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2013 Mahindra Verito Compact Sedan will mostly be called Vibe and launch in May 2013

The Mahindra Verito sedan has created a stunning response in India; Mahindra has grabbed the opportunity to strengthen the already popular Mahindra Verito with a new sedan called the Vibe. The Vibe is expected to possess a trendy and artistic notchback styling. The Vibe is a unique name given to the car, most of Mahindra cars are named with O endings like the Bolero, Scorpio and so on.

mahindra vibe hatchback verito

The Vibe will also be termed as the Verito Vibe and is a unique and classy name to mostly create vibes among the public with the launch of this car. The car will be equipped with a powerful 1.5 litre K9K turbo diesel engine which is similar to the regular Mahindra Verito. The engine is adopted from Renault and will churn impressive efficiencies of 65 Bhp and 160Nm torque. This car will surely generate breathtaking sales for the company which is a common trend observed in most Mahindra Renault Logan cars which have been frequently employed as cabs in India.

The Verito notchback is expected to compete with Hyundai i20 and Maruti Swift with respect to positioning and price. The main area is to maintain the small car image of the Verito CS which is positioned under 4 meters in length. The car will be competitively priced due to the low excise duty. This according to sources could be the description of the compact version of the soon to be launched Mahindra Verito.

The Vibe is an interesting product which is likely to be a compact sedan scheduled to launch in May. Mahindra cars have always been known to have a good bond with consumers. The Vibe is an interesting name for a car, and let’s observed if it actually creates vibes among the public. The Mahindra Verito is one of the best sellers among Mahindra cars, and the Vibe has retained the same engine fitments as the Mahindra Verito with a 1.5 litre K9K engine that can churn efficient energy outputs. This notchback car is likely to compete with the Maruti Swift and Hyundai i20 with price; this would be interesting since the Maruti Swift has been performing remarkably well in India. The Mahindra Verito has a large boot space and roomy interiors with efficient engine capacity that can trail on rough Indian roads with ease.

The fascinating aspect of this car is the dimension being below 4 meters in length. Mahindra and Mahindra have always been on the fore front with respect to car launches. The e20 is another interesting launch and is the first electric car to be introduced by Mahindra powered with a new and novel technology of powerful lithium ion batteries. Moreover the car can traverse 100 kilometers with one full charge, the batteries can be charged at home, in malls and in the workplace.

The interesting aspect of Mahindra cars is the employment in competitive adventurous events. Let’s patiently wait for the release of the Mahindra Vibe and evaluate its tough competition with other equally powerful cars in the compact segment.

Mahindra Verito hatchback Spied in India

The Verito sedan has gained extensive publicity with its numerous spy and concept images in India. The hatchback was spotted by an enthusiastic OVERDRIVE reader, Liju V.J which at first glance appeared to be a sedan with cut away boot. The hatchback is expected to arrive with a powerful 1.2-litre K9K diesel engine adopted from the Verito sedan to follow the regulations of excise duties which does not permit hatchbacks to have an engine capacity of over 1.5 litres.

Mahindra Verito hatchback spied

The test mules of Mahindra Verito was a common sight on Chennai roads.  The car was spotted by an enthusiastic Mahindra fan and has written about in Indian Autos Blogs. For those keen on gathering information on the critical details of the car visit Indian Autos Blog. The Mahindra Verito is designed with the aid of brilliant and creative engineers who have formulated methods to obtain a hatchback from a sedan. The most interesting factor about the Mahindra Verito is the sculpting of the car to obtain sufficient room that is sedan quality. There have been other car companies who are involved in designing sedans from hatchbacks such as the Swift Dzire adopted from Swift hatchback and Brio Amaze sedan from Brio hatchback. The Verito sedan has been doing the rounds extensively in various parts of India such as Chennai and few areas in Northern India.

The Verito sedan is under four-metres in length, and is revered for its attractive rear, which has created a huge debate among public, as to whether to terms this car a hatchback or a sedan. The main theme behind the artistic creation of rhe Verito is to attract hatchback and sedan car fans and the company has strategized its theme effectively.

