2015 Mahindra Bolero Vs 2015 Mahindra Quanto

Mahindra Bolero is currently the top selling SUV across the country. Reliable powertrains, strong body, go anywhere feature, rugged looks and above all the spot on pricing of this SUV make it more sought after among the people. As per the information from trusted sources, it is found that the engineering department of Mahindra is heading towards a more uplifted chassis construction for the upcoming new 2015 Bolero. Not only does Mahindra caught the public’s attention with its upgrade on Bolero series SUV, but also with its new version of compact MUV, the Mahindra Quanto which was previewed at the Delhi auto expo few months ago. With two new upcoming products of Mahindra and Mahindra, enthusiasts car buyers of this giant vehicle manufacturer are excited to find the areas where the upgrades are made on both 2015 Mahindra Bolero and 2015 Mahindra Quanto.

2015 Mahindra Bolero Spy Shot


The new Bolero 2015 will be powered by a tried and tested mHawk 3-cylinder engine version of Mahindra that is known to power the Scorpio, the new Xylo H series and XUV500. However, it will be adjusted for economy rather than absolute performance and it will work between the powers of 100 to 110 PS. Notably, inspite of the monocoque construction of the vehicle, the new Bolero is believed to remain as a rear-wheel drive. The option of four wheel drive is also been offered.

The new 2015 Quanto will be powered by a 3-cylinder 1.5 liter diesel engine that can produce 240Nm and 100bhp of torque. The engine will power the rear wheel via the 5-speed Autoshift unit. The system will be controlled by hydraulic actuation system and an advanced ECU that senses the required gear changes by functioning on shift map and has altered it to offer higher fuel efficiency. By avoiding the use of torque converter, Mahindra tried to save a lot on weight and cost of this new Quanto.

2015 mahindra quanto

Exterior and interior:

When it comes to new Bolero 2015, styling will be a key factor as the designers of Mahindra have seen the vehicle as the jeep grand Cherokee and range rover Evoque for inspiration. The vehicle’s interior is also upgraded, with new molded door pads, integrated audio system, high quality plastics for dashboard, reverse camera, etc. The new Bolero will also get an improved NVH levels over the present Bolero.

Regarding the appearance upgrade on new 2015 Quanto, the front of the vehicle features large headlamps and the grille that looks similar to Xylo, showing not much effort is made on concealing the car’s origin. The tailgate of the car looks flat and ends pretty abruptly, but the spare wheel adds up to the distinct character of the car. Quanto will also be launching as the only 7-seater compact MUV that the Indian market has ever seen. Quanto will feature large doors, providing easy access for getting in and out of the car. Cabin is also roomy and the leg space is large for the first two rows of car at least.

Mahindra First Choice Services and its expansion

Mahindra is one of India’s biggest carmakers. Set up in 1945, it is also the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world. It has a reputation for manufacturing excellent high-end SUV’s and some of its most renowned products include the Scorpio, Bolero and the Quanto.

Mahindra First Choice

One of Mahindra’s innovative programmes is it Mahindra First Choice Services. The MFCS, as it is widely called, is intended to enable the purchasing of used cars. The used car market is a hugely expanding one in India. Day by day, the number of prospective car buyers in India increases. The idea of owning a vehicle here is also tied to social prestige. But the vagaries of the car market and financial downturns often make new cars too costly for the first-time buyer. It is here that the MFCS comes to the rescue. It allows users to procure cars at excellent rates. Currently, the market for used cars is not very well organized in India. MFCS thus helps not only to enable Indian buyers to purchase cars at fine rates, but also in organizing and further enhancing this sector.

Mahindra has taken every step to ensure that the process of buying and servicing used cars is carried out transparently. Firstly, MFCS-approved used vehicles go through extensive quality tests. There were a few worries from customers regarding the quality of cars available for sale initially, but according to Mahindra, these glitches have been taken care of. 118 quality checks are used to determine prospective cars suitable for purchase.

Another highly interesting aspect of the MFCS is that its not just Mahindra vehicles which can be purchased through this system. Cars of all brands are available. This system was initially criticizedby some, but MFCS has stood by this feature as being one which greatly aids prospective buyers. Purchases and enquiries can also be made online and the query addressing system is top-notch.

