Mahindra Thar 2015 launched in India

Mahindra Thar is getting its first major upgradation since its launching in the year 2010. The vehicle, post the upgradation will be priced around INR 8.3 lakhs and only the CRDe variant will get an upgrade and DI isn’t getting one as of now.

New Thar CRDe

Exterior, with some major and minor changes will have new rear and front bumpers, clear lens headlamps, a redesigned canopy, fresh wheel arches (butch looking) and tubular side footsteps. Mahindra is also offering, along with these changes, some additional classy accessories and customization options for the customers who want more additions to the interiors or exteriors of their car.

Mahindra Thar has been presented with a lot of new features and it is getting warm reception from the car enthusiasts as some of the features are being introduced in India for the very first time. Owing to its very sturdy body and rugged look, similar to the old jeep van, the car has always been very popular among the Indians since it got launched in the year 2010. In the latest upgrade some features are same as the last one, some are modified and a few new features got installed.

Exterior- Although car is still carrying the similarities with the old sturdy jeep by the looks of it, some changes were made to the exterior. A completely round headlight, front grilles, wheel arches having side indicators and this change is expected to be very cost effective. A rectangular glass frame in the front, alloy wheels, three doors one at the back and two at the front.

The new Mahindra Thar features some classy interior features such as wider seats, redesigned centre bezel, a new gear knob and steering wheel, changed door panel for the interior, a heater, new slightly better dashboard- black beige, freshly designed AC vents, a new windshield demister, glove box with locking abilities, door trims and a 3-pod instrument cluster that looks quite sporty. For some extra comfort and convenience, there is a new floor console installed, with cup holders.

Coming to the engine, the new Mahindra Thar is getting the 2500cc CRDe engine with practically the same output as the previous generation Thar which was 105 bhp @ 3800 rpm and torque- 274 Nm @ 1800-2000 rpm. Thar is getting the 4WD system which is quite standard with high and low ratios. As Mahindra Thar was always seen a heavy duty monster, above stats did a fine job of proving that it is in no way less powerful than the previous generation car.

As mentioned above, the only version getting upgraded is the BSIV compliant version, although the DI which is also a BSIII compliant will continue selling in the market.

Mahindra is selling approximately 10,000 cars every year out of which the 70% of them belongs to the DI variant and the contribution of the CRDe variant to the total sales is a little more than 30%. While launching the car, president of Mahindra and Mahindra, Mr. Praveen Shah said that the intention behind upgrading an already cult car was to enhance its features to serve the customers more efficiently.

Mahindra First Choice expanding in Chennai

MFCW (Mahindra First Choice Wheels), a certified multi brand company that deals in sales and purchase of used cars, recently launched its 11th dealership establishment in Chennai. Although the company will mainly serve to the people working in the IT (Information and technology) sector, it will also fulfill the car needs of general population. The latest outlet, named Venture Cars will be opened in Thoraipakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Mahindra First Choice

Tarun Nagar, National Head of Franchisee operation of Mahindra First Choice said recently that this is companies only second Venture Car outlet in the metropolitan, will cater to general population and IT professionals and will be dealing specifically in used cars.

The company is dreaming big as the plans are in progress to open at least 700 outlets across the country. With this, the company is aiming to become India’s topmost seller of used cars. The Company wants to grow in order to meet the rising demands of people for used cars. Presently, it is operating in the country with around 530 outlets. The statistics are very well in favour of the company as well as it has sold around 69,000 used cars in just last year and one other fact that needs to be considered is that most of the demands are coming from young customers aged between 24-34 years.

Although one big threat to the company is the very less market share of the used car companies as most customers still don’t rely on them. Owing to the websites like OLX.COM, CARDEKHO.COM and others, presently most deals are taking place between the sellers to the buyer directly. Out of the three million used cars available in the market, the organised sector deals in only 17% of them. Although a very few people are using services of these companies, but hopes are high as the number is rising and it is estimated that by the end of the next year, as Mahindra First Choice Wheels expands its business in the country, more customers will be attracted.

Nagar also said that the average replacement cycle of the used car has fallen dramatically from five years to four years. He also mentioned that most of the customers buying used cars, generally are buying their first cars and the average price range of used (mostly second hand) cars is also increasing by each year, as it has risen to a whopping INR 3.75 lakh, which was around INR 3.25 lakhs until some time ago.