The compact Verito would be a profitable alternative in terms of interior room to the B segment hatchbacks and one of the topics that will be debated on is the 1.5 litre K9K engine adopted from Renault. The powerful engine will churn impressive energy outputs of 65bhp diesel and is matted to a 5-speed manual gearbox. This car will be devoid of a petrol engine. Mahindra is unable to term the Verito a small car, since it does not have an engine that meets the criteria of a condensed Verito which is a small car. Mahindra officials have informed Indian Auto Blogs during many events that the car will be unveiled this year. The car will continue the trend of a Verito nameplate but with a different suffix which is yet to be revealed by the company.

The Verito, with the roaring response from public with the spy and test mule images, has the potential to gather impressive profit sales for the company. This is a crucial period for companies to deliver energy efficient and impressive cars to combat the unavoidable economic scenario of petrol hike and currency fluctuation.

The Verito is Mahindra’s novel attempt in condensation engineering with a hatchback with roomy interiors.  Let’s patiently wait for the release of the Verito.

Source: Moneycontrol

Mahindra is all geared up with a range of new launches in the near future

In the current slumped condition of the Indian auto market that has been distressed by sky rocketing fuel process, unstable economy and hiked up interests for auto loans, the only relieve seems to be the SUV segment. The auto makers dealing in India have seen a very positive consumer response towards the Sports Utility Vehicles in the past couple of years, and that has been very good news for some auto giants if not all.


Topping the list of the SUV success is India’s very own auto maker, Mahindra & Mahindra. Known as India’s Master of Utility Vehicles (UV), Mahindra & Mahindra has witnessed loads of success in terms of its launches of XUV 500, Quanto and the recently revealed SsangYong Rexton. Mahindra vehicles have been such a hit in the market that the Indian auto giant has to focus all its strength in pumping up its production. This Indian auto giant has also overtaken its Indian brethren, Tata Motors, as it grabbed its 3rd position among the largest selling car makers in the fast paced Indian auto market.

Now, to enhance the success story even more, Mahindra is all braced up to launch 3 new models of SUV by the end of 2015. The first new launch for Mahindra this year would be its much awaited electric vehicle E20. The Indian auto giant is about to launch the Mahindra Reva E20. The E20 was supposed to come out in March but now its launch has been postponed until the Indian government releases the news of subsidies if any, on electric vehicles, that is after the 2013 union budget is announced. Mahindra is hoping that the upcoming union budget will bring along subsidies on electric vehicles as per Indian government initiative to curb pollution. As the subsidies were lifted, Mahindra wants to wait for the future hopes of renewed subsidies in order to price the E20 competitively. The electric vehicle is expected to be priced around Rs. 5-6 lakhs.

Second in line is Mahindra’s compact sedan, the Verito CS, which is also scheduled for 2013. The Sub-4 meter version of the Verito sedan has been created by chopping off the boot of the original model but promises the same quality and comfort. The other launches from Mahindra consist of the revised and refreshed version of the all time winner Mahindra Scorpio. This stunning bestselling vehicle is going for a complete makeover to bowl over the Indian auto market once again, and is scheduled for an unveiling in 2015. The all new next generation Scorpio, will enthrall the consumers with very contemporary features and better performance.

Apart from these releases, the Indian SUV master is also developing a brand new compact SUV which will lock horns with the hatchbacks in India. As Mahindra is not a part of the major hatchback segment in India, it wants to enter the segment with this new small car which will also be the cheapest SUV in the Indian car market with a sub Rs. 4 lakhs price tag.

Mahindra in Future aims to Focus on Small Car, Compact SUV and New Scorpio

Car magazines and internet have lately gathered sufficient information on Mahindra’s future products. Mahindra fans will greatly admire the reputed auto major’s capacity to invent the monocoque chassis build in the XUV500. Mahindra and Mahindra is eminent for their string of sturdy and macho cars in the MUV market with the Bolero branding the firm with the prestigious tag of the third largest car manufacturer in India overriding even the successful Tata Motors.


Mahindra and Mahindra has a perfect vision for their future car line up with four exciting and stunning cars. Mahindra after, finishing its course of introducing new cars, focuses on minor details of facelift, with new surprise packages in 2015. The cars to vouch for in 2015 is the small car and new compact SUV. The small car will be Mahindra’s grand leap into the small car category which is a powerful segment in India with 70% car sales unit in India.

