering has audio controls to ease the burden of shifting channels while driving.

S101 is packed with adequate safety with fog lights, ESP, parking sensor and ABS. The advanced features are power steering with telescopic view, world class audio system with touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity, power packed driver seat and keyless entry. All four doors have power windows and there is a robust air con with automatic climate control.

Mahindra plans to launch S101 during the festive season sometime in October, the goal is to fight the stiff battle with Ford EcoSport in the sub four meter SUV category. The 1.5 liter diesel turbo engine is brought from Quanto, the petrol engine will be a new one built by both parties. S101 is not only a threat to current launches, but a hazard to new ones such as Hyundai ix25, Tata Nixon, Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha and Honda Vezel.

S101 will be a fun launch just like XUV500 and many other Mahindra vehicles, the interesting element about the car is the modern interiors inspired by its inspiration XUV500. A product from Mahindra and Ssangyong has to be great, and the greatness will come during a period of new beginnings the festive season.

The upcoming 2016 Mahindra Bolero gets spied again

The next-gen Mahindra Bolero is creating a record of getting spied over and over again following its SUV cousin facelift Scorpio. An Indian auto portal again posted a new set of spy pictures of the all new 2016 Mahindra Bolero, while the SUV was performing its regular test schedule in Chennai very recently.

mahindra bolero special edition

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition

The next-gen Mahindra Bolero SUV is codenamed as the project U301, is one of the big upcoming launches that are planned by the India auto major. The vehicle is getting spotted regularly while doing its tests in and around of Chennai alongside the other upcoming Mahindra vehicles including the 2014 Scorpio and the S101 compact SUV. All the upcoming Mahindra vehicles get spotted around and in Chennai as the company’s R&D center, named as the Mahindra Research Valley is located on the outskirts of Chennai.

Early reports suggest that the 2016 Mahindra Bolero will be using a new hydroformed ladder frame chassis. Moreover, it is highly speculated that the next-generation model of the Bolero will be available in two SUV body styles, namely a full sized SUV and a sub-4 meter compact SUV could be launched. The engine range is expected to include compact a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder diesel mill.

The next-gen Mahindra Bolero test prototype model that was caught testing recently seemed to be having production ready body panels as well as doors. However, the model still seemed to be miles away from its actual production ready form and some of the parts such as the taillights as well as the interior are still in their borrowed format. However, Mahindra & Mahindra has ample amount of time to give the all new Bolero an all new design by fine-tuning and overhauling everything, as the vehicle will only launch sometime in the year 2016.

The Mahindra Bolero has a long heritage of 14 years and is massively popular owing to its rough and rugged quality and time tested reliability in a varied terrains comprising of semi-urban and rural places. Even after such a long market presence, the Bolero is still as popular as before and id getting even mire sales volumes for its Indian SUV maker.

More than 100,000 units of the Mahindra Bolero SUV were sold per year over the last three years. In the first 5 months of the current year, Mahindra has sold an around 9,376 units of Bolero every month on average, and thus it is again on its way to achieve the annual sales mark of 100,000 units this year.

Though the Mahindra Bolero is a huge it and is not at all an old model in terms of its market popularity and performance, the Indian car major is busy making its next-gen model to arm it with fresh ammunition to fight it out with the new market rivals. The all new 2016 Mahindra Bolero will certainly be a massive success in its all new avatar, and if it does come with a compact-SUV counterpart, then its sales rates will reach a new high.

Mahindra will organize free pollution check up across all networks

Mahindra and Mahindra, an esteemed Indian based auto firm will organize a free pollution check up (PUC) camp for passenger and commercial vehicles. The camp will be organized in all 400 dealership outlets, this is a routine check up for Mahindra, and Skoda too conducts regular pollution free check up’s every year.