The warranty for all the basic electrical and mechanical components of the car is provided by Warranty First. Warranty for car’s engine and transmission for six months is covered by Certifirst warranty. It also covers the warranty if the car reaches the 7,500 kilometres mark before the six month period is over. And engine and transmission of the car for one year or 15,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, is covered by Certifirst+, as said by Tarun Nagar.

If the statistics are to be believed the used car market has been rising at a phenomenal rate of 20% per annum with MFCW growing at a much faster pace.

Mahindra facilitates urban agriculture at Detroit

In order to facilitate urban farming initiatives, Detroit, MI, is going to be the recipient of USD 1,00,000. World’s top selling tractors brand, based on the units it sells per year, Mahindra USA will be the benefactor along with MNATC (Mahindra North American Technical Centre) which is centred in Troy, MI. The money will be splitting between five non profit organisations which are already working to facilitate urban agriculture and expanding on the present UASI ( Urban Ag Scholarship Initiative). Along with this amazing gift, a brand new Mahindra tractor will be given to one of the farms under the program and a gift in the form of an MPACT XTV utility vehicle will be given to the city itself. This is an initiative by Mahindra to facilitate the agricultural sector in the states.

mahindra urban farming initiatives, Detroit, MI

The COO (Chief Operating officer) and the President of Mahindra North American Technical Centre, Richard Haas said recently that Mahindra operates in more than 100 countries and is a leading global enterprise. He also said that at the crux of company’s core beliefs and values is a promise to bring a favourable change in the communities and the stakeholders, the geography does not matter. Wherever Mahindra operates, facilitating both urban and rural agricultural initiatives will remain its prime concern. Staying true to their global position as a leading tractor manufacturer, the support it landed to Detroit was naturally necessary and their prime concern.

Detroit is known very famously as country’s one of the leading agricultural sites. What makes Detroit a phenomenal incubator for gardens and farms are thousands of acres of vacant plots and gardens which are spreaded throughout the town. The other reason is an elevated demand for home grown food, and efforts to upgrade the availability, affordability and quality of the products which are being sold to the residents. Not just that, urban farms also are encouraging entrepreneurialism among the citizens and to inform them about the crucial elements that may help them to work better and more efficiently. Now it’s also teaching them employable skills in order to facilitate work force development and thus boosting the economies of the city and the entire region.

Rick Haas also stated that Detroit is one of the fastest growing cities and Mahindra will try its best to be the part of the growth process and ultimately the return of the city to prosperity. It seems like the city is going to leave its mark on the economical scale of the country in the near future.

Mahindra, the Indian automobile giant, is also facilitating a handful of programs focused specifically on agriculture which includes five urban agricultural scholarships, four scholarship for facilitating women’s contribution in the agricultural sector and in partnership with the CTA (Career and Technology association of Texas, 12 Mahindra Texas Pride scholarships.

Not just that, Mahindra is also working hard to facilitate agriculture in many other countries under their operation. The Indian automobile giant, headquartered in Mumbai mostly deals in heavy duty vehicles like farming trucks and heavy duty SUVs.

The brand new Mahindra Bolero or U301 features leaked

Mahindra Group is an Indian multi-national partnership situated all through Mumbai. It is available in a lot of fields like farming innovation, IT, protection, vitality, protection and so on. In 2014, Mahindra highlighted on the Forbes Global 2000, which is a sweeping magazine which distributed the rundown of the world’s greatest, most effective open associations, as measured by pay, advantage, assets and business regard. Mahindra Group is one of India’s greatest utility vehicle makers and they have starting late drawn nearer the governing body to distribute spending arrangements for setting up establishment expected to help the use of nature benevolent electric vehicle or e-autos in India.

mahindra bolero special edition

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition

The latest news in that Mahindra & Mahindra is scheduling to dispatch a bundle of new cars as well as face lifts in the automobile markets of India before the present year is over. It is heard that the highlight of those dispatches will be the cutting edge newly modified by Mahindra, the Mahindra Bolero – currently called as the U301 – which is being planned to be launched during the latter half of the current year. There is news that the multinational corporation has already started testing Mahindra Bolero or U301 all across the country.