Mahindra is also due to introduce the most reasonable car of a compact SUV which is expected to fit in the INR 4-5 lakh segment. The small car and compact SUV segment will be developed in collaboration with South Korean shares of Ssangyong. The company is also manufacturing six new small cars with supreme engines with Ssangyong along with a modified Scorpio in 2015.

Mahindra has formulated a scheme for the coming few months, with new cars of Reva E20 an electric hatchback and Verito compact sedan. The E20 for its stacked compartments of an efficient electric car is priced between INR 5-6 lakhs which is scheduled to arrive in March 2013 after approval from Union Budget. The Verito CS is due to arrive with turbo diesel engine of 1.5 liter K9K units which will priced under INR 6 lakhs.

Mahindra has an interesting assembly line of cars with the E20 and Mahindra Verito CS. The Verito CS has been spotted often, with its test mules and spy images. The car was captured in Chennai and Nashik. The Verito CS will be designed with condensed engineering technique observed in the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and Tata Indigo CS.

The test car in the outskirts of Chennai showcases elements of taillights which more or less adopts the design of the Tata Indica. From the images, it is evident that the Verito CS will be a trendy notchback with a 1.5-litre Renault K9K diesel engine as observed in the full-size Verito.

The Mahindra E20 is another dynamic creation of Mahindra with its strong foothold in the electric segment. The E20 will be equipped with supreme Lithium Ion batteries that can cover 100km per charge with ease in city conditions to commute long distances. The car can be charged with 15 ampere plug anywhere even at home.

The Mahindra cars to watch out for at the moment is the Verito CS and E20 both unique in its own way developed with advanced technologies of condensation and lithium ion batteries.

Mahindra Verito Compact Sedan delayed till April-May 2013

The Verito Sedan is the most talked about Mahindra car which has received tremendous publicity with its spy pictures and concepts that have thrilled Mahindra fans. Even with the car gaining reigning publicity and appraisal, the company has delayed the release of the car which is likely to happen by April-May 2013. According to Dr Pawan Goenka, President of Mahindra’s Automotive Division, the Verito Compact is scheduled to arrive within the next 3-4 months from the initial finalised month of March 2013. To view the brighter side for Mahindra fans interested in the E20, the company might release the Reva E20 post the regulations of the 2013 Union Budget sometime in February 28th 2013.


The Verito Compact Sedan will startle the public with its creative chopped variant of the original. The car will be built with the advanced and cutting-edge technology of the monocoque design. For those interested in diesel, the car will be offered only in the diesel variant fitted under stringent regulations of the Indian Government to introduce engines in compact car with a maximum capacity of 1.5 liters to scrape through small car excise duty benefits.

The company aims to assemble a powerful engine in a compact car, with a 1.5 liter K9K Renault turbo diesel engine with impressive efficiencies of 65 bhp and 160 Nm torque with a 5 speed manual gearbox to fit into the regulations of the excise duties. The most fascinating aspect is the reduced price at INR 50,000 to 70,000 below that of the original sedan model even with the toiling effort of condensing the original Verito. The reduction in size will contribute to the minimised boot space similar to the Maruti Suzuki Dzire or Tata Indica eCS.

The spy image of the Verito CS has been captured in two locations, the first car was spotted at Nashik and the second disguised car was observed in Chennai. The Verito CS will follow the same build of the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and Tata Indigo CS. The creative aspect of the car is the shortened rear being less than 4000mm in length. This car is ideal for those who pine for a small and compact car with sufficient leg room where you can venture on a long drive and stretch your legs.

The Mahindra Verito CS is a neatly carved compact car employed using condensation engineering techniques. The car from images is a trendy car with a creative design. The car has already received abundant publicity and appraisal for its unique and novel sculpture. The car is a significant product overall with its efficient engine capacity and comfortable interiors in a small trendy compact. This car would be suitable for small families to experience comfortable driving experience. With its decent price, purchasing the Verito CS would be worthwhile to experience a different atmosphere of a compressed car. Although the expected launch date of the Verito CS has been delayed, car enthusiasts can wait patiently for the release. The Verito CS is also a representation of talented and successful engineers in India.