Mahindra Xylo D2 maxx

Mahindra Xylo D2 maxx

Sanjay Gupta the vice president in customer care section of the company on the initiative to provide free PUC test camps said, ‘’Mahindra has always been active towards the cause of sustainable development throughout its dealership network. Our products are engineered in accordance with stringent emission regulations and are a reaffirmation of our goal and commitment towards the creation of a cleaner and greener society. The notion behind the establishment of Free Pollution check-up campaign is to celebrate the importance of World Environment Day in all service centers, and is a step towards quality and vision.‘’

World Environment day is an important event all over the globe to consider the beneficial aspects of a clean environment. To celebrate the significant event, Mahindra is not limiting its energies to just free pollution check up’s, but aims to highlight the essentials of the event through customers through the distribution of samplings. Mahindra will conduct the camp with Society for Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and Society for Automotive Fitness and Environment (SAFE).

Mahindra is not the only firm that will conduct free pollution check up’s Fiat too is in the game. The camps will be prevalent across a vast network of 64 cities in the country. The MD and President of Fiat Chrysler Indian Operations said,’’ the firm believes in sustaining the environmental momentum to ensure that all Fiat models emit minimal emissions. The vision behind pollution check up is to make sure that we as a team are being responsible enough to preserve the environment, and follow through on latest emission sustainability measures. The free check up enables us to bring forth Fiat’s global efficient emission norms in after sale services in the country. We have witnessed a positive response on check up camps bearing in mind the extent of pollution that has haunted the world. ‘’

Even with Fiat being a strong contender in free pollution check up department, Mahindra has surged ahead with its plan to give out samplings to customers, to spread the message of environmental preservation is a more effective manner, together with SAFE and SIAM.

The world has undergone a massive industrial revolution in the past years, which has witnessed massive impacts of deforestation. To add to the dismal levels of eco purity there are some vehicles that emit unregulated emissions, which is a common scenario in India. Mahindra has taken an excellent pathway to promote the magnitude of environment protection. Not many will be familiar with the nuances of vehicle emission, to counter effect the negligence, Mahindra has gone the basic way of issuing samplings to customers. The company’s current program might be a step ahead to a cleaner and greener nation.

Mahindra Xylo vs Honda Mobilio – Witness why we choose that car?

The MPV segment which was earlier dominated by just the Toyota Innova is now witnessing the entry of many new players. Mahindra came in with the Xylo which wasn’t exactly a looker but it served the purpose well. It has got impressive specs and offers a wide range of options to cater to different kind of audience. Then came in the Ertiga which enjoyed long waiting lists, thanks to the Maruti Suzuki badge, attractive design and the efficient engine. Now Honda is making its entry in this segment with the Honda Mobilio MPV. It is based on the Brio hatchback and comes with the impressive Honda petrol and diesel engines.

mahindra xylo facelift

Mahindra Xylo Facelift

The Honda Mobilio will be launched very soon and will compete against the other MPVs in this segment. While most people are anticipating its impact on the sales of Ertiga, it is also a threat to the Mahindra Xylo. Both of them make for very practical MPVs and stacking them against each other would reveal which one of them is a better product. Start contrasting these two vehicles on the basis of looks and Mobilio emerges as the clear winner. Not that it has got very impressive looks but the Xylo looks ugly and has got proportions of a truck.

The interiors of Mobilio are nicely laid out in a typical Honda fashion. It might not look that big on the outside but inside you get loads of space due to efficient packing. The dashboard is borrowed from its hatchback cousin and has got a nice feel to it. On the other hand, the Xylo is spacious because it is huge. You get lot of space on the inside. There are multiple seating arrangements for you to choose from. The quality of material used could have been better inside the Mahindra though.

Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio

You get to choose from multiple engines if you decide to go for the Xylo. The lower models come with 2.5 litre engines in different states of tune. The low power variant generates a peak power of 97 bhp and peak torque of 220 Nm. The other variant would give you a peak power of 114 bhp and peak torque of 260 Nm. On the top models, you can have the 2.2 l mHawk engine from the Scorpio which generates a peak power of 120 bhp and 280 Nm peak torque.