The reports from the press release reveal that the new Mahindra Bolero or U301 is going to be more diesel or petrol productive and saving than even the Mahindra Quanto that gives a mileage of 17.2 kilometers per liter. For accomplishing a number representing a better and a higher mileage, the auto engineers in the Mahindra group are taking a shot at the ECU or motor control unit, inter cooler, turbo and gear ratios of the auto. The new Scorpio had been installed with hydro formed ladder and frame undercarriage (shorter rendition) and the Mahindra Bolero or U301’s features are inspired from that. It will be or even already has been designed as a sub-4 meter packed in SUV, and more along these lines therefore profiting on the smaller vehicle advantages in excise. The highlight in this car despite its compactness is a longer wheelbase, even larger than 2500 millimeter, so auto enthusiasts are anticipating that it will offer quite a liberal lodge space.

Other features on the card that the U301 will flaunt are reported as a 2-DIN sound system along with CD or MP3, Aux In and USB, Bluetooth integration, programmed and auto air or atmosphere control in the vehicle, polygonal cluster that gives focus comfort, unit that has a LCD display, back light (red) and control switches & dials surrounded by chrome bezels. The vehicle will also contain features minimizing accidents for e.g. double front airbags and ABS (break mechanism without lock).

The Mahindra U301 Bolero is going to have a 1.5 liter diesel motor that is similar to the Mahindra Quanto. This engine will be combined with a five speed manual and also an AMT gearbox. The Mahindra U301 is planned to be compared with the Ford EcoSport so its price will fall in the range of 6L to 8L INR in exclusive showrooms.

Facelift of Mahindra Thar to be launched on 22 July

Thar, the popular off roader from M&M, is all set to receive a major face lift on 22 July. This rough and tough car will receive changes not just from the exterior but also significant changes from the inside. According to experts, all these changes seem to have been inspired by Wrangler from Jeep.

facelift mahindra thar

2016 Thar will have exteriors sporting plastic metal bumpers. It will also get a tilted canopy on its rear side and a step on the sides. This is not all as customers will get an option to ask for customized changes according to their needs and personal liking. These include luggage carrier on the roof, rood spoiler, alloy wheels, graphics on the body, and many more features.

The new Thar will boast of interiors that have been inspired by the interiors of Jeep Wrangler. The cabin of new Thar would get new and stylish A/C louvers and controls besides a new central console. It will also have a brand new dashboard in dual color tone with chrome detailing that looks very attractive. New Thar also seems to be inspired from another SUV called Bolero from M&M. These design features include its new gear box, the steering wheel, and the AC knob. There will an integrated music system having features of FM radio and 4 surround speakers to improve the atmosphere inside the cabin. Steering system that is power assisted will be seen only in the top end variant of Thar. M&M has done everything to bolster the space inside new Thar by adding stylish cup holders and additional storage space under the seats.

New Thar has been made safer for the drivers with the help of new safety features. The outer body of Thar has been given support through inner fenders to minimize impact of a crash. To make it safe, M&M has introduced an engine immobilizer in the new Thar. This makes any unauthorized access into this car impossible. New fog lamps have been designed to give the driver a better view of the road. Among other new features, the wash and wipe function at the rear will attract many consumers. The rear view mirror of the new Thar is also an improved one that fives a clear view of the objects at the rear even at night.

Power specs of Thar remain the same with the same 2.5 liter CRDe engine and the DI engine. DI is less powerful as it produces a power of 63HP and a torque of 182Nm. It is the CRDe engine that produces a power of 10BHP and a torque of 247Nm. Both variants are available in speed manual transmission. While CRDe will be a 4WD vehicle, DI will be offered both as RD and 4WD vehicle. With a much larger wheelbase and ground clearance, Thar can be easily driven under all road conditions.

Thar will fight for supremacy in a segment that already has the likes of Tata Sumo, Force Gurkha, Premier Rio, and Maruti Gypsy. It will be an attractive option with its high power and affordable price range.

Mahindra Scorpio or Hyundai Creta – What are you betting on?

As far as outside styling the Creta looks a bit on the gentler side, having a certain demeanor of complexity around it. The front components Hyundai’s mark hexagonal grille with 3 level chrome braces so as to give the auto a forceful trademark. The dark plastic cladding encompassing the vehicle guarantees that it is not mixed up for a wannabe. At the back as well, things remain outwardly engaging with the taillights looking somewhat like the headlamps. Within, the Hyundai Creta gets a beige and dark shading plan with flawlessly laid out lodge with the outline being basic yet rich.