Verito Compact Hatchback from Mahindra

The Mahindra Verito Hatchback is a very much awaited compact sedan, which is expected to land on the Indian soil by the first quarter of 2013. The Indian auto giant, Mahindra & Mahindra is presently the master of the Utility Vehicle segment in the Indian auto market. Thus, Mahindra is on its way to capture considerable amount of attention and share in the hatchback segment with the New Verito compact. Being the dominant SUV maker, Mahindra & Mahindra has given a lot of best sellers to the Indian market, such as the Scorpio, Xylo, and the recently launched Rexton, and compact SUV Quanto. However in the passenger car segment, the new Verito compact, also known as the Verito Compact Sedan would be its first venture.


The Verito Compact is to be built using the same platform of the original Verito sedan and the design will be similar. The development of the Verito Hatchback, which is less than 4 meter in length, is already complete and is being tested rigorously on the roads to ensure its performance.

The Verito Hatchback is being produced at Mahindra’s Nasik manufacturing facility, where the Verito sedan is also manufactured. The car is expected to come in both the petrol as well as diesel variants. As Mahindra cars are known for their sturdy built and powerful engines, the Verito CS is also to be endowed with powered and robust engines. Verito CS’s diesel avatar is powered by a 1.5 liter dCi engine with the power to deliver a maximum of 65 bhp at 4000 rpm and a 140 Nm of peak torque.

As the Verito CS is actually as a new avatar of the current Verito sedan, it will be having very similar looks as well as features of the existing Verito sedan. The platform Verito has been in operation for over five years to be made appropriate for a new hatchback car the Verito CS, which has actually also reduced the company’s production costs. The revamped Verito hatchback will thus have some changes on exteriors, interior and mechanical aspects to give a fresh feel, while Mahindra has actually slashed off the boot of the Verito Sedan to present the compact Verito hatchback.

The Verito CS will have classy good looks to deck up its exterior, while on the inside it will offer comfort as well as space to ensure pleasant journeys. The new hatchback will also be fully outfitted with superior safety features, such as the Antilock Braking System, driver-side airbags, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, remote door locking, central locking and rear defogger. These advanced safety features ensure the cars’ collision survival as well as the safety of its passengers safe.

As the country’s car enthusiasts eagerly wait for the arrival of the Verito CS, the car is getting braced up to give tough competition to some of the market’s best selling premium passenger cars, such as the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i20 and Nissan Micra. As the Indian bread auto giant, Mahindra & Mahindra is known for its quality and performance and following the example of the success of all its recent launches, the Verito CS is also well expected to bring another thrilling success to the company.

The Profile of Mahindra Verito Compact

The Mahindra Verito Compact has gained huge acclaim even before its release, in the form of test drives and spy images; the latest trend is the side profile of the car. The car is developed using the technique of condensation engineering by withdrawing the boot of the car into a sub 4 meter sedan.


The main theme would be to acquire the overall length of the car to a sub four meter level. Even other auto major such as Maruti Suzuki has employed this technique in the Swift Dzire, but the only difference is Mahindra produced a hatchback not a compact sedan.

According to Dr. Pawan Goenka, President of Mahindra’s automotive sector to the Indian Autos Blog, the sub four meter car will retain the Verito nameplate with a suffix, which is due to transform to the delivery stage by the end of March.

Based on the information from spy shots, the car appeared to be one the more hatchback profile with minute details of sedan roots. The tail lamp clusters which are fitted in the C-pillars are enlarged and propagated to the sides. The roof of the car has plastic rails which extend to the tail lamps to provide visual effect. The window of the rear door has plastic decals to prevent too much pressure on the eyes.

The car is fitted with a supremely powerful 1.5 litre K9k diesel engine which is also observed in the sedan sibling. The other new fitments are lock horns with premium hatchbacks which is not observed in the Swift Dzire and Honda Brio Amaze.

Although the facelifted variant of the Verito sedan was launched two weeks back, the internal development work is still in process to produce an under 4 meters outcome. With its condensation technology, the car is expected to be prices at INR 40,000.

Interestingly there are two compact sedans in full fledged production such as Tata Indigo eCS and Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire compact sedan. In addition there are also two more compact sedans in the pipeline for delivery in Indian car category, the Mahindra Verito CS and Tata Manza CS. The interesting aspect of Mahindra Verito CS is the powerful 1.5 liter K9K turbo diesel engine which not only delivers excellent durability but also powerful fuel economy. To take control of the excise duties the 1.4 liter petrol engine would have to be condensed to 1.2 liters.