On the other hand you get a much smaller engine on the Mobilio. It has a 1.5 liter diesel engine which has been much appreciated in the Honda Amaze and City. It generates a peak power of 100 bhp and a peak torque of 205 Nm. While the Xylo develops more torque, the engine on Mobilio is more refined and much more efficient. There is also a petrol variant which gets the 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine from the City. The Mobilio will come at a better price as compared to the Xylo. Honda Mobilio is definitely the better pick here for the value it offers and the reliability of Honda.

Mahindra Quanto Vs Etios Cross – Compact or Cross?

Japanese carmaker Toyota and Indian carmaker Mahindra and Mahindra are tough contenders for position of India’s top SUV manufacturer with models competing with each other in local markets. Though the Quanto was built only a couple of years ago this compact SUV has not created a large impact on markets like its predecessors Scorpio and XUV500 and with launch of Toyota’s Etios Cross a crossover SUV it will have a tough time. The Quanto has a boxlike design with a jeep like layout and four wheel drive option to make it suitable for drives across all terrain. Based on the Mahindra Xylo like platform, Quanto is a five door MPV available in colors of black, beige, brown, red, white and silver. Price range of both models are relative similar as Quanto costs between 7 – 10 lakhs and Toyota Etios Cross is also within same price segment.

mahindra quanto features

Mahindra Quanto Red

Interior Details – The Mahindra Quanto is made for seven passengers as both its first and second row provide ample space and high roof for headroom though last row becomes a little cramped for adults though it is fine for children. Power steering with telescopic tilt feature has leather cover while seat belts are provided for all passengers. Its air conditioner and heater provide comfort to passengers across all seasons while suave 2Din audio system with FM/AUX and MP3 compatibility and front speakers provide perfect atmosphere for long drives.

Toyota’s Etios Cross is a compact crossover with smaller body and is a five seater with smaller boot measuring 250 liters. While Quanto has a manual air-conditioner, Etios Cross has an automatic one with heater and clean air filter. Its audio system has a remote which can be controlled from rear with CD changer and 4 speakers along with door ajar warning. Both cars have power windows and central locking facility with 15 inch front alloy tyres.

Exterior Details – The Mahindra Quanto has similar front façade as its Scorpio and XUV 500 models therefore with vertical chrome slats on radiator grille and prominent circular headlights.  Tiny fog lights on ends of wide air dam below body colored bumper look smart and are similar to ones on rear bumpers. The spare tyre on rear door has an attractive cover while stop lights are built in a stack-like design on either side of rear wind shield.

Toyota Etios Cross

Toyota Etios Cross

Toyota Etios Cross built on Etios Liva platform has all around black plastic cladding on lower side of car along with silver colored skid plating lower edges. There is a prominent bumper guard in silver plastic in front encompassing radiator grille with black crisscrossed grill design. Body colored door and ORVM’s look attractive with side indicator while front and rear windshield are kept clean with rain sensitive wipers.

Engine Specification – Mahindra Quanto has 1.5 liter mCR100 diesel engine with displacement power of 1493 cc and power of 100 bhp followed by torque of 240 Nm. Its twin turbocharged cylinders together give good mileage of 15 / 17 kmpl. Etios Cross is fitted with 1.5 liter 16V DOHC petrol engine with displacement capacity of 1496 cc followed by power output of 88.77bhp. Toyota’s Etios Cross has mileage of 12 – 17 kmpl and can accelerate from 0 – 100 within 11 seconds.