Its potential being extremely high, MFCS has decided to go further in strengthening the venture. The Valiant Capital, has agreed to pitch in with rupees 94 crores for a minority stake in the company. In 2008, a similar measure was used to raise capital from Delhi based Phi capital. Rajeev Dubey of Mahindra says that the MFCS is based on a “brick+click” system and is a hugely successful hybrid model which further strengthens its long-term prospects. The project is currently growing at a healthy 35 percent per year.  Already some 70,000 units have been sold via physical outlets and other 80,000 units have been sold online, undoubtedly making numerous car buyers very happy. MFCS claims that it will end 2015 with 500 franchise outlets and grow to 1800+ outlets in the next 5 years. The further strengthening of the MFCS is expected to strengthen Mahindra’s overall image and enhance its rapidly growing base among Indian customers.  MFCS has been particularly successful in B and C category towns, with their large population of interested buyers. Initiatives like these are the need of the hour, and MFCS will undoubtedly aid Mahindra in reaching a new high in the Indian market.

Mahindra`s Formula E-Car Division Plans to build low cost Battery Cars

Mahindra and Mahindra is the India’s largest SUV seller and very popular in the United States for manufacturing of small tractors. It has some other businesses in the U.S like Scooter, I.T etc.

Formula E Miami race

Formula E cars are currently one of the most rapidly growing sports machinery in the world. Last year, A series was held in the US, in which 10 teams took part. Some big players were Renault SA, Audi Ag and Andretti Autosport etc. These teams represented their drivers for the race. In the race, top speed was about 140 mph and formula e-cars had to run for one hour. These teams had to finish before emptying of their car batteries.

Mahindra is among the first movers who have invested a large amount of money for participation in the series. Mahindra`s this move is not race victory oriented, but it’s a next step towards the higher level game of E-cars business. Mahindra has been consistently trying to provide a low-cost solution for the Electronic car market, unlike Tesla Motors` e-cars with huge prices.

Mahindra’s e2o costing $10,000 was made in India and is a purely battery-oriented car available in India. Mahindra’s e2o comes with a top speed of 50mph and enough space for 4 passengers. E20 is actually smaller than many hatchbacks it is capable of travelling 120 km with a five hour charge, only 14 km short than Nissan Motors` Leaf which is much costlier that E20.

But, unfortunately demand of e-cars in India is very low and company like Mahindra can`t survive in this segment with such a low demand. That is why, Mahindra has moved its interest to England and is currently planning to launch its city car in London this summer.

However, according to England`s safety procedures and standards, Mahindra will have to modify its cars and put some more weight on them. It will incur costs by the company`s side and will result in an increased price tag. Due to the price, it will be able to target some high income customers in London.

It’s been about two decades, since Mahindra is working on E-cars and its efforts were escalated when it purchased REVA E-car Company in 2010. It is a very crucial step for the future of Mahindra`s Formula e cars. This acquisition will certainly help Mahindra in developing some great quality e-cars and capturing more market share in the future.

With the entry of many large players like General Motors co. and BYD motors in the E-car market, it is expected to grow to a large extent due to the attendance of major players and a stiff competition between them. However, the demand is not sure yet.

Mahindra Scorpio Automatic Caught by Cameras during Test

After the successful launch of the new generation Mahindra Scorpio in September, 2014, Mahindra and Mahindra is just about to launch Scorpio Automatic with Automated Manual Transmission. It is the most awaited SUV in the year 2015 as AMT is not available in any of the SUVs of the same segment. Scorpio Automatic is anticipated to be released very soon i.e. in the mid of April. This release news is backed up by a picture of the Scorpio Automatic during the test run, clicked by a camera recently.

New Mahindra Scorpio

New Mahindra Scorpio

At present, Scorpio features trim levels including S2, S4, S6, S6+, S8 and S10. It is expected that only the top models will be having the AMT equipped in them.

Currently, Mahindra Scorpio is powered by the 2.2 L m-Hawk engine with a 120 bhp of maximum power and peak torque of 280Nm. Scorpio`s basic model is powered by the 2.5 L m2DiCr diesel and 75 BHP. Therefore, the basic variant would not be equipped with auto gearbox.