Hyundai Creta Left Three Quarters

The Mahindra Scorpio holds the light to nobody regarding the matter of its outside styling. With the late facelift, the vehicle has gone more forceful and strong than any other time in recent memory. The amended front gives the auto a more rakish look than before and is gorgeous also. Comparative can be said in regards to the back end of the vehicle too which now gets littler tail-lights and re-outlined boot top. In any case, it is the insides where a few tables have been turned. The new and redesigned Scorpio sports a modern lodge which is an immense update from the past one. Contrasting it with the insides of Creta, Scorpio’s lodge has sharp and rakish outline profile.

The Hyundai Creta has projecting head lamps, lights for day time (LED), varying media route framework, touch-screen mixed media framework, passage without a lock and off and on AC vents at the back. Taking about the security, the vehicle accompanies 6-airbags, Anti-Lock Braking framework (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Hill-Start Assist control and back stopping camera.

New Mahindra Scorpio

New Mahindra Scorpio

The Mahindra Scorpio gets corner headlamps, downpour detecting wipers, touch-screen AV system with Bluetooth network, voice empowered route framework, guiding mounted controls and tire temperature and weight marker. On the security front the vehicle gets double front airbags, Anti-Lock slowing mechanism (ABS), rate caution which hums an alert when you cross 140km/h stamp and back stopping sensors with voice highlight.

The Hyundai Creta’s motor line up will comprises of a 1.6 liter engine which is equipped for delivering 123bhp and 155Nm of torque. The motor will be combined to a 6-rate manual gearbox. The SUV will likewise get 2 diesel motors too. A 1.4 liter unit is fit for delivering 90bhp and 224Nm of torque and a 1.6 liter diesel unit, and will produce 128bhp and 259Nm of torque.

Mahindra has furnished the Scorpio with and motor line-up of 2 Diesel motors. The base S2 variation accompanies a 2.5 liter engine which produces 75bhp and 200Nm of torque. Rest of the variations are accessible with a 2.2 liter mHawk turbocharged motor which creates 120bhp and 280Nm of torque. Both the motors are accessible with a 5-pace manual transmission.

Hyundai Creta : INR 7.5 lakhs to INR 12 lakhs (top model).

The base Scorpio: INR 8.4 lakhs with highest S10 Variant at 13 lakhs

Mahindra not lagging behind in the AMT technology trend

Mahindra & Mahindra is taking a shot at an arrangement to dispatch a progression of clutch less models, to take advantage of expanding interest among India’s urban vehicles purchasers for design and utility that lessen the anxiety of city driving.

Mahindra U301 compact SUV rear

Automatic manual transmission (AMT), a clutch less innovation that is more fuel-productive than manual transmission and about as agreeable as programmed without adding much to the expense; is the thing that Mahindra is wagering on.

In doing so, it is making a similar move like Maruti Suzuki’s achievement with the Celerio AMT. Opponents including Tata Motors too have been seeing empowering interest for vehicles with AMT. Mahindra is deciding to offer clutch less transmission on its new Scorpio, XUV 500 and additionally models in the pipeline, for example, the U215 and U301. The organization is investigating the likelihood of growing the AMT portfolio to the new multipurpose vehicles, U321 and U341, which are by and large at present, are being built in Mahindra’s North America Technical Center.

South Korean Hyundai Motor, with its up and coming Creta, expects to offer the first diesel programmed in the reasonable SUV space and Mahindra’s wouldn’t like to be deserted.

Individuals aware of present circumstances said the endeavor to make auto like SUVs and offering clutch less choices in its vehicles is an endeavor from Mahindra to speak to the bigger gathering of people in urban areas who have off late likewise picked Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Ford EcoSport.

While the upcoming miniaturized scale S101 is prone to be dispatched in the impending couple of months, the AMT rendition will be made accessible a quite a while from now.

For compact vehicles, Mahindra is liable to source AMT from Magneti Marelli or ZF, though for the bigger ladder frame on vehicle, with north-south location of motor is liable to be fitted in vehicles like U301 and U215.