Mahindra Quanto versus Ford EcoSport a balance of comfort style and power

Mahindra is among the first to explore depths of SUV segment, which is its specialty. The lifelong success bearing models are XUV500, Quanto, Scorpio, and Bolero and so on. Despite the years of success Mahindra has to keep a tab on its competition. There has been a sudden surge in SUV market in past few years. A recent SUV stunner is Ford EcoSport and Mahindra has some magic with the new Quanto. Let us compare the two cars.

mahindra quanto features

Ford has gained tremendous acclaim with Ecosport, since launch last year, the profitability value of the car is abundant. The creativity is visible from the front with artistically styled wide mouthed grille. Every part of the car is innovative with regard to efficiency, reliability, performance and design. EcoSport is offered with diesel and petrol fuels, the petrol car moves on 1 and 1.5 liter capacity. The 1.5 litre car generates 140Nm and 112Ps, and the 1 litre car pumps out 170Nm and 125Ps. The diesel car moves on robust 1.5 litre engine that churns 204Nm and 91Ps. The car is packed with technology with electric power assisted steering (EPAS) with Pull Drift Compensation technology to achieve optimum control. The beneficial safety features are an independent Mc Pherson strut with anti roll bar and coil spring in front and semi independent twist beam with oil filled shock absorbers and twin gas at the rear.

EcoSport is reliable on mileage front to cover long distances on daily basis, the fuel efficiency reading ranges from 10 to 12.95 kmpl. The car costs Rs 6.3 to 9.7 lakhs.

The new Quanto moves on a reduced version of the efficient mHawk engine, and the end result is a lighter product. The car is fitted with mCR100 1493cc engine that churns 100bhp and 240Nm. The mileage offered by the car on ideal city roads is 13.8kmpl, and on highways it is 17.2kmpl. The average mileage is 15.5kmpl. The engine is coupled with five speed manual transmission.

ford ecosport

The new Quanto offers ample cabin room with the fitment of 7 seats in 5+2 configuration. There is an interesting catch line attached to the cushions called ‘Yoga seats’. The seats are magical and can be positioned in 36 different ways, which is splendid indeed; such a form of arrangement is rare. On the incredible 36 different seat alignments, Vivek Nayar, the chief marketing officer in automotive division of Mahindra said,’’ with the incorporation of new  Yoga seating arrangement consumers will feel at home on all road conditions. It comes with a greater excitement package where people can carry many more equipments like weekend gears, bags, lots of books, snacks and so on.

The new Quanto is loaded with safety with active and passive security equipments. There are dual front airbags and anti lock brake system, there are airbags in front passenger and driver compartment that offers great protection during bad weather conditions. There are front fog lights, engine immobilizer, and crumple zones to protect passengers during the onset of accidents. The other beneficial features are seat belts at the back and front, three back headrests and a front headrest.  The car costs Rs 6.39 – 7.87 although both cars have all round impressive features the new Quanto offers a whole new level of comfort with Yoga seats.

2016 Mahindra Bolero SUV spotted closely

The next generation Mahindra Bolero SUV was recently spied very closely in Tamil Nadu, where Mahindra & Mahindra’s Research & Development center is located. The all new 2016 Bolero is codenamed as the U301 and it will be one of the biggest launches from Mahindra in the next two year’s time. The all new Bolero is expected to launch in India sometime in the year 2016 before which the highly awaited and speculated S101 compact SUV is also expected to launch.

mahindra bolero special edition

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition

Mahindra is known to be working o a slew of new cars in order to pump up its market performance and to reinforce its position as the Indian utility vehicle leader. The Indian car major is reportedly ready with a number of planned launches till the year 2020.

In an interview, Mahindra’s Executive Director and president of automotive sector, Dr. Pawan Goenka revealed that the company has got its upcoming product launches planned till the year 2020, and that the company will be using three entirely new platforms that will spawn a lot of variants. There will be also a number of refreshed models.

The upcoming 2016 Mahindra Bolero SUV is expected to be utilizing a new hydroformed ladder-frame chassis that will be much sturdier as well as light as compared against the current model. This will increase the Bolero’s performance level while also reinstating the SUV’s patent rough and tough qualities.