Mahindra would have to introduce a 1.2 liter petrol engine or remove the petrol engine from the Verito CS as petrol engines attract huge amount of sales. Barring the modifications on the facelifted variant of the Verito, the Verito has to be transformed to the compact sedan version as well. The Mahindra Verito Sedan with its immense publicity and appraisal, will rock the auto industry in India in terms of profit sales. The end outcome can be contributed to the powerful engineering minds which also showcases the quality of engineers in India and strong team work.

Mahindra Verito CS Review

The Mahindra Verito CS is a stunning car tailored to a sub 4m car, the car is a product of pioneering engineering and technology with superb exteriors and luxurious interiors. Mahindra Verito is a trendy hatchback manufactured at the Nashik factory. The car will be launched in the diesel and petrol variant. The advantage of introducing this car is the beneficial excise duty offered. Mahindra with the Verito CS offers customers with the option of petrol and diesel along with a classy hatchback which will surely be a worthy buy. It would be a whole new and exciting experience to enjoy the drive quality in a condensed hatchback with amazing interiors.


The Verito CS is powered with a supremely powerful 1.5 litre dCi engine with an amazing displacement capacity of 1461cc which delivers a maximum power of 65 bhp at 4000rpm and 140Nm torque. Mahindra Verito hatchback offers brilliant engine performance along with cutting edge class handling and fuel economy at a competitive price. The diesel engine in the new Verito offers power packed performance with impressive acceleration to glide through breathtaking speeds. The car has the capacity to obtain a top speed of 100 kmph in just 18.4 seconds.

The Verito’s design is a product of five years toil of enthusiastic and highly motivated engineering team. The exteriors have been extensively modified with the introduction of outstanding technological advancements. To transform the car into a hatchback, the company aims to cut the boot of the current Verito.

The interiors will be retained to the design of the existing model. To deliver adequate safety to occupants the car is incorporated with excellent safety features of Antilock braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), driver-side airbags, remote door locking, central locking and rear defogger. These impressive safety attachments will protect passengers during the event of unfavourable collisions. The best-in-class design of the Verito Hatchback provides robust competition with other powerful rivals in the auto industry to Maruti Suzuki, Swift, Hyundai i20 and Nissan Micra. These cars have been powerful market players with the Verito CS, the Verito CS will also follow the same trait of gathering massive profits, mainly because it suits the taste of sport demographic.

Although the Verito CS has stiff rivals with many esteemed auto giants, but its main rival is the Maruti Suzuki Swift which is introduced in the petrol and diesel versions. The petrol variant is fitted with a supremely powerful K-Series engine with the advanced VVT technology with an impeccable displacement technology of 1197cc. The loaded featured car churns an impressive energy efficiency of 85 bhp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 114 Nm at 4000 rpm. The diesel variant of the car is incorporated with a power packed DDiS CRDI engine which also has an outstanding displacement of 1248 cc with a maximum power of 72 bhp at 400 rpm and torque of 190 Nm at 2000 rpm. Overall the Mahindra Verito CS is a spectacular car in terms of its exteriors, safety, engine efficiency and price.

The E20 and Verito Compact Sedan will be market leaders for Mahindra in next three months

Mahindra and Mahindra is confident and excited with the launch of the dynamic and stunning Reva E20 electric car. The company will also introduce the Verito Compact Sedan, which is a creatively carved condensed version of the Verito full sized sedan. The two exciting launches will arrive in three months; let’s patiently wait for the most anticipated cars.


During the latter period of the year, Mahindra is all set to unveil amazingly designed 4×4 variant of the Quanto SUV compavt, along with another interesting entry of the facelifetd  Thar 4X4 which has excellent engine capacitates to qualify to be an  off roader. Another grand entry is the Ssangyong Korando crossover which is expected to be final impeccable product of Mahindra and Mahindra.