The organization is looking forward to lock the deal with Magneti, once the problem of a local manufacturing unit is available which Magneti is prone to commission in couple of months.

The frugal and small car buying Indian shopper’s attitude, say industry specialists, is gradually evolving towards buying automatic AMT cars as the price is reduced as opposed to the 20 to 30 percent price difference that prevented the buyers from bending towards better, economical and automatic technology.  An examination done by consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan predicts offers of programmed (counting AMT) vehicles to reach around 5 lakh by 2020. AMT can assume the praise for proclaiming that change. It is less expensive than ordinary programmed includes only 5-10% to the value and expends less fuel than manual transmission auto.

In financial 2015, Maruti sold around 30,000 units of AMT-fitted autos and the arrangement is to offer three times all the more in FY16, making up 7-8% of its general deals. Tata Motors is liable to democratize AMT over its autos, while Renault and Nissan have arrangements to present AMT in their entrance level autos.

Mahindra made an offer that could be refused only by the Italians

Mahindra Group is an Indian multi-national organization with its headquarters situated in Mumbai but reaches many countries all around the world. It produces in a lot of fields like farming innovation, IT, defense, energy and power, protection and so on. In 2014, Mahindra was highlighted on the Forbes Global 2000, which is an expansive magazine which came out with the rundown of the world’s greatest, most capable corporations, according to wage, advantage, assets and business regard. Mahindra Group is one of India’s greatest utility vehicle makers and they have also planned to invest in electric vehicle technology as it bought a major stake in the Mahindra Reva Pvt. Ltd. which is India’s first e car. Mahindra is a 16 billion dollar worth company and has large stakes in many other big companies.

Pininfarina logo

Pininfarina or also known as Carozzeria Pininfarina is an autonomous Italian automobile design company and coach producer based in Italy. It was founded in 1930 by and was named after Battista Pininfarina. Pininfarina designs autos for a wide range of high end car manufactures in Italy. These organizations have brought to the firm, clients that have been settled for a long term since quite a while now, for example, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, GM, Fiat etc. to developing names in the Asian market especially Chinese like AviChina, Brilliance, and JAC etc. Since the 1980s Pininfarina has designed many types and numbers of automobiles like rapid trains, transports, cable cars, light rail cars, public movers, yachts, private and other bigger planes, etc. In 1986 Pininfarina Extra was formed where they counseled designers and other professionals on many things like mechanical design, interior auto design, structural planning, and visualization etc.

This Italian design firm was in the news along with the billion dollar multinational Mahindra & Mahindra’s because the multinational offered to assume control of an Italian design company Pininfarina but the offer failed to be carried out as the Italian auto originator’s leaser banks dismissed the offer, as indicated by a Reuters’ report that cited an Italian daily paper mentioning the news. Pininfarina’s lender banks reject takeover offer as it included discounting a large portion of Italian auto Design Company’s $97 million obligation.

As indicated by the report, Pininfarina’s banks restricted the move since it included discounting a large portion of Pininfarina’s obligations of 87 million euros or $97 million. It is likely that the Italian auto-outline firm is presently living up to expectations towards considering another obligation rebuilding arrangement, the report included.

News that Mahindra has offered to buy the Italian organization which was established in 1930 rose in April this year. The organization has been unrewarding for very nearly 10 years and a division of the organization that assembled autos for different makers likewise must be close down a couple of years back.

Some notable models planned by Pininfarina incorporate the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider, the Granturismo and the Ferrari California, 599 GTB Fiorano, Maserati Quattroporte and  612 Scaglietti.

Mahindra and Auto Care joined to open new used car one-stop shop

Mahindra Group is an Indian multi-national partnership situated all through Mumbai. It is available in a lot of fields like farming innovation, IT, protection, vitality, protection and so on. Mahindra brought the utility vehicle to India for the first time. Even after more than a score years Mahindra is still the country’s major utility vehicle (UV) producer, however it has likewise developed a considerable amount from that point. They have also been credited as the producers of cutting edge SUVs like the Scorpio and Bolero, Mahindra offers autos, electric vehicles, pickups, and business vehicles that are rough, solid, ecologically agreeable, and fuel-productive. The securing of the SsangYong Motor Company in 2011 brought a noteworthy South Korean utility producer which has a presence in more than ninety nations under the name of the Indian group, Mahindra. The worldwide vicinity of Mahindra implies that you can discover Mahindra vehicles on the paved and unpaved streets of many countries such as Australia, Europe, Latin America, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa etc. What’s more is that Mahindra has been searching out new landscape consistently.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

