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Mahindra Ssangyong launches new Korando Turismo 9 seater luxury model in Korea

It is a known fact that Mahindra’s South Korean subsidiary Ssangyong Motors has been witnessing great success with the launch of the new Rodius that is known as the popular Korando Turismo. The new Korando Turismo’s rising popularity has also ensured great numbers in the sales charts and increasing demands which prompted the company to increase its production capacity and churn out more units of the vehicle in order to reduce the model’s waiting period.

Ssangyong Rodius 9 seater

In order to retain the massive customer interest and to cater to the demands of the car buyers, Ssangyong has now launched a new luxury trim model of the Korando Turismo in the car market of South Korea. The massively popular Rodius SUV that is very capable of competing with any quality minivan can actually provide seating space for up to 11 adult passengers, but the new luxury model variant offers an accommodation for only nine people in order to make the interior seem more spacious and comfortable. Though the seating accommodation has been reduced to a more comfortable 9 passengers, the four row seating arrangement has been retained on the luxury model trim as well.

The South Korean auto maker that is owned by the Indian auto giant Mahindra says that the newly introduced luxury model trim of the Korando Turismo will offer a more luxuriously comfortable seating arrangement in which the passengers will be seating in the specially designed individual bucket type seats in the first 3 rows, while the middle seat in the 3rd row is meant to be used by a child and not an adult. On the other hand, the last row of the SUV features a bench type seat that can accommodate three adults.

The Korando Turismo is a massive and tough built SUV that measures 5.13 meters in length. Under the hood, the capable SUV is powered by the same 2 liter e-XDi200 motor that drives the other model trims. The capable engine has the capacity to churn out the maximum power output of 155PS and the peak torque of 360Nm. This engine is mated to a 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox which transfers the generated power to the car’s all four wheels. The Korando Turismo also has a lot of great safety features such as the Electronic Stability Program, the Anti Rollover Protection and Brake Assist System that are offered as standard features across all the model variants of the SUV.

The newly launched luxury model trim of the Ssangyong Korando Turismo available in its 9 seater model variant is tagged at 27.05 million Won (equivalent to Rs. 15.86 lakhs).

While the Rodius or the Korando Turismo SUV is really huge in proportions, the new model has really changed the car in terms of design and visual appeal. The new Rodius look really appealing and is a total design departure from the previous model that was even criticized by some European market experts as the ugliest car in the globe.

Mahindra SsangYong to showcase two cars at the Geneva Motor Show

The South Korean auto manufacturing company SsangYong has some tricks up its sleeves for the global auto market. As the company has some major plans to come up with new and innovative concepts to showcase to the world, it might really become a big name in the global market if the launches are really worth it. SsangYong thus may prove to be really beneficial to its owner, the Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra who took over the South Korean company in February, 2011. SsangYong is expected to have at least two great concepts to showcase to the world at the Geneva International Motor Show that is scheduled in March 2013.


SsangYong will be presenting the production version of the new Rodius Multi Utility Vehicle (MPV) the 11 seater luxury vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. Along with the Rodius production version, a new concept model for a mid-premium Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV), still known as the SIV-1 will also be showcased.  The SIV-1 is an acronym for Smart Interface Vehicle, with 1 representing its entry level status.

According to Mahindra SsangYong, this concept defines the company’s new design philosophy for the immediate future. The new concept crossover’s shape and design looks quite similar to the XIV-1 2011 and the XIV-2 Convertible 2012 as well as the e-XIV concepts. The crossover Multi Utility Vehicle concept, SIV-1 is actually a much larger model measuring about 4,500mm in length, 1,880mm in width and 1,640mm in height along with a massive 2,700mm wheelbase.

As every auto manufacturer wants to keep their priced cars and concepts really confidential till the big unveiling ceremony in the international event, SsangYong also doesn’t want to reveal much about it. The only other revealed details being the fact that the SIV-1 crossover features a Mobile Auto System along with four independent bucket seats. In order to get the rest of the details about both the car’s from the South Korean company, the auto enthusiasts have to wait till the Geneva Motor Show 2013 in the month of March.

Mahindra & Mahindra has already released its Korean subsidiary SsangYong product the Rexton in the Indian market, which is recording astounding booking and for which Mahindra is putting a large amount of energy in boosting up its production. Following the huge positive response of the Rexton, Mahindra is contemplating to launch yet another SsangYong SUV, the Korando in the Indian car market. The Indian auto giant is said to studying the Indian market for the launch of the Korea favourite model Korando, which will be introduced only when the time and market conditions are really favourable for such a launch. Mahindra & Mahindra has been really benefitted by the launches of its UVs whose sales have helped the company to sustain its sales rates even when the Indian auto market is really slumped.

Coming to the impending Geneva International Motor Show, this event is a huge platform for the auto manufacturers all over the world. Branded as Tata Motors’ favourite, this international event will have some very interesting offerings indeed.