Let’s us dig into the first two entries of Mahindra, the Verito CS and Reva E20. The Reva E2O is in the final stages of assembly and launch. The only drawback is the compliance with Indian regulations under the government’s National Electric Mobility Mission 2020, that has been announced for quite some time now. The  National Electric Mobility Mission will maintain a normal figure to attract vehicle sale output and production to suit Inidan criteria’s. The cost of Reva E2O is in strict accordance with the Indian government regulations which the primary reason to prolong its entry into the market. The main goal to introduce the Mahindra Reva E2O is to target the environmental friendly schemes of a low emission vehicle. The car will be tailored using powerful electrical enginerring techniques of lithium ion batteries that generates an amazing efficiency of 48 Bhp .The uniqueness of the car is the super speed efficiency of 105 Kph along with marvellous acceleration capacity which is aimed at delivering high torque values. The Reva E2O is four seater with an automatic gearbox, which is expected to be priced between INR 5-6 lakhs.

The Verito compact sedan is a product of pioneering engineering to generate an under 4 metered car. the car has excellent diesel fitments of  1.5 Liter K9K turbo diesel engine with an outstanding efficiency of  65 Bhp and 160 Nm. Another interesting aspect is the Verito CS design easity fits within the limits of  the Indian government’s regulations. The competitive economic value is attributed to the excise duty benefits. Despite the fact that the Verito CS is being designed employing complicated and advanced engineering technologies the car is priced at a lower economic value than the full size sedan version, at a price of INR 5.5 lakhs. The E20 and Verito CS are dynamic entries of Mahindra designed with unique and novel technologies. The E20, although built with complex engineering formulas is still priced reasonably which illustrates the company’s main priority to target consumer flexibility. The Verito CS is also a one of a king technique of condensation which also involves advanced formulas and creativity to render an efficient product. The two cars will surely excite the consumers with their unique engine efficiency and outstanding features.

Mahindra Verito Compact caught while testing

One of the ardent IAB readers and car enthusiasts, Mr. Gokulraj GK of Mycopie, has once again captured the spy concept of Mahindra Verito Compact. The fully masked test mule was captured while it was spotted doing the rounds on Chennai roads. The car has been located in Chennai because the company’s reputed Mahindra Research Valley and new R&D facility is located in Chengalpattu off Chennai, the secretly covered spy car excited many car fans in that area. Mahindra has taken care to design the exterior with enormous creativity. At one glance, it is clearly visible that Mahindra has decided to drift towards premium hatchbacks to focus in other directions of generating an impressive featured and energy efficient car than emphasize on the alarming sub 4 metre sedan, adopted by the Maruti Swift Dzire. With a body style identical to the hatchback rather than the sub 4 metre compact sedan, Mahindra Verito will be looking to the direction of potential hatchback customers, especially the ones who have a craving for trendy hatchback cars like Ford Figo, Maruti Swift, Chevy Sail U-VA since there would not be a massive price variation.

2013 Mahindra Verito Compact Sedan Spypicture

The Verito compact will be fitted with the same powerful 1.5 litre diesel engine adopted from the esteemed Renault where as petrol motor is currently not in the assembly line since at the moment there is no 1.2 litre petrol engine in Mahindra’s supply. As Dr. Pawan Goenka told Indian Autos Blog, the sub 4 metre Verito will continue using the Verito brand name along with a suffix. He also mentioned that the car is likely to arrive by March. Mr Arun Malhotra, Chief Sales and Customer Care Officer, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra, stated that the vehicle is scheduled to launch by March 2013. Let us explore a few facts about the Verito compact sedan, which is going to rock the roads soon. The car has retained its original structure, retaining only the boot, which implies that the car has been designed with brilliant inventiveness to introduce a condensed sub 4-metre car as well as retain the luggage room.

Manufacturing a sub 4-metre in length, the Verito CS becomes more flexible for the excise duty benefits, which would make the car pricier. Since Mahindra and is handicapped in the petrol front, the car will be rolled out only in diesel variant. The diesel engine will retain the 1.5-litre k9k diesel. The mileage capacity is equated to that of the original Verito. The overall structure of Verito sedan has terrific dimensional features of 4247mm in length with the boot area of 510-litre will be reduced to 350-300 litre. The Mahindra Verito CS is tailored with the strategy to condense the car to a sub4-meter length, which requires years of hard work and creativity. The company is currently highlighting on the diesel versions, due to the recent hikes in petrol prices. The car has already received heightened publicity with its spy images which has been reported by many car enthusiasts. The Verito CS along with E20 will surely amaze the public with its powerful features.