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Students of IED Turin and Mahindra have developed three spectacular design concepts

Mahindra and Mahindra is a world renowned auto figure, the company is a pioneer in experimenting with various car design cues. It has built cars in SUV segment with Mahindra XUV500, Xylo, and so on, the Verito is an example of the company’s sedan car, and the Vibe is a chopped hatch version of Verito. Mahindra and Mahindra has captured the essence of futuristic technology with its e20 electric car that operates on solar energy.

IED Mahindra Bee Concept front Yellow

Mahindra’s exemplary design and technologically accomplished cars are recognized on international soil. Graduates who have majored in car design technology from a highly acclaimed university based in the city of Turin in Italy called (IED) Istituto Europe di Design have partnered with Mahindra and have emerged with brilliant car design themes.

The various designs formatted by the students with Mahindra were a product of their crucial these project of a three year Post Diploma course. The area of specialization is Transportation design-car design. The head of the course, Fulvio Fantolino supervised the project where students collaborated with the reputed auto firm Mahindra, and were asked to design a Mahindra MPV and SUV compact model for European markets. The most interesting part of the project was there was no restriction in terms of length, and students had to engage in creative thinking and come up with innovatively sculpted models.

The students arrived with three interesting design concepts, which is unique and different from the usual stuff. These concepts have some fun elements attached to it, the students of IED have submerged into newer design channels, because when a group is asked to design cars, the common themes that would emerge would be a sporty car, or a car designed with posh material. Here it is different students have arrived with three design cues called Mahindra Bee, Shroom and Core Concept.

IED Mahindra Shroom Concept

The Bee concept is remarkably arty, and bee elements are highly visible in the concept car. The car sports a yellow design and the bee’s head structure is visible on the roof and is white. The bees teeth are highlighted on the bottom, its fangs are visible on the grille. The bee’s tongue is visible on the roof glass. On top of the roof there is a thick structure that could be compared to the bee’s storage compartment. The process of imitating animal design or properties into a non living structure is called bio mimicry.

The Shroom concept car is also an artistically design product, majority of the car’s exterior is draped in shiny steel material with few green, yellow and black elements. Shroom could mean mushroom, and mushrooms are white, and the most of the car is garnished in a color which is a close resemblance to white. There are also few engraved creations on the side which appear to be various balloon or cone structures. Here too the bio mimicry theme is used.

IED Mahindra Core Concept

The Core concept is another splendid creation that could blow your mind. This car is painted with a maroon like shade with many bar like structures on the rear. On the side there is a single side inverted window and is splashed with few wave like curves. The wheels display an imaginative design as well and have an inverted triangle like design which emerges from a round tiny circular structure.

The Shroom was created by Maria Sica, the Bee and Core concepts were formulated by Alex Vasil Imnadae and Denald Jasini.