As the automatic version of Scorpio is among one of the most awaited vehicles this year due to the high popularity of Scorpio among customers. Therefore, a high level of prelaunch heat is associated with the Scorpio Automatic.

It is expected that Scorpio Automatic will be having a fully automatic, 6-speed gearbox and a powerful 2.2 L m-Hawk engine. Scorpio will be the first SUV in its segment and the first Indian Brand offering a 6-speed, fully-Automatic Transmission. Mahindra`s Scorpio Automatic would be the only available vehicle in its class with an automatic gearbox in the near future as its rivals such as the Renault`s Duster and Nissan`s Terrano come with manual transmission only.

The Scorpio Automatic would be a featured with fully electronically controlled automatic gearbox which would result in the shorter shift times and hence, a much improved drivability. This is a great technological improvement over earlier Automatic Vehicles which were hydraulic controlled gearbox.

This new edition of this SUV will be equipped with in-built intelligent driving modes for a smooth drive and a large number of smart features, giving the Scorpio a greater competitive advantage in its SUV segment. Scorpio automatic will also be loaded with the features offered with S10 model like driver + passenger airbag, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), etc.

The Scorpio Automatic would also be remarkably low on maintenance due to different advantages. The transmission is completely sealed and does not require any oil change throughout its life. Scorpio Automatic would also incorporate an adaptive strategy and technique to maintain the optimum shift quality through the life of the transmission. Additionally, an inbuilt overheat protection strategy and a self-diagnostic capability will make Scorpio Automatic a great SUV in its segment.

The Scorpio automatic is expected to be around Rs. 1 lac costlier than the existing top end model. If the automatic gearbox will be offered with Scorpio RWD, It may cost over 12 lac (ex-showroom). If it comes with 4WD, the prices might go higher i.e. around Rs. 13.5 lac (ex-showroom).

The all new Mahindra Scorpio with Automatic transmission

The much famous Mahindra Scorpio, which is a well-known vehicle under SUV segment from Indian Auto Giant Mahindra is all set to launch in a new way with fully automatic transmission. The Mahindra Scorpio is an SUV, which is a top selling SUV in the SUV sector. The Mahindra Scorpio is famous SUV and the preferred choice of SUV lovers. There is no doubt many SUVs in this segment of different companies, but the Scorpio is much popular due to its various characteristics. By adding more features to this much popular SUV Mahindra is planning to take the competition to new heights leaving the nearest rivals far behind.

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

2014 Mahindra Scorpio

The new Scorpio, if believed to the market sources, is coming with six speed system and fully automatic transmission. It will be the first SUV in the SUV segment, which will have six gears with fully automatic transmission. All the current SUVs are with 5 speeds and manual transmission only. The company is planning to launch this SUV top model S10 with these facilities. Hence, the price will also be higher for this version according to the sources. The company is planning got have 1 lakh more for this variant compared to other variants of the same model. The company is already testing this SUV and planning to launch very soon and therefore, it is expected that this vehicle may hit the market in somewhere mid of the April 2015.

The famous muscular SUV Scorpio from this brand has a 2.2 liter diesel engine which generates 120bhp with its mHawk engine. The torque of this engine is 280 Nm and currently it is with a 5 speed manual transmission feature which is considered very common in the SUV segment as other rivals such as Renault Duster and Terrano from Nissan also has a same transmission system. Probably to surpass these competitors in the SUV segment and capture more market of SUV, the company has planned this variant. Once it is launched with auto transmission as planned by the company, it will be the only SUV with these facilities across the SUV segment of India. Though the company has not made any significant changes to the engine except AT and a six speed.

Considering the market and SUV segment, the company has chosen very perfect time for the launch of this new model. The company is already leading in commercial carrier segment and has sound command on vehicles with a diesel fuel engine. There are many other vehicles with the help of which the company is leading in different markets. Due to the enormous success in Indian market, the company has got the global presence which has also made it a more renowned brand in different countries with its high quality vehicles.

The Mahindra has started the final testing of Scorpio with six speed and auto transmission at its Pune plant and the components of this vehicle are supplied by the much famous brand Aisin. The quality and the characteristics of this vehicle shows that SUV lovers will soon cheer with joy.