It is also being speculated that apart from the regular sized Bolero model, Mahindra could also offer a new sub-4 meter compact Bolero model in order to take advantage of the tax subsidy in India. Thus, there could well be two variants of the new Mahindra Bolero SUV to cater to a wider range of customers.

The Bolero SUV is a very successful model for the Indian utility vehicle giant Mahindra & Mahindra. The Bolero is a 14 year old model which has been offering consistent bestselling volumes, and its popularity never seems to diminish. The iconic SUV model has crossed the sales mark of 650,000 units in India. After its age long performance and market existence, the Bolero remains a top seller for the company till date, thus replacing the model with an entirely new one is simply out of the equation. However, in order to heighten the Bolero’s public appeal and to arm it with all the contemporary features in order to compete with the new market rivals, Mahindra will be giving the Bolero an all new appeal.

The all new Bolero is expected to get more up-market look and feel along with more fine-tuned overall performance and drive dynamics. The vehicle’s noise and vibration levels are also expected to reduce. There is a high chance of Mahindra increasing the power output of the Bolero’s engine, however this should not at all affect the fuel efficiency, as it is a very popular rural and commercial vehicle.

If Mahindra does offer a sub-4m variant of the 2016 Bolero as well, then the sales rates should significantly grow.

An amazing line up of new Mahindra cars

Mahindra is an acclaimed Indian based auto enterprise, and has proved its worthy potential with its incredible range of Sport Utility Vehicles. The competition level in SUV market has heated up with the launch of Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport and Volkswagen Taigun. To beat the red hot competition Mahindra aims to launch three SUV’s by 2016.

Mahindra all new Bolero 001

The company’s ace SUV product is XUV500, the car is a global best seller particularly in US and South Africa. Mahindra’s USP with its vehicles is to bring in rough and tough products. Few quality models apart from XUV500 are Quanto, Scorpio, Bolero and Xylo.

Mahindra has for years introduced stunning models with impressive rigid statures, features and on road performance. To churn admirable global profits the company has used world class technologies that cater to smooth drive encounters. An interesting new launch is Rodius SUV, a big four wheel vehicle, due to launch in 2015 to 16 financial year. The other new car to look forward to is 2014 Scorpio facelift.

Mahindra is working on S101 compact SUV, on joint partnership basis with the esteemed Korean firm Ssangyong. The company banks on the car to fuel exemplary profits. The car is an ace competitor for many other new SUV’s like Volkswagen Taigun, new Tata Aria, new Hyundai Santa Fe, and Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha.

The company was among the first to invest in a range of SUV’s, earlier the stiff competitor for Mahindra was Tata Motors. Tata Motors is an esteemed home grown auto brand. The conventionally made robust SUV’s produced by the company are Tata Safari Storme, Tata Sumo Gold, and Tata Sumo Grande and so on. Now there are many more established firms to compete with.

Mahindra is the biggest utility vehicle maker in India; it now has to face a bigger level of competition. The company aims to bring in a whole new range of SUV’s in the near future. Mahindra’s new projects are centered on compact SUV, four utility vehicles and new reasonable hatchback. According to the rumored buzz the firm aims to introduce new products on joint partnership basis with Ssangyong.

A new near launch to go after is 2014 Scorpio facelift; it will have cosmetic exterior changes and new plush XUV500 up market interiors. The fascinating element of the car is the newness; everything is new, the headlights, taillights and grille. The insides will have a degree of grandeur and enrichment with faux wood finish. The car will be a stellar on the mechanical front, the diesel engine will pump out 140 bhp coupled with six speed manual transmission gear box.

Mahindra has a string of splendid new launches; it has always been a hard firm to beat, with regard to SUV’s. Even under the current grave economic pressure, Scorpio is sold in higher numbers than Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. The company is working on new 2016 Bolero model, it too it an attention-grabbing launch, because the company has not introduce many new variants of the car.

There are many amazing new Mahindra cars to look forward to, which means fun times ahead for Mahindra car buffs.