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Anand Mahindra launched Emergency-Help App Fight Back for Smartphone users through Twitter Chat

Anand Mahindra has launched a very beneficial smartphone application to seek emergency help during a crisis situation. Anand Mahindra has started this initiative through conservation on the popular micro blogging site Twitter.

Mahindra Group was engaged in a twitter conversation about the recent unfortunate gang- rape episode of young Delhi women. One of the users suggested an excellent idea of a TechMahindra app termed Fight Back, which would be very beneficial to the public during emergency crises. This application is indeed a very beneficial application which could save millions of people.

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Mahindra reacted quickly to the request, within just a couple of hours, the company gathered a Group Firm CanvasM. The application functions by tracking a user’s location, which then sends SOS messages to those particular contacts during emergency crises. This App is available on the company’s website and is free of charge. The FightBack app is created to make it flexible for users by allowing the user to press on a panic button during crises. This application functions by tracing the location using GPS and alerts and the chosen contacts is available on Android and Blackberry platforms.

India has always been branded as one of the powerful IT players in the world. This can be clearly observed through the mind blowing number of mobile users in the country of around 929 million. The smart phone user base is now following the trend. About 102 million mobile headsets were sold during the initial period of 2012, out of which 6 million were smartphone users.

There has been wide raging protest after the breaking news of the gang rape of a paramedical student in New Delhi in a moving bus. This could be termed as one of the most brutal attacks in Indian history. Anand Mahindra tweeted about the brutal rape with utmost rage on twitter. Anand Mahindra will offer the victim a job after her recovery. This application will be very beneficial with the increasing number of gruesome crimes in the country.