Mahindra Quanto facelift to get an air scoop hood

The well renowned automobile company Mahindra is upgrading its SUV, Quanto. In upcoming few months, a new version of Quanto will be made available in market after it go through up gradation. Both mechanical and cosmetic changes it gets a new hood with air-scoop, new XUV500 inspired front grille, new fog lamps and re-designed front bumpers (56). The car’s sideways won’t be getting any touchups and also the rear lamps of the cars will be unchanged and though it will make it looking similar to their similar to their previous model. Oh but the roof tails will be gone. The tail lamps will somewhat look like LED’s.

mahindra quanto road test

Mahindra Quanto

This will be the changes made in the outer side and obvious the interior of the car will also go through plastic surgery. No major changes have been made in the interior. The dashboard does not get a major up gradation, but minor upgrades have been brought like the music player of this car will have Bluetooth connectivity .The wheelbase remains the same, so no overhang in the rear part. A few more moderate changes would have made Quanto very pretty but no worry it has got promising package. The major change is in engine.

Based on the same platform as the younger sibling Xylo, this MUV is powered by a whopping 1493 cc powered mCR100 diesel engine, it is rated at peak power of enormous 100bhp and is going to make you sit tight and at the same time comforts you with the smoothness and control .It gives a maximum torque of 240 Nm between 1,600 -2,800 rpm.

It is the change which you will feel when you fuel the car and start the engine. The automated manual transmission (AMT) has been launched in this car and Quanto will be the first vehicle in this segment to get this transmission. It will be powered by a three cylinder 1.5 liter common rail motor with a twin stage turbocharger. You probably didn’t get this part but trust me it’s a major and effective change for Quanto model. The refinement done to cope the cylinder’s strong vibes is much better that what we have been expecting. Quanto is a compact SUV and it is the only with ladder frame and rear wheel drive. Quanto is a perfect city vehicle .Compact, seven seater, no clutch and good space as well.

Mahindra’s Xylo and Mahindra’s Quanto have been brought up on the same platform but the elder brother Xylo has been differentiated in the size. Elder brother is bigger. Although the road manners of both the SUV’s are quite same. The same suspensions of this car make the rides sweet and relax. It is appreciable that how the suspension does its duty and keeps the ride comfortable. The seats are comfortable and cozy and have lots of space. The rears has a pair of seats and are adjustable to provide you with more room for long journeys an suitable when open for kids and short journeys.

Mahindra Maxximo completed Five years on roads

The Mahindra and Mahindra is a leading brand in the SUV and commercial vehicle segment in the Indian Automobile Market. There are many successful models launched by the company at different stages, and the majority of the models have got a good response. Recently the company has announced that one of its vehicle Mahindra Maxximo has completed five successful years on Indian roads and the company is providing some schemes for the purchase of new Maxximo Plus version of the vehicle. This vehicle is in the category of Light commercial vehicle and used for commercial purpose of limited transportation.

mahindra maxximo

There are many features provided by the company in this vehicle, keeping the owners of the vehicle in the center. There are many features in the Mahindra Maxximo, which helped the owners to use it for transportation purpose in a better way. Better safety features, better mileage, easy to operate and multifunction steering are some of the notable characteristics of the vehicles which were quite innovative in those days when the model was launched. The model was launched in 2010 at Delhi Auto Expo. It is now available with another advanced model Maxximo plus in diesel as well as CNG variant also.

On the occasion of successful completion of five years of this model, the company has declared a scheme for buyers of this vehicle. The company is offering five years or 100000 kilometers, warranty, whichever is earlier, or, the single day delivery of the vehicle. The company scheme is also presented by its officials saying that the company is much concerned about the owners and users of this vehicle and hence, trying to provide them with the best of the services, technology and warranty. The scheme is the inline of this vision of the company which can help the user, owner of the vehicle to a great extent.

In 2013, the company also launched a new version of Maxximo, which is known as Maxximo Plus. The company has also initiated its CNG version in the segment of the commercial load carrier. The range of Maxximo also includes Maxximo MINI Van and Maxximo Mini Van VX, which are known as a commercial passenger vehicle. Mahindra has gained fame in providing class leading features, best of the class technology, and customer service in the retail career segment which is much undervalued in the automobile sector. There are many other players also in this segment. However, there is no doubt that Mahindra has a different reputation in commercial career sector with its fuel smart technology and world-class powerful diesel engines.