Mahindra is additionally there for the buyers through the development of brilliant segments, procurement of extras, and responsibility to prevalent administration. The car companies cover all the transportation needs which can be attributed to cooperative energies between their ability in design, assembling, and administration.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels or MFCWL which is a used car company has recently launched a second outlet under their name in Jalgaon, a district of Khandesh in Maharashtra. This new outlet clubbed with the Auto Cares and is said to be the 57th outlet opened by Mahindra in Maharashtra.

The Indian Blue Book or IBB is another product that the organization has as of late dispatched which is a guide to find the prices of used cars that includes exchange information with a critical engine.

Tarun Nagar the National Head of Mahindra First Choice Wheels said, “We are charmed to band together with Auto Cares which is a big set up name in Jalgaon. Their mastery and information of the neighborhood auto business combined with our imaginative and first cars and services of their kind the industry will empower us to expand our client base in the district. This is the second outlet we opened in Jalgaon and we also anticipate growing our solid franchisee system further in future.”

The press also caught up with Sachin Desai, who is a partner of Auto Cares who claimed, “Mahindra First Choice Wheels appreciates and cherishes solid brand value in Maharashtra as India’s pre-prominent multi-brand used car organization. Auto Cares can be efficiently used as a one-stop shop for all the buyers and clients, offering them, a scope of administrations, including buy and offer of multi-brand authentic used vehicles, car funds, protection, fitment of auto extras and help with printed material and documentation.” Mahindra First Choice Wheels’ has as of now marked 133 dealerships in the West and it further plans to extend this number to 160 outlets by the end of this annum.

Mahindra Canto – A New name for Quanto

Mahindra Group is an Indian multi-national partnership situated all through Mumbai. It is available in a lot of fields like farming innovation, IT, protection, vitality, protection and so on. In 2014, Mahindra highlighted on the Forbes Global 2000, which is a sweeping magazine which distributed the rundown of the world’s greatest, most effective open associations, as measured by pay, advantage, assets and business regard. Mahindra Group is one of India’s greatest utility vehicle makers and they have starting late drawn nearer the governing body to distribute spending arrangements for setting up establishment expected to help the use of nature benevolent electric vehicle or e-autos in India.

2015 mahindra quanto

Mahindra had been planning to launch a small compact SUV which was Mahindra Quanto. They have made and built the vehicle but are running test drives in the Quanto all across the country. The Mahindra Quanto had been released alongside another SUV EcoSport from Ford. We can infer from this that the organization is putting in more focus to pick up the deals by these kind of SUVs that are compact, like Quanto. The present specimen of Quanto has taken its inspiration from Xylo and the situation may turn with this overhaul.

Even though Mahindra has tried to make the differences subtle yet they can be spotted especially in the front of the body like a new front guard or bumper, bigger air bags, a changed framework and may get a stylized bonnet also. Along with these, it additionally gets a scoop for the bonnet like the one Scorpio has, and also DRL’s or Daytime Running Lamps. With the overhauled Quanto, Mahindra and Mahindra wish to get a powerful performance on the road.

In spite of the fact that there are numerous progressions at the front belt, the side looks plain and isn’t very engaging. A few changes are done to the insides like the expansion of factions in the steering wheel and change in the color tone to gray and beige. An AMT box might also be present.

The vehicle at the front has numerous tweaks and but when we move towards the back there is not even a single touch. The back is rather plain and same and the styling at the back looks excessively old now and could be a turn off for the purchasers. The vehicle shares a few components of design and working from its elder sibling. The suspension function will be upgraded too which will reduce the body movement and additionally manage office which the present model has scarcely had a go at. The motor specifications will keep on being the same like the earlier models of older compact SUVs. However, there is news that Mahindra might be planning to change the name of Quanto and upgrade the name to “Canto”. For whatever reason Mahindra is deciding to change the name, most of the people will end up calling it Quanto because of what stayed for the first time. The auto will be released later in the year while some celebration of this season.