The company had Maxximo as the first product which was produced by Chakan Manufacturing Unit, which is located in Pune, India. The company is also aiming high in the coming days with this new scheme launched for Maxximo owners as previously the warranty plan was two years and 60,000 kilometers whichever is earlier. The company has started this particular regime because of the completion of 5 years of its much famous project that has led the brand to the competition.

Intriguing details of Komodo Concept SUV

Mahindra is a renowned figure of the sport utility vehicle (SUV) market in India, and has for years produced first rate products. The company has a stake with the established South Korean firm SsangYong and a popular model out of the collaboration is Mahindra Komodo Concept SUV. It is a stunning vehicle to own and has vintage and contemporary identities, let’s explore some of the exclusive details.

mahindra komodo concept by makrand patil

Mahindra Komodo Concept

Sources are marvelled by the design, and also the power of the vehicle, the exemplary styling is the brainwave of ace designer Makrand Patil, and Veleriy Dimov. The duo undertook the project as a part of final year graduation assignment. According to Markrand, Mahindra and Mahindra is one of the partners of the project. To undertake a new car design project that involves new design is a challenging task.

The process of the project was divided into various stages, the initial segment involved conduction in-depth research of the brand, and then market analysis study and later on innovative concepts and lastly competition analysis. Apart from the styling and construction process, naming the vehicle was a tacky task, analyzing the fact that it should suit the brand image of Mahindra, and the engineers were familiar with the common ‘O’ nomenclature and Komodo therefore seemed to be the perfect fit, and it has an interesting meaning attached to it something related to the lizard.

Mahindra vehicles are appreciated for innovative designs, and over the years it gets more and more contemporary, evident on the new-generation Scorpio. The vision behind the design concept of Komodo according to Makrand is to keep the powerful design alive. It was something that was first initiated by Mahindra, first visible under the potent Willy’s production line.

Mahindra vehicles bear aggressive designs, and according to the latest trends in vehicle architecture technology, the exterior framework has drifted towards the contemporary angle. Taking the modifying aspect into consideration Valeriy and Makrand have developed Komodo with ultra-modern fashion statement. It is a potent car hugely capable of zooming through challenging and rough road terrains with ease. When questioned on the engine specs of the car, Makrand commented, Komodo was built as a product that would represent the future and hence runs on a diesel mill. The public will surely be marvelled at the measurement dynamics at first sight. It is 1900mm wide and 4800mm long.  The inner decor is premium to the core and is abundantly spacious.

Makrand gave a statement on the desired styling cues and said the prime selling features are elegance, design aggressiveness and deep muscular lines. Mahindra Komodo is a great car to own and is a symbol of future line of design though process. As mentioned earlier, Mahindra is among the first to trap the styling and power of the utility vehicle market.

Mahindra Komodo SUV is a class luxury vehicle, and in the future too there are many intriguing new products to look forward to such as S101, new generation Bolero and new Thar.

Mahindra’s attempts to promote electric vehicles

Electric vehicles represent a powerful future.  It represents a future without gas, which will greatly help in the conservation of this scarce commodity, while minimizing pollution. Electric vehicles also promise a more silent ride. Electric vehicles, are, however, not very cheap and a lot of work needs to be done to make them competitive with conventionally-run vehicles, particularly as regards price and range.

Mahindra rise new logo

Mahindra Rise New Logo

Formula E

Among several initiatives that have recently been floated to promote electric vehicles is the Formula E championship. It commenced in Beijing in September 2014 and will run until June 2015. This will enable it to compete in 10 of the world’s leading cities including Berlin and London. It features several former Formula 1 drivers such as Jaime Alguersuari, Sebastien Buemi, Nick Heidfeld, Jean-Eric Vergne, Karun Chandhok and Bruno Senna.  Its races have already garnered a lot of popularity.

Mahindra’s promotion initiatives

Indian car manufacturer Mahindra will use Formula R to promote its electric transportation technologies.  Mahindra’s drivers are Karun Chandhok and Bruno Senna. The upcoming Miami ePrix circuit will make for a challenging race. And it will also feature Mahindra’s new electric two-wheeler, the GenZe 2.0.

About the GenZe 2.0

The GenZe is aimed to help the urban commuter navigate through the treacherous city traffic. Numerous inconveniences, such as pollution, traffic congestion and parking issues make negotiating city traffic difficult. However, the GenZe promises a smooth ride for the urban commuter.  It is aimed to be introduced in California within a few months. It has a removable 1.6 Kwh lithium ion battery which can be charged at any electrical outlet. And therein lies one of the biggest advantages of electric vehicles-there is absolutely no need to journey to gas stations, even the humble power sockets we come across everyday can easily help to recharge them. The added 12V charging ports can also be used to charge other devices.  The GenZe 2.0 is also equipped with a Cruise-Connect system. This makes it the first ever cloud-based connected scooter. A simple app can be more than enough to take care of every feature present on the scooter. This will make it very convenient and hassle-free to use. The “Cruise-Connect System” will monitor 100 different data points about the scooter.

Further info about the GenZe

The dashboard is an 8 inch touchscreen which enables three driving modes to be used. As far as looks go, it is a very ordinary-looking vehicle, but its practicality and ease of use will make most prospective users swoon.  The GenZe 2.0 has a 30 mile range, and a top speed of 30 mph. It can be recharged in 3.5 hours.

The GenZe 2.0 also provides for an under-seat storage for smaller items. It also possesses a larger carrying bin at the back. Riders thus have plenty of room for their gear.  The introductory price is $2999, making it a cheap and affordable option.


There is no doubt that the GenZe represents the newest and best in an emerging sub-segment of electric vehicles which has the potential to take the market by storm. We shall soon know what the customer thinks!

The spied U301 gets more mysterious with new dashboard

Mahindra is building a U301 sport utility vehicle (SUV), and there have been extensive reports about it for months. Car enthusiasts have captured the vehicle again and the spy vehicle revealed new dashboard. It is a sub four meter vehicle and the expected arrival period is some during the latter period of 2015.

Mahindra U301 interiors spyshot

The design development of U301 is adopted from shorter Scorpio platform, and it will bear a more contemporary architecture and the attractiveness is highlighted by shiny chrome and silver inserts. The structure of instrument panel is professional packed with a couple of classy looking chrome ring dials also seen on XUV500, and the other intriguing new fitting is a new premium steering wheel with audio controls.

The outline of stereo and central air vents is classy and molded into an imaginative polygonal console also visible on Sx4 S-Cross. It is a feature rich vehicle, filled with a world class audio system with aux-in and USB connectivity and it also has a 12V socket. Passer by’s have discovered the presence of robust rotary air-con knobs on the most loaded vehicle, and the top end ZLX car will be devoid of climate control.

The spy vehicle also revealed manual gearbox, and the earlier spy car seemed to have AMT, was showcased at the prestigious 2014 Auto Expo. An important point to note is the vehicle launch with two wheel drive (2WD) only, and the most loaded car is certain to have dual front airbags, ABS and potent air con vents.

Mahindra has for years been a pioneer of the utility vehicle market, and the arrival of U301 will intensify the competition power to a whole new level. Some of its arch rivals are Tata Sumo, Tata Movus and Chevrolet Tavera. The likely price range is Rs 6 to 8 lakhs.

Mahindra has not altered the mechanical properties of Bolero and the next-gen vehicle will be equipped with the sale 1.5 liter three cylinder diesel mill engineered with the advanced turbocharged technology. According to reports, the firm may launch a 1.6 liter petrol engine developed on a joint collaboration basis with the esteemed South Korean firm SsangYong. At the moment only a 2WD launch is certain and sources say the firm might introduce a 4WD vehicle mostly for overseas segments.

Bolero is among the firm profit generators for Mahindra, and the new vehicle is a better groomed version of the past. Customers can be excited by the fact that it looks more ultra-modern to its predecessor from inside out. The core character of the vehicle is however retained. The new U301 has been captured again with new dashboard, and each time it is spotted the new details only get more and more fascinating.

For those who are really eager to own the new 301, will have to wait for months till the terminal phase of 2015. Till then let’s wait for more mesmerizing details, and it is the perfect vehicle for ardent adventure buffs, who can explore the best of off-terrain vacation.

Image Source: MotorOctane